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  1. In 2017 the world was thrown into hysteria. A previously unknown terrorist organization executed high-profile attacks around the globe, simultaneously.

    USS Gerald Ford shortly after being struck by a private jet filled with explosives, outside San Diego.

    The attacks happened within hours of eachother. The date 3/15 has been dubbed "Loud Wednesday" and immortalized in history.

    -The Queen of England's jet was highjacked over Scotland, they executed her and the prime minister, live on BBC.
    -Three nuclear warheads were stolen from a Russian base in Vladivostok.
    -Cyber attacks were launched against multiple banking firms, resulting in the largest breach in client privacy and the largest online heist ever. Several billion dollars in various currencies were stolen, crippling the Chinese economy.
    -The EU HQ in Brussels, Belgium was sieged by heavily armed militants. The death toll is expected to reach over 200.
    -Multiple U.S Navy vessels were targeted by suicidal planes and boats. Multiple ships damaged. Two corvettes, 1 destroyer and 1 carrier were sunk.
    -35 car bombs detonated throughout France. Death toll is currently at 413.

    As a result, riots and protests have erupted in cities all over the world.

    Their goals are unclear. Their plans are unknown. The extent of their capability is unknown. How they prepared this without our intelligence agencies finding out is unknown. Where their funding came from is unknown.
    But we do know a few things. They have identified themselves as the "The Resistance". In the viral video where they executed Queen Elizabeth, they announced their resistance to something called the "Invisible Hand." We don't know what that is. But they are willing to kill thousands of innocent people to "resist" it, apparently.

    That brings us to why you are here. The Resistance has seized multiple nuclear devices and mass quantities of currency. This leads us to believe that they are going to strike again, and harder. This can NOT be allowed to happen. As a response we have created Task Force 315. TF315 will report directly to the U.N security council and will be supervised by the CIA. The Task Force will recruit and put together the best operators, agents and investigators from around the world. You're mission is to uproot this resistance at the source, and neutralize the threat it poses. You will have unlimited access to facilities and resources from all supporting countries.
    Current supporting countries are: The U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation, China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Tunisia and Malaysia.

    It is imperative you do not fail.

    1. Standard stuff. Iwaku rules apply, don't be a fag, etc.
    2. Take sexual content elsewhere. Blood and language, on the other hand, will be abundant.
    3. My word is law. Though, if you think I'm being unreasonable or stupid just tell me so I can be a better GM from that point on.
    4. Be realistic with your characters appearance and kit. No one uses a katana anymore and afros are against regulation in every military.
    5. Character appearance can be in whatever median you want. Just no anime or doodle drawings.
    6. Good grammar, please. Typos are understandable but run-ons are unacceptable.
    7. To confirm that you have read and understand the rules please name a type of ammunition anywhere in your CS.

    Character skeleton:

    (Insert appearance)
    Nation of origin:

    Previous job: (For example: SEAL operator, MI6 handler , InterPol analyst, etc)
    Specialization: (Demolitions, pilot, reconnaissance, sniper, etc)
    Experience/training: (For example: West point graduate, 2 tours in ____, tech school, etc)
    Psych eval: (Basically your personality, but there's no need to go into detail.)

    Kit: (This would be a list of all the tools and weapons your character carries in the field. It's really only necessary for soldiers. Soldiers carry a lot of shit so go nuts. Just make sure it's consistent. SEALs don't carry riot shields and snipers don't need shotguns. Also, be sure to include quantity. Don't just say "MREs" say "3 MREs.")

    Short Bio: (optional.)
  2. Task Force members:
    1. Donny Johnson - CIA Supervisor - Xytheus
    2. Michael Falken - Designated marksmen - @ShatteredSkies
    3. Angus Mac'leod - Explosives specialist - @EddiEddi
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  3. Please go back over your CS.
    For a demolitons expert he seems a little light on things that go boom. There are multiple grammar mistakes and you're also missing one important piece. Also, there are alot of anti-tank systems in existance so be more specific, please.
  4. [​IMG]
    6' and 200 pounds of wiry muscle. Falken has ice blue eyes and has started to grow a beard. Unlike many others in the Special Operations community, he keeps his hair short in military regulation. He has a tattoo on his back, two black angel wings with a sword wreathed in fire between them. On the sword is initials of teammates who have died beside him. He also wears, in addition to his dog tags, a necklace with a 7.62 Russian bullet.
    Name: Michael "Angel" Falken
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Nation of origin: United States

    Previous job: United States Army, First Special Operations Force Division Delta. (Delta Force) Special Warfare Officer-04
    Specialization: Designated Marksman
    Training: Qualified as a marksman, forward air controller, and in sniper/countersniper tactics. Served one tour in Iraq, and two in Afghanistan.
    Psych eval: Falken is a consummate professional. He takes pride in his work, and in helping his team. A successful operation is one where all members of his team emerge unscathed. He does his part by watching over them, earning him the nickname "Guardian Angel." He is deeply troubled when he loses a man, often blaming himself for it, but he fights to keep others alive in their memory. He cares about those around him, regardless of nationality, as long as they fight together. He is prone to excessive drinking while on leave, and suffers from post traumatic stress when not in the field.

    Primary: FN Herstal SCAR-H, chambered in 7.62 NATO, optimized for his role as a designated marksman.
    Secondary: Beretta 93-R, Nine millimeter parabellum, capable of firing in three shot bursts-[​IMG]
    Blackhawk Nightedge-[​IMG]
    AN/PED-1 Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)-[​IMG]

    Short Bio: Michael joined the Army right out of High School. He deployed to Iraq in the last days of the war. A friend of his talked him into trying out for Army Special Forces, the Green Berets. He passed, and deployed to Afghanistan several times as a Green Beret. During one incident, he set up an observation/sniper nest atop a building near the target his team was assaulting. However, below the snipers nest was a group of insurgents. As they opened fire on his team, Michael snuck back to engage, but the roof gave way beneath him. The ensuing gunfight lasted seconds, and a half dozen insurgents lay dead when the team cleared the building. By the time they returned, Falken was back on his rifle observing the original building. This event, captured by an ISR platform, earned him a ticket into 1-SOFD-D. He distinguished himself as a marksman further, causing him to be again scouted into Task Force 315.
  5. Perfect. Accepted.
  6. Awesome boss, thanks.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Special Agent Donny Johnson
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Nation of origin: U.S.A

    Previous job: CIA operations manager
    Specialization: Intel gathering and strategy.
    Experience/training: [REDACTED]
    Psych Eval: [REDACTED]

    Kit: Stand issue SIG P226 chambered in .357 SIG.


    Short Bio: [REDACTED]

    Additional info: Agent Johnson is the CIA supervisor for TF315. Only the Security Council is above him.
  8. [​IMG]
    Under the Helmet:
    Tattoos On the inside of his left wrist is a assault rifle wound round with thorny vines, The vine itself travels all the way up his arm, across his chest and down his right arm to his right wrist where it coils up and a Thistle is found. All along the vine are marked the names of cities (or countries if he was under the official secrets act) he has fought in.
    Name: Angus 'doogle' Mac'Leod
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Nation of origin: Great(er) Britain, (Scotland)

    Previous job: Combat Engineer with Int Core
    Specialization: 'problem solving' He was often attached to squads going in to areas known to be hostile, He started out with a specialization in demolitions however he also has mastered breaking and entering in to most military vehicles (He's still working on tanks), shutting down most security systems, mine-sweeping without equipment, Making impromptu explosives, as well as making toxins (no one dares ask on what mission he had to do that!). He is also capable of driving any military vehicles (Excluding submarines, he HATES those tin cans.)
    Experience/training: Graduated Glasgow University with a Masters in combustion chemsitry (With a dissertation focused on the use of napalm like substances in modern explosives), he then proceeded in to officer training at Sandhurst, He did a 8 month training course with the royal engineers before returning to the intelligence corps. From there his ISR (International Service Record) consists of 23 successful, but blanked, missions. (A blanked mission is one which if the participants were known, it would paint a HUGE red target on them, Think names of the men who killed saddam hussein or Osama Bin Ladin)

    Psych eval: Angus is what some would call happy in his job, And what others would call 'a fucking nutter.' He loves his job, of that there is no doubt, why he loves it is a entirely different matter. He takes great joy in few things in life: Good Whisky, Good stories, Good Explosions, and a Job well Done. The fact that his job comes with 2 of the four is great, The fact he has some awesome stories to tell as well, well that's just a bonus.

    Kit: A (Fully Operational) Pancor Jackhammer (It is VERY unclear how, or where he got this weapon, he refuses to explain how, but it has proven itself time and time again. The 10 round drum capable of taking not only standard 12' gauge shotgun shells, but also Frag-12 type rounds (Fin stabilized grenades), Additionaly the Drums can be converted in to emergency land mines. He carries with him 4 Drums of standard amunition, and 2 drums of Frag-12 for when He (And I quote) "Needs to explain what 'fuck off' means"
    XM25 CDTE, A Airburst Grenade launcher capable of firing

    Caliber: Low-velocity 25mm × 40 grenade
    High-explosive airbursting round (HEAB)
    Armor Piercing (50 mm armor penetration)
    Door breaching
    High Explosive Air Bursting (HEAB) Firing Modes:
    Airburst (In front of or over aiming point)
    Point Detonation
    Point Detonation Delay
    Window (Beyond aiming point)

    What ammunition he carries changes from mission to mission, but his go-to is 5 Thermobaric, 5 Flechette, 2 door breaching, 3 AP, and 10 HEAB.
    He also carries a standard military tool kit as well as a multi-tool. Additionally he carries a combat Knife.

    Short Bio: (at some point.)
  9. That firepower gave me an erection. Accepted!
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  10. Also, just FYI guys. When/if we start we'll begin with the members meeting and then doing some training exercises to get accustomed to working together. After that they'll be moved to an undisclosed location to begin their hunt.
  11. Sounds good. We all gotta get in sync.
  12. I'm interested and will have a sheet up soon.
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