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  1. Hello Iwaku,

    Let me start by saying this; I've been in and out of roleplaying for a while now. But, i've been inclined or inspired to step back into the roleplaying world. My interests include: Dark, horror type roleplaying, Adventure, High Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, D&D type roleplays (with dice rolling) and finally War types.

    My other interests that do not relate to roleplaying are: Reading, Writing, Anime, Youtube and gaming. I do have a part time job, so that means i'll be working all week long. I get Saturdays and Sundays off. But there are going to be days to which i will be with my girlfriend. So i wont be on then either.

    Anyways, other then all that. You may call me Tears. My age is 27. Anything else you want to know you will probably have to ask. I was never really good at explaining stuff about myself.

    Cyanide Tears
  2. I want to say I fucking love your name. Welcome to Iwaku! Since you like Horror role-plays I can assume you've seen some nice horror based anime. Mind if I ask for a suggestion? c:
  3. Berserk is a pretty gorey and at times outright suspenseful. But its more or less of a Warrior out for revenge tyoe deal. But it has its moments of shall i say...Questionable scenes that may or may not disgust and or mentally scar you.
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  4. I've heard a lot about it, so I'll be checking that out soon. Henkhenk.

    I've managed to get through a ton of mentally scar worthy stuff so I think I'll be alright, thanks for the warning though! Hope to see you around Iwaku. c:
  5. You probably will. That is something that will not be doubted. Thanks for stopping by.
  6. Hello and welcome, Tears. I'm glad you're feeling up for stepping back into RPing! Are you finding everything alright? We have lots of guides and resources that you can use however you want. <3
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Cyanide Tears! I hope you enjoy it here! ^o^
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