Task Force: The Wolf's Nest

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    (Don't ask; I just thought popping a picture of some guys with M4s would fit. xD)

    So, everyone! I've got an idea, and from my searching, there hasn't been many of these. I'm looking to make a full-on military/action role-play!

    The basic idea is to have about 8+ people (with 2 characters each If they want), and their characters are involved with a conflict involving the US, Russia, Japan, and the middle east. (Note: I said "involving", not in. Get creative. >_>)

    So, if this caught your eye, let me know what you think and I'll build up on the world in no time!

    ° The Plot °

    September 1st, 2015.

    A newly formed hostile organization by the name of M.E.R.C (Middle-Eastern Retaliation Coalition) has declared war on the US and it's NATO allies. The countries are bonded by a pact in which breaking will cause the utter destruction of their lands. We're talking WMDs, people. However, the leading country, a young one by the name of "New Arabia", has been looking for more, larger bombs, and they found it. Yesterday, Russia sent reports to select countries that they had been invaded off the southern coast and the perpetrators came for the work on the good 'ole Tsar bomb. That's right, they're bringing dangerous technology in here.

    M.E.R.C forces are currently setting up for an attack on both coasts of the US, so we've got Japanese forces ready to defend soil, and Russia, in it's time of need, has offered it's alliance. We might be looking at World War 3 people, so look alive. Thankfully, these guys DON'T know how to work a big nuke like the ones that can hit home - hard, but they're trying to find out. We need to move, and fast.

    I've been given clearance to set up a task force with our allies, and that's what I'm doing. I want the best of what we can get, so give me exactly that. I'll be sending you over to allied land in Germany to set up a plan, so get ready.

    Yeah! That's it! x3 So, if you're thinking about joining, let me have some ideas and things will get set up. (PS: you can be a M.E.R.C if you want, but that'll be explained later.) See you guys on the far side!
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  2. I am effing in.

    Also, Tsar Bomba is old news. Its all about setting off the Dead Hand if you want nuclear armaggeddon... Or Red Mercury,
  3. I'm iiiiiiiiiiiin! I can play a male or a female, whatever is needed :)
  4. Just got slide my interest into here.
    Was thinking I could play 2 characters if possible!
  5. Woot! I thought no one would find this thread. xD

    @ShatteredSkies thanks for the info; I just wanted something big and nothing else came to mind. xD I like the Dead Hand, though, it sounds yiss.

    So uhm, awesome! I'll double-time to get the OOC fixed up, and I'll put the link in here. And yeah, you can definitely play two characters. @Lonewolf888978
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  6. I'm interested as well. Just lost one of my bigger projects recently, so I've been looking for some relatively simple stuff to get me back going.
  7. Welcome aboard! @Potatocat

    So, guys, I've set up everything. I'm gonna get the OOC/Signups up by later today.

    The character creation is a bit intricate with the military stuff, and I was hoping that wouldn't be too much for you guys... Would it?
  8. Bring it on! I like having to do a bit of research.
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  9. This is going to be fun. That spirit. So uplifting. °^°
  10. Yeah, I'm in a good mood. Yesterday I was a glum motherfucker though. XD
  11. Yeah, I know the feeling. However, if I can be of assistance (I dunno how to be), I'm willing to keep that glum mofo feeling at bay. xD
  12. If people need loadouts, I'm just a little bit of a gun nut...
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  13. Yeah, and sort on that note, we should consider making everything standardized to each other. Use the same sort of magazines and ammo, which of course can still lead to using different firearms.
  14. I had planned to make something like "classes" to sort out weaponry and stuff. As with Skies (if I can call you that), I can help with some equipment.

    And yeah, standardized ammo would prove helpful. I think I've learned that from a few airsoft experiences. Plastic pellets and metal ones don't necessarily mix. e.e"
  15. I can also help on the firearms side of things. Less so on armour and other equipment.
  16. Google. Google is the best friend ever in situations to sound cool with military equipment. xD
  17. I think if we are mainly going to play NATO countries we use 5.56 NATO as a standard round, as for body armor, its all about Dragon Skin.
  18. Alsooo, lemme know what you think I should add!
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