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  1. It was always so hot in the jungle, sometimes Tarzan was thankful to be the 'hairless wonder' of the pack. When he was younger, the teasing used to really bother him. It bothered him so much that he used to cover himself in mud, until his mother, Kala, showed him alike they are. He had two eyes, two hands, a nose, a mouth and a heart, just like her. They were any different. Kerchak just couldn't see that. Kerchak never like Tarzan, and Tarzan tried his hardest to be the best ape he could. Currently swinging through the jungle,nite was planning on scaring Terk as always. Terk to him was the perfect big sister. She was a tomboy, and always ready for some fun, even if she was protective at points. He discreetly dropped behind the female gorilla, smirking. And swiftly did he put her in a headlock, "Gotcha!" He laughed,building her with her strong arms.
  2. The crew was determined to find their destination.
    The trip to the jungle had been planned for ages now, and finally, James would be able to rest his feet on something other than the wooden planks of their ship. Accompanied with his father, Archimedes, and their rather... Well, to put it frank, sleazy. Yes, he seemed to have a proud sense of chivalry, but something just didn't set with the twenty year old adventurer.

    Once stepping on land, the crew ventured far into the jungle with their equipment handy. They were there to study, after all, and that meant more than just a few tents and some paper. No, they were packed to the gills, and were more than ready to learn more about the glorious land they encountered.
  3. Wrestling like always, Tarzan won against Terk, laughing as he had her pinned.
    "Okay, okay big guy you win." Terk huffed, struggling to get out of his grip. Tarzan let her go, laughing, walking along side her on all fours, just like an ape.
    "You lost ya touch, Terk, your losing against me every day now." He laughed, before his attention was turned to Kerchak.
    "Let's go. We're making camp on higher grounds." The leader of their pack commanded. Even though Kerchak was with Kala, Tarzan's mother, Kerchak didn't see Tarzan as his son.
  4. It took about a day to fully settle, all three of them doing their respective jobs- well, except James. No, his head was in the clouds as he vigorously began to draw the flora and fauna around him. It was a new world, practically! Why WOULDN'T he want to remember all of the unique plants and creatures that passed their small camp. Granted, he could do without the bugs, but he'd deal with the minor inconvenience as long as he could scribble new notes of their temporary home.

    It was beautiful, the lush green of the space a striking difference from London. There was no sewage system making everything smell. There was no garbage littering the streets, and no foulmouthed drunks trying to grope him. No, it was lovelier than he could have ever dreamed
  5. As James was drawling in his book, a little monkey, not a gorilla, came up. With wide curious eyes, he snatched the book, an easily began to run.
  6. He was tempted to curse the creature out, though he instead took a deep breath. He had to be a gentleman, and they never swore! At least, that's what he had taught himself. Grimacing at the sight, the man began to bolt towards the monkey, unaware by the fact that what he was wearing was DEFINITELY not fit for running through an uncut jungle. He ignored the stumbles and trips, hoping deep down that the running wasn't all for naught. He would GET that journal back! Even if it killed him.
  7. The little monkey ran into the tree ripping the papers out. "Ooo eee ooo!" He squeaked in his monkey talk, obviously happy with the book.
  8. "N-NO!" He hissed, scrambling to pick up the torn out papers in pure horror. "Y-You.... How dare you! That was my RESEARCH! Monkey, come down here right now o-or I'll... I'll do something, understood?!" As he babbled on to a creature he knew didn't understand, tears began to form around his eyes. That was the only journal he brought, and it contained all of the notes and drawings he had taken on both the journey here, but previous journeys as well.
  9. Tarzan had been swinging through vines when he heard the mysterious sounds. Stopping in a tree not far from James, he looked around, wondering what kind of animal made such a weird sound. His blue eyes soon landed on James, his eyes wide. Hairless. It was a hairless ape, just like him. Being as sneaky and quiet as he could, he got down from the tree, and his in the bushes to watch him.

    The little monkey look at the boy, before throwing the book's at his head, jumping up and down in excitement.
  10. Whining from the harsh throw, he scrambled to snatch the book and check what pages had been sacrificed to the small monkey. Letting out a soft sigh, he had to thank whatever higher being there was for at least leaving the most recent pages be. Once having to scramble to grab the other's, he gently placed all of the pages he could find into the book and rubbed the bump forming on his head, unaware of the strange man in the bush
  11. Tarzan slowly moved out of the bush, careful to not make a sound, he inspected him from behind, not ready to let the other see him quite yet.
  12. Wiping tears away, the now bruised and cut up boy got to his feet, unaware of thr other as he trudged back to camp. "I-I cant BELIEVE that little chimp, how rude!"
  13. Tarzan followed, touching his hair from behind.
  14. Feeling the slight tug on his hair, he spun around in horror in fear of a giant monster. Stumbling back, he let out a acream in terror
  15. His movements like that of an ape, he flinched hearing the screaming, covering his mouth. His eyes confused, he grabbed hold of his hair again.
  16. Hi screams were muffled by the other's hand, tears in his eyes as he tried to squirm away. Moving away quickly he stood up and stared back at the man before him. "W-Who are you?"
  17. Not understanding what he said, he simply continue to exam him. Gently, he grabbed his hand, putting his against his with wide eyes. Their hands were nearly the same. His own were bigger, but they were the same. He then leaned close, putting his ear on his chest, hearing his heart. Grinning, he grabbed James head and forced him to put his ear on his chest so he could hear his heart beat.
  18. Squeaking from the harsh force, he stared up in horror at the other. "P-Please, let go! Are... Do you speak English? Oh my g-gosh... I NEED to show my father about you, this is amazing! A-Amazingly terrifying, but amazing!"
  19. Moving just like an ape, he looked at the boy, with speaking just like a ape. He was trying to ask him who he was, though of course James wouldn't understand.
  20. Once getting to his feet, his cheeks flushing, he hesitated to grab the other's hand. Tugging him closer, he gently moved over a few things to try and head back to their camp. "I NEED to show you to my father, a-and Clayton! It'll be lovely, honestly."
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