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Alright, looks like I'm gonna do it.
So I've seen a few and tried to participate in a few fantasy tavern based roleplays that have just kind of died.
Because of the death rate, I'm not going to get too far into details in this post unless/until enough interest is gathered

So few things:
1. I don't want an enormous group that is impossible to keep track of. I'll probably start with 4 people expressing interest before I make an OOC/signup post.

2. Due to my schedule being as hectic as it is, I will be looking for a co-gm to preferably play a staff member/co owner of said tavern to keep the rules intact and the story going.
3. Whether you "apply" to be a character or my co person, I will probably investigate you.
4. Please be prepared to follow some kind of post flow/post rules, and be able to write enough ( at least 2-3 decent sized paragraphs ) for others to work off of.

If you're alright with these things and are looking for a fantasy based, tavern setting, small ish group rp, please show your interest and ask any questions you have here,

As I said, I'll get a little more in depth after at least about 4 people show interest.
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I appreciate your enthusiasm as well~<3
I would be in, i am new here but i can link you to my other sites for references. I was going to join this other tavern one for my first rp here but saw it died, i think you were in that one. Even if we arent co gms/ co ops could we rp as part time employees or the like?
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