PROMPT Taste, Auditory, Tactile, and Olfactory Senses

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  1. Description is important. It is what makes a piece of writing come to life. It is the difference between a flat one dimensional story, and a story that leaps off the page and drags the reader into the world of the characters.

    This exercise is simple, choose a color (any color that you wish) and describe it using taste, sound, touch, and smell. If you're having difficulty imagine you're describing your color to a person who has never been able to see.
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    It's warm, but not hot, like the heat of a candle that flickers to and fro to some unknown force. It tastes overwhelming sweet, the tip of the tongue goes numb from overexposure. It sounds soft, a quiet voice masked by the sounds of a chaotic world. In between the noise, a sweet singing voice is heard. A young soprano, of around thirteen, bright with a hint of sophistication. It's smell comes in curls, rolling around the nostrils, gently caressing the walls of the nose, teasing it with a subtle scent of caramel. It is a shy, innocent, and sweet color.
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