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  1. Do you have 'em? Want 'em? Design 'em? Curious about 'em?

    Do tell! Do Show! Do share!

    Tattoos, piercings, whose-its-and-whats-its-galore!


    As for me...
    I spend most of my days being pretty plain for my job (whaaaaaaaaa…..) But I still make sure to wear my nose ring on the weekends! I miss college when fire colored hair and nose rings were appropriate ;) I'm looking into getting a tattoo! Inspire me!

  2. Lev wants a tattoo.

    He just wants it in a place that can be easily shown and also easily concealed. Hospitals generally look down on revealed tattoos. So I want it maybe on my collarbone/clavicles ORRRR on the inside of the arm. I dunno.

    I want it to say "Liwanag sa dilim" meaning "Light in the Darkness" in Tagalog.

    My only qualms are this: what if I develop an allergic reaction to the ink later in the future. D= Then my tattoo will get ruined. From past experience, I develop new allergies quickly.
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  3. When I was younger, I really wanted a tattoo of ivy around my upper arm, and a belly piercing!

    But I quickly realized I am terrible with pain so those things will never happen. O__O The only thing I have pierced are my ears. And zeeero tattoos.
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  4. I have three piercings on my upper ear (left )

    Those wanting tattoos should consider the following

    • It WILL affect your job options. Yes it's unfair. Yes it's profiling, but for the foreseeable future it's how things work. Make sure it's one you can cover easily
    • Avoid trendy and fan-based tattoos. I know you feel like you will never not love this game/series/show, but to many people it's just immature to tie yourself to entertainment like that; they don't know you well enough to understand, so don't ruin your gf/bf/boss/ friend/in-laws first impression!
    • Your butterfly , music, oriental character, Celtic knot, unicorn , dragon, dolphin, dragonfly, stars, fire, thorns, barbed wire, skull, lyrics, and flowers are not original. If this thing has special significance to you go for it, but if you're aiming to be different steer clear
    • Don't tell the tattooist to copy another art style; go through his/her portfolio and shop around until you find an artist whose style you like. Art is never it's best when the artist feels out of their element
    • Research the symbol/rune/ knot/whatever, make sure ALL associations are ones you're okay with!
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  5. gamertattoo.jpg

    Playstation symbols with XBOX colors, because I'm going to play video games until I die.​
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  6. I never really wanted a tattoo or piercing in the first place, (I avoid unnecessary pain) but that just sealed the deal. I'm just not that kind of guy. I'm more the headphones 'round the neck, chewing gum, black hoody kinda guy.
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  7. I have my earlobes pierced once, but that's as much as I ever plan on doing. Aside from the obvious judgement towards it from society at large, the only thing constant about life is change. There is nothing in the world I consider permanent enough to irreversibly* put on my body that I also want everyone to know about me at a glance.
    Colored hair, though... hell to the yeah! Not permanent and easy to cover up. I'm going back to blue in June, as soon as school lets out. It's tons of fun, becoming more socially acceptable, and if I need rid of it I can buzz my head and start anew at a moment's notice. ^^

    *long, painful, semi-effective procedures do not count as reversibility to me.
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  8. My only issues about the contents of tattoos are this:

    Names. Except for tattoos for your own genetically related family or those who have departed and made an impact on your life, I don't think a person's name should be on your body.

    I mean, I don't wanna be pessimist, but if your put the name of your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, who's to say they're not gonna leave you in a few years? D=

    I've met so many people who have tattoos they don't want simply because they're names of someone to whom they are no longer attached.

    Personally, I'm pretty cool with names of mama, papa, sister, brother, cousin, granny, gramps, or your baby boys and baby girls. Also, names of the deceased who impacted your life are pretty cool.

    But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  9. I used to have quite a few piercings. Sadly, the only one I've been able to keep around is my nostril one. I have scar tissue where my brow and monroe piercings were. ;_; I miss them. I love pain. I loved my piercings. I worked at Cabela's, which is a super conservative place. I wasn't allowed to wear my metal.

    I do want tattoos, but only small and sentimental ones. I don't give a shit about intricate sleeve designs, animals, video game pictures, or whatever the hell. I can show my love for this stuff in other ways simply by being an obsessed nerd. They can really screw you over with jobs, too. I think it's stupid when young people get crazy tattoos where everyone can see them, then they can't get jobs because...well, everyone can see them. Also, I've seen how they look on old people. HORRIFYING.

    At the least, I want to get my son's footprint somewhere on me with his birth date. Maybe my shoulder. And later on in life, I thought about having him draw a picture for me to get tattooed on myself. :3 A scribbley picture that a 5 year old drew would be so precious.

    As for hair, I don't dye it as much as I used to. I usually go with a natural red, because unnatural colors hurt my eyes. Also, I have an allergy to the chemicals involved.
  10. I've got four tattoos and I will have to dig up pictures later because I am not at my desktop. But two are on my chest and one each on my anterior forearm so nowhere to hard to coverup and I love all of my tattoos. Sure it hurts a little bit at first, but I end up zoning out from the pain and it just kind of numbs up. There are things that feel worse than a tattoo. I'm not really concerned with how they will look on me when I am older, because no one looks good when they are old. As far as I know only one of my tattoos might be sort of common, otherwise my other three are fairly unique.

    Currently I am considering a few different new tattoos, one was suggested by some friends that I design a "Super Cat" tattoo for myself, not sure about it but it would be a fun one to have. Otherwise I know my brother was looking to get a tattoo with me and I have also been told to get the half-life 2 logo since I love the series. But that one I am not to sure about. To be honest it feels really fun to get a tattoo, and it is hard to not just go get another one. My only restraint is thinking about a good spot for that tattoo. I was thinking of going with the legs this time.

    Either way tattoos are a ton of fun, and I didn't get them for other people so who cares what people say?! :D
  11. Well, once you have tattoos you might as well go for more. ^^ I think that's part of the reason why I don't want to get started- I don't do anything halfway. If I'm going to get a tattoo, I can totally see myself saying "eh, might as well be one of those girls with all the tattoos. I mean, I already have one, it wouldn't take too much..."
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  12. Ear piercings and my kickass back piece tattoo. The back is a good spot if you're worried about jobs and tattoos because you don't typically show off your back. Obviously this doesn't apply for all jobs, but.

    But I never miss a chance to show off my ink because I still lovelovelove it.
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  13. I recently got my septum pierced. Used to have spider bites, snakes bites, monroe, christina, nipple, eyebrow, industrial, and tongue. But most were taken out within a two-three year time span. I have three tattoos (a lily, a memorial tattoo of a friend, and the name of my god-child) and would love to get more someday. My current job (and future work) doesn't care about appearance as long as you do the work, so I don't have to worry about the career option, which I am grateful.
  14. I have two tattoos.

    I have one on my right inner forearm. It's of a wolf howling at a crescent moon with a treble cleft below it.

    The second one is on my chest. It's a heart with two wings that make a circle. At the top of the circle, that connects it is a purple diamond. In the middle of the circle, the words "Heart Strong" is written. This tattoo has a story. When I was five years old I had heart surgery. When I was eight years old my parents sent me to a special camp for children with heart defects/disease. There, I had made a friend. Me and her, her name being Lizzie, became best friends. We went to camp every year (Us being the first 50 campers to ever attend camp the first year it opened), and were always in the same cabin. We talked to each other outside of the camp as well, and we became really close friends. In November 2012, she passed away. The tattoo on my chest is of the slogan that my cabin group had throughout our years. "Heart Strong" is what I live by. The purple diamond is honor of her...for she had a purple diamond on her chest.

    Anyways, on a happier note, I am planning my third one! It's going to be on my back of a black feathered quill which is writing "create"
  15. I think if you want a tattoo then you should get it. No matter how stupid or ill thought out. It will remind you later when your mind is addled of times that once were. Get cliche ones, too. I know a lot of people will give you shit but it's your body, right? Obviously you should be aware that people, and jobs will judge you, but if you're okay with that then who cares?
  16. No matter how ill thought-out? In the American military, at least, getting a tattoo can be grounds for a dishonorable discharge. :/ That pretty much eliminates any chance of getting a reputable career and carries plenty of other stigma. A split second decision to go for the old "THUG LIFE" on the forehead can more or less literally ruin your life. Just because the consequences seem acceptable when you're drunk off your ass doesn't mean they'll still be acceptable thirty years down the line.
    While I get the entire YOLO lifestyle, I think reminders of addle-brained times are better when they aren't permanent. XD Flipping through photos is just embarrassing... explaining why you have "thug lyfe" on your knuckles is embarrassing and likely to hurt your economic future.
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  17. I did point out that there would be people and jobs judging you. Obviously that would mean military as they are people all doing a job. Additionally the American military would probably have a higher dress code standard than a civilian, right? Also being "fired" from the military carries a considerable amount of weight to it so I'm told. And if we wanted to go by your argument then that could be said for any tattoo. Why bother getting one or a piercing for that matter if we could just take photographs or commemorate the memories with other keepsakes.

    The point I was trying to make is that if you are aware of the consequences and just don't care then go ahead and do it. A lot of the advice here is well meaning but it also seems biased toward personal style or interest. I'm simply pointing out that yeah, you could get that cheesy tribal tattoo and not feel bad about it.

    And finally, while I understand where you got it from, I wasn't mentioning any sort of "YOLO" lifestyle or getting tattoos while drunk. I personally feel I should only get tattoos if they have a personal meaning, but I don't define others meanings for things so let them do as they wish.
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