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  1. Tanaria, after many years of war, death, and suffering, has finally reached an era of peace... At least as close as that is possible.

    [​IMG]The kingdom of Palarta. the city build itself from a small fishing community, to the strongest kingdom in the known land. Another reason for its current status, is because it houses one of the most beautiful women in nobility, and her position as a princess, adds to that reason. Many noble Lords and Princes rush to the land, spending more and more gold in an attempt to win her over, simply adding more wealth to the city. Palarta is separated into three districts. The castle, and the buildings surrounding it, The district of Light, where the nobility and wealthy live. The center, and the main market, The district of Stone, the general housing of commoners, inns, brothels, all trade and craft. And finally, toward the southeast of the city, the District of Water, where the cites Docks are located, along with other, non civilized individuals are housed. Palarta, is located in the center of Tanaria, and generally welcomes all races.

    Surrounding the northern, and eastern kingdoms, is the forest known as "Deaths Shadow" Nicknamed by its unique tendency to constantly remain dark. It is infamous for housing most of the worlds bandits and rouges, and the occasional Dark mage. There are few towns, and those few are heavily fortified into small City-State like castles. They generally serve as market areas, a place for travelers to stop and rest up, with the occasional house or two. Each city state is governed by its own set of laws, and its own Ruler, but are strictly loyal to the Kingdom they are currently resident in.

    The Plains of Hallan. Is by far the most peaceful land in all of Tanaria. It is believed that it is in fact the celestial burial ground of a long forgotten god. The plants that grow here are among the rarest in the world, and naturally cannot be picked. The 'Flowers of Dreams' are a rich purple color, with a glowing pollen that erases all thoughts of violence. Not much is known, as the flowers simply cannot be touched, an unnatural aura simply pushes away any attempts to harm the plant. But few who have touched its petals, described it to be the most heavenly feeling on this world. The plains of Hallan, are between the western kingdoms, and stretch to the borders of Palarta.

    Sunaria, is the kingdom of the Elves, otherly known as 'The Palace of Water'. It is located West of Palarta, just outside The Plains of Hallan. It rules under a public law, having no king or queen. The city is rich in Mithril ore, and Sunstone, the second most rarest gem in the world. It glows with a spiritual light, which alternates from white, to gold. The Elves here are kind, and welcome all travelers with open arms, but do not allow them to stay forever, and usually require them to leave within a few years. But all Elves, even mixed with other races, and allowed to stay as long as they like. The town is equally balanced, and is only separated by water, its residents generally able to easily survive.

    Toward the north, is what is simply explained as "Hell". Not much is known, as few people have ever returned, those that did, claim its impossible to live there, but have found strange, glowing buildings embedded into the land. Generally, the only life that allows itself to be seen is the occasional lava, or fire dragon.

    Located deep inside 'Hell' is whats known as the "Devils doorstep'. Nobody has ever ventured this far, but have only seen glimpses of it far miles away, during brief clearing in the volcanic ash. It is covered with demons, and is the only area where even the Dwarves refuse to travel, under no circumstances.

    The Mountains of Tornavan, are nearly the opposite of 'Hell'. Equally unforgiving, but much, much colder. Featuring general polar wildlife, ice dragons, and Witches of the White. Its infamous for its large count of feral undead, for it borders the Leayth. It generally makes up the southern, and far east side of Tanaria, stretching far back into the unknown world.

    Far into Tornavan, is the land of the Leayth, the world of the Undead. Skeletons, Gargoyles, Vampires, Wraiths, anything that is living a non-living life, resides here. Only one man has ever made it back alive, and has never spoken a word since that time.

    The kingdom of Almular, is the homeland for humans. Unlike Palarta, Almular's King, Josavier Devona, sets his greedy eyes on every opportunity for wealth, and is often at war with itself. Though despite its troublesome king, was once the start of Tanaria, and produces many kind hearted Humans, who want nothing more than peace. Located southeast of Palarta, bordering the Tornavan mountains.

    Gro'deshir. Is the industrial capital of the world. Located northwest, along the Fields of Hallan, and the mountians of Hell. It houses the lands Orcs, Goblins, and Dwarves, having formed a rather stringy alliance in an attempt to bring science to the world. Due to each race's grump nature, the alliance is thin, and few travelers stay for long.
  2. OOC plot discussions, character signups, ect ect are here.

    • General realism, hunger, thirst aren't needed, but are encouraged to be added.
    • Dice system for fighting real people(Just ask if you don't understand)
    • God modding depends on how its done, what it does, and who it involves, and if it is in your characters base description.
    • Don't be afraid to add as many details as you want, but if you have a writers block, try to squeeze out at least one good line.
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  3. I would like to participate in this. Is there a general storyline or just a "As you go along?"

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Cael Thelzal
    Age: 28
    Show Spoiler

    Profession: Dark Wizard
    Homeland: Death's Shadow
    Background: Was originally a wizard heading towards the path of the clerics before a dark curse was placed upon him. It slowly ate away at his heavenly magic leaving him unable to use them but instead granting him a vast understanding of the dark arcana. Since the loss of his powers he has resided in the deep deep parts of Death's Shadow. His home made out of the bones of dragons long dead but illusioned to appear a friendly and warming cabin. He spends most of his time researching a way to remove the curse that plagues him while searching for another to balance between both the dark and the light in hopes of creating an entirely new type of arcanic powers.
  4. It would probably best to put your character sheet in your First/Second post, for easy access really.
    Character (open)

    Name: Marina De'Cluse
    Race: 3/4 Human. 1/4 Elf.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: White hair, Light chocolate eyes. Soft, quite voice.
    Picture (open)

    History:Marina, is part of the once Royal family of De'Cluse. Limited in everything she did, has little experience of the outside world. Her only skills are dancing, singing, and a general amount of white magic. But a whack to the head with her staff is sure to get things done as well.

    The only real family she has ever known was her father, who had always told her of heroic tails, showed her around the castle grounds, and privately trained with her. He was always there for her, and she thought him to be the greatest man in the world, despite being an Elf. Her mother, died a week after her birth. All she knows, as that the castle was once raided, and her mother killed. She was human, and is who Marina gets her looks from, but the chocolate eyes are Marinas fathers. However, due to her more angelic morality, has begun to change to reflect that, her hair becoming more white, and her brown eyes slightly brighter.

    Marinas father was killed on her nineteenth birthday, the legal age for marriage in Palarta. The reason is still unknown, but the city is now governed by a set of military generals, and little has changed. Due to the death, she fled from the castle and now lives on her own, just outside of the Plains of Hallan.

    Personality:Mostly, Marina is a very shy, and very lonely girl. Keeping herself locked in a shell in the presence of other people. When around people she trusts, is a very open, very giggly, and very rude to a 'kindly' extent, mostly with flirting, crude remarks and behavior. But, when she is treating someone of their injuries, does her best to keep them calm, and earn their trust for the time being.
    Misc (open)
    She's not great with love, having no actual relationships through her entire life, and still being a virgin, is often afraid of large and rough natured men. But, if they are kind at heart,(and if she trusts them) she is usually more rough natured than them, known for beating men twice her size in an arm wrestle.She mostly wears white, and will always wear a white dress if available, having been fascinated by the color because of her fathers hair.Its rumored, that she can easily tell a persons general personality by just looking at their eye movements. Depicting if they are good by nature, or evil. But rumors are rumors, and it is yet to be confirmed.She will most likely develop a strong bond with a single person, and stay with them generally everywhere, be them any race, or gender.The only way to tell that she is part Elven, is by her eyes mostly. As whenever they widen, will usually expand like a cats, but toward the sides, and its only noticeable up close. Along with her ears, pointed ever so slightly its normally "only noticeable up close."
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  5. Marina sat up, shaking the grass out of her hair.

    She loved the Plains of Hallan, every night she would come here and just look up at the stars, remembering the past. It was quite, peaceful, and secluded. She could easily spend a hundred years here, and never be disturbed by anybody, except maybe the wandering Elf.

    She lifted her right hand, and gazed into the Onyx ring that hugged her pointer finger. It had once been her fathers, given to her the morning of her last birthday. Remembering him, she let out a soft Sigh. That was another reason why she liked it here, it washed away the painful memories. And just as she thought about it, the sadness was replaced with calm.

    She laid back with her arms crossed in front of herself, the flowers around her illuminating slightly more brighter at the disturbance. It was slightly cold, but getting warmer by the day, which must have meant it was coming around to summer.

    She closed her eyes, and allowed herself to drift to sleep. Not having to worry about a thing in the world, as nothing could harm her here.
  6. Show Spoiler
    Name: Cenru Silvan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female, but wants to win the love of the princess, so pretends to be male
    Homeland: Death Shadow Forest
    Short Bio: Cenru's parents were poor residents of Palarta city. Her parents didn't want a child, so they dumped her in the Death Shadow forest. Luckily a young, female mercenary found Cenru crying under an oak tree, and decided to take her under her wing. The mercenary often protected travelers in the forest for money, which Cenru grew up helping with. This taught Cenru how to fight, justice, and how to comfort people. The pair only visited a few small towns, for supplies, but on her 17th birthday Cenru decided to visit Palarta. During his visit she caught sight of the city's fair princess. Alas, it was the cliche love at first sight. Over the next few years Cenru trained in becoming a suitable suitor for the princess: she started acting as if she were a gentleman (since Cenru assumed the princess is straight); she practiced her sword play even further (to protect the princess and fight of other suitors); he tried to gain as much money as possible (since gold seemed one of the necessities to win her love); and Cenru studied hard in a library (she didn't want to appear a fool to the princess). Now that Cenru is 20, she is actively pursuing the princess- but Cenru is still a fairly well known mercenary for hire.
    Personality: Cenru is somebody who prefers the company of one or two people rather than many. She knows how to socialize, but Cenru is rather mistrusting, so she doesn't like to get to know many people. She isn't particularly cold, she just doesn't take an interest in most people. If somebody is in danger though, Cenru will jump in to avert it- she hates seeing others in pain. Typically Cenru acts serious, and isn't a fan of jokes, as she's seen how harsh the world can be. Cenru has mixed opinions on lying- sometimes she thinks it's necessary, at other times she thinks it impedes justice. What ever the case, Cenru is a loyal, focused, and totally dedicated character.

    Cenru was roaming in the plains of Hallan for the first time in his life. She was truly amazed by how magical and relaxing this place really was. The plains exceeded his expectations from the rumours by far. Cenru decided to sit down for a moment, to order her thoughts. She'd came to the plains to try to calm down enough to work out what to do for the princess of Palarta's birthday tommorow. It was harder than she thought though, as every time Cenru thought of the princess Cenru felt worried about her and annoyed she couldn't easily speak to her. This led to the flowers pushing away all the troubling thoughts of the princess in Cenru's head. Instead, Cenru was left with a happy, but meaningless, emotions.
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  7. Marina was still surprised at how slow, or fast news could travel. She had been to the Industrial kingdom: Gro'Deshir, not even a week ago, and it only just begun hearing rumors about the missing princess, Marina. It took her not even a week to travel from Palarta, to Gro'Deshir on foot. But then again, people don't tend to travel there.

    It's been nearly a year since Marina left the city, and prefers the 'life on the road' more more than royalty. It was free, unscheduled, and completely limitless. Without having to worry about ball dances, the constant bribery of pestering Lords and Princes, any of it. She once met a Prince who was too frightened speak anything when she stood up too him. He was the cowardly type, who picked on those who he thought couldn't fight back. 'If only he could see me now, he'd better promise more roses' With a small squeak of laughter, thinking of people reactions, of how the once famous Princess was now a White Witch.

    But that set Marina into more thought of the actual Witches of the White. They weren't really white, but an icy blue color, and they brought only a death of cold. While in some of the remaining Mithril tablets that hold the history of the world, a group of actual White Witches were an emissary sent out to root out the worlds evil and convert it.

    Maybe Marina would go with the name of 'The White Witch'. Because it was clear that she was fascinated with the color White, and she sought nothing more than to bring good to the world, with her own sense of things.

    Where did everybody go?! owo It got so quiet in here.
  8. ((Shhh, they're hiding in the bushes, scared to sleep. XD))

    If she hadn't been upon the plains of Hallan, Cenru might have screamed. The impossible-to-find Princess Marina was right there, before her very eyes! Cenru almost poked Princess Marina, to check she wasn't a Hallan-produced illusion. But Cenru trusted her heart to be able to recognize the Princess in any state, and her heart said it was truly the Princess. Cenru became over-excitied for a moment, so the flowers pushed away the 'stressful' thoughts, but soon Cenru was filled with the pure joy of seeing Princess Marina once more. Letting the flowers help compose herself, Cenru sorted her hair out, and neatened her clothes. In most places Cenru would have taken ten minutes to think thing through before talking to Princess Marina, but the Followers Of Dreams (which were turning out to be be both helpful and annoying) wouldn't allow such worry. Instead, Cenru simply strolled up to the Princess, and blurted, "Good evening ma'am."
  9. Marina gave out a small surprised squeak, and whirled around to face the stranger with her hands raised. As expected, her sudden anxiety was replaced with confusion instead, and slight embarrassment for being caught off guard so easily. Letting her arms drop back down to her sides. Her eyes narrowed back to their normal self giving a small second chance to see them dilated, but it was clear they were Elven.

    Marina still had no clue what too do. She searched the strangers eyes, but couldn't find anything because of the flowers. So she gave in, and tried the practical, but awkward approach. "You frightened me..." It was all she could think of, it was clear that she wanted to say more, but she didn't know what.
  10. The wind had finally died down to a light breeze, enough so that the rider could slide the visor of her leather helm back. They had been up in the air for maybe six hours now and knew that they needed to find a place to stop for a break. Even a dragon needed a break once in awhile and they were pushing it at that moment. The desire to rest where they had decent cover was becoming a fleeting dream with only vast open plains stretching as far as the horizon before her. It wasn't ideal to sleep in the open, it made a dragon quite a target to foolish adventurers and even more foolish princes. Hearing that the Princess was of marrying age, there would be plenty of them trying to give the present of a dragon's heart or any other body part to the girl.
    'Navi, don't think like that. It makes me nervous.' Her companion's voice drifted in her mind. She patted the side of his thick scaly neck to comfort him. Their bond made it easy for emotions to be passed over to the other. It wasn't necessarily her thoughts that made him nervous, it was what she was feeling that was probably doing it.
    'Sorry, I'll think happier thoughts...like rump roast.' The mere mention and mental image of the sizzling dinner made both of them growl hungrily. It would take a number of rump roasts to feed Dar'Theron and most of the gold crowns in her pack. It much easier to let him hunt a mastodon down instead. Thinking of home made her swallow down a lump in her throat, fighting the realization that she was homesick.
  11. 'Navi, better hold on.' She heard his voice come quickly into her mind and she felt his urgency from the order. Flattening against the saddle, she looked about but didn't see anything that could have been a threat to them. Usually the only thing they ever ran into was the gargoyles in Leayth. She didn't think there were any this far northwest of the Land of the Undead but being a pilgrim in this new land, any could be possible.
    'What is it?' She asked but he didn't give her an answer, he only turned in their flight trajectory to a lake looming toward them. Feeling the muscles in his wing tremur under her thigh, she heard him roar in agony that she too felt. He ignored her panicked callings of his voice and continued in his flight course to the lake below them. When she realize they were going down and would nose dive into the waters, Navi quickly disengaged the belts that kept her in her saddle and let go.
    Their nose dive had built a great deal of wind that she was caught like a kite and was flung into the water. Landing on her back, the wind was knocked out of her as she sunk below the surface. Feeling a searing pain in her chest, she furiously kicked her legs and propelled herself toward the light of the moon and broke the surface with an audible hack as she proceeded to cough the lake from her lungs. Her mind reached out to Dar'Theron but the only impressions she could reach was the pain he was in. She didn't understand what had happened, they couldn't have been hit so why did they crash?
  12. Cael was alone as usual, the quiet serenity that surrounded him in the afternoon was a mockery to him. The death's shadow was a place full of vagabonds, rogues and generally devious inhabitants, many of which were on the run from the law or just rather enjoyed being cruel and unusual. This was opposite his own goals and tendencies though. Today Cael had found himself nearby a lake just a few miles outside of the forest, it was rather large and thriving with fish for him to catch and cook.

    As Cael sat on the ground and pulled out his fishing materials he could hear something in the distance, for a moment he thought it was just his imagination but the sound was getting closer and closer. It sounded like a low pitched whistling followed by a rumble, Cael was quick to put up a defensive barrier in case it was a long ranged attack from an opposing wizard. His eyes widened in shock as he saw a dragon hurtling towards the lake from the sky, something seeming to be stuck to it's back. Just before the dragon had collided with the water he saw a girl unlatching a saddle before plummeting into the lake on her back, a painful landing if anything. Cael set aside his materials as the backlash of the wave the dragon made met him, his robes were completely soaked as he dove into the water to go and help the woman who was now rising from the water so she could breath. "Are you alright madam?"
  13. She spat again and turned to see a man swimming toward her, with only the illumination of the moon to reveal anything she thought she saw him wearing soggy robes. There was a sensation about the man, something she could only identify as magic pulsing beneath the surface. It wasn't uncommon for her to be around magic users as the Lókaman were adept at magic themselves and the occasional Witches of the White getting too close to their citadel. In this part of the country, he was most likely a wizard of some sort. From what she had heard from her older brothers who had already made their pilgrimages to the North, wizards weren't the most physically abled. One thought occurred to her then, a wizard could have knocked them from the sky but she didn't see or feel magic hit them to back that thought up. Hearing him call out, she responded with her normal independent assurance. "I'm fine, but my dragon sure isn't!"
    Before she could dive under, the sharp angled nose of Dar'Theron had breached the surface and exhaled a cloud like one of the whales coming up for air. She swam over to him and guided his head toward the shoreline, willing him move. The process of him moving his back legs was easy enough but he could only move one of his arms. If one could see him swim beneath the dark waters it would have looked like a misformed doggy paddle. The going wasn't easy but when they reached the shore, he made it half-way out and slumped onto the sand, his chest heaving with an effort and the unmistakable sounds of whimpering.
    "Okay, what was that?" She yelled as she stumbled out of the water to drop like a sack of potatoes in the sand. Dar'Theron's eyes opened lazily and grunted. "I had a cramp."
    Navi sat up with her eye brows furled in confusion as she blurted out his thought in a questioning tone. "You had a cramp?"
    She clamped her hands over her face and groaned, she was suppose to be the rash one not him. He should have known better to keep flying that long even if they couldn't find proper cover. Seeing that her first thought of the wizard had been off like she had expected, she looked over at him. She was still uncertain and her body betrayed those feelings. Talking to him would probable be the next best thing, to glean if he was an enemy or not. "So, nice night for a swim huh?"
  14. Cenru had just came up with the perfect reply, when she heard a crashing sound in the distance, which made her forget it. The ground she stood upon shook a little, the abruptness of it almost knocking Cenru over. In a attempt to calm herself and the Princess, Cenru commented , "I bet that surprised you more, huh?" Cenru wanted to laugh the incidence off, but it was too shocking, even with the strange anti-negative flowers around. So instead of having a lovely conversation with the Princess like planned, she found herself asking, "Do you want to go check out what that was, or...?"
  15. Marina could only stand there, gawking openly. There was something... 'different' about this one. The way his posture was, the way he walked but, she couldn't quite understand what. It wasn't something that she thought could be dangerous, just out of place.

    Marina realized she was openly staring, so she quickly changed the subject, turning her eyes toward the small blue stud in the strangers ear, mostly because she felt its pull rather than seeing it, and out of curiosity blurted out. "Is that mith-" She got no further, hearing, feeling, and seeing something crash from the sky. But she herself saw it before it hit, and was able to keep herself from falling. Replying with a shaky nod. "Yeah, it did."

    Carefully, she reached down and grasped her hands around the wooden stick she knew all too well. It was her staff, the one given to her by her long deceased god father, Grey. The body of it was made from mithril, which was commonly Black or Blue. Mithril had always been a way to channel a persons soul energy, magic. She knew this because she could feel its 'pull', the way it called to her like anything else that has been magically infused.

    The top of the staff, was made from the wood from an old Elder Tree, which are considered rare and valuable, often poached for its roots. The tree she got it from had gifted her the wood. Many believe that the rumor saying that Elder Trees are able to speak to certain people are false, however Marina has her own reason to believe so. Though now that she thought of it, it was probably best to leave that story for another time.

    The gold that's both on her staff, and dotted everywhere on her clothing isn't actually gold. She had Pyrite laced, and fused throughout where the gold had used to be. But she can never remember as to why, it was always fuzzy to think back that far. The crystal ball on top of the staff had no actual reason to be there at the start, Marina just liked the way it glowed with the energy of the staff, and often used it as a makeshift light source.

    Marina was caught out of her thoughts with a question by the stranger, and now that she thought about it they probably should go see what had happened. Standing, she glanced back at the other person and nodded. She had no reason to use the staff for light, the flowers around them provided enough, but felt like showing off anyway. She rested the staff on her shoulder and allowed it to glow. She wasn't exactly being 'lady like' but there was no reason to act as if she were royalty, even if she actually was in a way.

    With a slight curtsy, Marina gently waved a arm forward, and in a reassuring, and kindly tone said "Ladies first." She rethought about what was so strange about the person, the way She walked, and the way She talked was too feminine. At first Marina had thought she was just a young boy, not even past his fifteenth winter. But even that was too outplace to be. Marina didn't know as to why it bugged her, but was already running the ideas through her head. If anything, Marina was the only person who could project this many things in under a minute, having been a thinker since birth. But what she didn't know was that She, was actually trying to be a He.
  16. Cael was just about to reach the woman when a rumbling could be heard beneath the water, shortly after the dragon's maw broke the surface of the water before letting out a jet of water and air almost like a whale. He was once again soaked despite being in the water. From what he could gather the young looking woman was a dragon rider of some sort, not that it was uncommon but he had hardly seen any. Seeing as how she and the dragon were both fine and heading towards shore he followed after. Once on land he looked to her as she said something about it being a nice night for a swim, he couldn't hear too well with the water plugging his ears but he was sure it was about the lake.

    "Ah, yes. Such a lovely night to swim, although i was hoping to go fishing instead for my breakfast lunch and dinner tomorrow but that seems to be out the window. I suppose i will just have to fish in the morning rather than now since you and your dragon caused such a disturbance in the water." Cael lifted his robes partly as water poured off of them, the fabric looked awfully heavy due to the water. It was a bit complicated looking with a few straps along the torso and arms while the rest of it just hung loosely below him waist. There was a part just below his waistline allowing his legs to move more easily unlike a traditional robe that often caused slip ups and tumbles. He also wore pants beneath the robes for additional protection for his legs and to carry more catalysts for his magic.

    Cael reached into one of the hidden pockets in his outfit before pulling out a small blue orb about the size of a hand, he then proceeded to pull out two more until the three were resting in his palm nearly overflowing. He then held his hand up as the small orbs began to float and then emit a glow of a dull red, almost as if they were burning. The orbs slowly circled his body and started to dissipate the water that soaked his clothes and made them warm and comfortable one more, he then turned to the girl and looked at her clothes. "Would you like me to dry you off or would you rather be drenched with your partner?" He wasn't sure how she would react to a black wizard but he figured if she was a rider then she already knew he had magical capabilities.
  17. ((Blue for the irony!))

    "Ladies first."
    Hearing those words made Cenru's blood go cold, and sent chills down her spine. Princess Marina had... somehow uncovered that...no... no she'd deny it, say, say she had a feminine up-bringing or something. Because Princess Marina knowing Cenru was a girl, pretty much crushed Cenru's dream of dating her. Forever.

    "Ladies first? That shall be you then," responded calmly (she hoped), giving a little smile and bow. Cenru also waved her arm forward, trying to do it in an as manly way was possible. Which was pretty hard, because it's not a manly thing to be doing in the first place. Yet Cenru hoped she could get Princess Marina to believe her for now, so she still had a chance of romancing the Princess. In future Cenru would be more wary of acting masculine around Princess Marina- far more wary.
  18. Seeing the show with his flying orbs made her a bit nervous. She had seen how destructive magic can get and what was left over, sometimes the bodies were unrecognizable from the amount of char or the degree of oozing. Pondering how daft this wizard could be, she wondered if a evil wizard would want to irritate a dragon. Her weapons were strapped down to her saddle except for the dagger hidden in her belt, if anything disagreeable were to take place she had a quick wrist and a tendency to aim for the throat.
    "Hmm, the offer is nice and quite gentlemanly of you. However, I don't know you all that well to have you flinging magic at me. You live in the Tornavan Mountains for a while and you get pretty cautious of magic-users...you know with all those Undead and the Witches of the White. You understand right?" She wanted to decline in such a way that she wouldn't offend. Nobody wanted to piss off a wizard good or bad. Turning back to Dar'Theron, she climbed up his good shoulder and retrieved her pack. She was thankful she opted to have it waterproofed.
    "No harm no foul, I have dry clothes in here. And with a proper campfire, everything will be peachy." She wasn't speaking to anyone in particular but wouldn't have argued with anyone's response. Navi sometimes would just talk to herself while she did things. Finding a dry spot, she arranged the kindling into a nice little tipi and held her hands around it. Like all of her people, she learned the basics of magic for survival purposes. Her hands began to glow and in a instance a small flame took root in the kindling.
    Happy with her little fire, she undressed out of her armor and soaked clothing out of eyeshot of the wizard and threw a fresh tunic and trousers on. Finding a clean rock close to the fire, she draped her clothing and armor to dry. With all of that done, she plopped on the ground near the fire and dragged her pack to her to find some food to chew on. She sent a mental message to Dar'Theron. 'Going to have to rest here for awhile. Morning we may have to walk instead of fly.'
    Hearing him agree, she dug out a strip of jerky and stuck the tip in her mouth to chew slowly on. Looking over to the wizard she thought that he may not have had food on him. Holding another piece of jerky up, she asked with some talent as she didn't drop her piece out of her mouth. "You want some?"
  19. Marina was baffled, again. Was she wrong about the stranger? It was rare but... She may actually be wrong. Now that she thought of it, she was either being too pretentious or too arrogant, maybe both. Giving herself a mental face palm, she bobbed slightly at the first step. "Excuse my humor at times..." She hoped that would cover up for her mistake.

    Now that her face was out of view, Marina finally allowed herself to flush in embarrassment. Maybe she should be more observant at times, instead of quickly making assumptions. But then again just that was hard for her, liking to know or at least think she knew what she was dealing with and when. It made things more easier and more comfortable.

    Having reached a steep hill, Marina quickly glanced to her sides for another way around. Seeing no other way, almost moaned in annoyance, but bit back on her tongue. She wasn't exactly 'okay' with showing her legs, but as she saw no other way around it had no choice. Allowing herself to fall into place next to the boy, drew the hem of her dress just below her knees so she wouldn't trip going up.

    Marina was still slightly paranoid, eyes flicking to the stranger almost every other second. It's not that she thought him too be anyone of mis-heart. It's just the idea that some men tend to loose themselves at the exposure of a womens legs. But she had completely forgot about the flowers, although they pushed away most of her paranoia, they were beginning to diminish in number, so she was only a small amount concerned.

    When they got to the top of the knot, marina gawked openly. The thing that had fallen from the sky was a dragon, she recognized it immediately because it looked so similar to the description her father gave her nearly six years ago. It's scales were an auburn like red, while its eyes glowed a bright orange in the Fields purple. It's wings were massive, much larger than she could have thought. And if she squinted enough she thought she saw the silhouette of two humanoid figures. They had to have been friendly, if not then they were.... With. The dragon. Which made Marina shiver.

    She brightened the glow of the staff, which made her nearly yelp in surprise. They must have seen them already, she had completely forgotten about the light! This time, she face palmed openly, ignoring any looks. "No point in trying to be quiet now..." It was both a joke, and an inside thought. But she thought it out loud and decided to stay with it. Releasing her sides, she began down the slope at a slow pace. The pollen couldn't push away the fear that the dragon may be too large for it to have affect on it, she just hoped she wouldn't be scored, or eaten.

    Sorry I jumped the gun there. o-e I don't think straight sometimes when I'm tired... [MENTION=3175]E-Claire[/MENTION]
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