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I will keep this short and simple.

:: Third Person Multiple Paragraphs To Novella. ::

:: Two-Eight Detailed Ones Preferred. ::

:: Literate. Perfection Not Required. I don’t RP how my OOC text looks. ::

:: Quality and Quantity Are Important. ::

:: MxF, MxM and FxF. ::

:: Will Help NPC and Double If You Do As Well. ::

:: Mediums Are PM, Forum Thread, Email, Hangouts & KiK ::

:: Brief Character Sheets Are Fine. ::

:: Dark & Mature Plots Welcomed. ::

:: Intimate Scenes Can Be Descriptive or Fade To Black. ::

:: Typically Respond Daily or Every Other Day. ::

:: Originals and Fandoms or A Mixture Of Both. ::

:: Crime, Drama, Violence, Action, Slow Burn Romance (Forbidden, Rival, Unexpected or Love Hate), Mafia (Asia), Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror, Psychological, Fame, Royalty etc. are all fine. ::



Who I RP as is in bold. The more stars equals a higher interest level on my end.

Astaroth (Myth Modern) x OC Human, Angel, or Nephilim. ******

Lucifer (Myth Modern, Supernatural AU, Lucifer Show AU) x OC Human Gifted or Not, Chloe Decker, Demon, Nephilim, or Angel. *****

Loki (Myth Modern and/or Marvel Post Ragnarok AU) x OC Human Gifted or Not, Goddess/God, or Jane Foster. Might be able to convince me to pair him with Stark. ****

Hades (Myth Modern) x God/Goddess, or OC Human Gifted or Not. ***

Magnus Bane (Shadow Hunters/Mortal Instruments)
x Alec, OFC/OMC Downworlder, Shadowhunter, or Human. ***

Jace Herondale (Shadow Hunters/Mortal Instruments) x Clary Fairchild or OFC Downworlder or Shadowhunter. ***

Sesshomaru (Inuyasha AU or Modern) x Kagome, OFC Youkai, Deity or Priestess. **

Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss AU Modern or Feudal Era) x OFC/OMC Youkai, Deity, or Priestess. **

Patch (Hush Hush AU or Modern) x OFC Nephilim or Angel. ******

Phoenix (Violet Eden AU x Modern) x Violet Eden or OFC Angel, Gifted Human, or Demon. ******

OFC Fallen Angel
x Castiel, Lucifer, Michael Archangel, Crowley, Dean or Sam. (Supernatural AU) ****

OMC or OFC Fallen Angel
x OMC or OFC Gifted Human, Demon, Angel, Nephilim or Human. ******

OMC or OFC Demon x OMC or OFC Gifted Human, Angel, Nephilim or Human.***

Fae Unseelie Prince x Gifted Human ****


-- Please note that just because a character was originally apart of some fandom does not mean that I am not flexible. I have roleplayed all of them outside the fandom in alternate and/or original settings and plots just fine. If interested please PM me otherwise I may end up missing your message. If something is confusing to you just ask me to clarify. I will gladly do so. If you have any ideas not mentioned toss them my way. I am easy to plot with, patient and understanding. --

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