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I'm Curious to know how many of you have Tattoos.
Going to get one when I can. The exact design is a secret.
I have no design planned out, but the plan is to wait at least a couple more years.

Getting inked is hella exspensive, so I need to think it through.
Yea, that it is.
I have one on my right leg that I had done a about two years ago when I moved back home. This was taken right after it was finished..


Not huge or impressive or anything, but I'm satisfied with it. You can't really complain if you're only paying thirty bucks.

Hopefully I'm going to be able to get another one when I graduate. I'm looking at something like this right now..

I'd like one, but I need to find a weekend where I'm a) not partying b) not studying c) not lazy to look around town for a reputable, clean, licensed artist studio that practices sterility.

I'd like to get my alma mater's credo on my back.

AMDG, each letter in a quadrant of a cross.

Ad Majorem/Maiorem Dei Gloriam.
Nope, never had much interest in trying to get one.
I got my second last Sunday, both shoulders are now inked.
I don't have the cash to get one and I don't think I'd get a tattoo whether I had the money or not, nothing against them and those hipster chicks with tattoos that work for SG look hot in them, sure, but I kinda just don't like tattoos on me, I guess.
I want mine done traditional style with sharp stick and natural ink.

I plan to get one in the next year or so on my left shoulderblade. Until now, I'm just trying to see which of my flunkee friends became tattoo artists so I have the semblance of trust that they won't kill me :)
I might get one if I can ever figure out what I'd want on my body forever...
depends on wether i get into the navy or not.

if i dont, ill probably get one. im thinking a double headed Eagle on one of my shoulders
(40k AND Russian History. the double ehaded eagle was the symbol of the Romanov Dynasty.)