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  1. t a t e
    "There's a new family moving in, you know."

    Tate ignored his mother and stared out of the window. He was sitting on the window seat with arms wrapped around his knees, his head turned away from the door, where Constance Langdon stood, watching him. Tate was attracted to this room for two reasons; it had been Violet's room, and the room in which he had died. It had a lot of sentimental value, to say the least.

    "Tate? Don't ignore your mother."

    "A new family?" Tate drawled, slowly turning to face the withered Southern Belle. "Great. How long before you and Hayden try and suck off the dad?"

    Constance glared at her son. Tate knew she didn't hate him -- she loved all her children, and he was her only physically normal child, after all. But her only physically normal child was the most mentally disturbed. What had Constance done so terribly in a past life to deserve that karma?

    "I hear --"

    "Meaning you eavesdropped on their meeting with the realtor."

    "-- that they have a teenaged daughter." Constance ignored Tate's snarky remarks. She always had. Maybe the neglect was what had messed Tate up so much, even after his death. Maybe if Constance had have been a better mother the entire Vivien debacle would never have occured. And he wouldn't have lost Violet. "Stay away from her. I don't want another Violet situation."

    Tate's eyes grew dark and he stood up. He faced his mother, his fists clenched, the nails cutting into his palms. She knew what to say to set him off, and she played with it like it was a toy. Tate didn't hate his mother, but he wanted to kill her in that moment.

    "There's never going to be another Violet," he said in an emotionally void voice. Tate pushed past Constance and made his way down the stairs. He opened the front door, sat on the low stone wall that bordered the verandah, and waited for the new family.
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  2. Today was the day. Moving day. Andi could feel her insides churn, knowing that this will be her tenth time in a new house. People have told her that it gets easier over the years, moving from one place to the next. Yet it only made her angry to restart. The audacity her mother has astonishes her. That she believes she should move as much as she can. That was why they've been to so many different states. But she truly misses the small suburb that she lived in on the outskirts of Chicago. That's the last place she called home. Every other house has just been like hotels. She couldn't unpack anything, because they would be leaving soon. The longest they've ever stayed was a little over a year.

    Rolling her crystal clear blue eyes, trying to rid her memory of that cruddy year and a half, she turned her head to look over at her twin. Declan, staring with his same blue eyes, was looking out the windshield. His face held no expression but indifference while he drove. He always welcomed the idea of a new home. Seeing as he could always restart if he fucks up. Though Andi never saw it that way. Restarting might be a blessing for most, she just thought it was terrible and uncomfortable.

    "Andi.. You need to stop thinking too much. Just try to relax and go in with an open mind, yeah?" Declan said, after feeling her state. He quickly dragged his eyes from the windshield to meet her frustrated pair. She didn't seem amused at what he just told her, seeing as he always said it when they went somewhere new. And at that moment Declan was pulling up next to their new 'home'. Switching the car to park, they both finally stared at the house in front of them. It was gigantic! That puzzled the both of them, as their parents weren't rich. Their mom was an artist and their father was a teacher. They both had wealthy backgrounds, but they didn't believe they had enough to buy a house like this.

    Stepping out together, Andi ran her hand threw her platinum blonde locks. She already felt off standing in the neighborhood. Everyone was so tan and lively. While she looked as though she's never seen the sun in her life. Dragging her full bottom lip between her teeth, she started to nibble it out of a nervous habit. But it didn't last long once Declan came over and pushed her lightly.
    "Come on, Andi."


    After a couple of hours with the movers bringing in all their items, the Clarke family was finally able to relax and do their own things. Andi decided to go off to her bedroom, she didn't even get to pick it. Her mom thought that the room was perfect for her. She just hoped that she was right. Making her way up the grand staircase, she made her way down the hall. Her mom said something about it being on the right side at the end. Walking past an open door, she saw her twin with everything already unpacked and his room decorated the way it should be. She couldn't help but shake her head and snicker.

    Moving along, she found the door on the right side. It was closed, making her push it open and come across a dark room. It was pretty spacious with large windows to the left and a closet to the right. Boxes with her name and random doodles littered the floor around her. It didn't seem like a terrible room. She could deal with it for the short time that they would be living there. At least her and her brother aren't sharing a room again.

    Taking off the baggy Chicago sweatshirt she had on, she tossed it on the desk set up for her. She was warm here and wanted to try to fix the room. She started to put her black sheets on with her white comforter, her pillows had different color floral designs. Quickly she made up her desk with her laptop and note books, filled with different drawings. A bookshelf was also brought in for her, she started to put up many different books and some art books filled with birds, flowers, etc. It didn't take her too long to put her clothes away in the dresser. When she was done, a frown only crossed over her face. She never unpacks like this. Usually she keeps everything in boxes. She just kicked the empty boxes to the side before falling back on her bed. Her long legs hanging off and barely brushing the ground.
  3. t a t e
    Tate was bored. He had spent the day following the new girl around -- hovering in corners, studying her. He had done this because the rest of the family was boring. Discount dad, man-made mom, boring brother. No, the girl, Andi, he had heard someone call her, was the only interesting member of the new family because she was the only one who clearly did not want to be there.

    He had spent all night in the attic, waiting for Violet. Violet. She was supposed to meet him. He had spent all week pestering her, asking her to just talk to him, and she had made the arrangements of their meeting; the attic, alone, and only for an hour. And she hadn't showed. Did she really hate him that much?

    Tate had thought she loved him.

    He certainly loved her.

    Now, Tate was tired of being bored. He knocked on the front door of the house and waited for someone to open it. Violet was beside him, invisible, muttering at him to stop being a moron and come to the attic, where she would talk to him. He could see Constance standing in the window, glowering at him with a cigarette in her hand. Tate ignored them both, just like they had ignored him.

    Someone opened the door. "Hi! My name is Tate Langdon, and I live in the neighbourhood. I noticed you moved in so I thought I would come over and introduce myself ..."
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