Tasty Beginnings!

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  1. Hey, everyone!

    I'm Tiramisu, or Misu for short! I'm a young woman looking for fun partners and plenty of one on one plots! I feel most about horror and scifi plots mixed with romance right now, and am super stocked to start plotting for a good rp or a dozen. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert, and I just love coffee flavored things even I don't really like coffee in itself. My second favorite dessert is green tea ice cream, by the way!

    Now I leave you drooling at the thought of creamy desserts and go explore the place, see ya!
  2. Certainly drooling, thanks a lot!

  3. You're welcome, seafaring Hyrulian!
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  4. Ooh~ Dessert! =D I'm starving! How would you like to become one with my stomach?
  5. I don't like being melted my stomach acid... D:
  6. Greeting Misu, welcome to the community! ^o^
  7. Thank you, Diana!