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  1. Hello! My name is The Charred Protagonist, and my real name is William. I am going to advertise here my group RP and what it's all about. I'm fairly new to this site, so I will simply handle it how I have done things that are not related to forum RP and not related to this forum.

    To get started, here's a guide for how my lore works, and then I'll go more in-depth: INTEREST CHECK - The Charred Protagonist's Chronicles - Slayer Lore

    Now, in the guide to the lore, I state that this lore is multi-genre, and so forth, multi-era. In this group RP specifically, I am aiming for a medieval-esque fantasy time period, for it has quite a bit involved, things are still a little less spiritual and magical than they are in previous eras, but still have potential for crazy stuff to happen out of nowhere. I love being aggressive and leading an RP, into a plot that nobody knows anything about quite frankly, and are thrown into some pretty crazy stuff.

    In the past, with other chat related RPs, I have done an experimental version of this, but with a different lore. I threw them together, and it all started in a pub fight. It was last seen with the party on horse-back, riding on their quest to find out what a strange woman in a cave knows about assassination attempts, and the rebellion's leader being involved. That is not quite what this lore is about, but it is an example of how I lead a party into strange, and sometimes scary confrontations.

    As you may know, spirituality is the magic of this lore, and spirituality becomes weaker as the ages progress, so, at the beginning of time, primordial humans were immensely involved spiritually, and in a futuristic setting, they have no spiritual involvement at all. When I say spiritually, just think I'm just some druid talking about divine connection with the world around them, kind of like a christian's view of animism. Very strange, and very fun to those who have tried it.

    The lore will involve humans, and other, very rare races, and many typical creatures that exist in our real world. Humans have different kingdoms and societies, which war against each other commonly, making the RP more unstable, and far more unpredictable. You can get easily thrown about by bloodshed, or the confusion of being involved with a kingdom's assassination plot against an unscrupulous rival, but you're the only suspects, type of dealing, is possible.

    To start off, the RP you will be joining in, will have all of these aspects, in the medieval-era of the lore. You will create a character based upon your liking, and if I think it fits well into the lore, then we start when everyone is ready and has their characters. It will start obscure, and details will begin from there. Characters will be thrown into a medieval adventure by me, automatically, most likely. I like to think that you really don't even have to know anything about the kingdoms, or any of that, in order to have a basic backstory and be thrown into the lore. As long as you understand the era, and it's concept, you can RP it effectively.

    That is basically the example of this lore, be free to ask many more questions! I will love to hear back, and currently production of this lore is slow, but it could speed up like wildfire if people take a good liking to it! Thanks!
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