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The names BrokeFang. I made this tavern many years ago cause I notice the number of strangers that walked through this way into town. I run this place and have made a good living here. So fill free to stop by and get a drink or rent a room. Just be careful, because many strange people come here.

If you walk in you'd be surpised what this place offers.

so please stop by. you never know why might happen.

Welcome any type (werewolves, vampire,.....ect)
Fang woke up with a stretch and sliped out of bed sliding his jeans,boots, and leather jacket on, also grabbing his .45 pistol off his dresser. Heading down the stairs and towards the entrances he unlocked the door and turn on the open sign. "just another day" he whispered.
fang walked toward the bar and jumped over the counter and pulled out a glass and pour himself a glass of orange juice.
Fang finished his glass and headed out the door to collect fire wood for the fire place.
Walking outside he sniffed the air looking around anything odd. "beautiful day" he said to himself
Turm Jumal walked by the tavern not really paying attantion, but a second later looked back and decided that it's time he took a little break. He walks in the door and sees the place empty except for a bar tender.

"Hello there! I was passing by and decided to check out your tavern." He sits down at the bar but turns to examine the rest of the tavern, when he walked in Fang could see he was wearing sandals and a "toga" so to speak, he had long brown hair and all black eyes. People always wondered what was wrong with his eyes, and he had gotten used to being asked about it. He seemed like a simple man but if you could sense magical energy he had massive amounts it seemed.
Fang had finish gathering wood not breaking a sweat, and head back toward the tavern noticing a new smell in the air "finaily a guest" heading into the door with a smile he noticed the man wearing what he thought looked like a toga. But he new better than to judge a man by his cloths "greetings friend! Can i get you something" he finished, lay the wood in his wood pile.
"Yes, I would like some water and your best soup please." He sat at a table and waited for his request. He observes everything around him looking at the layout of this tavern. It was definitely original and it felt very welcoming in every aspect. He wondered why it was out here in the middle of nowhere.

(sorry about my first post. I did not see that your character had gone out to gather wood.)
Fang nods walking behind the counter pulling out a dusty cup and cleaning it before pour water into it, handing it to him. "best soup coming up" fang walked into the back door into the kitchen. A bunch of clanking tins and silverwear rattles the kitchen as fang stuck his head in the open window if the kitchen. "some what bring you out here stranger?"
((You two seem rather... alone in here. I think I'll join up and see what mischeif we can get into with a witch around.))

Sophia smiled to herself as she bounced down the trail she'd been walking for days. She hummed a quiet tune to herself, and listened as the birds replied in kind. The young girl liked being out in the open; the birds were her friends, the wolves were her family, and the land her home. She could travel for days alone, and never feel lonely, so long as there were animals around. She was young, by anyone's standards, but when one has a few tricks up their sleeves, there really isn't much that can hurt you, unless you do something utterly brain-missing. Strolling along, with a bow and a sheath of arrows slung across her pre-adolescent shoulders, Sophia's grey, leather riding boots that had never seen horseflesh kicked up little clouds of dirt, her black, threadbare pants clung to her legs, and a yellowed shirt that may have once been white hung from slight shoulders. Long brown hair was held back from sightless eyes by a bright silver ribbon, a little grubby from months of use, a lock of hair let free to hide a faded white scar over her left eye.

The girl's nose was suddenly filled with the smell of stew, and her stomach grumbled. She would never eat meat she killed herself, but if it was already skinned and in a dish, then it was fair enough. Her family and friends never seemed to mind, as they knew she was only human, and needed to eat as well as they did. Realizing that this smell could only come from something cooked by other humans, Sophia sighed. This could only mean that she would have to go into one of their buildings, and this did not sit well with her outdoor-loving nature. Perhaps she would simply eat and disappear quickly. Nodding at this choice, Sophia made her way toward the smell, and began to hear the sounds of quiet conversation, and sighed. Some small part of her had hoped that there would be no others around to disturb her as she ate, but then, she had known this was too much to hope for.

Her frail looking hands pushed open the door, and she decided that today was not the day to look small and incompetant, lest someone think to challenge her right to food. She made her way soundlessly to where she thought there may be a bar, and encountered the chairs that lined it in short order. "Hello?" she called out, hoping that the person who ran the place would see her and appear soon. Tense from being so cut off from the forest, Sophia sat woodenly on a barstool, and waited, her eyes staring at nothing in particular, as she listened to the two men not far from her place at the bar.
((Mind if I join?))

The sunlight was crisp and all was chirping with lustful music. The wood's scent was that of bark, fresh pine, and simple trimmed bushes. Deer, and other big mammals lay painted near a lake side. Birds spoke of chirping tongue, singing and gossiping to the forest. Anyone that loved and breathed the out doors would know this was one of the many sights to be seen in such a luscious forest. Everything was delicate to broadly musk, from the wet wood smell to fresh minty pine. Paths twisted and turned, from ma=oss and broken trees, these paths lead to possibilities for one that fallows them. One path takes you deeper into the brush, while the other leads you a promise of houses and human residential roads. Hikers and many of all-walk come down these paths, but lately they have died down, due to lack of travelers. Also for the loss of interest of the forest. Some do come and go, but, most are either lost or are passing through to search what they can't find. The only thing that seems to hang around the pathways now, in such a early mourn, would be the Kitsune; Demi.

Demi, the fox spirit, rested on a tree stump, just wide enough for her to curl into a ball and rest her head. She's been sleeping there for several hours, un disturbed. Most fox spirits go in hiding, away from any curious eyes, but of course, Demi couldn't be bothered hiding. She'd rather lay in her coi form than find the misfortunes of others. For such lack of secrecy, Demi has never had any problems with humans or creatures figuring she was some form of spirit, or that she was even a being of power. Possibly because her form as a fox makes her believable, along with such characteristics. Many would have passed by her slumber as just a normal fox minding it's own business, not taking into consideration the weird black spiral mark on her head, or that she was bigger than most foxes. If someone was to recognize these things, they would only take them as minor differences and move on. Lucky for Demi on her part. Demi has also never spoke in human/lingual tongue in this form, nor would she dare to, knowing the consequences of a Kitsune to be found out are permanent to doom. Usually at most interaction situations, she has the ability to become human-like.

Demi yawns and stretches her soft paws in a outward motion. Her rear up in the air as her tail waves about stretching itself out too. Demi tiredly sits up, licking her jowls and fangs. Demi looks around the area. The creek in-front of her was being beamed by sunlight, the brush's berries and morning due leafs sparkle from the natural light source. She pounces of her wood-stump, landing softly, she begins to head down the trail, hoping to catch some fire beetles. Demi followed the trail in a stride that was both of exhaust of waking up and lack of food. Demi hasn't found much food for the past 2 days, figuring this was the cause of her fatigue and sleeping in. Demi had always thought the trail was a good living source especially for a Kitsune like herself, who only eats small beetles and if not the odd mouse. But that kind of food is coming slim to none recently. Demi is determined that today would be the day she decides if to stay or to go from this place. Demi doesn't want to leave, but she doesn't want to starve either.

She comes to a stop at a large mossy rock, that splits the path into two; one way to the main road, and one way march farther into the woods. Demi comes at the rock to find bugs basking or mice in their homes. For Demi this would be the place where her decision will come to. She sighs with grief knowing that the area will be like last time; fished out. But she is still willing to try and seek food.

An hour has gone past and nothing could be found for her to consume. Her tummy's internal intestate was gurgling and grumbling. She groaned and flopped over. She had a moments thought, thinking she was going to starve there right on the spot. But, in the end of whaling and rolling around complaining she soon came to the epiphany. She thought it would be best going deeper into the forest, though it is unknown to her, she is for sure to find food there. Demi got up and
started running down the left path, the path that would hopefully take her to salvation. As she got more down the path, something alerted her nose, she stopped in her tracks to take a better whiff. Demi wagged her tail at the familiar succulence. It was stew. Demi licked her sobering lips in rejoice. Although it came from afar and it was most likely being made by human hands, she couldn't help but hear her stomachs call out for it. Demi whined in contemplation, but, with all the hunger-frustration she almost forgot she COULD turn human, and possibly ask for some stew. Demi soon came to this idea, she pranced with utter joy that she possibly could have a meal now.

Demi finally took a firm stance, eyes closed, and body focused. She was about to prepare her transformation. She huffed and lowered her head, her breaths kept light, almost as if holding her breath. Her tail frizzed and lowerd. her paws began to glow and slowly the glowing build up all over her body. A orange aura appeared, her body shifting and changing as the orange soon turned into cloth also morphing with her body. The glowing body was now the silhouette of a tall, slim, but very busty woman. The glowing stopped and there stood a red headed woman. The attire she wore was that of a traditional kimono but much shorter, and reveals her shoulders. The colours were of pink, reds, and golds. Flowers seemed to be sewn on in detail on her kimono. Demi looked like an ordinary woman.

The transformation was complete and now Demi walks off towards the smell of the stew.
Fang had finished cooking the stew the man had asked for and leaned against the counter clean some glasses that needed clean when he heard a womans voice and quickly looked up noticing the women enter the door *hello there ma'am, pretty nice out isnt it?" fang finished with southern accent and a little smile smacked acoss his face. Fang hadnt seen a female since.....well that did t matter. He finished cleaning the last glass throwing his dry rag over his shoulder.
Making his way to his cousin's daughter's seventh birthday party, Sam drove up a muddy road listening to classical music. One second, he was turning a corner, and the next-the car broke down. Sam pounded the driver's wheel and silently sward to himself. Knowing the car was always having problems, Sam got out and peeked underneath the hybrid to see a smoking fire. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, backing away. All of a sudden, a high pitched whistling broke out into the air and began to grow louder. "Shhhiiitt!" Sam yelled, running from the car. Just a second later, the whistling stopped and so did Sam. He turned toward the car, holding his arms over his head and started to laugh. Just then, the car exploded in a furious fire, blasting Sam to his back. His orange hair and white long-sleeved shirt were now covered in a dusty black smolder. Sam's eyes widened as he coughed and cleaned his glasses as best he could. Taking a deep, frustrated breath, Sam hiked along the road and found a tavern that was almost completely vacant. He wandered inside
After finish he finished cleaning the counter, fang sat at one of the tables taking his glass of orange with him as he notices a man walk in with the smell of smoke on him. "hello sir" he said turning and facing him.
Wandering through the woods in a dress wasn't the most wonderful experience for one to have, but thankfully Maggie was used to it and didn't mind. She had a worn out brown leather satchel slung over one shoulder, filled with her only belongings. Everything else had burned with the tavern that she had worked at for most of her life, and she had taken the event to be an opportunity. It was time to see the world, experience new places. She smiled to herself and brushed a stray lock of hair from her crimson eyes, spotting a building between the trees. Intrigued, she changed direction to head for it, the hem of her dress swirling around her knees. As she got closer and realized what it was, she smiled with delight. Perhaps a new employment opportunity? She definitely had the experience for it. She stepped inside and made her way over to the bar, giving the man there her friendliest smile. "Hello. Are you hiring, by any chance?" she asked.
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Ugh!!!) after finishing wiping the Old oak counter of the bar and throwing the towel over his shoulder he turned to head into the kitchen, stoping suddenly as the door opened and gazed upon a women in a dress, think quickly that it seemed old. "no ones ever really ask to work here before" finishing with a smirk. "whats your name?"
Tilting her head slightly, she looked around the deserted bar in surprise. So, he owned the place and never had anybody work under him before? Either this place didn't see any business or he was the independent type. Either way she was interested, so she turned back to him with a grin. "I'm Maggie, and I'd be willing to bet I'd be the best thing to ever happen to this place. I can bring in customers and remember orders without having to carry around a pad and pen, no matter how many tables you fill," she boasted, one hand on her hip as she waited to see if he reacted well or not.
Fang wasnt usually the one to believe instantly was someone said but, she seemed quite confident in her words as she stood there wait for his response. "your hired." he said with a grin as he walked from behind the bar and turned the girl holding his hand out with a smiles "the names BrokeFang, but just call me fang" he ended knowing she would fine that name strange.