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(This is an idea i have been floating around for a while and it is inspired by Sky High and Harry Potter in a way. I wanted to make it interesting)

Species or 'variants':
Draco's - Humanoids with dragon like influences. Rare, but they do exist
Vera's - Humanoids with serpent influences. Are apart of the majority.
Human's - Humanoids.....and well are humans XD. Can have influences if they have distant family ties or just normal.
Saber's - Humanoids with Cat like influences and have sabers that vary in size from either gender or genes.
Cain's - Humanoids with Wolf like influences, may have pack mentality or other specified influences.

(For variants they may have levels of influence. Light influence for sabers in an example would be human mostly but the sabers and maybe ears are more feline. A heavy influence would be feline attributes start to be more common than human traits. This is more common with both parents being Variants but again genes have a part to play. This goes for all Variants)

The world is rich and vibrant in so many ways. The list is endless, but i get ahead of myself. The first of many is with Variants as they are called. Influences that have changed humans but adds diversity. However there is also another aspect that makes the world diverse, Powers. Far and wide many hope to train and grow their powers at the most prestigious schools of powers in the world. And none are more so than Tatiara, the school of Powers. Based in the Metropolis Vathad it produces the most famous Power athletes, Scholars, and dozens of other fields for the power gifted. Many try but those who are accepted onto this school bring a whole knew challenge onto their plate. Vathad does not just ask for normal studies like any other school. The students will train their powers, learn to control it while balancing the life of a student with all the drama and social levels it creates. This is an arduous task for sure, so to release stress on incoming students all money problems will be handled by the school. As it was agreed this school is doing a service to the people that live with the powered. Not only are they learning to control their powers but learning to not harm others with it deliberately. To live along side the unpowered as abiding citizens.

To all incoming students of Tatiara, welcome to the journey that starts off your life. It will be difficult. It will be the largest challenge you have faced. But we are here to help you grow and make you the best you possibly can be. Welcome to Tatiara, lets get started shall we?

- Head professor of Tatiara Sevira Shenjo

Teachers notes:

Name: Sevira Shenjo
Variant: Cain (wolf influence)
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Height: 5'6"
Subject: Power understanding
Power: Freezing abilities
Position: Head Professor

Name: David Gorin
Variant: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Subject: Power Studies and histories
Power: Mind reading and Telekinesis
Position: History Professor

Name: Jordan Guff
Variant: Vera (Serpent influence)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 5' 9"
Subject: Power uses and Ethics
Power: Physical information transfer (can extract and give information instantly by touch)
Position: Ethics Professor

Name: Jade Sybil
Variant: Saber (Cat Influence)
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 5' 5"
Subject: Power Offense and Defense
Power: Precognition and Energy Conversion
Position: Power Combat

Name: Trent Cowell
Variant: Cain
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 5' 11"
Subject: Power Testing and Overseeing
Power: Extreme Sight (Can see in extreme detail and distance)
Position: Power testing supervisor

Character Sheet:
(The teachers will have their bio and personality shown in the story so no need to worry about that)


(Will use my character as an example)

Name: Viktis Morin
Variant: Draco
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6' 7"
Personality: Prone to Aggression, slow to trust, strategic, Observant.
Power: Early in his life Viktis found his power, it was a strange feeling but he was able to touch an element be it concrete or an actual element like fire and change his body to fit that element. It having been called Element Conversion he was able to convert to any element he came in contact with. He is able to do this even after the fact if he remembers certain ques that element specifically gave him. Though he holds his most prized ones in a pouch with him.

Bio: Viktis was a troubled child and was not given the upbringing so many had the fortune to experience. Due to his Variant he was actually abandoned by his family who had feared Draco's. They wanted no part of him in their lives. Living was rough bouncing around to foster care and other groups. when placed in his temporary home fear was ever present. Even when he was in school he was naturally feared for that fact as well. All throughout his early school years and late he was found to be to scary to interact with and thus grew the anger of others and is almost nonexistent trust. Having had many incidents with the law he was labeled by those around his as a trouble child and never stopped that. Though this environment did not dull his mind from the anger. Though he is seen as a brute he is intelligent and shows it in his school work. He can get it done and not have to ask for help. Though that never made him any friends.

Though he was never liked he grew to not care and struggled to find anything to care about. Even love was difficult since not many are able to stay in his presence long before yelping in surprise or moving away in fear. Upon reaching the age to live on his own he secretly has participated in underground fights to release anger and earn some pay for doing so. This is highly frowned on and some of the anger he has is the fact he always has bruises and injuries he refuses to have anyone help heal. Even as he was accepted to Tatiara, his mind had not changed really. He would not ask for help, he would want to get things done and be on his way. If he had to be the angry beast so be it, it would only be the same treatment he has ever known.


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