Tattoos and Piercings

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    Ink and Needles

    Gorgeous or Grotesque?
    Do you have or want to get tattoo(s)/piercing(s)?
  2. Tattoos are a huge turn-on for me. I love the way that it looks, I can't really explain it.
    I myself have a tattoo, across my shoulder blades.

    Piercings I think are attractive, but only certain ones.
    My only piercings are my earlobes (not gauged, not big on gauges).
  3. I have a helix piercing, my lobes and I'm aimin to get a tattoo on my bicep in the next few weeks.I like both very much.
  4. I have ink on both shoulders. Would like more.
  5. I have two tats, my pokeball behind my left ear, and animal tracks up the back of my neck.
    Ink is a big turn on, but there is a limit. I cannot express how much I dislike meaningless tattoos, but to each his own.
    I would absolutely get more if they have deep meaning to me.

    As for piercings, I don't really like them on guys. I have had my lobes and a Monroe piercing that I took out. I don't like eyebrow and I'm disgusted by tongue piercings on anyone. Guess I'm pretty picky haha
  6. Want. The. Pokeball. One. >:C

    Needles terrify me.
    Ever since I had my lobes done when I was in eighth grade, I have been afraid.
    The lady doing them in the middle of a mall, at one of those random booths, wasn't even looking.. She was taking to my mom.. and then it hurt.. waaaaaaaaaay much more than I was told it would.. T ^T And.. yeah.

    I don't know about me ever getting a tattoo or another piercing.
    People tell me they can't see me getting any. -shrug.- I dunno.
    If I did, I'd get it on the back of my neck I think. -nod.-

    On guys, tattoos and piercings are fine to me. I like em and don't mind em. They are a part of who makes up that guy, and I respect that and like them for it. :]
    On girls, same thing. -nod.-
    Meaningless tattoos.. like, the ones my brother has up both arms.. they make me cringe. But, who am I to say anything if someone wants to get a tattoo of mickey mouse dancing in a tutu on top of a cheese wheel across their chest?
    If it means something to them, even if I think it's stupid, then whatevs.
    I am indifferent.
  7. I think that Tattoos that aren't as major as one that covers an entire limb is okay. I've seen some really beautiful ones too. A friend of mine has a tattoo that glides from one shoulder to the other; it starts with a a Celtic knot on his left shoulder and a pentagram on his right, and they're connected by a ribbon pattern that drapes down between his shoulder blades. It's really gorgeous.

    I don't have any tattoos of my own though, but I was think of getting two. One of a crown and the other of my sun and moon sign. I'm kinda nervous of getting them because some of my friends with tattoos say that they hurt unbarely and the other's say that they just sting, but strangely, one friend of mine laughs when she's getting a tattoo. It was funny and awkward when I want with her to get her latest one.
  8. People absolutely covered in tattoos are not pleasant to look at in my honest opinion. A few here and there are absolutely fine.

    As for piercings, I myself plan to never get any. On a female, I find tummy piercings and earrings cute.
  9. Tatts can be gorgeous and they can be ugly... but usually because the tattoo artist did a shitty job inking. I'm a big fan of the chest tattoo on chicks, whether it be wings, guns, swallows, cat paws or just floral shit. Personally I'd want possibly Kwan Yin, Lady of Guadalupe or Kali on either side of my tits. Or a partial chest tatt flowing into a sleeve of some feminine-ass shit like flowers, birds'n pritty pritty colors. Or a foot tatt'd be dope.

    And this dude:


    Ooh baby baby. Him posin' for Thierry Mugler's shit is just a bonus.
  10. I will agree that a full body tattoo might disconcert me, but otherwise, I love it.
    As for piercings, I think that snakebites and eyebrow piercings are most attractive.

    When I got my tattoo done, I fell asleep, but my pain tolerance is pretty high. Different for everyone!
  11. I'm not going to say that tattoos are painless, but they are sincerely not that bad. For heaven's sake, I got my tats on the two placed with the least amount of fat protection and I didn't even flinch. The best way to describe the feeling is a cat scratching your skin over and over again. Then again its different for all people but it's seriously not that bad.
  12. I don't think I will ever want to have something like a piercing on my body because of the risk of infections and I just don't feel like I need a piercing either. I'm not that in to earrings and other jewelries.

    I have considered doing a tattoo but at the same time I think a bit about the future, when I sit there as an old lady and have a tattoo I don't want anymore. And spend a lot of money to get rid of something I just liked having during a couple of years doesn't seem as a good idea xD But if I would do a tattoo then it would probably be a burning skull with a snake that is around the skull and comes out threw its eye or something. I don't know why but I have liked that picture for a lot of years now and drew such things over and over again when I were smaller and I still do sometimes. Or I would have a rose on my arm because that's my favorite flower.
    But as I said, I will probably not do a tattoo because I think about how I would feel about it in the future and then it is the problem that I don't have money for those kind of things to xD
  13. tats are cool as long as they are done tastefully, i got one on my left calf and i'm planning 5 more. they're more expensive than piercings yeah but i've always seen tats as a more expressive way to tell about yourself
  14. I have four tattoos myself. One on each anterior forearm and one on each side of my chest between the collar bone and nipple. I love it because three of the four all stand for a specific part of myself and the fourth represents all three combined into one but at the same time all four tattoos are different from each other. I will have to post pictures sometime. I know that one of the tattoos I have is probably somewhat common, the other two I doubt many people have or have heard of and my finally tattoo I expect almost no one has.

    I don't think I will be getting anymore tattoos though. At least not now since I will not get a tattoo without a meaningful reason. But if I do go ahead with another it will probably go from my hip down my outer thigh to my knee but not going below the knee. I will admit though that I occasionally get impulses to just go and get a random tattoo for no reason at all other than the fact that they are addicting to have/get. I never had any probably with pain. The only part that hurt a bit was when my artist was doing the outline, once he started filling in and shading I just felt a vibration on my chest.

    As for piercings I will never get one. I believe I am fairly open minded but I guess I can be called old fashioned or closed minded at the fact that I think piercings are not for males. They just don't look right and I will never complement another guy for having them, but at the sametime I will not hate someone for it or tell them they cannot do that. The piercing I despise the most are gauges on both genders. I just can not find them attractive or anything. Otherwise for the most part I enjoy a woman who has some piercings and if she has tattoos that were not crappily drawn then I am basically at their will. Haha.
  15. I used to have quite a few piercings, but my eyebrow one was ripped out in an accident and my monroe had to close up,since my job was conservative. I had to do the same for my nostril piercing, however I was able to easily re-pierce that one myself.

    As of currently... No tatts. I have my nose piercing and my size 10 gauges. v__v;
  16. Guys! How in the world are there no pictures in this thread?! I want to see your ink and holes! In the non-creepiest way possible!

    I love tattoos and piercings. I currently don't have any tattoos (I'm a scared-y!) I just have ears and a nose piercing :)



    Nose: Ring & Stud


  17. Well, I have 5 piercings so far: 1st & 2nd lobes & cartilage.
    The belly piercing will come around Nov. when I'm a freshman.
    I don't do facial piercing... I really don't see the 'glamor' in them.

    A tat. that I REALLY want is an tribal scorpion to show my love of being a Scorpio (zodiac).
    But that'll have to wait till I'm outside the house.
    I'm not a HUGE fan of obsessive tattoo's or one's that depict certain symbols like the devil, skulls, or just plain full body ones.
    I only like black tribals... and Tramp Stamps. I love those <3

    The thing with both is... well, they're okay in moderation and heck, even better if they have actual sentimental value or deep meaning behind them--but I think if you have to much... well, it isn't classy, just trashy.

    So what do you guys think about the forked tongue?


    Personally, I would never do it, nor do I find it a 'smexxy thang' BUUT--I have so much respect for people who do it. I mean... Your pain threshold must be nonexistent.

  18. I only have my earlobes pierced, but I also want my eyebrow pierced ^^ I also want an industrial piercing on my ear (Oh god, I think that was what it was called!)

    I want... Quite a few tattoos. (I don't like too many tattoos on people, just maybe 4-5max. Although, guys with tattooed sleeves are a major turn on for me! ^^ I like tattoos on shoulder blades, wrist/lower arm, necks, lower legs (only for girls) Guys look better with their backs and arms tattooed.)

    I wants:

    Dis one on my neck

    On my upper-back, kind of on my shoulder

    On my wrist 

    On my belly (only one though)


    On my chest

    I'll probably only end up getting the one on my wrist, but hey, who knows? Yeah... Probably only the one on my wrist ^^
  19. Octo, one question,