tavern on the coast

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  1. The tavern only recently built sat a mere 40ft away from the ocean and a lesser 10ft from the forest. The owners of this tavern Areosoth and his half brother Harouan run it with one rule pay for your drinks
  2. Areosoth drags himself out of his bed and grabs the one thing his brother left him the newly enchanted bow. He slowly trudges down stairs hoping that his brother has finally returned from his journey. When he finally reaches the ground floor he grabs the mirror left on the counter and looks himself over. His brown hair is in a mess but as always he has no bags from the short sleep out of habit he runs hand over his pointed ears. he sets the mirror down begins to clean up the place with what little magic he knows.
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    Silver pools gazed at the tavern from out on the sea. Meryona did not know what the building was, only that the humans, mysterious to her in speech and action, built it. She was always mystified by these creatures. She had even tried to bring a few back with her, in the sea. They never survived the plunge with her though, and after a few tries, she had given it up. She would just have to study from afar. Meryl poked her head farther above on the surface. Like the mermaids in fairy tale and folklore, Meryona's face was.... relatively human. Her face resembled that of a woman, with dark blue scales on her cheeks and along her neck. Her skin was pale blue and her ears like small fins on the side of her face, blue hair slightly darker than her skin tone falling along her back. Her eyes were like silver stars, her pupils though were large and round distracting from their beauty. Her arms trailed along large fins, and her lower half was fish in form and function. Smaller fins sat where her human abdomen ended and her fish like bottom began. The fins on the end of her tail were long and flowed behind her.

    Though she looked like what one would call a mermaid, the term just simply didn't apply to what she was. Mermaids often lived in her environment, yes... but how many could control it?
  4. After finishing his last spell he looked to see if he missed some thing. of course he had but seeing as there were no customers he decided to endulge in his favorite pass time archery. he walked toward the ocean to gather some shells for targets and saw a strange woman in the ocean. he noticed that she was blue seeing this made him think shes drowning so he rushed toward the sea to help her
  5. Meryona watched the man's strange behavior as he scavenged shells off the beach shore. Her heart skipped a beat when the man's eyes met hers. She was caught, what would happen next? Would he run away, try to call out to her? All these reactions she had seen before, but when the man ran out to her, fear took hold of the creature. He was not afraid of her! Than perhaps she should be afraid of him? Meryona dove beneath the surface, summoning up a large wave that would hopefully none to gently knock him off his feet and push him farther away and closer to shore. Meryona fled to deeper waters, though still in view of the strange building. She had not yet met a land walker like this. Perhaps she was better off in the depths, where she belonged she thought to herself, watching to see if the man would continue to pursue her.
  6. Areosoth was pushed under water by a wave thank goodness he was a natural swimmer otherwise he mightive drowned . he came up sputtering seeing the woman moved farther away he cursed under his breath. "These darn undertows". "Just keep your head above water dont worry ill help you!" he called to the strange woman
  7. Meryona watched, impressed as he struggled against the wave. He simply would not give up! When he hollered at her, she couldn't understand the words. Instead, it sounded like a direct threat. She killed these beings all the time, she thought to herself. Whether those were mistakes or not, she chided herself for being afraid. Meryona dove beneath the water, seeming to disappear suddenly. To the man who was trying to rescue her, it would certainly seem that she slipped under, yet another drown victim. However, it wouldn't be long before Meryona would reappear before the would-be-hero. Her eyes were narrowed in a look of obviously universal anger, and she would grip his shoulders tightly.

    Meryona revealed her prowess to him, touching her power and calling the sea to rise and surround her. A wall of sea water shot up around them, only to come crashing down again in a violent thunder of noise and force. Meryona dared this one to mess with her while they were here, in HER element, with the venomous glare she kept on him.
  8. "you are no woman you foul beast be gone from here this land is protected by the greatest of all necromancers Harouan!" "And by me the best archer in all the land with my frost bow" Areosoth bellowed at the creature already mentaly casting a spell of long breathe.
  9. (wish more people were here) Areosoth grabs the bow off his back and reaches for an arrow he grabs at air darn he left his quiver on the shore. he grips the bottom and middle ready to swing
  10. Meryona smiled devilishly. This one wanted to fight, than she would fight. Unfortunately, his words again fell on ears that could not comprehend them. Meryona could not understand common, or any language for that matter. She was simply an elemental, not to say she wasn't a powerful one, that was summoned by a long dead wizard. With no master, she led her life not understanding much of anything at all.

    Meryona sent a huge stream of water into his face, and if it hit it would make it difficult to see or breath. Maryona dove under during her hopefully successful distraction.
  11. the full on blast of water to the face he could have done without but since he casted his spell he didnt drown though it did make his vision blurry. Areosoth swung his bow madly knowing that it would freeze most things on contact. mentaly he called out to his brother
  12. Meryona was already beneath the water. She grabbed at his feet, attempting to pull him deeper underwater. She cackled with delight. She had never killed on purpose without her Master's orders... who knew it could be so fun? She knew nothing of the spells he cast, so she figured she could just drown him like she had the others before him.
  13. Ha foolish beast he could hold his breath for hours on end with the spells he had cast he still screamed though. "Aghhh get off!" he bellowed. As he submerged he began to mentaly recite the spell for true sight. The last spell his master taught him he thought. He continued to swing his bow wildly hoping to hit the creature. "HA thats a good one da lets see if old arrow is home" said Harouan as he walked over the hill
  14. Meryona nearly squealed in delight. This one was so... squirmy! Meryona swam around the man, letting go of his ankles to swim above him. Would he not drown like the rest? The elemental swam above him to look into his eyes at an upside down angle. Her strange yet beautiful face registering a look of cruel curiosity, before he landed a hit with the bow square into her jaw. Pain and shock froze then onto that face, and Meryona began to sank, unable to move her body. Everything was suddenly so... Cold...
  15. A girl that looked rather young was walking the beach when she saw two people who from her point of view looked to be lovers. She sat on the sand and watched them "i wonder how long it takes them to notice me." Looking at the two she remembered her past and how it now seems so long ago. She was younger and her hair was still a beautiful red instead of the white it is now, she was in love with her teacher and she thought he loved her, They did many things together from her studies in magic to bathing together a few times. She finally told him and he just sent her on her way she really had no idea what to do but over the hundred or so years she understood why he did that he loved her but he knew his life was almost up. Finally snapping out of her memories she looked at the two and then noticed they were not coming up yet "did i just watch someone die oh well if they dont come up then i will have to get a few bodies."
  16. Areosoth watched as the creature slowly sank deeper. His fathers words played through his head "Boy I dont care what they did to you their starving give em some help" God he would regret this wouldnt he. he thought as he grabed the creature he could now see was a mermaid of some kind but with such power he cast his thougts towards her "I swear im not gonna kill you just um.. dont kill me when i thaw you out" o god she better understand he thought. He dragged her slowly to the surface. As his head breached the surface he saw a strang girl sitting along the coast. "You know it'd be nice if youd help me"
  17. The eyes of the beast were dull, it would be unclear to the heroic onlooker whether she understood or not. Inside though, Meryona gathered some sort of understanding from the man's thoughts. She understood that she had misunderstood the man's intentions before, despte the fact that he seemed to ignore her warning. Primitive intelligence would not allow the reasoning to develop the conclusion that he may have misunderstood her warning as an attack as well. However, some sort of sentience was there, because the distinct feeling of gratefulness filled her as she was carried to the surface. She probably would have drowned, since the creature had no gills, and had to return to the surface to take breath.

    The frozen stiff body would not be light for the man to carry either, though this would be far less noticeable in the water. Though she was only four-foot eleven -inches from head to tail, her tail was thick with pure muscle, making her an exceptional swimmer, but without the ability to swim it only aided in weighing the poor man down.
  18. The girl looked at the man and laughed "i was because if you didnt come up i was going to get your body." She looked at him and smiled she was trying to be nice but somehow her smile still seemed evil. She looked at the man and than sighed how stupid could this man be. She knew that the girl was not human "where is she?" Getting up she started into the water but instead of getting wet she was walking atop the water, as soon as she reached him she offered him her hand "get up." She saw what he had under the water "poor girl just playing in the water and you attack." She into the guys eyes "now that i see her properly i can tell she is something to be studied."
  19. "Ok strange magic girl" he said grabing her hand. Areosoth groaned as he pulled himself up god this mermaid was heavy. "I really hope you can communicate with her because I sure cant" he replied sadly he knew if he and the mermaid could talk this would have been avoided. "Want a drink?" he asked.
  20. Looking at the girl she nodded "shouldnt be that hard and sure i can do with a drink." She let the strange magic girl comment slide off "so where are we taking little frozen princess somewhere that has some heat i guess." Laughing the girl helped drag the little frozen girl onto the shore "so what now i guess we leave her here unless you want to drag he" She giggled making her look younger.