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Do you have a Tattoo?

  1. Yes and I love it!

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  2. Yes but I wish I could change it

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  3. Yes but I'd like to remove it

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  4. Yes but I feel something else about it which I will share

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  5. No But I'm thinking about it

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  6. No and I don't care

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  7. No and I will never get one

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  8. No and I will tell you why not

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  9. Who cares about tattoos I wanna push a button!

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  1. So I'm curious, How many people have tattoos?
    If you have one (or more) what are they?
    Do they mean anything to you?
    If you don't have one is there a special reason why not?

    I don't have one myself, but I always like looking at other people's and hearing their stories :3

    Please Share!
  2. I have 2 tattoos. One on my chest over my heart. It is a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, and his my mom’s name and then survivor under it. I need to have it touched up though, as the artist didn’t do a brilliant job. Though he told me some of the colors would require a few coats.

    I have another on my right side of my ribcage. It is a saying I wrote that helps me a lot, and will never be forgotten. It says, “In the time that we are given, we are what God wants us to be. No more, no less. So live every moment for him, and he will guide you to success.”

    I only get tattoos if they mean quite a deal to me. I mean, they will be memorialized on my body forever, so they have to mean a lot to me.

    I hope to get another at some point, to commemorate my favorite football team. Manchester City.

    And then their is a possibility, that if I get married to my current girlfriend, instead of a wedding band, She will design a tattoo that I’ll have down on my ring finger to replace the wedding band.

    I love them, and wouldn’t mind having more, but I do not want to completely cover myself in them. They have to mean a lot to me for me to get them. The reason must be worth the money, pain, and forever amount of time that it will be on my body.

    If you would like to see them, just let me know. I can take a picture.
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  3. Obligatory

    But yes, I fucking love tattoos. I just need to get some worthy/unpretentious ones of my own; clean and minimalistic stuff.
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  4. I think they can be beautiful but the reason I won't ever get one.......I'm indecisive by nature. I could never pick something that would stay forever. Hell I've only been iny apartment 6 months and I'm looking at other possibilities.
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  5. I think tattoos can look really awesome, but I would never get one myself because my preferences changes all the time and I wouldn't be able to pick something I could enjoy looking at every day of my life o_o I don't even keep a favorite color for more than a day at a time, so it would be a reeeeaaally bad idea for me to make a tattoo. Changing my hair into crazy haircolors or cutting it super short and such is totally fine cause that can be easily changed without it being too expensive or I can just wait until the hair grows out, but if I wanna get rid of a tattoo cause I just don't feel like it's me anymore, that will cost a shit ton of money o_o

    So no, no tattoo for me.
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  6. Like some tattoos. Find their audience and people who cover themselves in them disgusting.

    Commemorate a birth? Close family death? Favorite pastime (within reason)? By all means mark yourself up, but be at least semi discreet. Not everyone cares to see Guy Harvey scrawled on your forearm.

    Dragon on your neck cause dragons are cool? Butterfly on your ankle cause it's so original? Maybe a boyfriend/girlfriends name? Fuck all that. Yes it's your body, your canvas, blah blah. But I still wouldn't let some nobody artist practice on me.

    My wife wants the three link chain on her wrist ala whatshisname protagonist from Bioshock. I was going to get the Halo legendary insignia with a friend before we had a long and slow falling out. Now it's kinda meh. An investment I'm not willing to make.

    Have seen some amazing artists though. Putting a design on paper is one thing, living flesh is another.
  7. The main reason I don't have one myself is because they're pretty expensive, and I've better things to spend my money on. I've gotten pretty close to getting one though, considered it more than once in my life too. I think they can be attractive if done well.
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  8. I've had a few different ideas of getting one. I always stand on the idea of them being somewhere you can hide them well your at work. I've nearly gotten on before, but talked myself out of it. Price is usually the key factor why I don't do it. I have more important things to spend my money on. That and I'm scared with all the horror stories about bad tattoos has also kept me from getting one. I think they are amazing, but they have to be well thought out. In the moment kinda thing isn't a great idea. After all it supposed to stay there forever.
  9. Tattoos are sweet for self expression and I wish I had one, but needles HURT. c____c so fuck that.
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  10. I have two. First takes up most of my shoulder blade, it's a raven that has wings that look like cathedral glass. No real meaning behind it other than I fell in love with the design and I have a deep affinity with corvids.

    Second one was done by a friend who owns a tattoo shop who spent six hours on my arm bringing an incredible kraken to life. Also no real meaning behind it past I have myself a love of mythological beasts, krakens always captured my imagination, and it's a more subtle way of showing my love of House Greyjoy.

    I'm kind of getting in the habit of looking into tattoos for big life events, like moving out West or starting a new job. I want to get a plague doctor mask somewhere kind of as a momento of my sickness and upcoming surgery and it's imagery I have come to associate with.

    I have zero regrets with either of my tattoos and they're still going to look rad as hell when I'm old and grey. I never really cared for the idea that a tattoo has to mean something, it just has to be something you want to be a part of you. Even if your tastes change, there was still a time that getting a tattoo of something you love marked a time in your life you wanted to immortalize. You can always look back on them and remember, it's a pretty powerful thing.
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  11. This is the cutest thing, I love it.

    I do not have any tattoos, but I want them! However, as some have already expressed, I want them to both be important, and something I like enough to never want to change. Lately, I've been thinking of getting something closely based on this design, because of various representations it holds for me, but I'm not sure where I'd put it, and tattoos are expensive!

    I don't have much of an opinion on other people's tattoos. Your body, your canvas, etc. The only kind of recommendation I have is that if it's a fandom tattoo, save the design for a year, somewhere that you'll see it every day. Then if you still love it, give er. A lot of people get fandom tattoos while they're into the fandom, thinking - almost infatuated people do - that they'll always love it. It'd suck to look at yourself a few years later and be like "oh, look, it's my old hobby taking up perfectly good space."

    But that might be me projecting my indecisiveness onto other people, which I concede is not cool >,>'
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  12. I would love to see that.

    Yes, I find tattoos appealing and yes I will get one (;
    I don't know when yet but I have someone making the design, a surprise.
  13. I want one, and originally was going to get one. Yet good old life decide to put a hold on that. Yet it also made me reconsider what kind of tattoo I want to get. I plan on eventually getting my right arm tattooed to have the skeleton bones showing on the outside(To signal death and stuff) with a heart on the palm with my sister's initials. Its to signal that while your loved ones do pass away, death doesn't take away everything and will leave a part of them with you.

    My mom always said tattoos should have meaning to them, and while I agree. I also have to say when you have all this well done art placed on you, its still cool as hell. Yet I'm only willing to have a needle jab me so many times for so long. So Ill pass on all the tattoos, but hopefully will get the one I do one soonish.
  14. I have 3 tattoos. One on my calf, and it's music notes, one my side/ribs and it's a large butterfly and some flowers, and puzzle pieces on my left hand and ring finger.
  15. I have one on my back, pretty big but pretty simple. It goes from my pants line up to my bra line. It's a line drawing of a praise dancer, as I used to be in the dance ministry of the church I grew up in, and it means a lot to me, even though I'm no longer at that church, so I don't dance so much now.

    I'd like to get more or embellish the one I have, but money. And I'd like to get a good consultation of what to get to embellish it, and what colours would work best on my skin tone (I'm pretty dark-skinned).

    I'll share a poor flash pic with you!

  16. Your command is my wish.

    Dervs gots inked (open)



    Fun story with the raven: The place that did that piece got raided by the RCMP two years after that was done for being connected to the Warlocks motorcycle gang, who are affiliated with the Hell's Angels.

    I guess that makes me an honourary member of the club.

    pedals his 20 year old mountain bike off into the sunset
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  17. I've been meaning to aquire Ink on my body for years. And will most likely get one within the next six months, now that I have found exactly what I want.
  18. If you are covered in tattoos and find me staring at you.

    No I am not judging you, I am just checkin out all of your tattoos.

    Although I'll probably never get one even though they look pretty damn awesome
  19. Holy shit! Both tattoos are so damn gorgeous!
    Thank you so much sharing (;
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  20. My pleasure! I'm glad you like them. :)
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