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  1. Future INVICTUS Chars-
    Atticus Quinn "Crisis" Cybernetically Enhanced Human, Recon Division
    Valyra Thestian "Aura" Half-Elf/Half-Human, Medical Division
    Matsui Yuka "Bright" Human, Research and Development: Science Division

  2. Atticus James Quinn
    Nickname: Atty for those who know him well
    Codename: Crisis
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cybernetically Enhanced Human
    Division: Recon
    Rank: New Recruit
    Clearance Level: 1

    Atticus is a rather normal looking man with no real distinguishing features. He has an oval face with little stubble, and bright blue eyes that seem a little more blue than they would be naturally. They almost appear to glow.
    His hair is a sandy blonde, a head-hugging cut, usually a bit shaggy and casual in appearance. He stands at 178 centimeters and weighs roughly 72 kilograms. His body is toned from years of construction and mercenary work. He has moderately tanned skin. When clothed, there is nothing significant about Atticus other than his slightly unnatural eyes.

    When he has his clothes off, however, it is quite obvious that he is no regular human. Along his spine there are metal plates and small wires looping from badly scarred skin into the metal spine. Scar tissue is built up around the metal. This metal spine goes from the coccyx to the base of his neck before it disappears. On his chest, there are more wires travelling from his sternum down to the sides of his abdomen. He has similar small wires along his biceps and thighs.

    Please click image thumbnail for other appearances.


    +Thoughtful: Atticus is a very thoughtful man, and tends to see things through a more patient lens than others. He sees the fine details of things instead of rushing forward. He makes a wonderful recon agent because of this. His use as an assassin earlier in his life helped him to keep himself alert and aware of his surroundings. He is also a moderately thoughtful and considerate person, and puts others in his mind before himself. Specifically his family.
    +Idealistic: Atticus believes that anything is possible given enough time. Even though life has beaten him down time and time again, he truly does believe that whatever ideals anyone might have, they are completely possible to achieve if they try. Of course, not everyone will succeed, but he has hope in the human race.
    +Responsible: Any actions taken by Atticus are to be claimed by him and only him. He takes punishment when it is due and when he understands why, but can become bitter if punishment is handed out without explanation.

    ±Casual: Despite his cold and callous exterior while on duty, Atticus is actually quite a casual guy. He isn't always doom and gloom, and isn't always alert and in fight mode. He likes to relax every now and again, especially if he has a good book to read or music to listen to.
    ±Obedient: Atticus likes to follow certain procedures. He doesn't like to draw outside of the lines. Lines were put there for a reason. He follows his orders like a good boy, and doesn't like to divert from the norm. However, he is only willingly obedient to those he sees can be a good leader. He is only begrudgingly obedient to those who are not, and will only remain so until he can find a good out.
    ±Stern: While he is currently a soldier, Atticus is first and foremost a father. He looks to those younger than him as kids who need protecting. He will chastise them for doing something he doesn't agree with or if they are doing something dangerous. This can get him in trouble with some of the more youthful immortals.

    -Blunt: Atticus is not one to beat around the bush. If he sees something wrong, he will call the person out. He will not usually lie for the sake of another, unless under very specific circumstances. He is always truthful in trivial matters, and doesn't understand why people would choose to white lie.
    -Moody: Because of the rewiring of his brain, it can be hard for Atticus to really keep track of his emotions. He can change at the drop of a hat, which is annoying to everyone including him. Especially him. He doesn't understand most of the emotional switches, so he can end up a bundle of nerves trying to calm himself down.
    -Sly: Atticus is a sneaky bastard. According to him, he always has been. Growing up in poverty, he had to be. He isn't above stealing to survive, and he is incredibly good at sneaking around. He can get people to tell him information he needs just by using simple misdirection and some faux charm.

    Atticus was born in New York and was the oldest child out of 4. His family was working class, and nearing poverty. He was forced to work to help his family survive. When he was 18 years old, he met her. His wife to be. Marilyn. It was love at first sight for the two. They adored each other, even if they were worlds apart due to social class. Atticus was working class, Marilyn was from an upper class home and was an only child. Her father practically forbade the two from marrying, but they ignored his wishes and married within just a year of knowing each other. With her access to money, they soon had their own house.

    Three months after they were married, they conceived their first child. Nine months later, they gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they named Avery. Two years later, they had a little girl named Tiffany. They were a happy little family. Atticus had found a good job working as a contractor and Marilyn had found a way to work from home and also take care of the children. All in all, it was everything Atticus could ask for, and he was happy.

    When the children were 8 and 7 respectively, disaster struck the Quinn family. Atticus lost his job due to an injury that left him in the hospital for a few weeks, and Marilyn couldn't keep the family afloat with her online job. Atticus couldn't find a job that would take him, forcing Marilyn to ask for money from her father. He relented, keeping the couple comfortable for a few months. However, it was soon after that her father became terminally ill, and died only three months after prognosis. Atticus and his family had to sell their home, and move into a small apartment just to make ends meet. They also had Atticus' hospital bills to worry about.

    It was around this time that Atticus started to go to street fights. Not to play, but to compete. He was strong from his old job, and his injury was nothing that kept him from fighting. He quickly rose in ranks and became a crowd favorite. He was earning good amounts of money, and also catching someone's eye. It was then he entered his regretful life of mercenary work. He was given weapons and told to provide muscle to his boss, a mobster who was famous on the streets. He became good. He became very good.

    Marilyn never approved of his line of work, but wasn't able to do anything. The two still loved each other and their children deeply. She became his weak point. He threatened to leave mercenary work if his pay wasn't increased- he had a family to think about after all. Instead of increasing his pay, they took out his family. He came home to find them gone. When he confronted his boss, he found they were alive and well, and would stay that way so long as he played along. He had no choice.

    Demands became increasingly harder, and he was basically becoming an assassin, taking out marks so he could see his family for an hour that night, and to keep them alive. The final nail in the coffin is what officially sealed his fate and got him noticed by INVICTUS. He was given two options: go free with no strings attached and forsake his family, or have cybernetic surgery and let his family go free while he stayed behind and became a personal bodyguard to his boss. He of course chose the latter. He was surprisingly able to have a short and final farewell with his family. He went into surgery the next day.

    Atticus came out of surgery with a new spine and nerves. These let him control magnetic fields around him. He was appointed to protect his boss, and did so for roughly a year. During this time, he worked on trying to find his family and to get out of working for this man. While he never was able to find his family, an opportunity to escape came quickly enough. It was explosive and violent and he killed many of the people he had worked with over the years, but he was finally free. He went into hiding, following a lead that lead him towards Texas, but he did not hide enough. INVICTUS found him and recruited him only a couple years ago. He hopes that in this organization he can find his family and finally live in relative peace. He was just transferred to the Recon Division a month ago due to his mostly stealthy abilities.

    Atticus only speaks English and is not fluent in any other languages.
    Atticus has never pursued a higher education than high school. Even though he is lacking in education, he has a decent handle on tech because of his time as a mercenary.
    Atticus wears a lot of non-magnetic materials to keep himself from being affected by his own abilities.
    His fears include losing his family, returning to life as a slave, and very small spaces.
    His aspirations include finding his family, returning to a normal life, and having more children.
    Atticus has a slight New Yorker accent.


    Atticus has no natural weapons, and carries the normal loadout typical of every new recruit in recon.

    Ability Name: Magnetic Manipulation [active]
    Description: Due to his cybernetic installation, Atticus has the ability to create magnetic fields in his hands. While he can only affect those wearing metal or metal objects, it is quite effective in disarming foes. He can throw and move metal objects, so long as they don't weigh too much. He has been known to lift things up to 136 kilograms, but usually he can only lift things around 90 kilograms. He uses this ability for stealth by wearing metal plates on the bottom of his shoes, and allowing for the magnetic field to make it so he is basically walking on air. He can also shoot "balls" of this magnetic field to push back anyone wearing magnetic items. This is an active ability, meaning it is not always "on". He has to activate his cybernetics in order to use these abilities.
    Strengths: Can lift metal objects he normally wouldn't have the strength for, can easily disarm foes from a distance, can make his footsteps silent, can divert metal objects from hitting him directly.
    Weaknesses: Using his ability too much can scramble his brain and leave his nerves burnt out, leaving him not only vulnerable to attacks, but also unable to form coherent thoughts. He can easily overuse this by lifting too much weight. This doesn't work on non-magnetic things.

    Ability Name: Magnetic Manipulation [passive]
    Description: Atticus' cybernetics not only allow him to tap into them to use them, they also provide him a passive ability. There is always a slightly more powerful magnetic field surrounding him than others. While this is not enough to stop a bullet, it can usually stop metal objects from doing as much damage to him when thrown, such as throwing knives.
    Strengths: Always has a small amount of protection around him.
    Weaknesses: Has an annoying side effect of ruining his use of compasses, and can pick up small metal objects and cause them to float around him. It is common for him to find random pins and metal shavings floating within arm's reach. Doesn't work with non-magnetic things.

    Ability Name: Magnetic Shielding
    Description: By expending the majority of the power stored inside his cybernetics, Atticus can make a decently large force field of pure magnetic power. The magnetic power of the force field is so great, that it repels even a normal human's natural magnetic field. This is only a last resort ability, as he will be utterly useless until his cybernetics recharge once again. This can cause him lasting brain damage. He has used it twice, once while defending his boss, once while escaping.
    Strengths: Very powerful, can stop anything with a magnetic field, can slow bullets to a point that they are rendered useless.
    Weaknesses: While it does repel attackers, allies also cannot move through the shield. It is a "final attack" scenario that will leave Atticus unconscious, it will send metal objects flying and potentially hurting other allies outside, it will repel those inside the shield if they are wearing magnetic metal.
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  3. Matsui Yuka
    Nickname: Yu
    Codename: Magenta
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Division: Research and Development: Science and Technology
    Rank: Senior Agent
    Clearance Level: 4

    Yuka is a young woman who appears to be a bit younger than she is. She likes to dress in bright clothing,
    which normally wouldn't be found on people nearing their 30s. Her hair is a bright pink, and shaved on one side.

    I'd like at least a paragraph about your character's personality. Try to include three positive traits, three neutral traits and three negative traits.
    If you need more prompt, then include situations in which your characters would act a certain way.

    some characters have very very long pasts, so all I'm really looking for is a summary and reference to important events in the character's life, as well as how long they have been with INVICTUS and their feelings toward the organization.

    lorem ipsum


    this is the section to write down what weapons the character uses. they could be standard issued ones as well as their specialty ones. this may also include weapons that they innately have (like claws or fangs, etc).

    Ability Name: (what the power is)
    Description: (what the power can do)

    (you can add more abilities using the same structure above)
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  4. Sable Elias Mereworth

    "Fight me if you wish, but know I am old for a reason."

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