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  1. Well we already know we're following pretty much the plot of the movie with our own twist. We'll use this to discuss and suggestions or plot ideas.

    Name: Royce Dewitt
    Age: 21
    Looks: He has short blond hair, green eyes and is wearing this kind of outfit.
    Personality: Royce is a pretty adventurous guy. He likes the thrill of being able to explore new places and meet new people. Royce is also known for being a smart ass too making snide remarks and not caring who he hurts or pisses off in the process, unless that person is his little sister. He can act very kind and caring and a bit over protective of his sister mainly because of her special abilities. There are times when Royce can act immature and stubborn and when he sets his mind on something he mainly focuses on that one thing.
    Bio: Royce is a bounty hunter going around the kingdom of Corona tracking down criminals and bringing them back dead or alive......mostly alive. He makes a bigger profit doing that. One day when he was tracking down a couple of thieves he stumbled across this huge tower in the middle of the forest and decided to check it out thinking that it will lead him to his bounty.
  2. Shall I make a profile for Rapunzel?
  3. If you want to. Working on the IC thread.
  4. [​IMG]
    Princess Rapunzel of Corona

    Eighteen | Lost Princess of the Royal Family

    * Kidnapped as a child from her crib, she's been raised within the confines of a castle by the only guardian she's ever known: Mother Gothel. Rapunzel's sole companion is a Gecko she's named Pascal. Keeping herself entertained by expressing her creative and artistic nature however possible, Rapunzel seeks adventure and dislikes being forbidden to leave the castle.

    * She's feisty, defiant, kind, sweet, shy, romantic, energetic, confident, adventurous, courageous, curious, innocent, rightful, funny, child-like, creative, clever, and determined.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.