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Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Space Exploration, Slice of Life

Game Masters: Diana & Rory
Accepting New Characters: YES!
Rating: PG (No graphic smuttiness or gore!)
Genre: Magical Modern Fantasy with a little Comedy Romance!
Atmosphere/Mood: We're going for a light and fun mood, but not rampart silliness! Comedy + Action. Slice of Life.

TAVIA. Once a land of magic and mysteries cared for by it's gracious Gods and their Followers. But as time rolled by, the people of Tavia slowly began to harness magic for themselves. Learning different crafts and realizing that Gods were not the only ones who could summon up power. They turned their backs on their gods as they learned a huge variety of skills.

This greed for magics led to the biggest mistake of witchery. A giant gash was cut between the world of Tavia and the Demon World. Tavia created a problem they could not fix themselves and called on the gods to save them. The Gods were feeling pretty miffed about their recent treatment, but took up the war against the demons. Many died, many were lost, and in the process it left Tavia without their gods. But at least they were safe from the Demon World.

...But come to present date, a Shapeshifter (Christian "Stino" Glenhill) has discovered that not <i>all</i> the demons were sealed away. One demon in particular managed to steal the secret of dimension travel. His plot? Gather up what he needs to cut a new gash to the Demon World... not just on Tavia, but in MANY dimensions!

Stino has chased the demon in to the nearest dimension - Earth! - Where the demon has taken the form of a talking plush toy to urge some witless human to do his bidding. Stino has to disguise himself, enlist the help of earth humans... and to make matters more confusing he discovers the mortal form of a Tavia Goddess! Something that has put a brand new urgency to the problem.

Can he save not only his world, but others as well?!

The Demons of Tavia have learned the power to rip holes in the wall between worlds. With the more power they collect, the more rips they can make. The more rips they make, the more risk of all dimensions colliding together. If they do that... it's utter chaos!

You may play as one of Tavia Peoples here on Earth to fix the rips and hunt the demons. One of the demons that wishes to bring about this chaos. A normal Earthling thrust in to the fray, or even someone from another dimension entirely that has also discovered the problem and wishes to stop it before it consumes their world as well.

This story takes place on EARTH, in a small American City. Key locations include Teddy Roosevelt High School, where a dimensional portal is located in the AV room. The Beecher Street Apartments where a second portal is located. And a Local Thrift Shop that seems to always acquire and sell the weirdest items...

Fill out this bio and post it in the thread for a quick approval. :D Please not that no one on EARTH has magical powers. Only people from other worlds have that option.



Christian "Stino" Glenhill: 45/m Shapeshifter from Tavia. Hunting the demon that caused the first rip. (Rory)
Melinda Kay Andrews: 16/f High School Jr, and reincarnated Tavia Goddess. (Diana)
Eric Baekso Daesung: 17/m High School Jr, earthling derp hero! (Jinx)
Io Markov: 28/f Tavia Demon who has discovered the mortal form of the Goddess and is trying to make sure she never awakens! (Katla)

Character Name: Melinda Kay Andrews
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human (Goddess Reborn!)
Age: 16
Birthplace/World: America (Tavia)
Occupation/School/Grade: Jr High School


General Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes.
Strengths: Great immune system and rarely ever gets sick!
Weaknesses: Swimming. She can't hold her breath without holding her nose, and every time she's had to try learning to swim something bad would happen. So she's avoided it.
More: In her true form, Melinda was the Tavia Goddess of <i>Soul</i>. She can create life from nothing, reincarnate a soul, or resurrect the dead if done before the soul leaves the body. As a human these powers lie dormant, but should she fall in to evil hands she could be used as a battery to power the creation of an evil new world.


Current Goal/Purpose: Become Student Body President
Talents: Gardening, Dancing
Inabilities: Handling arguments
Fears: Darnkess. Beyond a normal childish fear, rhw dark is something that really REALLY bothers her and she isn't sure why. It's not just because she can't see, but it feels like something deeper.
General Personality: Melinda is a well-like individual. She makes an effort to get to know people and be friends with everyone. It's not to say that she doesn't occasionally get frustrated or annoyed with people, but she feels it's important not to let that get in the way. Melinda is driven and determined to use her connections to become the Student Body President, so she can help organize and better place for everyone.
Inner Personality: Melinda has always felt like she was born to do something special. It didn't seem to come from her parents, who were never a big part of her life, or from any major influence. She just wants to be involved. Do more. Do everything! Sometimes this gets her overwhelmed, and she feels like she's got the whole world on her shoulders.
Secret: Unknown even to herself, she was once a Goddess of another World.


General History:
A Goddess of Tavia - The Goddess of Soul. She created the Flora and Fauna of that world and gave it life. She nurtured it with all of her heart and then one day she vanished like the rest of the Tavia Gods. The truth of her fate? Murder..! But by whom or what...?

Melinda was reborn in a different world - her powers sealed and no memory of what she once was. Born to an average family. Parents rarely in the picture, but she spends a lot of time with her Aunt. Happy childhood.

Present Life:


Character Name: Christian "Stino" Glenhill
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Shapeshifter, i.e. Human magi that specializes in changing forms.
Age: 45
Birthplace/World: Tavia
Occupation/School/Grade: Monk of the Highest Order of the Isgauls. He would count as a Master in their Hierarchy.


General Appearance: Salt and Pepper Hair, tan skin, blue eyes. Stino has a semi-noticable scare that extends from his right eye down to his eye. Clothing wise, Stino always dresses informal conservative; i.e. shirt, sports blazer, black trousers, and leather ankle boots.

Strengths: Strong and well muscular, he is very active for a man his age. He doesn't seem to age very much and has a strong immune system due to cell regeneration that occurs every time that he changes form.

Weaknesses: Stino can be latergic if he doesn't get enough to eat. Since changing forms requires a lot of engery to occur, he burns off a lot of carbs if he should change too often. This can be more of a hinderence, since on worlds with lower levels of magic, Stino cannot turn into large animals.


Current Goal/Purpose: Defend the Goddess from the Demon named Myrddin Liber and attempt to patch up the rips in time/space because of it.
Talents: Card games, shapeshifting into other beings, one of the few members of the High Isgauls that know how to use the Pursuits properly.
Inabilities: Liking his students after they show that they lack potential.
Fears: That the Goddess in her Mortal Form will be slain.
General Personality: Stino's personality is further emphasized by his generally lazy expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude.He is rather modest about his own powers and doesn't generally attempt to use them on a wide scale, unless to defend himself or someone else. If he feels that his students fail him, he will become a smart ass to them.
Inner Personality: Much the same as his general personality, though he feels that he has last many important people to him.
Secret: Loves Tacos and Cheeseburgers.


General History: Stino was born into the world of the High Isgauls and was trained by a master named Durrk. He learned the arts of shape shifting from Durrk without the usage of talismans. Stino's master, created several objects known as the Pursuits that supposedly could tap into the powers of the Goddess Tavia. As luck would have it, demons under the influence of a figure simply known as Uno, attempted to steal these objects and a war broke out. What happened to the Pursuits remains a highly guarded secret by Stino himself, since he has gone out of his way to destroy as many of the objects as possible. He believes that the "Core" is the most important of these items and is located on Earth. One of Uno's best minions, Myrddin Liber, challenged Stino at the Temple were the Pursuits were first created. Their battle caused a rift in the temple's walls and sent both of them into a portal that is going to lead to Earth!

Present Life: Fighting a Demon in a Portal to Earth. Kinda sucks...

Character Name: Io Markov
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human (Demon)
Age: 28 (Aged)
Birthplace/World: America (Demon World)
Occupation/School/Grade: “Teacher” (Assassin/Hireling)
More: NA


General Appearance:
§ Human: Io is ravishing for a woman her age. She has eyes as cold and solid as steel with hair embracing the hue of old gold, and skin as pale as fresh snow.
§ Demon: Much like her human self, Io is considered beautiful. Her skin tone is the color of the warm sand, gleaming with heat, her white hair like silken threads; her eyes are a set of red gems, and her curled horns stare fiercely at possible foes. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Strengths: Io is strong for her petite size. She knows how to take care of herself and, if worse comes to worse, how to escape.
Weaknesses: Io is vain. She’s a creature of beauty, and there’s nothing that won’t keep her from primping herself.
More: NA


Current Goal/Purpose: To create chaos while capturing/slaying the goddess reborn.
Talents: Io knows she makes a good distraction physically if not mentally. She also has a gift with shopping and how to work a credit card. Her creditors do not approve.
Inabilities: Io has no patience for whining, whether it be from her students or her underlings.
Fears: To be proven useless and destroyed before she has the chance to free herself.
General Personality: Io is manipulative. She enjoys picking fights and spurring on the humans in their destructive ways. She can also be tenacious about getting her way; she’s always right, and when she’s proven wrong, it tends to incite her temper, if not her wrath. She’s every bit confident about her “wild child”…as a teacher, she’s cruel to be kind, so to speak. She works her students with tests and weekly projects, demanding a sort of perfection. Even though Io’s real reason behind the work is to try and keep Melinda distracted from discovering her powers and aiding the other side.
Inner Personality: Io is very unsure of herself. Still considered young by most of the demon race, she is always struggling to prove herself of worth.
Secret: Io doesn’t want to serve another demon; she’d rather be left with her own devices, creating havoc among the human race.
More: NA


General History: Io is a minor demon with no high-class powers. She was on Earth, taking pleasure in toying with human emotions, but that changed when she made a grave mistake. Playing high level stakes with another demon’s victim led her to be bounded to another for 100 years.

Present Life: Now she serves her time waiting for an opportunity to capture/slay the young goddess and break the chains that will lead back to her golden days.<o:p></o:p>

Character Name:Eric Baekso Daesung
Occupation/School/Grade:Clerk/Junior/High School
Employed at a Hobby Shop called Wizard Master's


General Appearance:
Medium height, medium short length black hair, light brown eyes, moderately dressed by the fashion sense of his younger sister
Was in the Track Team in Jr. High, still able to run pretty fast, Has some martial arts knowledge since he took Tae Kwon Do classes as a preteen,can hold his breath for about 2 minutes
Can barely lift his own body weight, Clumsy hands, Terrible hand-eye cordination


Current Goal/Purpose:
To have a much more enjoyable year while being a Senior/Finally catch the eye of Karen Imawari, the cute student body president
To pick up almost any sort of game and play it pretty well, Speed Reading, Juggling, Can kinda sing well
Talking to girls, Making a lasting impression, catching a football, Dressing himself nicely(According to his sister)
Having a lame Senior year, Striking out bad with Karen Imawari, Getting fired from his rather cushy job, Sasquatches
General Personality:
He is pretty friendly, well liked by most of the people around him, even though there really isn't anything really memorable about him at all. He always seems to have something postive to say about most situation, though not always when it comes to the topic of himself. He lacks a bit of self confidene, but once he becomes driven to accomplish something, he pretty much will abandon all sense of reason and logic to finish it, like when he stayed up three school nights straight just to memorizes and practice a speech he was supposed to give in class.
Inner Personality:
He is very hard on himself, but tends not to let anyone know. His determination is quite fierce and unshakable. Despite that, any real critisism toss towards him will pretty much make him crumble. Is more vulernable to overexerting himself rather than collasping under pressure itself. A notorious people pleaser who has been stepped on multiple times in the past.
Had a crush on Karen's older sister first after accidently seeing her changing at the community pool, Sings along with his sister to the Korean Boy Band H.A.W.T.


General History:
Eric is the eldest son of a Korean-American family, with a younger sister, Faedra, and a baby brother, Hanson. He's lived in this same town all his life and is pretty familiar with most of the people intown. He's been working at Wizard Master's Gaming for about a year, and is saving up for a car since he already has his permit.

Present Life:
Waiting for the lame Junior year to end so that he can start fresh and hopefully impress Karen with his new car when the fall semester comes around.

So far so good. I'd like some more people to sign up though. :(
Definitely want one or two more people. D:< No one I prodded has taken the bait yet.


Character Name: Rodderick-von-strauff
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Vampire
Age: 421
Birthplace/World: Aphronia


-His speed and agility
-His abilities in combat
-The power of flight
-His sheer strength
-His ability to read minds
-No dependance on oxygen

-His dependance on artificial blood
-His fear of his father


Current Goal/Purpose: To prevent whatever is happening on earth ,and in the other dimensions, from reaching his own.
-Understanding the complexities of other races, probably due to his ability to 'hack' their minds
-Linguistics, again due to his ability to read minds and percieve whatever he comes across

-Long periods without food (i.e blood; around 2 and a half days)
-Can't stomach any 'normal' foods or liquids

-His father's disappointment
-This demonic plague reaching his homeland
-Loosing his daughter
General Personality: Rodderick was born into royalty so his demeneor may be recieved as quite posh, however he'd reffer to it as; "Well mannered and proper." He can be vindictive, and has before been recieved as quite a stubborn and arrogant individual. The majority of his escavades are to earn the respect of his father. The young vampire is sarcastic and from time to time may be precieved as quite cynical.

Inner Personality: Rodderick is the youngest son of Rufus-Von-Strauss, and by far the least favorite. He craves his father's approval and is in constant competition for his affection, with his two elder brothers Romulous and Rictor. He holds a bitter resentment for his entire familly and although his intentions may seem like that of a good son, his search for his father's favoritism is to ensure his path to the throne.
Secret: He plans to murder his familly if he isn't chosen as heir to the throne.


General History: Born into royalty, Rodderick's childhood was indeed more formal than most. Instead of playing he had to learn how to dance, socialise, how to behave among the company his parents would keep. Over the years he showed the traits of his mothers' side of the familly. Excelling more at public speaking etc, rather than his fathers abilities in combat and natural leadership. However, Rodderick was nothing short of spectacular as a child. Over the years he excelled at unerstanding the polotics and economics of the kingdom he hoped one day to inherit. His education was of the higest order, however he never needed to pay much attention to it.

Once the realisation kicked in, that he was the glint in his mothers eye, but a thorn in his father's foot, Rodderick began to strive for affection. He almost completely abandoned his studies for combat training. His brothers, as proficient as they were, only enjoyed a short period of bettering him in sword-play. His ability with a sword never tickled his fathers fancy, he trned his nose up, oblivious to the constant work and effort Rodderick made. His elder brother Romulous was presented the countries sceptre, proclaiming him it's 'Protector'. It was soon after this Rodderick made te decision to volunteer for his current mission, realising then that this may be the perfect opportunity to take what he believes he deserves. His Fathers respect, and his throne.

Present Life: His time on earth has been spent learning their language and culture, which took only a day or two. Since then he has been following leads on other who are attempting to close these so called 'cracks'.

Character Name: Markus
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human (divine champion)
Age: Appears to be in his teens (but isn't really)
Occupation/School/Grade: Student


General Appearance:

Strengths: Divine magic relating to destructive elements (fire, lightning)
Weaknesses: His powers are dependent on his connection to the divine, and to his "other half".


Current Goal/Purpose: Safeguard the young goddess.
Talents: A decisive quick decision maker, even if he doesn't always get it right first time.
Inabilities: Far too used to the pressing needs of a nation at war, can he handle watching and waiting?
Fears: That they will net get back home in time.
General Personality: We always does what he thinks is right at the time and although hes dealing with culture shock and trying to find the goddess, he is curious about the world hes found himself in.
Inner Personality: He feels completely out of his depth with the wealth of unfamiliar machines, technology, clothing the customs around him and yet is determined not to let it show.
Secret: Is a Divine champion from another dimension here to protect the one of the goddesses in his nation's pantheon


General History: Bonded to another warrior at a young age to fight in a religious war threatening to shatter their world in two he has spent almost his entire life at her side. But all his efforts and those of his country has net been enough and they are losing, slowly but surely. As the decades pass more and more setbacks and defeats push them back and now they are on the brink of defeat. His home city was lost five years ago and burned to the ground to encourage more to surrender and the loss affected him with the need for a win, no matter how minor, and a goddess reborn and taking her place to watch over them might be just the break his people need.

Present Life:
With the fortress under attack and word of a goddess, vulnerable and under threat there was no time to lose. With only the clothes on his back and the person his powers bind him to he enters a strange world hoping to hide among the students.
*lol* Heh. I guess I'll give it a try.


Character Name: Luna d'Gaer
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: Appears to be 16/Older than she looks
Birthplace/World: Somewhere in Tavia
Occupation/School/Grade: Student/Divine Champion


General Appearance: Luna stands at about 5'4", slender and light. She has fair skin, freckles on the bridge of her nose, and straight black hair. It reaches down to the small of her back and is usually in a single braid. She has dark brown eyes and somewhere on her body is the tattoo she was given. She loves wearing jeans and blouses with boots. She absolutely adores boots!

Luna smiles often and laughs softly. She blushes over anything someone mentions about her and carries her books pressed against her chest. There's something about her that invites people to talk to her and open up to her.
Strengths: She can fit into narrow spaces and run pretty fast. She has a high tolerance for pain. She is also very flexible and acrobatic, flipping and somersaulting through the air with ease.
Weaknesses: She isn't very strong and not very intimidating. Her endurance isn't very high and she is unable to eat red meat.
More: Luna's powers focus on healing instead of destruction. She has the ability to grow wings which give her flight and can ward off most physical and magical attacks. She can heal most wounds but the more serious the wound, the more tired she becomes and may faint.


Current Goal/Purpose: To find the Goddess; to blend into this strange society!
Talents: Being empathic and understanding where people are coming from; being optimistic; seeing the good in everyone
Inabilities: Mastering this strange Earth talk; being pessimistic; being prompt
Fears: She's afraid that she and Markus will never find (and therefore never be able to help) the Goddess, that Markus will never lead a peaceful life, that she'll never be able to redeem her ancestors' sins who turned their backs on their gods and helped cause the gash.
General Personality: Luna is a soft spoken girl with a big heart although she can be klutzy and absent-minded. She is never on time for anything because en route to her destinations, she will stop and help others, no matter the trouble. She can become a "doormat" easily but is learning to say when and how to say "no" when a task is too big and she cannot do it for someone. Luna does not get mad easily and always attempts to find a way out of a conflict other than fighting. She is a quick learner who is enjoying Earth school and all their strange customs!
Inner Personality: Luna is a dedicated individual who wants to make her world a better place. She is hoping to find a way to end the war and bring peace. She also wants those she loves and cares for to be happy.
Secret: None ... so far!


General History: Luna comes from a large family who has dedicated themselves to serving their respected deities. They often took in orphans and families who needed a place to stay and something to eat. She met Markus this way as he was an orphan and attempted to befriend him at every opportunity. He was not an easy child to play with but she persisted, right through adolesence and even up to their entrance into the war.

They were bound and when things looked really dark, she talked Markus into going to Earth to find their Goddess. He was reluctant to leave but then agreed and they made the trip.

Present Life: They have arrived ... and boy are things different here!
YAY! Excellent. >:D We now have a starting cast!

If Meaz will finish up that very interesting vampire, you'll be good to go too! <3
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Character Name: James Logan May/ Caellach the Knife
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Walker of Dimensions
Age: 2
Birthplace/World: America / The Dimension Ragnanival
Occupation/School/Grade: High School JR
More: Caellach has been sent to eliminate the Goddess of Souls, before war in her name begins to undo the fabrics of every reality and dimension. Only, James doesn't know it, and neither does he know who exactly he's been created to target. All he has are implanted memories of solitude and quiet, and a mild crush on the girl next door.


General Appearance: James has gotten the vertical boost of pubescence down pat, but not the broadening. He's tall and gangly, but carries himself with a graceful ease. Poison green eyes seem unattentive most of the time, but he misses nothing, even with tufts of raven hair stylishly hanging in the way. Pale skin and deep dark bags under the eyes more than hint at a life of indoor activity.
Strengths: James is of average strength, endurance and intellect, but he is impossibly loyal to the few he trusts, and especially Melinda.
Weaknesses: Awkward as sin.


Current Goal/Purpose: To murder the Goddess, whenever she shows herself. Til then, James can live whatever life he wishes. Silly little mortal.
Talents: Poetry, compassion, English and Social Studies. Dodgeball!
Inabilities: As his human form is simply a fabrication, there are limits to his emotional range. He is unable to -feel- to the extreme, only listing aimlessly in one direction or the other. Its very frustrating to him, but he doesn't speak up about it for fear of sounding like a freak.

Fears: Being alone.
General Personality: At his core James is a very giving individual. On Taco day, he'll gladly spot Mr Glenhill some crunchy goodness, or try his best to talk up the spirits of a classmate. Aside from this inherent need to do good, he is a recluse. Amiable and warm, but not enough to warrant any real attention.
Inner Personality: To be honest, he doesn't know anything about himself. He lives alone. He knows how to take care of himself. He's good(ish) with his schooling and tries really hard to be likable, but something is missing. Something just isn't right, which is a frightening thought for a sixteen(?) year old boy. He's got that feeling you get when you're watching a horror flick with your people, and the lights are dark and the music starts to build up and you -know- something terrible is about to pop out of the window...

...but you never really appreciate how horrible it really is until its too late.
Secret: James is the host to a tans-dimensional sleeper agent awaiting the Goddess' full reawakening. So he can murder the hell out of her. That way nobody can have her, and nobody gets to create jack. Clean and simple.

Theme Song:
Evolutionary Sleeper - Cynic


General History: Caellach has been 'offing' foes of the Ragnanivalian Empire for millenia. Its his thing. Its what he does. And the insidious method of flying undetected under even the most scrutinous of radars has proven more than effective. Who exactly is his target? When will he emerge and strike? He certainly doesn't know, and frankly he doesn't care. Awkward teenagers are genuinely entertaining.

James, on the other hand, cannot remember a thing. When he reaches in himself, he always gets the same answers: You moved here two years ago. Your rich uncle is sustaining a bank account, and even putting you up for rent. Your father is a writer who abandoned you to see the world and your mother is in rehab in some distant corner of America. You don't know them, they don't know you. You will go on through school and college and live a normal life.

Incidentally, Melinda Kay Andrews is just about the nicest girl you will ever know.

Present Life: Just a kid trying to get through his day without worrying too much about his murky past or undecided future.

Nice to have you, Reles. >:D

Okay, I've gotten our IC thread started in Modern. <3 Everyone can start posting at their leisure. We still need a history from MeaZ though!
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We can take more players, yes. >:D