Tarantula Hobbyist Anyone?

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  1. So out of curiosity, is anyone a Tarantula Hobbyist or have a pet spider? I am in a lot of groups on Facebook with Hobbyists and now I was wondering if there was anyone on Iwaku. I actually have four spiders myself though I only hold one since I don't want to piss off the other ones. I have;
    1. G.rosea
    2. GBB (Venezuelan Green Bottle Blue) My most expensive of my collection.
    3. Mexican Red Knee
    4. Pink-Toe

    I think it would be really cool to find someone else who is into spiders~

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  2. Awwwwww. It's pretty. I wish I could have one.
  3. Why couldn't you? They are amazing to have or I should say some of them are. :D
  4. I must say I am not scared of spiders xD or fluffy tarantulas.

    But I don't know of I could have them as pets lol

    They are cool though!;)
  5. My apartments/boy friend shun the idea of owning a spider v.v
  6. Gah, these things freak me out. But when you see enough of them, they sorta turn cute.

    It seems so rare to find other people who like, let alone own tarantulas.
    I have a rosie and she just molted a few days ago.

    I also just inherited a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater
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  8. @Ash
    That is so awesome! I bet it looks amazing now~
    A birdeater huh? What a task you got there, I am aiming to get a Mouse Spider XMale or maybe....A Widow? Still deciding. The black and red theme is my next goal. How big is your Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater?

  9. @ZsafineGypsy

    Whoa. As in... Australian mouse spider?
    We don't even have those where I work! Haha.

    My salmon pink is almost full grown. Leg span of probably eight inches now. She had a bad molt so the museum gave her to me since they couldn't put her on display anymore.
  10. Correct! We don't either... But doesn't mean I won't go look for one when I want a spider. I traveled down south to see the "Banana Spider" Of course I couldn't have one but I love to travel for arachnids.

    That is nice, can I see a picture? It is unfortunate she had a bad molt but it happens. I am sure it is in good hands.
  11. Wow, that's awesome. I like arachnids but I've never thought about traveling to see them. I'm usually traveling to see more exotic mammals. xD

    Sure, I don't have a picture of her on my phone and I'm not home. But I can see if my brothers will send a picture of her. They're deathly afraid of her since she's so big. She looks normal now but for the first month, we had to keep her in an ICU and in complete darkness. She was so limp that I could just pick her up and do whatever with her. But she's normal now! :) Looking good. Just not as fast-moving.

    Is your rose hair the only one you handle?
  12. Can't wait to see it.

    Yes she is. I don't like to hold my poo-flinging Pink-Toe for obvious reasons of "poo-flinging" wasn't a hint enough. Once in a while I'll hold my Mexican Red Knee since he is calm but I refuse to hold me GBB since it was very expensive and precious.
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