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Game Masters: Ryex

Accepting New Characters: Yes

Posting Expectations: Be able to post once every week or two

Rating: PG13 (hopefully, but I'm not going to get upset if it becomes partially R)

Genre: Galactic Quest

Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, Dramatic

Timeline: Far Future

Basic Plot:
It is the year 3780NE and humanity has spread out across the cosmoses, taking a shuttle to another planet in the solar system is the equivalent of taking a bus across town in today's world. And traveling to another solar system would be like taking a plane ride across the country. Multiple solar systems have been organized in to vast galactic governments. Technologies like food synthesizers have been created and discarded for better. But humanity has not changed…

Wars, competitions of power and petty hate still exist. People preach about how far humanity has come, discarding prejudges and living in harmony with all races and religions. But these things have not gone; people have simply found new targets.
Around the year 3600NE a new unexplained mutation started appearing in the general population, at first it seemed to have no prominent effect and the people who had it went and lived normal lives. It did not stay that way though. About three generations in the mutation passed from parent to child grew more powerful the doctors watch it closely and at first nothing seemed to change but around 16 to 17 years old these children started to manifest strange supernatural powers. They could change the world around them; mold it like clay with their will. Anything they believed to exist DID exist until they lost concentration or forgot about it, there reverse was true too anything they believed did Not exist simply vanished until they forgot or lost concentration.

The first public incident occurred a school bully punched a kid with the mutation in the face, sitting on the ground crying the kid had the brilliant idea to imagine to world without the bully, who promptly vanished from existence right in front of everyone watching. After this the world erupted into turmoil, religious institutions latched on to the children as either prophets of their deity or daemons from the depths of their hell/s. And those of the scientific persuasion view it as an inevitable mutation of the human genome, one that was a grave threat to their daily life not many people could rest soundly when there realized that they could be erased from existence by the thoughts of another human.

At first governments tried to keep it under control by isolating the children form society keeping them locked away in nice comfy buildings with plenty of entertainment and teaching available to them, Prisoners in all but name. But the children grew and after a few years of peace the young adults, realizing the oppression they were under, wanted no more. Walls mean nothing when their occupants can simply imagine them gone; possible to walk through; or in cases of the more violently inclined or those with minds that didn't grasp the full existent of their powers, explosives or other weapons to remove them.

The world began to call these mutants who mold reality like clay Artists, and for years they have roamed the galaxy revolting against governments and discovering the limits of their powers and the curses that come with them. As the Artists used their powers many of them started to go insane. Voices in their heads became imaginary friends that quickly became not so imaginary because the Artist in question believed them to exist, and from there escalating to general madness. It progress at different speeds for everyone, an Artist in their fifties could be anywhere form slightly insane to stark raving mad. But their end was certain. Those who went completely mad often ended up killing themselves with creations from their own nightmares. But despite the perils many survived and persevered over the 70 odd years from the manifestation of the first Artist's powers. They still search for a home, one where they can be accepted the live out their lives in relative peace. Rumor speaks of such a place, of solar system isolated near the edge of the galaxy, place where they can be free from the oppression of galactic governments.


Jack Yamal lay on him belly peering over the edge of the four-story building into the ally below. The night was dark on this planet with no moon to speak of but light leaked in from the street giving him enough to see by. It was empty. And as far as he could tell it wasn't being watched either. He started to lower himself over the edge when he spotted two figures in black trench coats entering from the street. "Dam," he whispered to himself "I thought I'd lost them three streets back." Very slowly, Jack pulled himself back over the edge of the building, so as not to make any noise. He failed. the leg of his pants caught on the metal edge of the building and ripped slightly the sound echoing loudly in the quite ally way below. The two figures looked up and quickly spotted him on the edge of the roof as exposed as he was.

Cursing Jack freed his pant leg with a quick jerk and sprang to his feet. Below, the two figures has produced small hand guns, the things were type that were made from plastic and fired ceramic beads as projectiles. They were the preferred weapon of assassins as they were easy to get through security and they were light and surprisingly accurate for their short barrel. Jack rolled to the side as a ceramic bead wised past his ear, he had heard no gunshots, he wouldn't have, the guns were probably silenced quite effectively.

"I guess I'm going over the ally," Jack thought. Not a simple task for a normal human, the gap was at least twenty feet and the other building was about ten feet higher. But then Jack was not exactly a normal human, he was what was known as an Artist. Not the drawing and painting kind, mind you. Jack's Artistry was of a supernatural origin. By tricking his mind into believing that something was real, reality shaped itself to his will and it became real. The reverse could also be true; if he wanted something to not exist all he had to do was believe that it wasn't there. Jack quickly thought himself up a wooden ramp to span the gap. And the ramp was there. No fade in or flickering as there might have been with other Artists. That was his specialty; every Artist had an area of Artistry they were really good at. His was the creation of objects.

Jack took the ramp at a run, crossing the space in two leaps and he kept running across the roof of the next building. The ramp vanished just as soon as he feet left it for the roof. Reaching the edge of the next ally way Jack stopped. This one was clear but his pursuers were still on his tail, they would be on top of the building in a few second. Jack took a moment to prepare himself, and jumped. Not a moment too soon for just as he crested his jump he felt a ceramic bead brush the hair on the top his head. Within seconds he had doped below the roof of the building blocking the line of fire. All he had to do now was survive the five story fall.

Concentrating, jack used his powers again. In the same way that he had made the ramp between the buildings Jack fix in his mind the air below him being thicker, like water, but without the surface tension. About ten feet from the ground Jack hit the column of dense air he had created and his decent slowed to a manageable velocity. Once inside the dense air Jack made it just a bit thicker just to slow him a bit more. When his feet were three feet from the ground Jack released the image if the dense air from his mind and almost instantly reality went back to normal. Jack dropped to the ground a hit it at a run, dodging through the lightly crowed street ignoring the shocked night life that until a few seconds ago had been going about their shopping.

"Artist!" shouted one of the pedestrians who had overcome their shock. Jack ignored it. He would have to worry about the local law enforcement once he had escaped these black coated hunters. out of the corner of his eye Jack saw five of the men in black trench coats sprint out of a small side street and start chasing him down the street. The tell tail clack of a ceramic bead hitting a light post he was passing told him there were firing at him. "These pedestrians are in danger here" the thought floated across Jacks mind, without really thinking about it Jack acted on it the entire population that was on the street disappeared. Temporarily wiped from existence until he either, brought them back, forgot about them, or lost consciousness. He would of done the same to the men chasing him long ago but his one attempt had failed, they were probably all wearing a AATFL (Anti Artistry Temporal Field Lock). Just like himself and other Artists, they were immune to the direct effects of artistry.

Jack kept running, dodging around parked vehicles, trash bins and lamp posts. More and more the trench coated men emptying onto the street from the alleyways and side streets he passed. There were about a hundred of them were behind him now. "Maybe it's worth a shot now," Jack said to himself. Skipping to a stop Jack turned around a picked a parked vehicle place conveniently between him and the chasing mod of black trench coated men. "bang" he said as he raised his hand palm out towards the mass of men. Neither the word nor the motions were strictly necessary but they did help trick his mind into doing what he wanted. The vehicle lifted off the ground and with a thunders clap launched itself at the men, breaking the sound barrier in the process. The resulting scene was like a game of human bowling. But his improvised missile only took out about a third of the chasing force, the rest just kept on running towards him ignoring their fallen comrades.

Cursing Jack spun on his toes and set off at a run again. There was an ally ahead perhaps he could lose some of them by taking to the roof tops again. Grabbing the corner of the building Jack flung himself into the ally at his top speed. He rounded the corner, thunk, there was a sharp pain in his chest as Jack stumbled backward out into the street away from the trench coated man who had been waiting in the ally way. He stumbled and fell back landing on his behind with a large jolt of pain as the knife protruding from his chest moved. The men who had been chasing him in the street vanished in mid step.

"Why?" Jack asked in a horse voice of the trench coated figure in front of him as he spat up blood from his now punctured lungs. "Why were you chasing me?"

"Why?" the figure crackled pulling back the hood of his coat, Jack didn't recognize the face, it was devoid of any indentifying feature it was just a generic face like one a company could create for it's new line of androids.

"You know why Jack, You always knew."

"No I don't, just tell me, grant me a dying wish. Tell me why!" the shout echoed in the night fallow shortly by a fit of coughing up blood. The figure bent low over Jack's head to wispier into his ear.

"Your insanity Jack, we're you paranoia manifest." With those words the trench coated man's form began to grow misty, fading from existence.

"you not real?" The words escaped Jack's mouth in the middle of a cough "you're an Artist creation, who created you? For what purpose?"

"Why, you know that too jack," the figure was even mistier now, the feet were gone entirely. "You created us Jack."

"Impossible" all that now remained the trench coated figure was the generic face, and that too was fading from existence.

"Your insane Jack." The face was only mist now only the eyes remained solid.

"But…" that was when Jack saw it. Every Artist had the ability to distinguish between Artist made and real objects; it was a skill that manifests itself as the Artist grew. And it grew stronger with age. A particularly skilled Artist would see something that looked like knotted string at the center of an object that was made by an Artist, and a creation that was being actively maintained would have an length of string trailing off in the direction of the Artist connecting them to their creation. At that moment Jack became aware of such a string going from a ball of loosely knotted sting in the center of the figures forehead trailing into Jack's chest, the same with the knife in his chest. "No" the sound escaped his mouth at a whisper.

"Goodbye Jack. Enjoy the afterlife, if there is one that is." With that what remained of the face vanished into thin air.

The void engulfed Jack's mind. as he lost consciousness from loss of blood the knife vanished from his chest and the missing population popped back into existence to find a man laying on the street 500 yards from where they saw him what seemed like a split second ago, with a stab wound in his chest.

Extra Info / Author's comments


  • General RP rules with a few exceptions
  • no more than 4 characters
  • at least one of those characters should be an Artist
  • as previously said Artists slowly go insane from use of their powers
    if your Artist is over 30 they should be showing signs of insanity, over 60 and their probably a lunatic. the speed at which one goes insane is not the same fore every one however, if they are a stronger than normal Artist they wont go insane as fast as others. the reverse is true too if they are weaker that the normal Artist they will go insane faster. there is a point of no return on both sided though, if an Artist is REALLY weak, like they can't effect something more than a few inches away and even then not very much, then they will go insane very slowly. if is An Artist is extremely strong, like they can effect things on a plaint's surface while they are in orbit, they will go insane extremely fast. also if an Artist dose not use their powers the process is slowed but not halted
  • the strength of a average artist is like so. they can do pretty much what ever they want inside a quarter mile radius, as long as they have the mental capacity to maintain concentration on everything they are doing and make them selves believe that what they are doing is real, (the belief part is only a real problem for young inexperienced Artists)
  • anything an artist is doing subconsciously. ie. they are not aware they are doing it, like a result of insanity. is NOT effected by the Artist's limits.
  • an artist's powers can not directly effect themselves, other artists or any one/thing inside a AATFL. by that I mean they cannot make the person
    or object vanish from existence/alter the object/grant superpowers ect.
  • An Artist can't alter space or time. ie no instant transport or going backwards in/forwards in/stop or pause time
  • dew to the powers of an Artist asking for no god-modding seems a bit unfair, as such god-modding is allowed providing that the act is withing the Artist strength to do, and the artist had the cogitative power to do it at the time.
  • there is a thing known as going critically insane, this is when an Artist's insanity takes over and the artist ends up killing them self by manifesting their nightmares. this is what happened to Jack in the prologue
  • an Artist might be able to bypass their normal limits with unconscious thought but that doesn't include manipulating themselves, other Artists, or objects within an AATFL. they can manipulate the appearers of Non-Artists though as long as they aren't wearing an AATFL. but for themselves, sorry no shape shifting, at least not through Artistry technology is still open.

Bio Template
Character Name:
Artist?: Is your character an Artist
Artistry Specialty: Most Artists have a specialty, a type of manifestation that they are really good at and can exceed their normal limits in, take Jack from the prologue for example, he was good at manifesting normal objects. your specialty might be making things vanish from existence or it might be modifying existing objects to your will ect. most Artists have a specialty you don't have to have one, but just because you have a specialty doesn't mean that you can't do other things an Artist can still do anything they believe to be real, thats the trick, they have to convince them selves that its real. or not real if they want to remove something from existence.
however. if you wish to play it as your character doesn't understand the full nature of his or her powers an so they only know their specialty thats fine. just expect it to be pointed out to your character at some point or another that they can do anything.
General Appearance:
General Personality:
General History:

IC Thread

Also If you have ANY questions or uncertainties about the nature of an Artist's powers or what would happen in specific situations PLEASE PLEASE ask them.
I felt I should post my character for everyone else's sake

Character Name: Alexander "Alex" Corbal

Gender: Male

Artist?: Yes

Artistry Specialty: Modifying existing matter

Age: 38

General Appearance: With a chiseled chin and angled face Alex is exactly what he appears to be. a ship captain with combat experience and he has the scares to prove it. the most prominent one is a thin pinkish gray scar that crosses his cheek bone and extends from just above his left eye down to his chin. his head is toped with slightly curly ear length dark brown hair and has a short beard growing on his chin. A respectable figure in general.

General Personality: while Alex tries to appear upbeat in front of his crew the stark truth is that life is rough and the edges in Alex's personality show the strife he has experienced. he holds a very realistic view of life and rarely tries to watter down the hard truth.

General History: Alex grew up on the run. his parents were both Artists and the traveled around the galaxy trying to stay alive. when Alex was 12 both is Parents went critical within two weeks of each other while in the middle of a deep space transfer. that was when Alex grew hard. when the ship auto pilot brought him into a space port a week and a half later Alex fled the ship and stowed away on a cargo ship leaving his parent's bodies laying on the ship floor. life on the run was hard for him as it would be for any young boy and when he turned 16 and his Artist Powers began to manifest he joined up with an Artist based Mercenary group hoping that the members would help him learn about his powers.
The various governments supported the mercenary group and others like it as any use full weapon. Around 27 Alex took control of the mercenary group after the death of the leader and became a well know captain. Alexander got fed up with the governments though and instead reformed the crew and went in search of the rumored safe haven for Artists.
Let's see what I can come up with...
Character Name: Eric Dorian
Gender: Male
Artist?: Yes
Artistry Specialty: Manifesting/altering mammals (other than humans); controlling their behavior somewhat.
Age: 22
General Appearance: [Must think on this a bit]
General Personality: Easygoing and optimistic. Would rather blend in with surroundings than make a scene; as such, he tries to exercise his powers (when he does) in the least obvious manner he can think of.
General History: Eric's parents weren't Artists, so his life was fairly normal until the day a friendly grizzly bear appeared in his bedroom. He hid his 'gift' for awhile, but was eventually discovered and ran away, overreacting. He has since taken up an odd job here and there, using what public transportation he can and generally trying to stay under the radar. Even when he isn't exposed as an Artist, he is a bit paranoid that people around him know more than they let on, and doesn't stay in one place for long if he can help it.
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OH wow! some one joined yay! awesome specialty I never thought of that one.
as for help with your history, think along these lines. Artists are basically outcasts they aren't exactly hunted but they are feared by the general population. and most governments have enacted strict laws that make using Artist abilities unlawful. so any artist would have grown up constantly moving from place to place trying not to attract attention. dose that help?
I will be workin on a character, not sure when i will get it done though.
Ok, when I have two people with characters up I'll post the IC thread.
@Xindaris: I see you edited your char sheet to add history. looks good to me, other GM might ask for more but I think it fine, our characters evolve as we write them.

another thinks I think I forgot to say. when the IC thread starts the setting will be that of the prologue, I ask that every one place there characters on the planet or in orbit of it.
Alright, thought I'd jot something preliminary down just to say that I'm interested in joining. More details later on.

Character Name: Ano'Maley ( or Anomaly. Real name, Cale O'Maley )
Gender: Male
Artist?: Yes
Artistry Specialty: Anomaly specializes in the manipulation of sub-atomic level reactions. Unfortunately, his relative inexperience means he is unable to consciously manipulate these reactions to an exact degree. Instead, they tend to manifest as something more base, such as an explosion, or a surface melting or hardening. He is always gaining new ways to alter a substance or area as his experience grows. However, because of his lack of understanding on the nature of his artistry, he sees his abilities as pre-set 'spells', like colour or heat change.
In actuality, were he to gain complete control over his powers, Anomaly could manipulate the structure of items, atmospheres and particles in such subtle and complex ways as to change the very nature of everything around him in every way.
Age: 25
General Appearance: 5'9", willowy and aesthetic, Anomaly isn't much to look at. His features are plain and uninteresting, except for his eyes. His iris is as inky black as his pupils and so wide that it almost looks as if his eyes are black themselves. This lends him an aura of fey malice which few people react well to. In addition, whenever someone looks at him, leaves, then returns a little while later, something unidentifiable will unsettle them about his appearance. Anomaly unconciously rearranges his features ever so slightly every hour or too, always into something plain and boring, yet disturbingly different ( although so far no-one has been able to put their finger on what shakes them about him, apart from the eyes ). He favours uninteresting clothes, too, like grey slacks, smart shoes and tops with popular or overused product and band logos on.
General Personality: In contrast to his carefully-groomed, boring appearance, Anomaly likes everything around him to be constantly shifting. To further this, he has a kind of enforced wanderlust that sees him relocate solar system on a weekly basis, never settling in one spot for long. His personality is one of slight detatchment, never seeming to show much emotion in any given situation and as liable to walk out on the good part of a movie as he is to sit through a seven hour lecture about marine microbiology.
Still young, Anomaly's insanity is still in its larval stages. It takes the form of a slow loss of identity. As he shifts the world around him like an obsessive compulsive decorating their bedroom, he subtly, microscopically changes himself in the same manner. As he gets older, this will get worse, resulting in everything from a rapidly shifting appearance, to a changing biological structure. Eventually, he will turn his powers of change on himself and become either something that does not exist in this universe ( or cannot ) or something that's such a blasphemy against nature that it explodes violently and messily.
In contrast to other Artists, Anomaly is relatively at peace with his powers. However, he dislikes the application of them. Where he sees his powers as destructive, he would prefer them to be creative and productive. Artistic. He lacks the control to repair machinery or biology, to create food or resources, or to help with scientific endeavour. But he would like to, and that desire for control is what drives him.
General History: To be decided.

Please let me know what you think of the character idea so far- feedback is always appreciated and let me know when and if you want me to start posting for the story! 8)
hmm, I think there might be a slight bit of a misunderstanding, most Artists have a specialty you don't have to have one, but just because you have a specialty doesn't mean that you can't do other things an Artist can still do anything they believe to be real, thats the trick, they have to convince them selves that its real. or not real if they want to remove something from existence.
however. if you wish to play it as your character doesn't understand the full nature of his or her powers an so they only know their specialty thats fine. just expect it to be pointed out to your character at some point or another that they can do anything.

also the whole thing about "unconciously rearranges his features ever so slightly every hour or too" (you misspelled unconsciously & two btw) won't work. an Artist might be able to bypass their normal limits with unconscious thought but that doesn't include manipulating Themselves, other Artists, or objects within an AATFL. they can manipulate the appearers of Non-Artists though as long as they aren't wearing an AATFL. but for themselves, sorry no shape shifting, at least not through Artistry technology is still open.

*edits this into the first post*

apart from those two things all is well. I'll give this till the end of the week for others to join and then I'll post the IC thread and we can start the story!
I put up the IC thread feel free to start posting, If your not done with your Bio and stuff don't worry all I really care about knowing at this point is your age and specialty though having appearance down is quite handy.

IC Thread
I think I have an idea for this one. I might, hopefully, have a character up for tomorrow. Just reserving a spot so you know. Manifestation, alteration, sudden growth and enlargement of - all variations of vegetation aka plant life - think thats gonna be my specialty.
Character Name : Hralag Akintude

Gender : Male

Artist : Yes

Artist Specialty : The control of plant life. He can will it to grow from a seed to a full plant in moments. He make it move unnaturally and bend its growth pattern to his will completely. He can't create a plant, he has to have a seed, but other than that his control is nearly limitless.

Age : 19

Appearance : Hralag still has a very boyish face despite being nineteen. He has long, messy auburn colored hair and dark green eyes. A short stubby nose and a scrunched looking face he is far from pretty. He's 5'3" and just a tad on the pudgy side.

Personality : Outspoken and hot tempered. Hralag believes the fight should be taken to the governments and regular voices that opinion openly. He has a strong dislike of 'normies' and general distrust for everyone.

History : Hralag grew up on an agriculture world on a large farm. Since he could walk, he worked, planting and harvesting different varieties of edible plants. The majority of his world was covered in forests. Areas not covered with forests had farms of all variety and food from his world was shipped across the system. His father always thought he simply had a knack for farming. Anything he put into the ground would grow. His crops would always grow bigger and produce more vegetables and fruit than his father. But it wasn't long before his father, and others, noticed he had was an artist. For one year he used his powers in the open, putting his gift to grow more produce not only for his fathers farm, but the surrounding one as well. This increased monetary gains from the farmers and they were very happy. However, the farmers who made their living off cattle and other animals were not. At the age of 15, the government came, they came armed and with malicious intent. When his father hid him inside the house and refused their entry they gunned him down as Hralag watched through a window. Rage filled him and without thinking the several plants on the farm stretched and grew to his will strangling and crushing the soldiers who had killed his father. One his neighbors assisted him and getting a ship off planet. As he left the world he willed the plants to die, crippling the farming world and causing famines throughout the system. He jumped from planet to planet, gathering rare and deadly seeds from a list of planet. He'd sneak into towns and plant these seeds throughout cities than will them to grow, crippling cities as venomous plants released spores through them. He became a terrorist, striking against the government at every turn he could. Hiding in the forests of planets until he could sneak onto another ship and strike somewhere else. Even though he is only nineteen, his power is very strong and he has used it nearly everyday for years, the first stages of psychosis have emerged. Sometimes, very very rarely, his plants talk to him.​
Character Name: Gregory 'Greg' Richardson
Gender: Male

Artist?: Yes
Artistry Specialty: Crafting illusions to distract people.
General Appearance:
5'7", in shape but not very muscular. Greg has a bit of stubble on his face and has medium-length curly hair. He wears lots of grays and browns so as not to draw too much attention to himself. He walks with a noticeable limp in his left leg, which was broken when he was a child and never healed properly.
General Personality:
Wary of most people. Doesn't like to talk a lot and usually prefers watching people than interacting with them. Even though he doesn't talk much he isn't afraid to voice his opinion. He is loyal to his friends, of which he doesn't have many.
General History: working on it...
good good! Cotillion and xmelesiox feel free to start posting, if you have things like history unfinished thats ok you can add them later.
@xmelesiox as your character is 15 is is just coming into his powers, he can't of had them for more that a few months and can't understand them yet. as such it makes sense that he is only working with plants, but it will be pointed out to him the full extent of his powers eventually so he shouldn't stay limited to plats forever.

also, as for where you start, you should start your char on the plant that Jack from the prologue died on, preferably on the same evening.
Ah - hah. I knew there was a reason why I picked an older age before I switched it all to a younger one. I'll fix - make him a bit older to make his history work a bit better and what not than post.
Changing my characters current age to 19 and the age in which his father died to 14. Other than that backgrounds staying the same and he's still only going to working with plants - hasn't yet realized exactly what he is and what all they can do. Expect a post within the next 48 hours. Thanksgiving turned into a week long event with the first Thanksgiving at my house so I've been busy.
Been really busy this week, and I'm going out of town for a gig tomorrow, but I should be able to get a post up on sunday night.
good good. my activity will be unpredictable for the next two weeks due to finals. so post and be mary
Alright, took me a little bit longer than I wanted to get a post up but I got one up. Its longer than I expected it all just kind of started to flow.
simply wow. both of you made great posts. this may will turn out better than I had imagined.
I hope it does man cause it is a very interesting concept in my opinion and the character idea I pulled forward for this one is an old one I never got to try out.