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  1. So, this is the OOC discussion page, signups, suggestions, the whole lot.

    Its based of a OneXOne roleplay that I had up, and since its to large I decided to make it a group thing.

    Rules will be described in the actual roleplay, character sheets and the whole lot in here. ^w^

    And this is a "Realistic Fantasy" Generally meaning "daily life, in a world of fantasy."
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  2. Link to roleplay, recommended to go there for a little info before making a character.Character sheets are in here though! And after the initial start up will be re posted, for easy access.

    General, human like races please! No flying about as a dragon and such, things like the undead and demons are allowed though.

    And limit their powers if possible, can't have them being a practical god. But, as the story progresses they can learn things.

    Multiple characters per person is allowed! But preferred not to be over three, can't have somebody fighting them self, or getting personality's switched over. >w<
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  3. Where is the CS? I would love to join this RP!!!
  4. Its right in here! The link is so you know a little before applying.
  5. Reserving a place :3
  6. I might do that too, right here. >w<
  7. Oh Okay. Gimme a minute and I'll post my character okay?
  8. Is a rogue or mercenary from the Death Shadows forest, who came to Palarta to woo the princess alright for a charrie?
  9. I see no reason as too why not, don't be shy about your posts! ^w^ I don't bi-.... Will I do bite... A little, but that's beyond the point.
  10. Okay I want to be a demon :D I want to cause trouble (Muahahahahahah!)
  11. Wah~ Scwary demon!
  12. The best kind >:)
  13. I may not be able to get a character up today, but maybe sometime tomorrow.
  14. I think I can squeeze one out today...oh law, it sounds like i'm giving birth to my charrie :/
  15. Name: Cenru Silvan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female, but wants to win the love of the princess, so pretends to be male
    Homeland: Death Shadow Forest
    Short Bio: Cenru's parents were poor residents of Palarta city. Her parents didn't want a child, so they dumped her in the Death Shadow forest. Luckily a young, female mercenary found Cenru crying under an oak tree, and decided to take her under her wing. The mercenary often protected travelers in the forest for money, which Cenru grew up helping with. This taught Cenru how to fight, justice, and how to comfort people. The pair only visited a few small towns, for supplies, but on her 17th birthday Cenru decided to visit Palarta. During his visit she caught sight of the city's fair princess. Alas, it was the cliche love at first sight. Over the next few years Cenru trained in becoming a suitable suitor for the princess: she started acting as if she were a gentleman (since Cenru assumed the princess is straight); she practiced her sword play even further (to protect the princess and fight of other suitors); he tried to gain as much money as possible (since gold seemed one of the necessities to win her love); and Cenru studied hard in a library (she didn't want to appear a fool to the princess). Now that Cenru is 20, she is actively pursuing the princess- but Cenru is still a fairly well known mercenary for hire.
    Personality: Cenru is somebody who prefers the company of one or two people rather than many. She knows how to socialize, but Cenru is rather mistrusting, so she doesn't like to get to know many people. She isn't particularly cold, she just doesn't take an interest in most people. If somebody is in danger though, Cenru will jump in to avert it- she hates seeing others in pain. Typically Cenru acts serious, and isn't a fan of jokes, as she's seen how harsh the world can be. Cenru has mixed opinions on lying- sometimes she thinks it's necessary, at other times she thinks it impedes justice. What ever the case, Cenru is a loyal, focused, and totally dedicated character.
  16. Yay more people! :)
  17. Btw Seraphina, your kitten signature is adorable!
  18. Glad you joined! I was going to tell you, but then I got a little too tired, and forgot =w=. I might end up using the same exact character, with a little strings pulled though.

    And thank you! >w< Also, Cenru receives the cupcake of approval! Meaning, she's allowed. I'm weird. [MENTION=3175]E-Claire[/MENTION]
  19. Name: Marina De'Cluse
    Race: 3/4 Human. 1/4 Elf.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Black hair, Dark chocolate eyes. Soft, quite voice.
    Picture (open)

    History:Marina, is part of the Noble family of De'Cluse. Limited in everything she did, has little experience of the outside world. Her only skills are dancing, singing, and a general amount of skill with a sword and short bow, taught by her childhood best friend, who passed away mysteriously. Having heard tales of ancient heroes, evil villains, and powerful dragons. Wants nothing more than to become one of these heroes.

    The only family she has ever known was her father, who had always told her of these tails, showed her around the castle grounds, and privately trained with her. He was always there for her, and she thought him to be the greatest man in the world, despite being an Elf. Her mother, died a week after her birth. All she knows, as that the castle was once raided, and her mother killed. She was human, and is who she gets her looks from, but the chocolate eyes are her fathers.

    However, Marinas father was killed on her nineteenth birthday, the legal age for marriage in Palarta. The reason is still unknown, but the city is now governed by a set of military generals, and little has changed. Due too the death, she fled from the castle and now lives on her own, just outside of the Plains of Hallan. She wears only her mothers dress, and fathers onyx necklace, feeling it binds her to them.

    Personality:Mostly, Marina is a very shy, and very lonely girl. Keeping herself locked in a shell in the presence of other people. When around people she trusts, is a very open, very giggly, and very rude to a 'kindly' extent, mostly with flirting, crude remarks and behavior.
    Misc (open)
    She's not great with love, having no actual relationships through her entire life, and still being a virgin, is often afraid of large and rough natured men. But, if they are kind at heart,(and if she trusts them) she is usually more rough natured than them, known for beating men twice her size in an arm wrestle.She mostly wears white, and will always wear a white dress if available, having been fascinated by the color because of her fathers hair.Its rumored, that she can easily tell a persons general personality by just looking at their eye movements. Depicting if they are good by nature, or evil. But rumors are rumors, and it is yet to be confirmed.She will most likely develop a strong bond with a single person, and stay with them generally everywhere, be them any race, or gender.The only way to tell that she is part Elven, is by her eyes mostly. As whenever they widen, will usually expand like a cats, but toward the sides, and its only noticeable up close. Along with her ears, pointed ever so slightly its normally "only noticeable up close".

    Important! (open)
    I don't know if I'll use this character, might delete her and add someone else instead. Probably not, but still! Little heads up.
  20. Welcomes C:. Is it a real or artificial cupcake? If it's real, Cenru wants to eat it.
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