Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland

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  1. Within the last week (I think), these two cases have been at the forefront of the media since the officers in their cases have not been indicted yet due to the grand juries' decisions.

    So far, I've seen outrage at the decisions and people who agree with it. Personally I'm neutral on these cases and don't really care.

    What are your thoughts on the cases and do you think the decisions were warranted?
  2. While I'm not up to speed on the Sandra Bland case, but I feel I can talk about the Tamir Rice case.

    Rice was a young African-American killed by poilce in Cleveland. Witnesses say he was causing a disturbance, waving a gun (later revealed to be a pellet gun) around in a park. Two officers responded. In a security camera video, one can see the police car pull up, and Rice dissappear from view as he goes down, time elapsed about two seconds.

    I'm with the jury and the police on this one. You have a report about someone with a gun, and you rush in, you can only assume as an officer you will be a target. Pellet guns, and most fake guns, look like the real thing, with the orange muzzle caps removed.
    One of these is real, one is a pellet gun. As someone familiar with firearms, it took me a second to decide which was which. And this is under good lighting, a profile shot, and not under duress.

    So, you pull up to a scene and see someone waving a gun at you, you can't think it's only a pellet gun nor can you take the time to analyze it. Its still a weapon, and its still a threat to you and those around you.

    To those crying brutality and using this as an example of abuse of power, just think for a second. If someone aimed a gun at you, how would you react? If you had the power to remove that danger, would you? Ninety percent of people would say yes.

    I feel bad for Rice's family and friends, but Rice made his choice. He chose to be out in the park with something that looked like a gun. He chose to wave it at the police. He chose his fate.
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