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  1. I've just got the Hermetic Tarot - the deck used by the Golden Dawn. I gave myself a reading and found it quite accurate.


    *glares back at you*


    Anyway, if anyone wants a reading I could do one for you. You ask a question and focus on it (communing with the subconscious and all that sort of thing). It also helps if the Questioner shuffles the pack... but we can't do that, so I'll just have to think about you a lot as I shuffle for you...


    Anyway.... any takers?
  2. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!!!!!! -jumps about waving hand in the air-

    I has question!!!!!!!

    I ask now or wait for approval O____o .......!!!????
  3. Okay, I'll do you first. (Hurr hurr)

    Ask a question that really means something to you, and concentrate on that question as you type it out.

    Don't expect an immediate response. It's a 10 card reading, so it involves a bit of work on my end.
  4. ok, I don't know how vague I can be.

    Should I move.

  5. Mur?

    I like Tarot Readings!

    The Hermit... the Tower... the.... uhhhhhhhhh..... Yeah... those are the ones I know...
  6. Christian Haak

    Getting into her head? What exactly were they doing to her before they took her from this place? It was so hard to believe that someone could be taking advantage of her like that. Tyler was so… advantage-proof. At least in the normal world it was impossible for anyone to control her like this. ‘Getting into her head’? Could that be true? He shook his head, trying not to become too angry and lose control of his temper. He tried to focus on what the Lieutenant was saying next. “Whatever I get special with the serum?” He asked mostly to himself, glancing around at the other recruits again. He’d said that none of them had been injected yet. It was kind of impossible to ask anyone about this, huh? The only thing he noticed was the weird earthy rain smell that he couldn’t get out of his head since his injection.

    Well, whatever he got from the injection, he would take. Whatever it took, he would do it. “Well.” Christian nodded in response. “I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll train harder than any of them.”

    Tyler Haak

    The sensation of her wind and her hand going right through Jaques’ back and into his abdomen startled her enough to make her eyes go wide. It was like Tyler’s heart had stopped for a moment. She was unable to move until he spoke, confirming that he was actually alright. She quickly withdrew her hand, the wind dying down instantly. She took a few steps away from Jaques just as he vanished into thin air.

    Tyler was shocked to see a bunch of Jaques’ popping up all over the place. Her previous guilt was suddenly over shadowed by the curiosity and fear of what was happening now. What was he doing? Was being stabbed through the abdomen not enough? The duplicates of her trainer watched her for a few seconds before starting to talk. What were they saying? Kill them? He wanted her to kill them all? Despite understanding that she was supposed to be training to fight, having eleven illusions of her trainer form a circle around her and chant the word ‘death’ in the most occult, creepy manner she could possibly imagine was actually not a great motivator. She didn’t really fear being harmed, it was just terribly eerie. “Stop. That’s just creepy…” She peered around at the circle of images, but they just continued to chant and stare.

    She had always prided herself on her ability to stay calm under pressure, to keep a clear head and not make rash decisions. But what exactly was this weird display about – trying to get her to fight harder? Did she not fight in North Korea? Did she not join in at the Syrian house? Damnit, was this not enough? Couldn’t he just teach her what moves she needed instead of trying to rile her up like this? Did he want her to lose control? Is that what he wanted? Ding.

    Tyler looked up, making eye contact with each of the duplicates as she looked at them one by one, trying to discern which one was the real Jaques. “That’s what you want. You want me to lose control. You’ve realized that I’m already much stronger than I’ve let the others see and now you just want to see what I can do.” Her gaze landed on the last illusion, watching it closely. “Even if the team didn’t realize it, I’ve been holding back this whole time. You're just trying to make me let it out.” It was true, her wind and fire as well had gotten strong even in the short time she was training at the E.I., but she’d not put it to much use. Whether it was fear of hurting people or just fear of liking it too much, she couldn’t quite be sure, but there was a reason somewhere for why she hadn’t really let her powers run free like she knew she could. And this was only the beginning. There was so much more potential just waiting to be unlocked, but he wanted her to lose control in order to do that.

    As she was speaking, air was condensing around her body. It started in a ball of wind, slowly flattening and widening into a Frisbee-like disc as she focused on it. Her hands hovered at her sides, imagining how she wanted to shape it in some sort of mimicry of the crescent blades that Jaques had made but this would be a little different. His show earlier had only given her ideas of how else she could turn this into a weapon. With a downward glance, she could see her skin turning blue again with her focus on the one element. Once the disc had reached the diameter of a common tire, it’s outer edge as sharp as the air she’d pierced Jaques with only a moment ago, Tyler’s hand whipped out as if she were tossing a Frisbee. The disc hurtled through the air, arcing around the room and narrowing in on one of the duplicates on her left side. If this attack hit anyone, it would probably cut them in half. Its trajectory had it heading at a 20 degree angle downward and to the right starting with the Jaques image on her nine o’clock.
  7. Should I still try to be a writer?
  8. First. Heh, this shit is scary close.

    Second. I'd rather face the hardships in the end than keep in this pattern.
    Thanks for the reading asmo.
  9. Reading for Jack Shade. Question: SHOULD I STILL TRY TO BE A WRITER?

    Card 1: Your current situation: TEMPERANCE
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    You are in a place of balance and moderation - a home or town that has reconciled itself and acheived equilibrium. This is a safe and tempered place, all things weighed.

    Card 2: Current Influences upon you: KING OF SWORDS
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    You are influenced by a world of thoughts and ideas. Ponderances and suspicions, hunches and theories - they all compell to remain still and reflect in silent and measured contemplation.

    Card 3: Your current destiny if you stay where you are: FORTITUDE
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    A joyful strength, exercised with ease. You will gain a strength, either inner or material, and exercise that strength courageously and with great control.

    Card 4: Your distant past: PRINCESS OF SWORDS
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    A long time ago you were strong and vigilant. You stood up for the right things and protected the right people. You had wisdom, in your way, and acted for the good.

    Card 5: Your recent past: TWO OF WANDS
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    You have recently become stronger, continuing the dominion that you carried from your distant past. You have built upon this strength with boldness and a harmony of control. But with this strength you have become zealous, more restless, eager to use that power for a righteous cause.

    Card 6: An influence that will soon arrive in your life: THE FOOL
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    Pure thoughts and pure ideas will come to you and you will be inspired by something innocent or even foolish. Whatever the case, it will a care-free and original influence that will give you the initiative to conceive of something new.

    Card 7: Who YOU are right now: HIEROPHANT
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    You are a mentor and a man of great insight, with profound wisdom and the power to manifest your ideas. But at the same time you are timid and bear great kindness.

    Card 8: What you are to OTHERS: SEVEN OF WANDS
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    To other people you are a symbol of what can be achieved against opposition. They may see you as ignorant or pretentious, but there is no doubting that you have gained advantage and achieved victory over certain things in your life. They are inspired by this.

    Card 9: Your secret emotions that lie hidden within you: TWO OF PENTACLES
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    Deep within, you are a wander, never happy with a fixed place. You alternate happily between weakness and strength, elation and melancholy. You are industrious but wholly unreliable, toying with foolishness, something prudent and something arguing for the wrong side.

    Card 10: Your destiny if you embrace what lies within: SIX OF WANDS
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    You will become of success and insolence. You will achieve things and overcome strife, conquering obstacles through energy and industry. Your destiny is conquest and victory.

    Well, I think the Tarot Deck wants your babies, Shadey. I'd take that as a pretty big yes.


    But seriously, if you examine the first and second halves of the Reading, the two paths open to you are subtly different. If you remain a writer, you will be faced by this rather vague "Innocent Inspiration", which may also be foolish and dangerous. OR, you can embrace your inner ambition to be something more than a writer and turn into someone "powerful but insolent".

    In the end, its a clash between purity and a possibly bad reputation.... between innocence and power.

    I think either path is a gamble, but looking at the rest of the Tarot you've clearly got the tools to weather both.
  10. Hmmm... Intruiging. I'm Pagan, so card reading is very accurate in my belief.

    Should I still become a video game music composer?
  11. Should I give up on him?
  12. Should I pursue my current plans?
  13. Reading for TK. Question: SHOULD I GIVE UP ON HIM?

    Card 1: Your current situation: EIGHT OF SWORDS
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    Your current situation is called "shortened force" - which is like a sword being bent. Too much pressure is being applied to some parts of your life, while other parts are left in disorder. It's like trying to push your hand through the eye of a needle. Your situation is one of incredible pettiness at the cost of the bigger picture. It is a home or town of selfishness, without affection, with too much force concentrated in too few places.

    Card 2: Current Influences upon you: ACE OF SWORDS
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    There is a great power in your life which is causing trouble. It is like a circle of swords hovering above your head. You cannot tell if this is a force for good or evil - it is very powerful but very uncertain.

    Card 3: Your current destiny if you stay where you are: PRINCESS OF PENTACLES
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    You will become someone kind and generous, with a great capacity for pity. You will find a place become still, concentrating deeply and preserving the things around you.

    Card 4: Your distant past: HIGH PRIESTESS
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    Your childhood was a time of change and fluctutation, but you navigated the changes with great wisdom and sound judgment.

    Card 5: Your recent past: ACE OF CUPS
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    Recently you have become very productive and have been granted an abundance of gifts. You have increased in beauty and happiness, drinking deep from the bounty of life.

    Card 6: An influence that will soon arrive in your life: KING OF PENTACLES
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    Something solid and practical will come into your life. It will be a steady influence and a force of intelligence and reliable character. But, as with before, it is uncertain whether this will be a force of good or evil.

    Card 7: Who YOU are right now: THE FOOL
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    You are a pure idea, a young thought - something innocent and sensitive. You may be foolish but you also have initiative and energy. You are someone with a clean spirit setting out upon their journey.

    Card 8: What you are to OTHERS: TWO OF WANDS
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    Other people may see you as shameless and vengeful, but they do not doubt your strength. They see you as someone bold and controlling, restless in your power.

    Card 9: Your secret emotions that lie hidden within you: KING OF WANDS
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    Inside you have strength, but it is a violent strength.

    Card 10: Your destiny if you embrace what lies within: SIX OF WANDS
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    You will become a figure of success and insolence. You will achieve things and overcome strife, conquering obstacles through energy and industry. Your destiny is conquest and victory.

    Hmm... I'm not sure if that fits at all. The first two cards seemed to fit what I know of you, but I'm not sure about the others.

    It seems that if you stay with him, you will become "still" - find a place of contentment and quiet homlieness. But if you leave him, you will become a little angrier and a little more restless. Sure, this will be a place of power, but I would beware the vague reference to "violence" in the 9th card.

    I think the most interesting thing about your reading is that you have something hanging over you and something that is about to come, and BOTH could EITHER be good or evil.

    So, at the end of the day, I would say the answer to your question is ambiguous. The forces around you are unclear, as is this "violent strength" within you. It's clear that if you stay with him you will find a place for yourself, and maybe not a happy one, but if you leave him you will be digging into a part of yourself that could be very dangerous.

    It's a gamble either way, and I'm not gonna say anymore...
  14. Actually most stated was true.

    It fits actually, quite well....
  15. Reading for Tyler Crane. Question: SHOULD I PURSUE MY CURRENT PLANS?

    Card 1: Your current situation: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE
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    You are in a place of good fortune and happiness, with a destiny ahead of you. A sequence is ongoing and is playing a part in your fate.

    Card 2: Current Influences upon you: FOUR OF WANDS
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    At present you are influenced by the idea of completion. There is something that needs to be finished and celebrated and you are looking forward to the rest thatb follows this labour. Perhaps you are trying to win something, materially or romantically, but the longing for that sense of completion is weighing on you.

    Card 3: Your current destiny if you stay where you are: ACE OF WANDS
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    If you carry on as you are you will gain something and become strong and vigorous. A fire will be lit and you will receive its energy.

    Card 4: Your distant past: THE SUN
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    Your childhood was a glorious time, with riches and satisfaction. It felt bountiful and golden, but you were also arrogant. You felt you had everything you need and would never want for anything else.

    Card 5: Your recent past: DEATH
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    A great change has recently or currently been forced upon you, and you are being compelled to change. A transformation is taking place - old ways destroyed and new ways imposed. This change may have resulted from traagedy or is a simply a rite of passage. But you cannot argue with time.

    Card 6: An influence that will soon arrive in your life: KNIGHT OF SWORDS
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    Someone will come into your life. You may think they are a "twin" of sorts, but in reality they will be strong and fierce, more courageous than you and more skillful. This person will dominate you if you allow them to.

    Card 7: Who YOU are right now: NINE OF SWORDS
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    You are perhaps at your lowest point - miserable, despairing and suffering. You are losing pity for those around you and are taken to lies and deception. You feel your life is a burden and gruelling labour, and you endure this pain obediently and without hope of escape.

    Card 8: What you are to OTHERS: THREE OF SWORDS
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    Others see you a disruptive influence, always quarrelling and interrupting them. you bring mischief and sometimes tears, and they see you as taking pleasure in their suffering.

    Card 9: Your secret emotions that lie hidden within you: TEN OF WANDS
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    You have a cruelty within you - a capacity to be selfish and overbearing. This will manifest itself in restricting and oppressing others and dealing with things through excessive force and abusive pressure.

    Card 10: Your destiny if you embrace what lies within: THREE OF PENTACLES
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    You will become 'elevated'. Everything in your future will be about building, creating and materialism. You will rise in rank and excell in business and commerce. But at heart you will be selfish and always seek the impossible.

    Well, as I said before TC, I don't know you as well as the others, so this might not be the most accurate of readings.

    That said, there's a clear pattern shown here. You're in a good place with a comforting past that has now been upset by great change. It seems that if you stay the course, you will be rewarded with a "fire" to light your life. But if you allow the coming "twin" to dominate you, it will unlock some of the ugliest and darkest parts of yourself and you'll end up as a heartless and abusive materialist.

    So... if your "PLAN" is something you've been sticking to and following, then this is a good reading and a definite YES to staying with that plan.

    But if your "PLAN" is about breaking with the old ways and going somewhere else, then the reading shows that this will be VERY DANGEROUS.

    At the end of the day, Card 6 is the most important in your reading. Someone will try to dominate you, perhaps to exploit the weakness of the recent change in your life. And I think how you deal with this person will determine whether you become someone with a good fire, or an utter arsehole.
  16. I got another question, Asmo...

    "Should I stay in Texas?"
  17. Will I get into a proper College?
  18. Seems the Asmoman has many takers, but I have two related questions.

    Should I run? (And by converse, should I stay, but lats just go with should I run?)

    Will it even find me?

    If those are to vague I'll PM you more details.
  19. Yeah, that's pretty vague o_O
  20. Haha...... vague.....