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  1. Royce had been searching through the forest for about an hour and a half trying to find the Stabbington Brothers which were his new bounty. Less then a day ago the two brothers broke into the castle and stole the crown of the lost princess so now Royce was on the hunt to bring these two to justice.....alive of course. He had gotten word from a merchant in the castle town that they were hiding out in the forest and decided to check it out. So far, he's come up with no leads. "Man, either they're good hiders or they're not hiding in the forest." Royce said to himself. He tried to leaned up against what appeared to look like a rock wall. however it was a thick curtain of vines and he ended up falling into what looked like the entrance of a cave. "Great, can't get worse." Royce muttered to himself and he got up and brushed himself off. With no where else to go he headed deeper into the cave having no clue where it would lead him. Upon getting to the exit of the cave Royce ends up in a small clearing and in the middle of it all was a very very tall tower. "......Holy crap." Was all he could think of saying. "Guess they were hiding pretty good." He smirked as he assumed this is where the Stabbington Brothers were hiding. Royce decided to head towards the tower and find out for himself.
  2. Rapunzel truly believed today would be the day she'd be given freedom from the castle. She'd been prepared, all packed and ready to begin her adventures in the mysterious world. However, after a firm lecture from her guardian, Rapunzel discarded her belongings back into the closet and collapsed into her bedding. With her head faced down in the pillows, Rapunzel was unaware of the approaching stranger to her castle. Mother Gothel was already gone, having left the depressed maiden with crushed dreams and tear stained cheeks.

    "It's not fair, Pascal."

    Rapunzel's beloved companion cuddled up beside her hand, nudging her fingers gently with the tip of his nose. Tomorrow was her nineteenth birthday and all Rapunzel wanted was a chance to see the glowing lights that brighten the skies on that magical night. As of currently, without her mother's blessing nor permission, that dream would have to wait for another day.

    CS (open)
    [​IMG]Princess Rapunzel of Corona

    Eighteen | Lost Princess of the Royal Family

    * Kidnapped as a child from her crib, she's been raised within the confines of a castle by the only guardian she's ever known: Mother Gothel. Rapunzel's sole companion is a Gecko she's named Pascal. Keeping herself entertained by expressing her creative and artistic nature however possible, Rapunzel seeks adventure and dislikes being forbidden to leave the castle.

    * She's feisty, defiant, kind, sweet, shy, romantic, energetic, confident, adventurous, courageous, curious, innocent, rightful, funny, child-like, creative, clever, and determined.
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  3. The tower seemed to be getting taller and taller as Royce got closer and closer. He let out a low whistle once he was right next to it. "Damn, it's a lot taller than I thought it was." He said to himself looking straight up. "Now to find a way in this place." Royce circled around the tower a few times but he couldn't find an entrance at all. Perhaps there's was a secret entrance so he tried pushing in different stones but none went in. Royce sighed in frustration. "Looks like I'm doing this the hard way." He muttered to himself.

    Royce was going to have to climb the tower. Luckily though he had a tool for that and reached into his jacket and pulled it out. It was a chained spring loaded device called the Hookshot. He bought from this crazy inventor in another kingdom he was visiting a couple years ago. It's helped him get to unreachable places ever since. Royce aimed the hookshot at a wooden post right at the top of the tower. Like usual the hookshot hooked on without a problem and Vaan slowly raised up to the top of the tower.

    Landing quietly on the edge of the a small window like wooden door he quickly and quietly put the hook shot away and took out his sword. He was getting this guys, dead or alive especially after all the trouble they put him through. "Alright, at the count of three I bust in there." Royce whispered to himself. "One......two......three." Royce kicked that window opened and jumped in, his sword aim at the thief. "Stop right there you two!" He said looking at the......thief? No, it wasn't a thief at all. It was a, girl? A girl with extremely long blond. What in the world was she doing up here was Royce's first thought.
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  7. Someone had broken into her castle. The noises gave away the situation before Rapunzel actually saw the intruder. She ran to the kitchen, grabbing the first thing within her reach: a frying pan. Pascal cried out, making whatever noise he could and alerting Rapunzel that someone else was now inside the castle. Coming cautiously from the shadows, sunlight washing across her frame, Rapunzel approached the stranger with the frying pan held tightly in her hand.

    "Who are you?"

    It seemed the most logical question.
  8. A few things were going through Royce's head. Why was this girl stuck up in this tower alone? Besides the ridiculous hair she looked pretty normal. Also why on Earth was she trying to challenge him with a frying pan? Especially since he was holding a sword. Seeing the blond holding that pan, trying to look menacing actually made Royce laugh a little. "I don't think you're going to win a sword fight with that." He finally responded with slowly walking towards her.

    "There's no need to be afraid. I'm not a bad guy. In fact I'm looking for two bad guys." Royce then said to her. He continued to walk towards her slowly. However as he was inching towards her one of the wooden floorboards came up from the floor and slammed right into his face. Royce stood there for about a few seconds before he dropped his sword and fell to the floor right next to Rapunzel unconscious.
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