Tangled - A worthy Disney animated feature?

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Saw Tangled the day after it hit theatres. I expected it to be continuing the neo-Renaissance of Disney movies.

It turned out to be kind of average.

Music was weaker than weaksauce and blander than bland ("When Will My Life Begin?" makes me want to stab my eardrums, its so generic!). Mandy Moore is not a particularly spectacular voice actress (I'm more a fan of Jodi Benson and Tara Strong myself). And the film's musical score seemed designed to pad out the movie to the 100 minute mark; without songs, the plot is a very, very lean 80-85 minutes, easy. The villain isn't particularly villainous (but compared to Judge Claude Frollo, most Disney villains look like freaking saints).

On the plus side, Tangled didn't try to shove the romance down my throat. The interaction between Flynn and Rapunzel was natural and organic without the quippage of unresolved sexual tension. The animals didn't talk and emoted much more with just expressions and gestures than with words. Rapunzel's parents didn't say a THING and still emoted better than Mandy Moore.

Oh, and Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel) belts out a Broadway-esque villain song that is quite entertaining. As usual, the villain gets the best song.

One entertaining factoid is that everyone in the cast did their own singing.

Plus, it has one of my favorite voice actors as the B-list villain, Ron Perlman (the Stabbington Brothers). I like Ron Perlman. The Stabbington brothers kind of look like human versions of Hellboy, even.

Overall, Tangled was a mediocre Disney animated movie that seemed better because of the relative lack of animated features. Its better than Pocahontas, but worse than, say, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Lion King. It combines all the stuff that made Disney famous, while refraining from going too far down Trope Lane. Its evenly balanced in all its aspects (except music, which just tanked), meaning its very average across the board: voice acting, animation, and plot.

Tangled wasn't the best, but it was worthy enough to be 50th Animated Movie.