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  1. I haven't done any for a few months, and I'm still basically a beginner so I thought I'd get some practice in while the kids are asleep.

    I have two decks

    Deck A:


    Deck B:


    I use a really basic four card layout. You'll see when I post pictures of your hand.

    You can give me an issue or idea to focus on or I can just do a general reading and you can interpret it how you want.

    Remember, this isn't really fortune telling.The readings are meant to encourage introspection and show you different ways to approach a problem. I can't give you any cold hard facts. :(
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  2. *groans* Those decks are so beautiful.
    How exactly does this work? Do I type a thing and a deck????
  3. I'm trying to learn this, also. Unfortunately, all I can use is a free app on my Kindle. xD I would love a reading!

    I would like a general reading, please. And if you have a slow night, I have an issue that you could play around with. ^_^

    EDIT: Either deck. What are those deck's names? I recognize some of the art-work, but I can't exactly name it.
  4. Yeah I myself have forgotten how readings are done XD.

    I usually get a mix between Chariot, Emperor, and Magician. I'd like a more recent reading to see how much I have changed.
  5. Use Deck B for a General Reading for me please! Maybe something with a romance focus? Eh, eh?
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  6. I would not mind a general reading.
  7. Give me a reading about my near future.
  8. Choose a deck and and what you want the reading to be about! Or I can do just a general reading.

    Deck A is just from a tarot set I got ages ago. The beand is Running Press. Deck B is the Homestuck set from What Pumpkin. It has absolutely gorgeous art. And I'll give you a reading right away!

    I'm thinking your're thinking of a different type of reading, but I'll whip up one for you anyways! Deck preference?

    In a moment~
  9. Uhm. Romantic on deck B?
  10. I'm probably thinking of the Hero's journey set, Major Arcana Tarots and that lot.

    Anyways Deck B, Near future.
  11. @Jerelin


    Okay, it might be tough to see the cards but every other angle had crazy glare.

    XVI - The Tower

    This top position indicates the issue at hand. The Tower is a pretty heavy card to get in this spot. I hope you aren't too stressed out. It looks to me like it's referencing a changing point of some kind. Something you've been working towards either isn't going or won't go as planned. Something has to happen. Negative consequences are pretty likely, especially when this card is reversed. :c

    XV - The Devil

    This position represents past experiences influencing the present. It kinda seems like it's berating your lack of confidence in your plans in the past? Confidence might not be the right word. Lack of faith perhaps. Your inability to move forward with certainty is what has led up to your issue.

    Nine of Wands

    Food for thought spot. This card is basically saying there's no going back, so don't give up. What happened happened, so you're gonna have to see it through.

    King of Wands

    This card's spot is 'what to do'. It looks like your cards are telling you to trust your intuition when navigating these obstacles. Trust your gut instinct.

    The amount of major arcana in your hand is telling you that this is a very serious issue that should be taken seriously. The Wands are telling you to act now, you've put it off long enough.
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  12. Formatting error? Gimme a sec

    EDIT: Fix'd. There's every chance that hand is a load of crock. I haven't done this in a very long time.
  13. Thanks, @govangogh! I can see what it can be relating to pretty clearly, and yes, I am stressed! Pretty crazy how that happens.

    Thanks for the reading. :)
  14. God I am terrible at using this site. Kids are having nightmares so all this is temporarily on hold. Cool thing about doing this online is I can queue you guys and do it when convenient.
  15. @govangogh

    I wouldn't mind a reading. Either deck is fine. I guess the issue or idea I have is "My Career".

    I'm not sure if that's how I'm supposed to ask, haha.
  16. A general reading with either deck would be wonderful.
  17. I would like a general reading please from deck B <3
  18. I'll take a general reading Please. Deck B.
  19. Is it too late to get a general reading?
  20. Ooo Tarrot! =D @govangogh I'll take a general reading if you're still doing them =D