Tavern RP - Sidequests the focus

Combat / Character / NPC

  • I love the rush of cutting down enemies or sniping them from afar!

  • I enjoy settling my issues with my silver tongue or by simply RUNNING AWAY!

  • I enjoy selling my wares, leaving the adventuring to the "heroes" and enjoying the little things.

  • What does cake have to do with anything?

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Uneasy Goat

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I've been playing some D&D lately, wishing I had the group I played with back home. The people I play with now are so ADD and distractible that developing a real story or developing real characters together... Well they don't seem to involve themselves. If it's constant dice-rolling or combat they're in it 100%, but without me holding their hand they get bored and wander.

So I wanted to jump back on this site where my love for RP really started and write stories with the people who want to be a part of them. I figured, "What better way to get back into Fantasy Roleplaying than to start... in the Tavern?"

So here's my basic premise:

Adventurers: 4 at the most, I'm trying to get back into this (not saying I'll even get 4) but I don't want to overwhelm myself. Race needs to be human or elf, in this world dwarves are secluded to the point where people question their existence at all. You'll pick a weapon or two you're good with to keep on your person, or not. Maybe you're a diplomat, make a character you'd like to play in a fantasy setting. Depending on the classes of people who join in, I'll determine what types of quests you'll venture off to.

World itself: I'm thinking something akin to Dragon's Dogma, a large mostly peaceful world where bandit encounters are scary but not commonplace (you will know what roads are dangerous). You'll see goblins, but only if you venture into the forest (or travel the roads at night), and the settlements you see will have large gateways to keep unwanted creatures/people out but they're not beautiful stone castles. A lot of them are simply wooden barricades, but they get the job done.

For the story: That depends solely on who joins the game. If everyone plays rogues, for example, it wouldn't make sense to make a battle-heavy storyline or a lawful good one. What I'd like to see is players joining up and creating a fantasy character they've always enjoyed playing or RP-ing, knowing your role or what you enjoy will help immensely. If you're playing a wizard or something similar and you don't know what a spell is, for example, that can hinder the immersion of other players.

Finally: I'm excited about the idea, but I'm not going to have hurt feelings if it doesn't quite go the way I intend. At the end of the day, I'm not writing a story for you to play in. I'm setting the stage for the story we're writing together. It's boring to me if I'm just reading someone else's story and being railroaded down a path I don't enjoy.

The fun of RP-ing comes from the joint perspectives and development of other players, rather than everyone adhering to a strict set of rules that simply cannot be broken.

TL;DR: Tavern RP / Human or Elf / Class is not D&D or simply combat based, can be whatever you want (Diplomat, Alchemist, Beggar, Knight) / Story based on what makes most sense with the group of people involved / Medieval Fantasy setting, don't go out at night / Play what you know, develop a story you've always wanted / The cake is a lie / We're writing this together, I'm not dragging you along for the ride / Have fun
Interested very much so.
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You have my attention. I love adventure-based rps.
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Three interested parties and several views says I'll at least give it a go. I'll have an OOC out today, I'll put it into Fantasy RP since that's the realm I'd like to play. I look forward to seeing the characters y'all make!
Can I ask for more space? :3
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Once the OOC is up, I'll take up to four/five players. We've already got room :D
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Still room? checking the OOC now if there is anyway.
I'm reserving the spots for the initially interested, but I might be willing to accept an extra person or two.
Ah alright well shall I make a character and send it to you? Or just throw it in the OOC after all your reserves have made theirs...Or just make it and plop it in that way you have someone extra to fall back on right then and there?

Asking this cause this is something that really interests me as it focuses on bare bones rping rather than flashy combat which people seem so focused on.
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Please create a character, I'd rather have too many than too few characters. Worst case scenario I might create a split RP so people can play should they desire.

In short, make a character please :D
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