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  1. Overview
    You are a squad in Task Force Osprey, a multi-national special operations unit created to complete missions in a quick, quiet, and efficient manner. This RP will be about making crucial decisions, and being careless in these situations will end up with you getting shot or otherwise injured. The chances are pretty likely that at least one person is going to die at some point or another, and when somebody dies, they are removed from the RP, allowing another person to take their place. Play wisely, and always make sure to be careful and stay hidden, because gunshot wounds will be no laughing matter - Fallout biology does not apply, and you are not going to magically survive being shot in the head. This RP is going to be a no-bullshit approach to the genre. If you die, whining is the last thing that will happen - accept it, and wait until another squad member dies; then you can bring yourself in from the replacement depot as a fresh soldier.


    Enlistment thread is UP.

    So yeah. I've been tossing around the idea of a military-based role-play for a while now, and my other forum's RP population has dwindled down to near zero. I'm hoping this might be able to get somewhere, if you don't mind my blunt personality.

    Would anyone take a shot at something like this?
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  2. Hey, I'd love to join in on this one! Are we allowed to play Females?​
  3. Go right ahead. Doesn't matter to me whether you're male or female, as long as you can RP effectively and stay un-shot.

    Now if we can get between 8 and 11 more people, I might kick this off.
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  4. Hey Makoons. joining.
  5. Poor choice of words, man, poor choice of words.

    I'm in.
  6. Alright, looks like this might fill up one team. Maybe we'll gather more once I post the OOC/Signup thread.

    EDIT: Here's the Signup thread. OP will be updated accordingly.
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  7. I'll get involved I think it will be fun.
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