Tatakae!! Henshin Heroes



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Giant Monsters
Alien Invaders
And Humans who transform into superheroes

You Know the Drill. Ultraman? Kamen Rider? Godzilla? Gamera? Hell, Power Rangers?



In the year 20XX, The Earth is a peaceful planet that has made various scientific advancements in the last few years, some of which, are just plain ridiculous.

At the same time, they also made first contact with various alien races, encountered supervillains (Akuma Choujin) Giant Monsters (Kaiju), Mutants (Kaijin), and more. These evil beings were a threat to the survival of the human race.

Thankfully, there are a race of beings, not the exact same species, but similar in having powers greater than their own race. These are 'Choujin.' You may know some of them from the American Superman, to the Mexican El Santo, or the Japanese Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and even Kinnikuman!

There are many ways to become a Choujin, various factions to be apart of. What's important is that you get various powers, ranging from size changing, flight, and other things that'll help you defeat Kaiju while making it to work in the morning, or putting a monster into a wrestling slam while proposing to your significant other.

Just remember to Henshin (Transform) into your flashy alter ego, pose, shoot lasers and use strange abilities, and overall, just have fun.

Here's a little taste of what you get to do as a Choujin!:

Beyond Interested.

Character Concept: Design reminiscent of American WW2 sailors. Costume includes a large ship anchor that is used as a weapon. When out of costume, there is a necklace around his neck that has a blue anchor on it. Out of costume we have a geeky, if healthy, teen. The anchor on his neck is part of the transformation device.
Thanks for the concept! Hope we can get people in on this.