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Should I post separate spoilers for classes and their weaponry?

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  1. September 1st, 2015 - A day the world will Iearn to dread. For the past two decades and some change, the US has been in conflict in the middle east, despite many saying it's a war they don't need to fight. If that's true or not, it doesn't matter now; they're ready to retaliate against the States, and now they've got sufficient forces to do it.

    A young country, birthed from war - New Arabia, had come to power back in 2013 in the southen regions of Saudi Arabia. With most of their forces being either elite mercenaries or elite extremists, they've gotten control of the Middle East, and formed the Middle Eastern Retaliation Coalition (M.E.R.C). With the nuclear firepower of a multitude of countries in the area, they've threatened the US, and have pushed them into distant borders. They've been at a standstill since then. The government kept the Army and Marines at bay, and that was enough to keep the world calm, but now, things have changed.

    Reports from Southern Russian military outposts in late 2014 describe a brigade-size attack on each position. The results were catastrophic. Not from deathcount, but what the nameless army took. The Russians had lost 5 of their RT-2PM2 Topol-M ICBMs; that type of power is what started the Cold War, and it's what's starting the Third.

    Earlier this year, the M.E.R.C took responsibility for the stealing of the weapons, and now, they've declared war on the U.S. What makes it worse is they plan to attack on both East and West border - so Japan's in the mix, too. That's where you all come in. We don't know if they've been able to upgrade or duplicate the missiles, and we need some elite soldiers to find out if they have, and if they have or haven't, you still have orders to take out what they have. In and out, and when you're done, NATO forces will finish the job. We're counting on you; and from now on, you'll be a part of Task Force "Wolf". So, hunt 'em down.​

    Character Roster (open)

    Task Force "Wolf" Roster
    Commander - Col. Adam Mitchell

    Alpha Squad
    • (Squad Leader/Alpha Actual) - 1st Lt. Ryan "Vector" Simmons
    • (Alpha-2) -
    • (Alpha-3) -
    • (Alpha-4) -

    Bravo Squad
    • (Squad Leader/Bravo Actual) - 2nd Lt. Michael Scott
    • (Bravo-2) -
    • (Bravo-3) -
    • (Bravo-4) -

    Charlie Squad
    • (Squad Leader/Charlie Actual) - WO3 Michael "Angel" Foulke
    • (Charlie-2) - OR-6b Karl "Maus" Kotz
    • (Charlie-3) - OR-6a Katarina "Eule" Sidnt
    • (Charlie-4) -

    Russian Special Forces Roster

    M.E.R.C Roster

    Commander - General Amid Ghannam (NPC)

    *No Squads - Characters here are considered mercenaries, and usually work alone or on uncharted squads*

    Extras Roster (Intel Gatherers/Civilian Rebels)

    Character Sheet (open)




    Military History:

    Affiliation: (U.S.A; Japan; Russia; M.E.R.C.)



    Squad: (Leadership must be requested, if not; it will be given to highest rank.)

    Alias: ("Codename" - default is the position you are in a squad. Example, if you're the 3rd member in Alpha (excluding team leader), you'd be Alpha-3)

    Rank: (In order to be Sergeant - Sergeant Major, character must be age 20+ with valid reason in military background. Any higher rank must be requested and accepted with exceptional achievements in military background.)

    Class: (Rifleman; Assasult Rifles, EBRs. Marksman; Sniper Rifles, EBRs, Assault Rifles. Grenadier; Explosives, Assault Rifles (w/grenade launcher). Assault Rifleman; LMGs, SMGs, Assault Rifles. *Classes must use weapons that fall into their range!*)

    Weaponry: (Primary; Secondary; (pistols, SMGs, etc.) Class equipment.)

    Extra Equipment:

    Armor/Loadout: (Helmet; Vest; Elbow/Knee Pads; Boots; Gloves.)

    *You can have up to 2 characters!*


    1.) NO godmodding - C'mon, you guys saw this coming. Your character(s) can get lucky or pull through here or there, but they're not invincible.

    2.) NO anime plots - Our soldiers were pulled from the military, not the beautiful, but nonetheless fictional world of anime; I dun wanna see a Japanese swordswoman who lost her family to some evil mastermind who happens to be our target. (Japanese women are allowed, though.)

    3.) NO Turn-Stealing - If someone else's character isn't doing what you want, then deal with that with YOUR character, not theirs (UNLESS you have their permission). You can control NPCs, however.

    4.) Basic Iwaku Rules Apply - ...Yeah.

    5.) Have a good time! - I hope you all enjoy this roleplay, and if you do, I hope we can keep it from dying. xD Keep it real, but keep it fun.
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  2. Name: Michael Foulke

    Age: 27



    6' and 200 pounds of wiry muscle. Foulke has ice blue eyes and has started to grow a beard. Unlike many others in the Special Operations community, he keeps his hair short in military regulation. He has a tattoo on his back, two black angel wings with a sword wreathed in fire between them. On the sword is initials of teammates who have died beside him.

    Military History: Michael joined the Army right out of High School. He deployed to Iraq in the last days of the war. A friend of his talked him into trying out for Army Special Forces, the Green Berets. He passed, and deployed to Afghanistan several times as a Green Bertet. During one incident, he set up an observation/sniper nest atop a building near the target his team was assaulting. However, below the snipers nest was a group of insurgents. As they opened fire on his team, Michael snuck back to engage, but the roof gave way beneath him. The ensuing gunfight lasted seconds, and a half dozen insurgents lay dead when the team cleared the building. By the time they returned, Foulke was back on his rifle observing the original building. This event, captured by an ISR platform, earned him a ticket into 1-SOFD-D.

    Affiliation: United States Army, First Special Operations Force Division Delta.


    Designated Marksman: Foulke can fill all the duties of a squad DM and then some with frightening skill. His profeciency at providing pinpoint fire support has earned him the nickname "Guardian Angel"
    FAC: He has been trained as a Forward Air Controller, so he can direct air support onto targets as needed.

    Bigger Picture: When observing from a distance, he can often make better movement calls and manuvers than the squad leader under fire.

    Chessboard World: He sees the battlefield as a chess board, with lines of power, preferable angles, and traps. He always thinks three moves ahead.

    Paranoid: He finds it extremely hard to trust people outside the U.S. or NATO.

    Pass the Booze: Off duty, he can be a heavy drinker, mainly due to the past that haunts him.

    Kill First: When entering a tense situation, his instinct is to open fire first and question later.

    Alpha Male: When he gives suggestions, he expects them to be followed, unless it is for a good reason.

    Squad: Charlie

    Alias: "Angel"

    Rank: Chief Warrant Officer-03

    Class: Designated Marksman

    Weaponry: Heckler and Koch HK417 Designated Marksman's rifle-[​IMG]

    Beretta 93-R-[​IMG]

    Blackhawk Nightedge-[​IMG]

    Extra Equipment: AN/PED-1 Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)-http://media.defenceindustrydaily.com/images/ELEC_LLDR_lg.jpg

    Four Tube advanced NVG

    Bag of beef jerky

    Armor/Loadout: (Helmet; Vest; Elbow/Knee Pads; Boots; Gloves.)
    Helmet-FAST helmet with NVG[​IMG]


    Elbow Pads- Blackhawk Neoprene elbow pads[​IMG]

    Knee Pads: Blackhawk Tactical Kneepads [​IMG]

    Boots: Rubber Soled Cochrane Army Jump boots [​IMG]

    Gloves-Blackhawk Commando [​IMG]

    Also wears enviorment-specific Crye Percision clothing.

    If I need to make another character I will
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  3. I'm calling dibs on the Sniper and Spotter sort of roles. I have a pair of characters in mind for that combo.
  4. Oh hi there Max!
  5. That, and what sort of kit (other than weapons. I got that covered) Would you recommend for a sniper and their spotter?

    EDIT: And depending on how many people we get, I can change it to a Rifleman and a Grenadier or something.
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  6. Spotting scope, obviously. Windage meter and a laser rangefinder. Ghille suits, ballistic plates, roll up foam matress or pad to lay on.
  7. Well, I guess it depends on the location... Urban areas it would be more BDU's and plate carriers than Ghille and 3D camo.

    Alright. Question for @TakTheTaco , are we free to pick from any NATO nation for our characters to be from?
  8. @ShatteredSkies Accepted, instantly! xD Say, you wouldn't mind being my co-leader here, would you? I'm in a sickly state, and posting will be a little challenging, but I'll make sure to get everything up for you guys. You're up to date wif military stuff, and I'm impressed. xD

    @Potatocat Yeah; it'd seem more logical than just the US.

    I'll get my characters up, too, so I can start the IC. Sorry for the delays and stuff. ;^;

  9. No problem. I kinda live on this stuff, so yeah... I've never Co-GMed before, so could you just outline what you want me to do?
  10. Alright. Here comes my KSK sniper team! And by here comes, I mean I have begun writing them and it is late so I will have to finish them tomorrow! Das Schicksal der Welt liegt in unseren Händen! (And yes.... My German is terrible...)

  11. Pretty much just make sure the forums making sense. Like, Roster-wise and character-wise. Nothing too much. I would be able to do it alone and everyone would be happy, but battling this sickness-whatever is keeping me from getting online. Dx

    @Potatocat Germans... Yiss. °^°
  12. No problem.
  13. Oh, and get ready for ALL of the Heckler and Koch weapons, cause shit... That's all they pretty much freaking use. Oh wait, the rifle one of them will be using is British.... Eh, but the rest will be H&K. XD

  14. HK makes the best European weapons, hands down. Followed by FN, then Beretta. Then Styer.
  15. Not saying it isn't a good thing, I just thought it was funny. Its all HK and then a few specialty guns designed from countries all over the place.

    Oh, anyone have suggestions for the rank of two special forces dudes with moderate experience? That's one of the things I can't really figure out.... What sounds appropriate.
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  16. I'm only good with U.S armed forces ranks, but use the equal of a Specialist, or Special Warfare Officer, or a low Sergant rating.
  17. Alright. Thanks. See, I can find the equivalent German rank, but I just have a hard time knowing what sort of rank is appropriate for these sorts of things.

    WW2 tank crew? Shit. I know appropriate ranks for all of those fools... But infantry.... Eeeehhh....
  18. Anytime. I do hope some people from the interest check post sometime soon.
  19. @Potatocat The way the TF works; You can be any rank - just be good enough. xD
  20. Probably best if everyone was pulled from a Tier One unit, or at the very least an elite one like the 101st Airborne.
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