TC's Poems, writing, and drawings

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Professor Crane

Original poster
Okay, so this is starting because I can't sleep, I've got too much going in my head. So I decided to write a poem to get it out.

I'm also starting an experiment of writing and drawing for one hour each every week day.

The writing I'll probably post here, my drawings are going to go on my deviant art account, but I'll post here every time I put up a new drawing.

The link to my deviant art account.
please note I do not have any submissions now, just a quick drawing in my sketchbook.

So, the poem I'm putting up is about a specific person, no one on here will know who it is unless my chaos serving friend ever joins. either way.

For You

My soul is made of light,
but I cover it in darkness.
My eyes seek truth,
but truth leaves me sightless.
My hand reaches in trust,
but doubt scars my fingers.
My ears hear the beauty,
but a sorrowful note lingers.

Yet for you the darkness faded,
my soul no longer blinded.
For you the lies had fled,
through truth I was lead.
For you the scars caused no rift,
making trust a true gift.
For you the sorrow retreated,
and beauty was truly heeded.