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  1. IC Thread

    The sounds of the helicopter blades is all that you can think about in the world around you as your squad's Black Hawk* flies over the sandy beach. You stay silent, thinking about why you had been chosen for this. Osprey's soldiers were taken from the best of special forces from the U.S, Britain, and Canada, but even then... all this effort to go through the middle of a heated battle, when the main cause of the fighting was over tribal differences? Something felt off, and it looked like a suicide mission. Either way, it's still better than staying around the fire-base, drilling with forced runs and going through the kill house over and over.

    You cough from the dust and look out into the horizon, the ocean and desert both stretching out as far as the eye can see. Eventually, crude houses of concrete and scrap metal started dotting the shoreline below, before larger structures denoted an urbanized area. It was almost time to drop down, fast-roping in to the area. The mission seemed simple; move through the city and take out a local warlord alleged to have passed on a weapon of mass destruction, while destroying a cache of small arms along the way. The main problem would be actually finding either, without being killed in the crossfire between a company of PMCs and the local Somali Militia.

    You are a squad in Task Force Osprey, a multi-national special operations unit created to complete missions in a quick, quiet, and efficient manner. This RP will be about making crucial decisions, and being careless in these situations will end up with you getting shot or otherwise injured. The chances are pretty likely that at least one person is going to die at some point or another, and when somebody dies, they are removed from the RP, allowing another person to take their place. Play wisely, and always make sure to be careful and stay hidden, because gunshot wounds will be no laughing matter - Fallout biology does not apply, and you are not going to magically survive being shot in the head. This RP is going to be a no-bullshit approach to the genre. If you die, whining is the last thing that will happen - accept it, and wait until another squad member dies; then you can bring yourself in from the replacement depot as a fresh soldier.


    Murphy's Laws of Combat
    1. You are not Superman.
    - Even if you simply bump your elbow on a doorframe, somebody will get hurt.
    2. Anything you do can get you killed, including nothing.
    - Try to post once per day at an absolute bare minimum, nobody likes people getting left behind.
    3. If you take more than your fair share of objectives, you will get more than your fair share of objectives to take.
    - Speeding through to complete the mission will invariably make your role harder --> making a role harder will make it more likely that the enemy will notice you --> the enemy noticing you generally makes things go to shit real fast. Try to take it slow.
    4. The easy way is always mined.
    - Obvious options may very well be a trap, or at least significantly more dangerous. Be wary of a description.

    Other General Rules

    5. Try to post at least 3 sentences, not counting dialogue. Nobody likes short posts.
    6. DO NOT ARGUE IN OOC. Take it to PM, or drop the subject altogether.
    7. Standard Iwaku rules apply.​

    Making Your Character
    If you want to play, you're obviously going to need someone to play as. Here is a little character sheet I made for you, but you'll need to look onto the next section for the choices of gear.
    Callsign: [Try for something cool and creative. Also, pick a color for your character's speech.]
    Appearance: [What does your soldier look like? Show gender, eye and hair color, height, and age. Skin tone and hairstyle is optional, but note that an afro or mohawk will not fit under a helmet.]
    Personality: [What kind of person is your soldier? Is he/she the cheery and happy-go-lucky one, or are they the Cold Sniper of the squad?]
    Build: [How big is your soldier? Slimmer builds give you a bonus to agility and dodging, but make you easier to kill. A stockier build will slow you down some, but you will be tougher to take down than others.]
    Backstory: [Completely optional, but I'd like to know how you got in to Task Force Osprey.]
    Primary Weapon: [Use anything you want, but keep it realistic.]
    Sidearm: [Pick whatever. Keep it realistic as well.]
    Grenades: [You may carry up to 3 grenades. Mix and match from whatever below, but no more than 3 total.]
    Kit Items: [Pick 3 from below. Yes, you may pick multiples of one item.]
    Fire-Team: [Where you want to be deployed. This is largely just so I can keep track of where you are.]

    What kind of soldier is one without gear? You'll have to put together a starting loadout if you want to create a character. Choose wisely and try to complement your soldier's build, personality, and backstory with the weapons and equipment you use. Being of a smaller frame and carrying a 30-pound machine gun isn't going to turn out particularly well. Also, be sure to pick gear that would balance out the roles carried by each individual squad member, so that your team doesn't suffer from a crippling overspecialization (i.e. everybody carrying shotguns and then being harassed by a sniper).

    Primary Weapons (open)

    Since you're an elite military special forces unit, I'll let you pick any type of primary weapon you'd like, whether it be an assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun or sniper rifle. Keep in mind, however, that the weight and caliber of your weapon will be taken into account when it comes to actually maneuvering through the combat zone; for example, carrying an M60 machine gun will add some impressive firepower to your team, but since the M60 weighs 23 pounds without ammunition, you're gonna have a tough time moving around, and your stamina will be drained faster than with a lighter firearm.

    Also, I strongly suggest doing a little bit of research on a weapon you decide to use. Since we're primarily NATO-based in terms of equipment, make especially sure your weapons are compatible when it comes to magazines. If one person is carrying a Galil (proprietary 35-rounds) and the rest of his/her squadmates wield M4 variants (STANAG 30-rounds), the person with the Galil, unless carrying a magazine adapter, is going to have nobody to turn to if they run out of ammunition. Here's an example of different compatible and non-compatible rifles.

    {td}Non-compatible (requires an adapter){/td}
    M4/M16, FN SCAR-L, H&K M416,
    FN F2000, IMI TAR-21{/td}
    H&K G36, IMI Galil, Steyr AUG{/td}
    Sniper rifles have more leeway, but caliber must be considered. For example, using a Barrett M82 to drop a bad guy standing 100 meters away is highly impractical; the sheer energy of a .50-cal round will cause it to shave clean through several items--up to and including cinder-block walls--before finally being stopped. Such a powerful round's long-range potential is also wasted (a .50 round has an effective range of over a mile).

    Sidearms (open)
    Here, you have a lot more leeway in your decisions, since everybody prefers different styles of pistols. As they are considered emergency firearms, they don't often see common use, and as such sharing magazines should not be an issue. However, while I'm not forbidding you from carrying a Desert Eagle, there's a few reasons military units don't use magnum-powered pistols:
    - Extreme recoil, sometimes causing the gun to hit the face of an inexperienced shooter.
    - Low magazine capacity. A Desert Eagle can only hold 7, 8, or 9 rounds depending on its caliber. The 9mm M9 was picked as the Army's official sidearm largely because it carries 15.
    - In the case of revolvers, slow reloading. Why most armies abandoned them at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Sure, speedloaders help, but you could still easily fire and reload a semi-auto in that time.
    - Overkill. At the ranges sidearms are used (i.e. within about 30-40 feet), there's simply too much energy behind a magnum-caliber sidearm.

    Certain pistols, such as the M1911, are a bit of a toss-up. Its .45 rounds provide excellent firepower without giving up on normal practicality, but its major limiting factor is its rather restricting magazine of 7-8 rounds. The Browning Hi-Power is also an excellent sidearm in its own right, but a certain feature in its mechanism creates a very heavy trigger pull, which can lead to reduced accuracy (because you have to pull so hard, you might accidentally shift your sights a slight amount) and a slower firing rate.

    Here are some choices to consider. This is not meant to be an arbitrary list, but is rather a suggestion table.

    Beretta M9, SIG P226,
    H&K USP, Glock 17/19/21{/td}
    M1911 variants,
    Browning Hi-Power{/td}
    Desert Eagle, AutoMag,
    any revolver{/td}

    Grenade Types (open)
    M67 Frag Grenade: A roughly baseball-sized fragmentation grenade, used to dispose of enemies in tight formations or in enclosed spaces. Any normal enemy caught within the blast radius has no chance of survival.

    M84 Flashbang: This form of grenade takes a less-than-lethal approach. The chemicals inside detonate to produce enough light and sound to temporarily blind and deafen targets, but will alert enemies if you have not previously been spotted. Effectiveness is reduced if used outdoors.

    White Phosphorous: A grenade designed to release a large cloud of grey smoke upon detonation. This smoke will screen any movements and severely reduce accuracy if firing through it. WP grenades also have limited offensive capabilities and will burn targets if used indoors, though this is usually frowned upon due to the slow, painful death it gives.

    M18 Smoke Marker: Normally used for marking locations for a helicopter pickup, to mark targets for an airstrike, or, inversely, to show where not to bombard with aerial ordnance. If used under the right conditions, the smoke can be used to screen movements and block vision, but is not as effective at this role as WP. Comes in [BCOLOR=#ffffff]white,[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#0000ff]blue,[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#ff0000]red,[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#008000]green,[/BCOLOR] or [BCOLOR=#800080]violet[/BCOLOR] smoke colors.

    AN/M14 Incendiary Grenade: Filled with thermite, this grenade will burn at 4,000 degrees Farenheit when it is ignited, destroying whatever is near it. Useful for destroying enemy equipment, knocking out a wooden fortification, or melting through a metal one. For obvious reasons, it is also a potential fire hazard, and should not be used where a large fire could result from its use.

    Kit Items (open)
    Flare: A magnesium marking flare designed to display one's location, usually used in civilian road emergency kits. Can be used at night as a light source, or as an alternative to an IR marker, but will immediately give away your position. Burns in a bright red color, and will last for about 5 minutes before extinguishing itself.

    Tactical Knife: A combat knife with a sturdy rubber grip and a blackened steel blade. This weapon is a crucial aid in hand-to-hand combat, and can cut through flesh and fabric with little effort. Also doubles as a bayonet, or a can opener if you're desperate.

    Throwing Knives (3): Smaller knives with a streamlined blade, perfectly balanced for throwing. While not as damaging as a firearm, these are a very effective way to silently take out an enemy from a distance.

    Riot Shield: A large, rectangular pane of bullet-resistant plastic, modified with a spiked stand at the base for planting into the dirt. Very helpful when under heavy fire or when breaching a building, but can eventually shatter if put under too much stress.

    Tranquilizer Pistol (3 shots): Using specialized darts filled with anesthetic agents, this pistol will quietly knock out an enemy in a non-lethal manner if fired into exposed flesh, allowing an assault team to bring the individual back to base for interrogation. Selecting multiple of these will increase the number of tranquilizer shots carried.

    MRE (2): A highly nutritious, military-issue food ration, containing everything a hungry soldier needs. Consuming this will completely restore your stamina, and get rid of any hunger and thirst effects, but will take some time to eat.

    Combat Enhancement Pill (2): These pills have been developed to greatly increase the combat effectiveness of an individual soldier. Taking one will significantly increase one's pain threshold, improve the stability of aiming, and keep a soldier going through multiple wounds for about 15 minutes. One pill is safe and has no side effects, but multiple pills within quick succession will have punishing effects for the user.

    B353RK Syringe: Code-named 'Berserk', this drug consists of liquid phencyclidine (PCP) mixed with amphetamines. Injecting it will remove all pain from one's system, allowing them to operate even through broken bones; on the flip side, the user will become extremely aggressive and feel an intense desire to kill. Because of this, using Berserk is strongly frowned upon by the U.S. government, and can eventually lead to muscle deterioration, delusions and paranoia. Use only at your own risk.

    First Aid Kit: Comes with everything required for a medic to fix up one badly-wounded soldier. Packaged with bandages, pressure dressings, a splint, morphine and anesthesia injections, a sling, and a fold-up emergency stretcher for moving the wounded.

    Battle Environment, Allies, and Enemies
    The battle environment takes place in a large city along the coast of Somalia, with crumbling houses, occasional dust storms, and the typical destruction of craters and wrecked vehicles shaped by the effects of modern warfare. Barbed wire, barricades, and burning tires block off a large portion of the streets, and a general trail of death and destruction is seen throughout the city, created by the various parties present:

    U.S. Army: The backbone of the American forces overseas, the Army is easily the most well-equipped force this side of Africa. Wearing ceramic-plated armor in the distinctive digital camouflage and carrying typical M4 carbines, they are very well-trained and fortunately on your side! They use Humvees on patrol around the city streets, with Black Hawks ferrying troops in and out of the city and AH-6 Little Birds doing the occasional strafing run over hot zones.

    PMC's: Elite international operatives, this Private Military Company is not to be messed with. They are armed with a variety of professional military weapons, wearing all sorts of state-of-the-art body armor with black sunglasses and tactical helmets. Usually distinguished by khaki-colored clothes underneath black combat gear, the individual operators frequently carry two primary weapons. Their vehicles consist mostly of heavily-modified SUVs, although they occasionally fly a Huey around overhead.

    Somali Militia: The militia here are armed with everything across the spectrum, from beat-up old AKMs to abandoned M16 rifles; most of them wear the same plain clothes as any civilian in the region. They are very willing to fight for their clan leader, and come in far larger numbers than either the U.S. force or the PMC group. They also use RPGs with great confidence due to a previous incident in 1993, and drive technicals armed with heavy machine guns and recoilless anti-tank weaponry.

    Other Enemies: Unknown. Be alert.

    Current Soldiers and Fireteams

    Alpha Team: Pinned down in a small house by a technical armed with a .50-caliber machine gun. An AH-6 Little Bird is en-route to provide close air support.
    - Eban-Emael (Yiyel) [BCOLOR=#993300]MIA[/BCOLOR]

    - Warbound (Heyitsjiwon) [BCOLOR=#993300]MIA[/BCOLOR]
    - Viper (VengefulPeanut) [BCOLOR=#993300]MIA[/BCOLOR]

    Bravo Team: Currently storming the hotel where the warlord is meeting at. The team is meeting light resistance inside the building.
    Ratchet (Spudbob) [BCOLOR=#800080]WIA[/BCOLOR]
    - Kick (CoShocker) [BCOLOR=#800080]Presumably WIA[/BCOLOR]
    - Spartan 0-1 (ResistingTheEnlightened) [BCOLOR=#800080]Presumably WIA[/BCOLOR]

    Charlie Team: Awaiting extraction from Python 4-2, possibly under observation by a PMC helo taking off.
    Swan (Dramma)
    - Priest (John-117)
    - Witch Doctor (N0VA)

    Solo Spot A: Circling overhead, observing the market area from the Black Hawk*. The helicopter is armed with an M240 machine gun on either side to provide Close Air Support. (OPEN)
    Solo Spot B: Set up in an elevated position on a mosque tower. (Jager (ChemicalLove))

    Solo Spot C: Along the side of the road, facing the PMC HQ and overlooking Charlie Team. (Bowyer (O|NoSoul))

    Soldiers deploying to Solo Locations will automatically be given radio headsets to maintain communication with the rest of the squad.

    Replacement Depot a.k.a. Wait List (open)

    *If you've seen the ad, the pictured Little Bird is misleading. Yes, we use a Black Hawk.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Callsign| Swan
    Appearance| Violet has hair that flows gracefully down her shoulders, and her accents her bright blue eyes. The 24 year old stands at 5' 11 and her pale white skin accents her curly hair, which is usually pulled back into a pony tail for missions.
    Personality| Violet, use to be a loving, caring, and fun girl until her parents were killed. Now Alex can kill without a flinch, although at first it was hard now she prefers being up close and personal to kill.
    Build| Violet's female body works against her in strength, for her being slimmer but helps her with flexibility and agility.
    Backstory| Violet or better known as Vi, grew up in Russia living off a farm with her father and mother. She learned how to grow up in the woods because her father was paranoid about civilization coming to an end. She was taught how to shoot and hand to hand combat from the best of Russia's trainers, when her home was attacked from a militia group in Russia. Both her parents were killed and she was sent into Russia's slave trade in America. She soon escaped due to them underestimating her fighting abilities, once out she lived on the streets and soon found a military training unit. She only spoke Russian but soon learned English, as they thought her due to her advanced training. Eventually she worked her way up and showed them how easy it was for her to kill, after she was sent on a mission to take care of the Russian Militia, due to her knowing the Russian language and having the right accent, she was perfect for undercover. She needed to take the leader in for countless deaths including her families. It was a lone job with help on the outside, she was taken into his office as he closed the doors, she shot him with a Tranquilizer. She let the forces outside take care of him through a window carrying him to be interrogated and jailed, but now she needed to get out when she was attacked. She proved how her precision is with throwing knifes as she was stormed by three people, getting her way out of the window without being shot..
    Combat Vest| Plate Carrier
    Primary Weapon| MP5K
    Sidearm| Glock 18
    Kit Items| Tactical Knife, Throwing Knifes, Tranquilizer Pistol
    Team| Charlie Team​
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  3. You're in. Sorry for not posting, I was hoping other people might join.

    (also, what show is that scene from?)
  4. Nikita, it's about a government agency gone rouge they train elite assassins..
  5. Reserving a spot for later. Though two things: first, if you want to think about extra weapons, you should look into the KRISS Vector family of weapons - it looks like soldiers here are given a little leeway weapons-wise, and the Vector could be an interesting platform to take into consideration. It's a .45 weapons platform with a powerful recoil-compensation mechanism that reduces a lot of the kick of the weapon, and it comes in carbine/SMG/shortbarrel rifle/pistol/SMG configurations. The pistol is especially interesting - it's essentially a low-recoil Desert Eagle that, instead of kicking like a bronco, is probably quite a bit heavier. The SMG as well could be easily implemented in there - there's a full-auto version that is specifically marketed and sold to law enforcement and military operators (the civilian version being the shortbarrel semi-auto rifle). Second, officially we're multinational - but who is the host organization?
  6. The only pointer I can give here is about the weapons list:
    1. While specific, it comes off a little limited to me. If we're a Task Force, an elite one, that would entail we work with military hardware from all over. Most Task Forces- from my limited knowledge- I've heard of have access to any rifle, shotgun, sub-machine gun, etc. available. I would probably take away the weapons list for Primary weapons to keep up more variety.
    2. In removing the weapons list that could also leave someone open to making somewhat of a 'Call of Duty' loadout which I feel we want to avoid. To rectify that, apply a weight factor to heavy weapons such as the M240 Smaw, or the M82 .50cal Sniper Rifle. Those weapons are relatively heavy and would make it difficult to maneuver with, draining stamina and taking a lot of effort to work.

    Also, I'd like to reserve a CS.
  7. Posting to express interest and to inform everyone that a CS is coming soon.
  8. My logic behind having a weapons list is that the task force HAS to have an employer - and as such, while it can be more flexible than real militaries by not being bound by "voter money", they still have to buy the hardware required for maintenance and replacement of weapons, and having a list of approved weapons allows easier supplying (how chaotic would it be if everyone had a wildly different weapon from many manufacturers? It's easier to have a few weapons from a few manufacturers and buy them in bulk, comes cheaper)
  9. The host organization, officially, is United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), though as stated before, operators are also selected from the best of special forces from Britain (Special Air Service), Canada (Joint Task Force 2), and, though unstated, other recruits from around the world--see Swan above, from somewhere in Russia.

    I definitely would like to keep it realistic when it comes to weapons; for example, you're not gonna be using a .50-caliber Barrett to drop a bad guy standing 100 meters away, or sprinting 400 meters with an M60. Also, thanks for the pointer, I will be modifying the equipment lists very soon. Until then, feel free to disregard it.
  10. Upon the debate of weapons and the host, I've taken time to reassarch and review the USSOCOM and their abilities as a host. They oversee Special Operations Component Commands with the Army, Navy, and the Marines. Working with them would give access to not only weapons paid for by voter money, but it'd also save on their personal budget allowing them to focus their own purchases.

    SOCOM actually poses as a major host with what can be assumed is a big budget judging by the allied branches they work with, and depending upon how many at a time. If we belong to them that would leaves us open to the equipment of other militant forces- an interesting factor in my opinion.

    Also, I'll disregard the equipment list for now. But I won't post anything said in stone just yet. I don't want to do something to break the RP.
  11. Weapon list has been modified.

    For people making a CS: Make sure you include what fire-team you want to be a member of; I won't be able to keep track of people very well if I don't know where they are.
  12. Updated the team =) Sorry about that!​
  13. Callsign: "You can call me Ratchet."
    Appearance: "I'm a dark-haired American male with brown eyes, aged 22, and I like pina coladas."
    Personality: Sarcastic, cold, and a realist, Ratchet is serious about his work, and thinks himself above everyone else.
    Build: "I'm what many would call 'slim' in this world today. 6'3 with about 160 Ibs isn't huge."
    Backstory: He lived a pretty average life. He was born to a modest family, middle-class, in Washington state. He had a knack for mechanics, and took any mechanics classes he could get his hands on in High School, becoming an expert level mechanic by his senior year. After high school, he Joined the US Army, becoming a Diesel engine mechanic at the age of 20. impressed with his work, he was offered a position as Chief Mechanic in Task Force Osprey, which he accepted at the age of 21.
    Primary Weapon: "I use an M4A1 for long-range, but I keep a wrench close by."
    Sidearm: "A basic Glock 17 keeps my ass safe."
    Combat Vest: "Patrol Rig. got to carry a few spare parts, ya know?"
    Kit Items: "A Riot shield, for keeping myself safe when I'm working. 2 MRE (X2)s. Man's gotta eat. and 2 first Aid kits."
    Fire-Team: "I went in with Bravo team. I keep the boat running."
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  14. Callsign: Eban-Emael
    Appearance: Male Belgian. Green eyes, brown hair, 5'5". Notably large nose, flat ears. 41 years old.
    Personality: Somewhere between the deadpan snarker and the idealist.
    Build: Slender and wiry, but combat-toned. Overall, on the smaller side of the scale.
    Backstory: Born of a soft-spoken Belgian mother and an American father with a little bit of a military complex. Moved from Belgium to the United States at 6 years old, and due to paternal pressure (and the luck of having an US citizenship because of him), joined the military at 22. Excelled at combat training (records showed that he only ever got "hit" once during training from the very beginning, and had the highest scores amongst the siege defence training scenarios), and that expertise showed throughout his assignments whenever necessary. As such, TFO considered him a very valuable defensive asset.
    Primary Weapon: FN F2000 Tactical
    Sidearm: KRISS Vector SDP .45 ACP with 13-round Glock 21 magazine and 6.5" threaded barrel
    Combat Vest: EOD Assault Suit
    Kit Items: "Riot Shield"x1, "Tactical Knife"x1, "MRE (2)"x1
    Fire-Team: Alpha
  15. Side note: I could not help but hear "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes as I read this.
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  16. that's why I used it. XD 'dark-haired male with brown eyes' seemed like something you'd find on a dating site, right?
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  17. You're both in. Troop list updated accordingly.
  18. Name: Marcus J. Morris

    Callsign: Priest


    Personality: Priest is well-known to his piers for being optimistic and charismatic, and somewhat stoic on a smaller level compared to other traits. Marcus has a devoted sense of loyalty that has lead him to accomplish many great feats in battle, and socially, making him a reliable friend or ally. He is willing to go through extreme situations to get a job done or to keep an agreement. This was demonstrated when he went behind enemy lines alone to reclaim a stolen blue print for a WMD and brought home an Iraqi civilian's captured daughter.

    He is a natural born leader with a powerful sense of direction and philosophy, along with a tactical genius that impressed his old commanding officer as he'd beat him in every game of strategy and chance, including: checkers, chess, connect four, and occasionally every practice run in the firing courses with record timings of three minutes and forty-five seconds.

    While he tries to remain faceless at war, Priest is well aware of his feelings for his team. In times of great tragedy, they show themselves at their highest. Upon the death of Marcus' second officer, he suffered mild sociopathic tendencies and entered a short state of depression; believing her death was his fault.

    Build: 6'2 with an average weight of 187 lbs, a trimmed muscular frame glazed under light brown skin.

    Backstory: Marcus was born to a pair of career soldiers; his mother was an outstanding marine and his father worked up front as Special Forces. Upon the coming ages of teenage life, they took their time to train him at home the basics-- firearms, physical conditioning, philosophy, and tactical awareness. During seasonal school breaks, he and his parents would travel out of state to corresponding areas to the seasons, and play a hardcore version of hide and seek. In the game his parents equipped themselves with sniper rifles armed with blanks, and Marcus would have to reach a certain destination within twenty-four hours without being spotted. As he got older, most notably the adolescent years of 14-17, Marcus conquered his parents in the games both hiding from them and spotting them.

    At 18 years old, Marcus graduated high school and enlisted into the U.S.M.C were he started off his career. With his parent's reputation and home training, officers were impressed by his flawless performance in basic training as he conquered the courses with flawless effort. At age 19, he graduated basic training and moved on to advanced training where he trained as a Combat Engineer. Again, he began impressing his piers and overseers as he would accomplish his tasks in proficient time and performance. In some instances, Marcus would finish quickly enough to offer his fellow cadets assistance and motivation.

    At the age of 20, Marcus had finished his training and was assigned to the 1rst Battalion 1rst Marines, or Fist of the First, as they company is known. His company would see a lot of action due to the strain of governments in foreign countries, mostly in Iraq or Pakistan. While he served in the battalion he was stationed with Angela Woods, a young woman with similar aspirations to Marcus. They'd interact closely to each other on base, but in combat of on the general field they were quickly in different personas. The two eventually developed a love interest over the short few months they had worked together. Angela took it upon herself to confess her live to him when Marcus was fatally wounded, and his team covered their position from enemy fire and it seemed hopeless. Upon their rescue, he admitted his feelings as well.

    Time of shore leave was spent with each other, and their infatuation was kept a secret as Marcus went up in rank. Upon reaching the rank Master Sargent, Marcus took control of his own team and was give the chance to name it. As a play on religion he called the squad Vatican Squad. Angela finding it funny, she lead a vote for Marcus' call sign to be Priest. The squad spent years putting a name for themselves in the books.

    On a high risk mission, Marcus and Angela became separated from their other squad mates and were ambushed. Taking refuge in a worn down home, they were sitting ducks. Marcus divised a plan to outrun the enemy, or slow them down. Upon trying to execute the plan, Angela was shot in the back by a lucky shot through the wall from an AK-47. However, still breathing, Marcus carried her on his back dodging enemy fire as best he could until reaching reinforced areas from local friendly malitia. While his remaining two men survived, Angela suffered from extreme internal bleeding that killed her before doctors could operate.

    Primary Weapon: M4A3 with adjustable stock/ ACOG Scope/ Dual Mag. Attachment/ Heavy Barrel muzzle.

    Sidearm: SIG P226 with muzzle break/ Laser sight

    Combat Vest: Plate Carrier

    Kit items: 2x M67 grenades/ 2x M84 flashbangs/ 1 tactical knife

    Fire-Team: Charlie
  19. Impressive backstory, I like it. You're in.

    By the way, saying "ACOG Scope" is somewhat redundant, as ACOG by itself already stands for "Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight."
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  20. wow... that character is really quite... developed. makes me want to update my character. *thinks hard*
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