Tarnished Deities

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    Hades has been ruling over the underworld with a solid grip and his wife Persephone, by his side. However, his regime never pleased the Olympians. Over and over again they tried to strip Hades of his powers but failed each time. One day Zeus asked Circe for her help and together they created a powerful weapon called the Bermuda Box. It was supposed to be given to Hades as a gift but as soon as he’d open it, all his powers and memories would be trapped inside it, making him a common mortal. None existing spell could ever open the box again, once it’s been closed, what ever was inside, was locked forever. Zeus gave the box to Hermes and told him to bring it to the underworld. However, when he arrived, it was not Hades who greeted him but Persephone. Hermes, not aware of what power the box held, gave it to her and returned to the Olympus. As soon as she held the box in her hands, curiosities made her open it up and the damage was done. Persephone lost all her powers and memories, which made her a common mortal. That should’ve been the effect of the spell but it was much more powerful than that. With an empty mind, the spell replaced the blank spaces with new memories of a life Persephone never led and sends her down to earth to live them, now as Muse B. Hades, eventually finding out what happened to his lover, was enraged and promised war with the Olympians as soon as his wife returned home. He went down to earth to find her but to his surprised found out that he couldn’t restore her memories, the box was too powerful. The Olympians, not wanting another war, told Hades to bring Muses’ B memories back in a different way, by making her fall for him. So Hades took on the identity of Muse A and started a life among humans. As a god, it should’ve been easy to be part of their world but it turned out to be a hard task, especially because Muse B was not interested in any kind of interaction. However, the bigger risk was the fact that the longer Muse A stayed on earth and away from the underworld, the weaker he got. Nevertheless, he was never going to give up on Muse B.

    Hades; God of the Underworld, silver The darkness embraced the Underworld, only the red flames from the torches brought light to the Underworld. The prolonged moans from souls kept the hounds barking loudly, yet, he could not hear them. His expression was darkened at the sight of Circe's box, his hands gripped tightly onto the armrest of his throne. The small box was shut tightly, confining all the Godly powers and memories of his beloved Persephone. He stared at the box with anger. The intricate design of the box easily brought frustration. The urge to decimate his brother, Zeus, boiled his blood. His hands had the urge to pulverize his young brother, rid him of his Godly powers, strip him of his title, and make him suffer the pain of being a mortal. He inhaled and exhaled -- each breath taken brought his chest to puff out. Hades abruptly stood up grabbing the box with his hands, gripping onto the small box. Dark power surged out from the core of his bodies and into his fingertips where the power oozed out – yet -- the box exhibited no damage. With that Hades grew enraged and threw the box against the ground. The collision created a loud sound. The sound bounced off the ground and against the walls creating an echo.

    He could feel the frustration ushered tears from his eyes. The tears rested on his eye socket not slipping out until he shut his eyes tightly. Warm tears rolled down his cheeks and slid underneath his face staining his clothes.

    "My liege, Demeter has entered the Underworld." A clear-cut voice broke the silence. Hades looked at the young man, he stood tall with his back straight and his hands behind his back. The God nodded his head. The young servant vanished from his sight quickly, the sound of the door being shut echoed in the room. Anxiety began to build up quickly. He felt the anger emitting from Demeter, despite the fact that the Goddess has yet to appear before him. He felt it, her anger, her sadness, her worrisome -- she felt the same emotions Hades has felt. The footsteps behind the large ornate doors grew louder and louder. The prodded footsteps came to a stop. He felt his heartbeat come to a halt and his hands forming into a ball. The large doors creaked as they slowly opened. He looked towards the door with a pained expression. His dark eyes met her bold blue eyes.

    "What are you doing here? Why are you not above with the mortals in search of my daughter?" Demeter demanded. Her voice was as sharp as a sword and her voice loud as Zeus'. Hades watched as Demeter walked towards him in a hastened pace. He paid focus on her enraged expression, he missed the hand that flew in the air and hit his cheek. Her docile hand slapped his cheek. The pain stung from the beginning, slowly burning. His cheek was left with a red mark -- distinguishable from his pallid skin. "Damn you..." He muttered. His cold fingertips pressed gently against the red mark on his cheek. He hissed at the pain that emitted at the touch of it. "My daughter was endangered once again because of you! She is now above with mortals, living amongst them, clueless of the dangers all because of you!" Her words cut his heart deeply. He gritted his teeth, refraining from saying anything abrasive towards his sister. "This is the works of Circe and Zeus, so I would seal your lips before I tear it from your pretty face sister." He growled. The threat brought no fear from Demeter instead it fueled her anger. "Never call me your sister Hades." The familiar words said once again from other sibling. All six of his siblings have once spoken those words at him. It began to grow onto Hades, in a pleasant way.

    He walked towards Circe's box, which contained Persephone's memories and Godly powers. He bent over grabbing hold of the box. The box was light and held an intricate design. Hades gripped onto it and walked towards Demeter, who continued to speak cruelly about Hades. He extended his arm towards Demeter, handing her the box. "Wha-what, is this?" A puzzled expression decimated the glares and frustrated expressions from her pretty face. "Persephone's memories and omnipotence." He explained. Demeter brought the box closer to her face examining the exterior of the box. As she inspected the box Hades gesticulated from a servant. A young man appeared before him in traditional Greek clothing. He slipped his arms out of his armor and toga, dropping it onto the ground. The room was filled with the sound of metals clattering on the floor. The sound of armor falling onto the ground grappled Demeter's attention. She watched her brother changed into mortal clothes. The God of the Underworld looked down at his mortal clothing -- a black dress shirt with the first three buttons, unbuttoned, a black blazer, black slacks, and dress shoes that shined at the touch of light.

    Demeter scoffed coldly towards Hades new appearance. "Dressing as a mortal shall not bring my daughter home." She said.

    "Of course not, fool. I will retrieve Persephone back myself and restore her memories and abilities.” The plan caused a boisterous laughter to fill the room. He glared at Demeter as she laughed loudly. "You are the fool Hades! The mortal world will weaken you. Who will rule while you weaken yourself? Nyx? Hecate?" Demeter released a cold chuckle. "Ceberus?" A denigrating tone was distinguishable on the last name.

    Hades scoffed. "Thanatus shall rule while I find my bride." He announced. Demeter reverted back to a glare. "Then I expect to see my daughter in Olympus." Hades watched Demeter walk out of the throne room leaving him to himself. The room returned back to its solitary state, leaving him to his thoughts. He stayed within the Underworld for only a minute before his ascension to the mortal world. The mortal world was a questionable world; only Poseidon knew it the best.

    The longer Hades stuck around the Underworld the more frightened he was to enter the mortal world. He paced around the room filling his thoughts with negative outcomes. Despite his loathsome for his sister, she was right. The mortal world weakens a God, if they stray from their domain too long. He forced himself to remember the memories he spent with Persephone. The nostalgia produced the selfsame emotions he felt before -- anger and revenge fused together creating a hodgepodge of emotions. His body dispersed into a dark shadow. His concrete body structure slowly evaporated into a dark gas, which slowly floated up into the air. The dark gas penetrated the levels of the Underworld and the ground of the World. Once the dark gas has reached the mortal world, it recollected itself together forming a palpable, physical body of Hades.

    He looked around his surroundings. The cold air clung onto his exposed skin, the light given to the Earth was limited, and his body was between two large buildings. The God found himself in an alley. The stench of miscellaneous food caused his nose to scrunch up and him to dash out quickly. "The mortal world is horrendous!" He thought to himself as his wrist covered his nose while he ran out.

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