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  1. This is a thread for Tarot's writing samples. The only one allowed to post here is myself, Tarot.

    There will be one post per character I have played or am playing.

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    Ѵ ï ҳ

    Vix and Kio owned a house together. In the grand scheme of things that might not have sounded like much but it was something that meant so much to Vix. As a Flol, she was not used to modern technologies or traditions of others, especially humans. Each of them were born in an egg and once their horn developed they were able to crack the shell and break free of the confounds. To many the Flol are very much animals. The planet they live on, Scavine, was merely forests and plains with small herds of Flol fighting each other. And never did Flol hatch their eggs in their herd, the female always went far away so that no one could see her or her egg and hid the egg so no other creature could find it then left. The chance of reuniting was slim to none and even if mother and daughter were to meet up again they probably wouldn't recognize each other. Another thing about her race that it was an all female race. The way they were impregnated was if another female "proposed" to them and gave them a honey-like substance that was very rare to find.

    The Flol got their appearance from how the egg was taken care of and the temperature of the egg from around their birth. Vix was known, by humans, as a glacial Flol. She had been born in an ice tundra around large, leafy, blue plants. Her hair had always been long and not many people knew why because most Flol has short hair due to how the race tended to fight. The scientists that picked her up when she was a child thought that she was a runt and that she was not expected to live long. However, Vix proved to be a pistol in action. She doesn't remember it so much anymore but the people she was raised around told her that she mauled many of the men and women who went to get her and when she was in a cage she almost broke the Niterion bars, which that took a lot of effort. A group of scientists wanted to see what could happen if they were to reform the planet, make it civilized, and it proved hard to do. What they did find was that Flol were very intelligent creatures. Vix had been put through many tests and it didn't take her long to figure things out, especially when she was being rewarded with positive reinforcement.

    By the time she had learned twenty languages and had a good, round knowledge of the universe is when the troubles began. The puppet was becoming the puppeteer. Vix started turning scientists against one another, started putting things in the water supply, started taking lead with the other "experiments", and had plans of conquering the ship. She did not want to be used but rather gain things for herself. In the years spent there she had accepted what was given to her, now she was going to take what she wanted. The main thing that Vix wanted was freedom. It took three human months to turn the ship upside down. Then the ship was marked as a target because the agency called SRER, Space Race Exploration and Research, did not want anyone to know what they were doing behind the scene. Needless to say she got away.

    With nothing else to do or to live for Vix did odd jobs in order to survive. She didn't have to work for food before but she was not going to let something so small kill her, not when she had big dreams of owning her own nest. With each job that she took and each apprenticeship she acquired she learned more and more and it built her up. Then something took her down. Vix had inhabited a space with a few other people of various races but then they were attacked. Vix was able to get away and got the law but in the end the law just let the people get away with what they did. If they could get away with breaking the law, she should be able to as well. In that state of mind she became a grifter, a con artist who was able to act in a particular way with different knowledge sets and languages at her disposal.

    Drinking what looked like water, but was actually a very sweet liquid that came from a flower's nectar, she headed to the bar that Kio and she usually met at. There had been a lot of interesting job postings recently and the universe seemed to be in flux. Pushing a door open, Vix heard the same old bell and walked right past a fist fight that looked like it was about to kill one guy. Up the stairs and around the corner she sat at their table, a specific place for her and Kio as stated by the owner, and finished drinking her pouch of Nevalve. Kio usually had the set ups, so she had to see what was in store for her today.


  3. B r i n e - T h e - I n q u i s i t o r

    Brine was so focused on trying to get Heidi back that the only cold that she felt was crunching beneath her feet. Why had the little shit done that. She couldn't protect herself with just one guard, how could she face someone who was trying to sacrifice her to a demon. Brine always walked and ran fast but today it was doubled. She really was trying to stay close to her group but she also didn't want to waste any time. When they got close to the stronghold she tried to calm herself and now she was following Dario. Stealth was not her forte so she had to rely on him because they didn't want to alert the entire castle - that would not be beneficial to them at all.

    When they made it into the castle it was in a reception room. She knew because she had been in a few of these in her political days. Brine always hated the stuff feel of these but this reception room, it was so barren that it just felt like a corridor on their way to Heidi. As they made it to carpet, Brine saw footprints of guards and she could only assume it was the men that took Heidi and Brine looked to the other three and they were all serious and it made her feel better but there was a gut-wrenching feeling that Heidi was not going to make it and that Brine was going to loose a lot more than she bargained for.

    The trip through the castle was taking longer than expected and Brine was getting ancy. It was then that there were voices in the distance and, again, Brine looked to the men. It was when she heard Heidi's voice that Brine went from the back of the group to the front and now she cared very little about making noise. She had to get to that girl. Then Brine skidded to a halt when she heard men enter the corridor and a man by the name of Vigil appeared. Slinking back to the group she looked around. This was going to be an interesting fight. Then Swordswift gave her a command. At first she shot him a look but she took it back with the shake of her head. Heidi came before revenge at the moment. It would have given her great pride to rip Virgil limb from limb. Even if she was going to rush past them she was still going to have to fight a little to make it through the group of soldiers.

    Drawing her sword, she waited for the enemy to make the move and it took a second then a few soldiers started to run up and Brine waited. Harrison started to cast spells. The first thing he did was an entrapment spell so Brine could get through the door. Taking the opportunity she started to run. She pushed through the door and continued on. Now she was in the throne room. Looking left and right, there were only guards to the right and so Brine automatically assumed that, that was the way to go. The guards noticed her and started to charge her. She was faster than they were and she made the first attack and sent the guard back a few feet and then she made a stabbing motion and it went through the chainmail and the guy grabbed the wound and he was on the floor.

    The other swung his sword and cut Brine on her cheek and she started to see red. Everything was coming together and so it was starting to get hard for her to focus. She apparently cut that man down like he was nothing and when the room quieted her vision was coming back to her. Shaking her head, she heard Heidi scream and so she ran through the double doors and there was a stairway downward. At first there was a corridor of cells and prisoners extended their hands for her help. Brine was conflicted. It took her a second to determine that she would come back for them.

    "No, please, no!"

    "Heidi!" Brine screamed and busted into another room. It was dark aside for a few candles and a glowing spell circle. There were people in cloaks, she wasn't sure of their gender or race, but that didn't matter. There was a man and a woman with a crown on and Brine focused on them. Guards walked in front of them and surrounded Heidi who was in the middle of the circle. A person who was cloaked stopped his dagger and turned to face her. Once more Brine started to see red.

    "Heh, ha ha ha ha." An evil voice laughed and everyone's attention turned to a demon. A male who was tall. He was handsome, with short black hair, pale skin, and red eyes. "My favorite kind of person." He said to Brine. She was confused so he was going to fill her in. "Someone who wants revenge."

    Brine was not sure what order to attack people in. The demon was going to be strong but the little guys would prove to be difficult if they ganged up on her and flanked her. She went to take a step forward and couldn't move. She tried to fight and she pushed harder when she saw Heidi crying.

    "You see," the demon said walking over to her and put his hand on her face to which she made the most hateful face she could. "I am growing bore of their shenanigans. It is time to have some real fun."

    "W-what! You are under our control, you must do as we say."

    "Said who?"

    "You......" It had finally sunk in and the demon laughed even more.

    "Beautiful. Show them what true chaos is." Then the demon whispered foreign words in her ear and all she saw where the men that destroyed her village. There were no more guards, no more royals, and most of all, no more Heidi. Then there was this rage that started to build up inside her. She was actually believing what she saw and it came to a point that she could no longer control herself. The demon took the entrapment spell off her and she raced forward. She started to attack the first person she could reach and all she heard was her family and friends crying out.

    "Help! Brine help me!"

    "Brine! Save me."

    She felt wounds appear on her body but she didn't stop. She would have her revenge here and now. She would save her townsfolk and make it to where they could rest in peace. Ten minutes in there were people backing away from her and dropping their sword. Brine didn't stop.

    "Brine stop it. Stop it!" Heidi cried out and that only made Brine turn her way.

    "Never." Brine said back cruelly and started for the person she saw was a young guard.

    "Brine please, please. I'm begging you." Tears were flowing endlessly from her eyes as she had backed up as far as she could against the wall. There was no one left but her. Brine dropped her sword and grabbed the girl's throat. She squeezed as hard as she could and Heidi's hand grabbed onto Brine's but she couldn't pull her off. Her face was turning pale and drool started to trail down her face. All that she could do was gasp unsuccessfully for air. A few moments later Heidi laid limp, eyes open with the clear look of fear on her face.

    The demon again laughed. "That was fun. That was better than the sacrifice she was supposed to be. Let's have some more people, shall we?"

    The sound of cell doors opening rang through the basement and people entered the room. The demon locked the door behind them. That is when they noticed the gore, the demon, and Brine. Standing up, Brine grabbed her sword and the people tried to open the door but were unsuccessful. It took only a few minutes to slaughter them all. Cries and screams echoed from the room. Men, women, children, innocent lives lost. It was then with a snap of his fingers Brine came back to her senses. She looked around and dropped her sword. She was covered in life's red essence and Brine knew what had happened.

    Scanning the room she saw Heidi and screamed no, and ran over to her. Shaking her once, then again, and again, Heidi was dead. She had killed the one person who she had come to save. Cradling the girl, Brine cried profusely and loudly onto her shoulder. She was screaming. What had she done? Brine had become the monster that the Ghoulrichs were.

    Castle Ghoulrich - Triangles are doors. I made it so we have a picture of what it looks like.


  4. ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

    "Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!" Verity yelled managing to make each phrase one word as each individual word blended together. It was the first day of school and she was so excited! She had never been to a school that had humans in it before and so she looked forward to the strange interactions that were to follow. All other creatures were all female and could even produce between two females, but there were males in this society and she made it a goal to figure that species out. She walked through the gates of a private institution, a place where her mother, aka a mage who had some time on her hands, sent her. The place was called Bellelane Institute. Personally, Verity didn't want to be in an "institute" because she did not have any mental problems or at least presentable ones. Half way in between the school building and the gates was a water fountain that added that special touch to the school. Bellelane was a beautiful campus! Grabbing her bag even tighter she continued into the building.

    Verity was and had always been a mimic. Some things can become cursed to be what she was but she was created as an experiment. Her hair was bobbed and fluorescent pink. It wasn't naturally that color but being a mimic, a shapeshifter, she was able to alter her state and make itself so. Normally though, her mood reflected her appearance. Extreme emotional states made her body act like a mood ring. Her deep purple pupils glittered as she continued on her way.

    Everyone was gathering in the cafeteria for breakfast. From now on this is where she would eat. Not only was Bellelane a private school but it was a boarding school as well. They said that it created a better atmosphere and allowed students to get to know each other more especially when it came to school functions and events. Verity had the widest smile as she looked for a group of people to sit with and just introduce herself to. Where was she going to go? The school didn't seem to be cliquey or at least not yet, there weren't many people here yet. "Wait, wait, wait, wait. Verity you are getting ahead of yourself. Breakfast, DUH." Walking through the doors that separated the kitchen from the dining hall she saw that she had more than one choice of where to eat. SUGAR! Walking to the station that had crepes she felt her mouth watering and started to pet the glass that was shielding the staff from herself. "I want one with all of the stuff on it!" Verity thought she saw the staff member sigh and/or shake his head. What? That wasn't too much to ask.

    After getting her food from the counter she started back to the dining area. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. That one!" She said picking a random table with people on it. Walking as proud as she could be she sat in an empty seat. Without hesitation she grinned from ear to ear as she started to introduce herself. "I am Verity, I'm a freshman, and I would totally like to be your guy's friend."

  5. ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆


    Knuckles cracked and she stretched her back. Aster pulled out a cigarette and lit it with a basic lighter that was adorned with a flower design. She ran a hand through her crimson hair and fluffed it out a little bit. It was another year. She hoped that it would be better than last. Better meaning that she would overtake the school and not be in second place. There were quite a few factions within the delinquent clique but that didn't matter to her. She was a bitch and she made sure that everyone knew it. She was the infamous Scarlet, she had beaten people to a pulp and made men cried. Students, teachers, staff, they were all the same. Though she had more of a tender side to her as well. It, however, was dominating as well and more than likely she had others pay her for it. Aster was known to sleep with a lot of people, but that was in her species nature. She loved it, especially when she interlocked a kiss and it sent her aphrodisiac venom, aka her saliva, into the other person's body. Then she teased. She didn't have (though she would probably do it anyways) to give them sex but when they would give her things to satisfy their needs, well then she was persuaded.

    There were a few people she had not slept with and a part of her urged her on to do so. One of the people who she most desired to sleep with was the student council president. He always acted like he was better than her and thanks to his self-declared bodyguard she was not able to fight him. It wasn't as if she could not get to him but that mutt was determined. There had been times where Aster won and times where the mutt won but she still was not able to get the student body president under her thumb. Maybe he was too wise and knew her species well, that wouldn't surprise her at all. Taking another puff of her cigarette she looked down at her chest, she was busty, again like her kind, and cleavage was showing. Aster loved to be tantalizing. Her skirt was a few inches above where it was supposed to be by the student rule book but she didn't care. She embraced the fact that she was a slut.

    Aster was lucky that the school had no uniform but it did have, instead, a dress code. Even if it had an uniform it still wouldn't matter. Her mother was super rich and a major donator to the school, so why would they expel someone who brought in so much money; they wouldn't dare. That was the reason why she was able to get away with so much shit. Resting herself against a brick wall she took in more chemicals into her body. Her kind was against smoking cigarettes because it was so bad for people, but she didn't care. She found that it kept her up and made her eat less, so it was a win-win situation for her. The only problem was trying to get people to buy them for her. She was only sixteen and had two years to go before she could legally buy them for herself so she usually relied on the teachers, ones she threatened to beat up or the ones that she had sex with.

    With the last intake of her cancer stick she threw the cigarette to the ground as two of her lackeys walked up to her. "One of the lower factions is sullying your name."

    "Yeah, they are calling you a whore and saying that the only reason why you have your position is because of your mother."

    Running her hand through her hair again (that was her little tic) she smiled. "Well I wanted to start the school year off with a bang. Let's go show them why little dogs shouldn't bark at big ones." Brushing off her white shirt that was adorned with a black half jacket and her skirt. She started click-clacking her way to the dining room with her thigh-high hooker boots. When she made her way to the dining room she looked at her obsidian painted nails then touched her nail to her lip. "Where oh where?"

    "There is the bastard." A slime girl pointed.

    "Ready ladies?" She asked rhetorically. Making her way to a table she slammed her palm to the table and looked at the men at the table. "So I don't earn my spot?" She said with a fearful aurora. Grabbing Giovanni by the collar she lifted him up. "I am going to make you eat those words." Giovanni pushed her and it only moved her a little and his men stood up and Aster's girl started towards the men. Making a fist Aster punched the man square in the face. Then she slammed the back of his head onto the table before he could react. Normally she had a bat or a pipe or something but she didn't need them, those were to add a little bit of fun, she had to make a point.

    More of her girls came to her side and started to fight the men and same with Giovanni. "Human scum." Aster yelled as she beat his face in as she sat on his chest.



  6. Ӈ ҽ ѕ ï

    Hesi was doing what she normally did on the first day of school, made sure that the gates were open and then after that went to the auditorium to prepare for the opening ceremony. Usually things went pretty well but something, something, made her shiver. It had to be something with Ethan. She would always be with him but on days like this the student council was so busy that they had to be apart. Setting down her clipboard, Hesi walked over to the auditorium doors and noticed girls, particularly girls from the Sisterhood running in the direction of the cafeteria. She didn't even say anything to the other student council members on her way to the trouble. Hesi knew that if it was something that involved Scarlet Ethan would be there and she had to make sure Ethan was protected, always.

    You could almost see dust flying as she ran, she might have even out run the girls she saw beforehand. Skidding into the dining area she saw where Ethan was walking through the crowd and she made a beeline to be beside him. When she had gotten their Ethan had already issued a warning but then she noticed that Scarlet was not backing down.

    " Please entertain me. Do your worst."

    With not hesitation Hesi flew past Ethan and the other onlookers and tackled Scarlet. Pinning her down she looked square into her eyes. Scarlet was a good fighter, yes, but her family was the right hands to the high priestess and were trained from a young age on how to fight properly. Scarlet struggled below Hesi and pushed her off but Hesi didn't fall to her back but to her knees and both her and Scarlet stood up to fight. Hesi grabbed one of Scarlet's arms and twisted it behind he to where the woman was squirming. Hesi knew that Scarlet would fight until she could do so no longer. Hesi just stood there, she wasn't trying to be vindictive, she was trying to protect Ethan because she looked to him as a figure to protect and protecting him meant keeping the school's reputation in check.

    "Fuck this shit." Scarlet said as she pulled free from Hesi and glared at Ethan. Just standing there, Hesi watched Scarlet and her Sisterhood walk away. That was quickly resolved, normally it took a lot more force. Maybe it was the beginning of the year for them. Walking up to Ethan, Hesi looked over him.

    "You are not injured are you?" Then she beckoned to two other student council members. "Get this place cleaned up, more people will be coming in and we have expectations."


  7. - L e t ' s - P l a y -

    "What a great day!" Keeva said as she took a sip of coffee that had Baileys Irish Cream in it - she was starting her morning strong. There were going to be students from the prior years as well as new students but that would always be fun for her. You could say that the Cambion was never really bored, she had so much she could do. The office door opened at one of the students she had taken care of for a few years had come in. Turning to face the male who looked like a shy little puppy dog she put her hands on her knee that had been crossed over her other leg. "Hello. How may I be of assistance to you today Theodore?" He looked at her in a bashful way and she took note that he kept looking over at her revealing skin. She decided to wear a dress, like most days. Today the dress was black with short sleeves and a Mandarin neckline, that, like always, was showing her cleavage, enough so that you could see bits of a black bra. The dress stopped at her upper thighs and she had knee-high boots on. It was because she was special that Aneal let her do it - so basically she didn't ask him and she did it no matter what he said.

    "I brought my medicine for the month. Can I ... I will come see you at lunch time every day Mrs. Ward, okay?" The male said at first showing pacifism but then tried to dominate the situation. It made Keeva smile at the thought. Nobody knew it at first, but Keeva was always the dominant one.

    "That is fine with me Theodore, and please, call me Keeva." She retorted, taking off the store-bought glasses she used every now and then, it gave her more of a sex appeal. Getting up she grabbed the medicine from him and put it away in one of her many cabinets. Turning back to the student she touched the side of his face with a baby-soft touch. "I look forward to seeing you. Don't forget to eat lunch though." That whisper and wink sent the man overboard. His face was red and hot, he looked shaky, and his libido was way up there. She had found a prey and now she was going for it. "A- are you okay. You look... hot." And with that the student barged out of the nurse's office and she could make out that he was saying something but wasn't exactly sure what.

    Drawing her finger into a circle a lollipop appeared out of nowhere and no Keeva was sucking on it. Yep. School had started again and she would have plenty of people to play with. Speaking of, she looked out the window to see Anael, Urzul, and Rhaegos standing next to one another. Keeva made a pouty face. She loved her job as a nurse but often that meant missing up on socializing with others. Speaking of which she had to come up with her rumor for Hanzo this year. It needed to be something interesting. The one year that she acted like she was stalking him was the year that she came up with the idea that he was an Incubus who could lure even her. She picked Thailand that year and she had the best victory curry she had ever eaten. This year she was feeling Italy or France or the Mediterranean in general, she wanted some pasta and what else goes with pasta besides fine wine. Tapping her nail on the desk she had to think of a rumor as extraordinary as the meal she wanted. "Hmmmm...." Slamming her hands on her desk, she couldn't think of anything. Yet. Oh dear, her resourcefulness scared her sometimes.

  8. A ritual always seemed easy, it made it out to seem like demons were pushovers. That wasn't true though. Demons were hard nuts to crack and even harder to tame to a will. It was the lure, what drew people in and they all thought things would go their way with a demon. Another thing that people didn't conceptualize was that if a demon really wanted to they could, at any point in time, materialize in the mortal realm but they were waiting for people to feed off of. The contract in which a demon worked for a human consisted of them feeding off their human master. Souls, life energy, lust, blood, and a few other things sated their hunger in the mortal realm.

    The wooden floor started to glow and from the circle emerged a snake, followed by another, and another. Soon the room was filled with snakes of varying toxicity. The snakes at first roamed freely but then they circled Aslynn leaving her in the middle like another magic circle. But like they had appeared one by one their flesh began to rot and disappear, leaving only their skeletons behind.

    Then there was nothing. Dead silence, dead animals, a magic circle, a book, and a girl, along with everything else in her room. Nothing seemed to have happened. It was just a snake show. From behind the girl a muscular hand went forth and grabbed her wrist. Squeezing her hand a little more to where more blood appeared. A tan man leaned over her shoulders with goat horns and large, black bat-like wings. Taking her hand he licked it, taking the irony taste into his mouth.

    "You really need to learn to give more blood. You want to have a demon, your lucky I'm so benevolent that I decided to grace you with my presence. But lets get the cards on the table, so to speak. What is it that you are looking to make a contract for and what are you willing to feed me in order to bind the contract?"

    It had been a long time since Jael had been called out to, honestly, and he was bored. A human wanted his service. He took that as an opportunity to act. The chanting was calling him, begging him to come forth. And as a powerful being he had to entertain the thought of a human. Besides there was a thirst for the mortal realm that made him want to go even more.
  9. x
    Laskaris - Cosmic Voyager - August 21

    It was almost miraculous that everyone appeared before Pierce started his little gracious spew. Somehow Kleo felt that they were a little more welcoming to the idea than she was even the Ockrum woman who looked quite unsure of herself when it was said. Though it already appeared that she made a dent in the introduction, she must have been a little too harsh. It was alright though he, Denton, would learn to take the comments; people who travelled with herself always managed to get a backbone either in spite or because of her. Her thoughts were intervened when the second kid came along asking to bring a robot, which looked like a low-grade piece of shit to Kleo, to fix it. If he was able to fix such a thing, then the boy, Ewin, would be deserving of some respect, though he felt a little too reserved for her liking. Then the hulk of a woman, Mag, introduced herself and though Pierce added that seeing her fight was totally worth it, Kleo only was able to recognize a few weapons on the woman and felt like she had only seen a portion of what was in store for whomever decided to get in the woman’s way; Kleo liked that.

    When Mag took her turn to speak further, she heard a comment of fish being made towards her and her eyes opened up in curiosity, she had been compared to this before… Ah yes! It was little scaly things found on the planet Earth her kin’s ornaments looked like gave her the appearance of this. Then Pierce added the fact that she should be called ‘grandmother’ instead of ‘fish’ and Kleo bellowed a laugh that was unfathomable for her petite size. “Nice one Pierce. Though, I hope age is just a number if I am so far ahead of these people. Which you seem confident this is so, so I will go with it.” She told the man before grabbing the data pad from the assistant and blinked to take a second look at the numbers. Not too bad, not bad at all. The last time there was such a high quantity of money was when the pirate ship she was on had stolen from an imperial ship and that was when she was a wee lass.

    Getting back into the conversation Kleo heard that the ship had been fully stocked and was ready to go, which was a good thing for her, because she didn’t want to waste anymore time. She was itching for the money and to get back out into space where she belonged. When the old, but probably younger, man informed the crew that there were contacts in the data pad Kleo made a mental note to check them out, she wanted to see just who this man kept ties with.

    Watching the old man leave Kleo heard a comment and smiled. “Yes we might as well get aboard, there is no time like the present.” She chirped and walked in behind Denton. It had the smell of home, the metal and typical, cheap cleaning products which eased a smile onto Kleo’s face. The thing that she would typically be interested in was the sleeping quarters, but right now was not the time to race around to find them and claim a bed, besides Pierce didn’t seem like the person to put two beds, one sleeping bag, and one blanket out as the choices.

    Going to the end of the hall then taking a look both ways before looking down at the data pad and going to the map of the ship. Following the map she took a right down the hallway and then two more rights and found herself in a small little conference room. Turning to the others she smiled her devilish smile. “Well mates, it looks like we are in it for a long haul. Lets have a good ride but try not to get too sentimental with one another. The first thing that I want to bring up is making something of a schedule.” She told the group as she pulled out a chair and proceeded to sit down. “A said schedule will allow for us to make a routine, allow for others to know where a said person would generally be in a specific time, thus allowing for quick communication. And the most important thing of a group tactic is communication. Second off, we will want to discuss sleeping quarters. From the map there is four rooms to sleep in so that means that we all get our own room. Is there any place that people specifically want to be. As long as I get a nice bed I am perfectly fine with the layout so if there is a specific room that you want, go ahead and say it. But if you snore I honestly don’t want to sleep next to you, my sleep quality is dependent on that.” Kleo told everyone in a voice that started out very professional, though brutish, then which became prissy.


  10. Ɲ α ι ℓ ϛ
    Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nails smiled and laughed when the kid joked about the test. It was true that it was quite pathetic but she wasn’t sure if he was ready to be given one of her real tests, not when she just was blown off for the principal. But the best thing was when Nails wanted to giggle evilly aloud when she saw the new kids face go serious compared to the bewilderment before when she called him out on what he did. What had that never happened before? He was in her territory he had to except that at least, what sort of leader would allow for things to go unseen where they worked? He was truly adorable though, she could probably give a little and train this kid to be her lackie, she would need more if what was to happen started to progress, he, however, seemed smarter than the average criminal here and she knew that if she wanted to get him she would probably have to offer up a lot more than what she had, but she would always extend the offer of being a fence to him. It was like that for most people, but she did not want to give away that secret just yet if at all. Placing one of her nails on her lips she made an innocent face and cocked her head to the side. “Those are my names.” She answered after he said the two words that could summon this demoness. “But, wait, I am missing yours. What is your name new kid?” She cooed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Then someone asked about a second game and Nails cut her eyes in the direction that the question came from. She was right in the middle of something here. Making a “Grrr” sound Jane turned back to her conversation partner who actually decline the game. Aww boo, that was too bad she was thinking of placing him on the opposite side this time and to see if he would go for her in the game, or like most people avoid throwing balls in her direction. Before she could say anything more newbie started for the bleachers and that made her throw her hip to the left and place a hand on it. Whatever happened to keeping the fire kindled? She was not done with him, not yet.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]What took her by surprise was Fox. "Don't tell me you're flirting with someone, I hope I'm not rubbing off on you too much.” Her face lit up and she looked like a child with another sly smile to indicate her motives behind the situation, her back to the bleachers. Getting close to Oliver she put both hands on her hips. “Why would that make you jealous?” She asked in a nonchalant way but surveyed his face and body language to see the true answer behind what he would say.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“OH! So guess what.” Nails put out, dangling the question before him so he’d have to answer. “Something really amusing happened today. I was walking down the hallways, in our territory mind you, and this bitch bumps into me. It was all her fault. Turns out the whore was Lauren, leader of Quota. Well, I tried to teach the bitch a lesson before I WAS SO RUDELY DRAGGED AWAY,” She stated the last part loudly to try and get the attention of the male that aided in bringing her back to the gym. “Anyways, so I hit the bitch a few times. Well that probably pissed her off and now look,” Nails stated pulling out her phone, hitting a few buttons, then was promptly introduced to nudes of herself as well as other things. She already had a few messages from her number being out, but don’t worry that was going to change really fast when she met each person individually and beat the shit out of them. “So coincidence, I think not. I am going to rip her heart out and feed it to her. This is going to be so much fun. I had never been publically defaced before so this is all so amusing to me. Wanna help me take her down?” Jane told Oliver becoming slightly scary at the second part of the conversation.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Hey girl wanna join?” Was said aloud, echoing and Nails turned her head, who dared call her girl? However, she lightened up for only a moment before she saw Aurelia standing near the door of the gym. Quota in the gym, that made her laugh. But all she could see was a death-grip on a tiny creature because, well, you had to get people’s attention. She didn’t say anything to Oliver as she left his presence and headed over to the girl which hushed the gym, letting everyone watch Nails in action, again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Stepping right in front of Aurelia, Nails had a hand on the door for support. “So what are you doing here, in my territory?” She asked with a look that was downright frightening. “ESPECIALLY, especially after what your leader just did. I did not think that Quota had guts, but you, you fit the role right now, but that might make you plain stupid. What do you think is stopping me from sending you back as an example to Lauren to not do such things to me.” Jane tried to convey to the girl but it got to a point where her voice was shaking with anger and her free and was clenched in a fist that drove her own nails into her skin. “Why do you think I’d let you go?” She asked then sent a powerful punch towards her face.[/BCOLOR]

    Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware ✗ Beware

  11. Denerim, it had been a long time since she had been home. The alienage was not the best place that she had ever as far as quality went but it was where her family and friends lived and where she had spent seventeen years of her life. Alia walked tall her height being over compensated by her stride. Her body was covered in dragon scale armor, which she had crafted for her group of men, as a junior officer, after they defeated a hoard of drakes when they were exploring a mountain for an Arl. It came in handy because she was a rogue and light armor did her justice in fights against others, especially ogres and pride demons, which she, thank the Creators. Alia was not a religious person but in her line of work she could face just about anything and there were days that she hoped she would not see certain ugly faces. Pushing the wooden gates of the alienage in she started to walk in and there was a friend of her chattering with people Alia had never seen before, that was until her friend caught the sight of her. All of a sudden a short four foot nine woman came running at full speed to Alia and she enveloped her in a bear hug. "Aneth ara Alia! It has been so long. Oh my you are so tall now. Your father, Sentri, he will be so happy to see you, and everyone else of course." The woman would have spoken so much more if Alia didn't start to reply.

    "Thank you Marti. I was planning on going to see him and everyone else. But I am glad you have been doing well. Here, take these. I am going to try and help as much as I can." Alia told her bewildered and awed friend when she handed her ten sovereigns. That was probably more than she would be able to make in a year and tears started to fall from Marti's eyes.

    "T-thank you so much. The Creators surely blessed us when they brought you back." The woman told Alia as she looked at the money still a bit stunned. Honestly, to Alia money was so easy to come by. Arls wanted her to do jobs for them, she fought a lot of bandits and mercenaries, and there were always salvageable things that she could sell, especially if it was elfroot by the bundle.

    "See you later Marti." Alia waved then started to her father's house who was not too far away. Before she could even open the door her old man was in front of her and her gave her a warm, tight hug and she returned it and the two stayed that way for a few minutes. She might be a woman now but that did not mean that seeing her family didn't pull on her heartstrings a little. "Welcome home my little girl." He said which made her smile and they pulled away from the hug.

    "I'm not so little anymore dad. How have you been?"

    "I have been living the same life that I have for years. Jeez, how long has it been, sixteen years since your last visit. Too long, that is all I know."

    "I know, I try to come home as often as I can but I am now an officer in the Grey Wardens so I am expected for more things than I anticipated. But I am glad to be home. Mom, well, I think I have lived up to what she expected me to be, no?" She said with a bittersweet smile and her father just nodded. "I know since Alistar has been throned and his descendants have taken charge people have been treating elves a lot better but I know that it is still really hard for you all. So I brought most of my money. I planned on giving it to you and the Elder to take care of the others. The place is starting to look a bit weathered and I want to make sure all of you have a good life. And if any guards give you trouble contact me and I will deal with the problem myself. Trust me with that. But I digress. This is about two-hundred sovereigns and I think that could rebuild the alienage and give everyone food, supplies, and more. If you divide it up you won't be living like nobles but you will by no means be living in your current state."

    "A-Alia I, I don't know what to say. You are so good to us. I remember when one of the boys ran off to join the Grey Wardens and told you of what was going on here you wrote the Teyrn and had the problem fixed. You are so good to us. I, I. I don't know what we could ever do in return."

    "Live happy, good, and long lives." She said with a smile.


    Alia had, had a lot to drink though she was able to handle her alcohol well unlike her brother, sister, cousins, and others. Staggering a little bit she looked to her father. "I have to go back to the Gnawed Noble Tavern. My men are waiting there for me and I have see what plans there are for tomorrow. Hopefully I can come back here, I should be on leave soon so I might even be able to spend the night." She told him as she gave him another hug.

    "Dareth shiral, my daughter." Sentri told her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "And come home when you need to. You are always welcome here."

    It was not long after that, that Alia felt a sobered up and she started walking to the exit of the alienage and she looked back at her family and friends. She would probably not be able to stay the night, she always had work to do, but hope was the only other thing that she could give them. Because she honestly did not know how long she would be able to see them and then when she would be able to return after that. Sighing Alia headed to Denerim Market District.
  12. Sydney recovered a cigarette from the pack as she dried off from her shower. Today was going to be her first day at work and she needed the money. Though she did not look the type, Sydney loved to dress up for certain events and even though she dropped out of high school one of her friends would be able to get her in with a few snaps of her finger. Now the thing was, she didn't dress up in the way that the "girly-girls" did. She was not a fan of vibrant colors or barely there dresses. She liked to think she had a tad bit touch of class and elegance when dressing up. Though normally she would be defined as a hipster. Putting on a mustard yell tribal-design top with faded black geometrical shapes ordered around the tee she reached for one of her hand black vests and slipped it on as well. Then added to the mix was a pair of black jeans that showed what curves she had perfectly. Taking a puff of her cigarette she approved her outfit and then went into the bathroom to put on the basic necessity of makeup which was eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick. Her all-natural look fit her well, once again admiring herself in the mirror. Walking out of her room she grabbed a piece of toast that her brother had made and took a large bite out of it. "Get out of here!" He yelled to her in a joking manner as he went to protect the stack that he had left.

    "I am going to work so I'll be out of your hair." Sydney replied finish the piece of toast in front of him then grabbed her purse and waved goodbye. Her brother and her were really close and so much more so than to their mother and stepfather. In fact, because of their family situation the two of them had gotten their own apartment in town and worked together on the rent. Her brother had gone to technical school and earned a degree in automotive work and so he got paid a hefty amount of money which covered most if not all the bills. Sydney had left school to be rebellious to her parents but she had gotten her GED. Hopefully she would go to college because she wanted to be a nurse one day. Though she probably would not be allowed in because of her gauges. She sighed in her old beat down automobile as she drove towards the shop. The things she did for fashion and to piss off her mother.

    Arriving at the store, Sydney got out of the car and slammed the door. It was a requirement because if not the door would open later. Pushing the door and hearing the little bell of the shop she scanned the place. She did not see her boss and that was how she clocked in was through her. Stumbling over the stuff to get to the counter she looked around and then called out, "Laura, where are you?" And then she did another scope of the place. Oh well, she would come out soon. Turning around she picked up a little statuette of some unknown origin to her and looked at it closely. She wondered what kind of people would actually buy this kind of stuff, this place was actually pretty popular if she remembered correctly. Sydney guessed that the smell of old-antique-shop was calming to some people and just the random assortment of things was the lure. But if she heard correctly each of these items had a story. She wondered what was this'.

  13. [​IMG]

    Brandy got nervous when James asked if her cousin had never used a phone before. How was she going to answer that? Luckily Zehv beat her to the punch and she gave a "yeah," to back him up. Then he brought up clothes shopping and she nodded her head, this was going to be fun. For some reason her antics turned motherly when it came to her demon friend. Walking with Zehv she totaled how much was left on the card. Three time forty was one-twenty, plus forty more was one-sixty. That meant they had three-forty left on the card. That was plenty for them to go shopping with, as long as they didn't hit Hollister or American Eagle or the sort.

    She had to take him to Hot Topic and Spencers, they had clothing that was totally his type but that was not where they would get most of his clothing just some. And Brandy had to make sure that in the two places he didn't get too crude of shirts, even though doing so would again fit his type. The two of them went to a lot of off brand stores and then stores like JC Pennys, Dillards, Beals, and so forth. The acquired a lot of clothing for him which should last him for a while.

    Brandy was fidgeting with her fingers outside a dressing room when Zehv whispered to her. She didn't think she'd be the type who was interested in that kind of stuff but that made such a quick profit. She was a little on the cautious side though because she didn't want to be charged with anything especially because she didn't know what job she wanted in the future. "I say go for it, but be careful. You don't know if there are con artists or alert people, it is hard to tell the difference these days," she whispered back.

    After this store the would be heading home, and Brandy had a feeling of dread about that. How alert was her father? Would they end up fighting? If so her father usually was the victor and she had to hide bruises the next morning. Giving a sigh she looked at Zehv who started speaking again. "You were human once?" she asked in a hushed tone. That was surprising. Brandy thought all demons were demons and everyone else was human. She guessed she had a lot to learn. Smiling at first then scrunching her lips together she rolled her eyes. It was good that Zehv would be able to deal with her girl problem, but she had to get bowing out of his habits.

    Whenever Zehv smelled the air Brandy always wanted to do the same, to see what she was missing out on. It would have to be something she had to stop over time. Brandy's eyes went wide when Zehv asked her if she would feed him when they got home. If she had any of her drink left she would have spewed it. "Uuuh," she started and wasn't quite sure how to finish it. She didn't know exactly what she had to do to 'feed him' but from their previous discussion she had an idea. When she looked at him he was staring at her chest and her face turned red half out of embarrassment and the other half out of shock. Crossing her arms over her chest with bags in tow, she thought quickly. "I, uhh, ummm, OH! I have this neighbor she brings guys to her place all the time to "study" and well there is just noise from her bedroom not ten minutes later. You should totally ask what is going on next door," Brandy said pushing a responsibility off on another person then decided to walk faster and not make eye contact. She was a virgin, plain and simple. She was ready to not be a virgin, but not by the hands of a male.

    They had finally made it home and the neighbor's car was there and it was by itself so she was totally free. "See, an open door," Brandy murmured again not making eye contact. They were finally home and Brandy gave another sigh. She should probably see a therapist because she seemed to do that all the time and there was always so much in her mind. Walking up to the door, she twisted the knob and went in. "I'm home," she said and as she walked through the door a liquor bottle flew through the air and hit the wall right beside Brandy. Gulping, it was already too late, she couldn't leave the house unless she wanted her father to chase her down the street and that was more trouble than it was worth.

    "Where the FUCK," he enunciated the specific word, "have you been. I got you a God damned phone for a fucking reason! Why the hell haven't you texted back?" Brandy was silent and she looked at the floor and then to the walking noise. That was Alice who was looking smug in the kitchen. God, maybe she would have Zehv do something to her to ruin her life too, just like she insisted on ruining her own.

    "Sorry, I didn't hear it go off," Brandy lied.

    "BULLSHIT!" Her father slammed down the bottle he was drinking on the table before taking a huge swig of it. He got up from the table, staggering a little bit as he made his way towards Brandy. "Sooo," He started with a long pause, the buzz probably made him forget what he was going to say, "I heard that you had a FIGHT today at school. You want to fight, huh. Let me show you what a fight is." He told her before finishing up the bottle. Who knows how much he had to drink, he was probably already drunk and it wasn't even dinner time.

    Brandy backed up a little bit before looking her father dead in his eye, which she knew was a bad thing. She always knew that fighting back would make things worse but she got her hardheadedness from her old man. When he swung at her he hit her right beside her eye. Clenching her fist she struck him on his lip. The two were brawling and Alice was just sitting there admiring what she had down. Their fights took a long time to get over but it ended when her father passed out or got tired from it all. They were swinging at each other and at one point Brandy's father pinned her down to start hitting her.

    She was so embarrassed, she didn't think a demon needed to see this portion of her life.


  14. S Є Ʀ Є Ɲ Ɩ Ƭ Ƴ

    Serenity was her name. Previously she had been known as Raccoon, a thief by trade, but now she was a cleric. When her and her brother played the two of them gained levels God speed. They did every quest they could and they had their hands in a few different guilds though they started one of their own call Animals. Raccoon and her brother really close, really close. They were one of the best teams in the game. That was before her brother went to war. As Raccoon, Jasmine started to play by herself and somehow it didn't feel right, but she did the best she could because she had to uphold the guild for when her brother came back. The only thing was he came home in a casket. It was at that point in time she decided that she hated violence, there was no need for it. Something so trivial took her brother's life and she and her parents were left alone without him. So Jasmine decided to make a second character, Serenity. Serenity was going to level through peaceful means. No fighting, just alchemy, mining, smithing, herblore, healing, crafting, fishing, music making, prayer, woodworking, cooking and so on an so forth. Though levels were gained at a slower pace, she was able to fulfill her social life requirement with all her friends in the game, play a game she loved so much, and make sure to keep her peace pact.

    Serenity was a Miori. It was a type of elf that did not look older than a child. She had orange hair that rolled down to her mid-back, tan skin, and olive colored eyes. She did an array of things with her hair and outfits that she wore. If she was in the field picking up items for something she would wear light armor, the only armor her type of cleric could wear. Otherwise, in town she would usually wear something white; it was meant to be shown as a symbol of peace. But the place that she normally stayed was the guild hall of the Animals. Everyone quit when she made the change to cleric but the guild was too sentimental for her to get rid of. So she converted it into a big house. The guild had a lot of funds because of all the skills she worked with. In fact her skill levels were a lot higher than her character level. That money was mainly used for getting food for the monsters she made a pact with since the guild had a stable and grazing area. The monsters that she had, though a few were from when her brother was alive, mainly were able to produce something in which she could work with like milk, silk, seeds, and etc.

    Today Serenity found herself in a high level forest. She was good at avoiding monsters because she had learned their patterns, and was picking berries from the ground, acquiring honey, gathering herbs, and whatever else she could do in the area. Serenity needed a lot of materials to make things so she could sell. There were event pockets of forest pearls and forest emeralds that she needed to mine to make jewelry and she could catch fish to cook. In the midst of all of that there was a group of players that came up to her.

    "So, whatcha doin' munchkin?" An orc male who was clearly double or even triple her height asked. His look was demeaning and he hair an air of egoism about him.

    "I am gathering, what are you up to... Spliter?" Serenity retorted with a question after looking at the male's username, something he clearly didn't do. She was not afraid of him, there were very few things she was afraid of and she learned that you could not judge a book by its cover.

    "How about this. You give us all what you have collected and we won't attack you." Spliter said and the three other players giggled.

    Pkers. How fun. There was no way that she would give up what she had worked for hours to get. There was Spliter, who was a barbarian, there was a thief, a paladin, and a cleric. They really had no ranged attacks, lest the thief had a bow and arrows hidden in his inventory. She couldn't just start running either because barbarians were fast motherfuckers.

    "Blinding light!" Serenity cast, and then turned heels and ran. It was going to hurt them, it was what she did to creatures when they got too close. The only sad thing was that she couldn't go to the previous area because the Pkers had the area blocked so she had no choice but to go up. All she needed was to find a hiding spot so she could use a return to town scroll, but knowing that they'd be on her tail, that was going to be a hard thing to accomplish. Going through the portal into the area Blighted Forest, she looked around and tried to tread carefully. The previous place she was at, Forest Oasis, was twenty levels higher than her so this place would be forty to fifty levels higher, so she might even get an istakill if she was attacked.

    Using what talents she could remember from her thieving days, she crept around corners and maneuvered around visible creatures. Serenity made it to a clearing where she remembered was a haven from monsters because they didn't appear here for some reason. Pulling out a scroll she started the process to go back to town. She was bum-rushed by the barbarian and it knocked her a few feet from where she was but she had to get up quickly or they'd all be around her. Pushing herself off the ground she noticed that the three other characters were a few feet behind the orc so she might have time to get away from them.

    "You should have just given us what you earned."

    "Would that really have stopped you from killing me." Serenity asked sharply only to receive a smile. The answer was no.

    The three other players caught up to the two of them and they started to encircle her. Looking around she felt nervousness. She hated the feeling of dying but right now there didn't seem to be much choice. She was level fifty five in a hundred area, surrounded by level seventy characters. All of a sudden there was a black light cast out, something was summoned into the haven. Serenity couldn't see the monster that materialized because it was from behind her, but the four other players were genuinely freaked out and that didn't give her much hope.

    "Black Edge!" One of the players yelled as he started to run.

    So it was Zola Fang. Serenity had never seen the creature before so she turned around. If she was going to die, she much rather it be to a creature than the Pkers. Even if she tried to run now, Black Edge could travel to different areas and make the other creatures in the area berserk, or so she heard. Turning around she went to look at this rare creature, something very few people have actually seen but everyone wanted to kill.

  15. Ɠ Ơ Ɗ Ʀ Ɩ Ƈ Ƙ

    Godrick had been with the Warrior's Triad, a new guild that was accepting members from the general public. The half-orc, half-drow male had a hand in the creation of this guild and was one of the masters of the guild. There were four others besides him, Cyress was a elf that was skilled in the arts of the huntsmen, Aramis was the she-devil who reigned supreme in the skills of thieves, and Zander the gnome was the magically gifted and trained one of the group of four friends. Though the four were new to the world of guild politics, they had been travelling together and have done many of quests together. A guild was not cheap and especially in the city of Ameranthine, the city of trades. The Warrior's Triad had to battle the bulk of the guilds in the city because if you were to become an adventurer Ameranthine was the place to go to. Cyress and Aramis usually stayed back at the guild to recruit others and try to get people to send quests their way while Zander tried to get a grip on the students at the college of magical arts for possible recruitment. That left Godrick and all the other little minions to go on the quests to bring fortune and fame to the Triad.

    The latest mission Godrick was on, he knew he had gotten because the pay was too low and the challenge was too steep. But he had to prove that he could do it, it was for the guild and everything him and his friends had built up. A cleric from the sect of Nalyne, Goddess of light and well-being had proof that a noble family was using black magic to sink competitors and raise their profits as well as make themselves more well known in the aristocratic world. Godrick as well as the three lackeys that were trailing behind him were given amulets of protection against dark magic, so Godrick wasn't afraid. Not that a half-orc like him would be in the first place. Trailing past mountain grasses and flowers and towering trees, the group made their way to the private residence of the Martele family. The paths had been quiet though some of the others swore that there was something watching and/or following them through the pass. Godrick was not surprised but he had quickly informed the others not to say a word of the mission, not even when they felt it was safe.

    It had taken two days to get to where they were and the group was thirty minutes away from the location of the manor. Nature had been friendly to them, no wolves, bears, or any other uglies had tried to attack them. But now it was getting down to the wire. The mage of the group started suggesting that they'd talk about the mission, but not where people could hear it, through telepathic communication. Though that was not particularly something that Godrick would do, he had no choice if they were to be successful in their endeavors. The group consisted of three warriors and a mage. Godrick explained that he and another warrior would have to take the lead, and one offered themselves up right away, and fight things as they came, while the third warrior protected the mage who would in turn be casting spells to help them win the battle. Though the mage was no cleric, she did have powers of light but they were not as strong. But she had been given seven seals by the cleric to use when trying to defeat a large demonic monster. Though Godrick thought that it would only be a minor battle, it was always nice to come over prepared for a battle.

    The group had finally made it to a clearing where they saw the mansion in view. It was a large, large wooden building that was decorated by an enveloping garden. The gang got into formation, first there was Godrick, a warrior, the mage, and the last warrior. They didn't know if something would spring out when they decided to enter the house but, again, it was all to keep the mage safe. Walking up to a fancy, enclosed porch Godrick went to the door and without second thought kicked it down with his food and grabbed his bastard sword, which the cross-guard was as wide as a grown-man's should to shoulder length and the blade was six feet long. The weapon was all black and it had some gold engraving in it. The previous owner was his mother, the drow, and her culture as well as elven culture was very ornate with their designs on swords.

    Walking through the door frame the half-orc looked around, all he saw was scared to death help. "Get lost." He boomed and the men and women who were working near the front door left the vicinity. When they were in the large den a women started coming down the stairs. She smelled of nobility and egoism. "Now why have you broken my door? Do you know how much that cost?" And then a fang from her mouth showed. That was enough proof that she and her family was working with demons. Unless of course they were vampires, but that was unlikely because the slaves would have stayed to fight.

    It was then that the mage cast fireball and sent it whirling at the woman. They were lucky that she didn't suspect it but she shrilled with the flames and a black form came forward. Two more figures joined in, her husband and her son. With the raise of their hands skeletons started to crawl from the bottom of the floorboards to the top. Gripping his sword as hard as he could, Godrick and the second warrior started running and cutting down the skeletons. The mage started to cast the seals on the heads of the household and they noticed that so it put the third warrior to work. Breaking through the lines of skeletons Godrick made it to the woman and he jabbed his sword through her. Once more, the woman screamed and right then the mage sealed her demonic form so she was killed.

    If this was what it was going to be like then Godrick didn't see why people would be afraid of coming. Then right before him, the son and father became formless for a moment then fused together, and sent him flying down the stairs into a wall. They had become a demon and more skeletons were raised as well as zombies. Okay, things were getting a little bit tough now. There was more screaming but it seemed to be coming from the people who worked in the house. Though normally Godrick would abide by his honor and protect the weak beings, he knew that the zombies and skeletons would reappear, he needed to take down the demon if he wanted to save them.

    Getting back up with sword in his hand he drew the monster down the stairs to where he and the other warrior could get to him without being flat footed on the stairs. Jumping back towards the entity Godrick made another precise blow as did his accomplice. A white light surrounded the demon and it lost an arm and a leg. The seals were working! Then trouble came, when Godrick looked to the right he saw that the third warrior had been surrounded and a fatal blow was coming his way. The mage was able to react before he, and she sent the creatures flying. Turning to the warrior that was helping him out with the demon Godrick yelled "protect the mage!" And in seconds he was the only one fighting the gigantic being.

    It took about ten minutes of fighting, a very slow ten minutes but the four had triumphed. Not without injury though. The warrior that was working with Godrick before going to the mage had a slash down his arm but the other warrior, he looked like shit. Sitting down the group took a breather, though the house still needed to be searched and any demonic stuff was needing to be destroyed. The mage healed the men up and looked herself over, she was fine.

    "Godrick, do you think they have money in the house we can take for our guild?"

  16. There was once a hero. He was not a well known man. He lived his life in isolation. He didn't enter any guild, for they were too constricting. All he wanted to do was to help others like he had been helped in his past, something that he refused to bring up. So he forged his way in the world, making a name for himself by the amount of tasks he had completed by himself. From working land to defeating mighty beasts, this hero did what he set out to do. It was a fateful day when the hero happened upon a battle. It was between poachers and two griffins. One griffin was already on the verge of death and the other wasn't too far behind. Griffins were a protected species by many countries. Feeling a duty to the creatures the hero started to fight off the poachers. When the last of the men laid dead the hero sheathed his sword. He walked over to the creature who was standing beside the other who was no longer of this world. Weiry-eyed, the griffin beckoned for the man to follow and lead him to a tan egg. The two had been warding off strangers to protect their child. Laying next to the egg the mother cooed a heart-wrenching song to the vessel, and as if to put the egg into his care, the mother looked at the hero then closed her eyes.

    The hero never forgave the poachers, they destroyed something so beautiful. A feeling he knew so well, having lived through it twice. Dedicated to raising the chick, he found out from animal tamers, scholars, breeders, and more what the care was for that creature. When the layers of the shield that enveloped the chick started to fissure the hero was ready and awaiting the babe's arrival. The hero raised the creature with such an immense care that it looked like the hero was worshiping a God. The two became so close that even though they were separated by a language barrier they were still able to understand one another. This hero was the first ranger of the Pathfinders. The hero created the organization so others could learn to find their own paths and, in the process of doing so, help others. He taught others the skills of the sword and bow, of botany and animal companionship, of survival skills and scouting. And that became an organization that segwayed into the competitive world and the heart of others.

    The Pathfinders organization took in anyone who was willing to do hard work and dedicate themselves. That was what Eris found so appealing about them. She was born a Sun Elf. Traits of the said elf was tan skin, light colored hair, and golden eyes like the sun. They were the lowest of the low. Usually the race that was servants or worse, slaves. Many didn't trust the race and because the race was so poor and desolate, it was right to. They were your common thieves, but they were usually put down before they could rise up. Eris had lost her parents when she was young in an attempt to rise up against other elves, and she was put in an alienage with others of her kind to grow up separated from the world where they worked. Eris was raised by cousins. Though there was always a bit of pain in her heart. In her teens she became a rebel, stealing from the rich and giving what she could to her friends and family. But it was a matter of months before she was caught. After spending twelve years in a cell, Eris begged for a light at the end of a tunnel. She heard rumors of an organization that would take anyone. And she was willing to do whatever, especially after enduring those long years of labor intensive work, harassment, and a bad psychological state.

    At age twenty-seven Eris joined the Pathfinders determined to succeed. Anything she could do to help further her apprenticeship she did, whether that was take on extra jobs or work longer hours, it didn't matter. There was apprehension at first, from people around Eris fearing her and vice versa. It took a year but everyone eventually settled into their own niche. Some were liked Eris, some were okay with her, and some hated her because of her race, but she still tried to stay positive. In work she was told that she was a natural, that she was going somewhere with her talent, and that drove her more to succeed. She wanted to prove that anyone could do something, it didn't matter what race you were as long as you tried hard. But there were a lot of people who came in with wonderful lives and most of the time ended up flunking out of the apprenticeship because they didn't try hard enough. They hadn't been through situations where doing your best was all you had on the line of survival. At that point, Eris came to the conclusion that you could only know true happiness and success if you experienced the worst in your life; otherwise you'd have nothing to compare.

    The five years flew by but even though she loved being an apprentice, Eris wanted to be a ranger so much more. With all the missions she went on, all the skills she had learned, and all the people she had helped, it was time for her to move on. Today was the day, of graduation. Her final test was given to her. She was to catch a creature and make a pact with it. It would align the two in spirit, in life, and in death. There was a secret to the rituals only the Pathfinders knew. A creature that Eris was interested in working with was a Felis. There were many things she admired about that race. They were excellent hunters and close to nature, as she was trained to be; they were fierce warriors and were intelligent; and most of all, they were beautiful and graceful. There were so many varieties of Felis but the one that caught her attention the most was a Siberian. So up to the mountains she went.

    Clad in winter gear she searched a frozen forest and found tracks that indicated one of the anthropomorphic felines were out on the hunt. Making sure that the white and brown gear blended in with the forest as much as possible she scouted the tracks to a general area. It seemed that there were five to seven Felis who were going through this area so it would be perfect to lay out a trap. Tying white rope that blended in with the snow to two trees, she prepared a trip wire for the first to come her way. It was prohibited to use weapons on a beast that you wanted to be your animal companion so Eris had to work with all her skills for these cats could easily grapple her and even kill her. Waiting behind a larger tree she covered herself up in snow and laid where it was easy to push herself up off the ground if she saw someone trip.

    Now it was the waiting game.

  17. Ceris lifted her head up a little, the pitter-patter she heard behind her resembled that of Rafael, the amount of pressure pushed down by the sole and toes, it was like a formula that she had paid so much attention to. But that came with the territory of knowing someone really well. She was not surprised by his polite response then his sarcastic remark which made her giggle. "It is dead, but for good purpose. One a lot of people are still at the Convention of Thieves, we were one of the "lucky" ones to be able to be excused from today's activities," Ceris told him emphasizing lucky and rolling her eyes a tad bit, "but we have to plan out what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. There is some mechanics to theft you know, at least by the ground." She added with a wink. Pulling an opened letter out of a side satchel she handed it to him. "This lovely, that is what our job is to steal, and the location of it. I took the liberty of reading it to try and start planning." She informed Rafael before pulling out a map. "We are currently here, on the Isle of Thieves which is below the Southern Continent. We need to get to the mid plains of the Northern Continent to get a hold of one key; we have to go to the Eden of Paradise in the Western Continent and retrieve a key; we need to steal a key from the warrior-clad group, the Companions; and we need to go to the magic City of Sages in the Eastern Continent and figure out where the key is on that continent. We already have the Thieve's Key. After we obtain all the keys we will then plan to go to the Palace of Kings in the Southland of the North Continent. So I think the best thing we can do is go East, South, West, and then North. But to do any of that we will need a ship or other transportation, and I hope it is the first." Ceris briefed the man. "However, since we are working as a team, do you have anything to say about my plotting," again she smirked after being serious for a little too long, "or do you agree with it?"

    Shifting in her seat she put two fingers up to where the bar keeper could see and she received a nod, followed by two pints of ale. "How quickly could you get us a ship? They gave us a lot of stipends so we can afford a large crew, but I would suggest to keep it small. I do not want any ideals of mutiny going through people's heads. Because then I will have to kill people, which I do not mind to do, but then I get their gold." She said being a little persnickety. "Also! We are on no particular deadline, that means we can have a little "fun" on the way to where we are going. I've not taken over a ship since the last time I sailed with you and that has been a while. I don't want to get rusty." Ceris hinted her desire to him. Picking up her drink she took a large sip, easily clearing half of the glass. "Oh and you should better hold your liquor, we are drinking but we have work to do later." She grinned devilishly.
  18. What an ironic message. Coming to school to learn how to steal. El thought it was stupid but hey, if someone was going to pay for schooling why not take it. Though that was the street-rat life. You were picked up and sent away if you caused too much trouble and Elousie had caused her fair share. Lifting a large bag up her shoulder to gain more support she grabbed a packet from a women which told her where she would be staying for the four incriminating years here. It was the female dorm room 1127, room B. So there would be two. Hopefully her and whomever would get along, at least somewhat. If they didn’t El would so steal the chick’s shit no doubts about it. But Elousie was aiming for a thieves guild and with that you had to have connections, besides these were kids not stupid, stinking adults; that meant they had some room for trust.

    After unlocking the first door, seeing the couple feet hallway already made this place feel fancy but when she saw the living room set up as well as the kitchen, she knew this place was heaven, she would never graduate. Turning to the right she went and fidgeted with her key and unlocked the balcony which was wasn’t too large maybe a few feet, but her room. It was more than she expected. Plopping on her bed she hugged a pillow, then looked up. Work here is probably going to be hell; it is a compromise. But they even had a walk-in closet. Being a super excited (even though she did not want to come) freshman, she started to unpack and touch everything of her she could possibly. Opening her bathroom made her grin and the water was running.
  19. Eliza was in fact in class. As of late it was normal to start skipping, especially since she tried to follow Minato around to watch out for him. For some reason he had become a brother figure to her and she wanted to protect him. It could have been because of what happened the year before. Not just that, she also felt a sense of duty around him because she was in fact an officer of the Blood Faction and therefore had to live up to a standard that she never thought she would have to live up to. The teacher was talking, nothing important, nothing she didn't know. Biting her lip and going against her better instinct of staying in class she raised her hand to excuse herself from the room, which in all honesty she did not have to lie about going to the restroom or even ask to leave, others left when they wanted to or, like Minato, they did not show up to a class they got to pick out. Grabbing her things, she pulled out money to grab a soda bottle from a machine and then headed to where she knew she would find Minato, outside. Eliza hummed to herself as she let her golden hair down from a braid it had been in. Before she was out of the building she saw what looked like then was confirmed to be Lauren Kilgrif, leader of the group Quota. There was a "look" exchanged which was almost instinctual but Z noticed what she did, shook her head, and continued at a faster pace out the door. There was no need for a fight today.

    There he was; exactly where Eliza thought Minato would be! However, this bum was laying down, then he got up and hit the tree. Eliza wondered what was going on and would ask so. Putting the cold soda on the bare part of his arm, she smiled. "I thought you would want something to drink." She told him before passing it off to him. "So why weren't you in class. I thought I was successful when I tried to talk you into going to class more often, was I not?" Eliza asked a little distraught, but recovered quickly. This was Minato they were talking about and he did what he felt most passionate about, which is why she took to him so well. Plopping down on the ground next to the tree, Z pulled out a book of hers and skimmed to where she had left off. "Do you have any plans for today?" She asked in the middle of her paragraph
  20. Shakti had decided to "skip" the assembly in the auditorium, well, for the most part. See, she had other things to take care of before hand and it was not like she did not know what the head mistress would say, she had been here for a year already and so there was not much of surprise to her. Besides it was pathetic to see everyone cheering, it was not posh whatsoever. Sitting in the cafeteria she swirled a wine glass filled with chardonnay in it then drank lightly from it savoring the flavor. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Well that was something she wanted to and was doing. In fact, she lied that she was going to the bathroom, she cheated the security system, and then she stole the wine and chocolate. Breaking a brick off the chocolate bar she licked her lips seductively as if she were expecting someone to fall to their knees before her. Shakti stopped eating and drinking when the chocolate and chardonnay was gone. Getting up she brushed off her leather, revealing v-neck, one piece suit and fluffed her bob. Today was going to be a day she would enjoy. There was always some freshman to scam. Walking down the hallways, her heels pitter-pattering, she pushed her way into the assembly room and put one hand on her hip. There was fussing already, what peons. Making her way to an aisle seat she sat down and looked at the male who was googly-eyed for her and she brushed her shoulder in his direction and turned away. What a pathetic attempt. She really needed to find the one this semester, she was tired of settling with peasants. Giving a sigh she looked around. There was too many people here to tell but she found that she would be superior to all, she didn't have too many expectations.
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