Tamed by the Beast

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  1. Name: Matthis Westerfield
    Age: 21
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    It had been long years since the fire had taken his family from him, but sometimes it still haunted his dreams at night. Getting little amounts of sleep while traveling, drawing maps and schematics upon request, or anything else he could do for work, was not good for either his business or his sanity. It was, perhaps, even more difficult to mange his 'gift' while tired in the early evening, and he should have known better than to stop at the local pub for something to eat and drink instead of retiring early.

    Being in eating establishments where there were generally a lot of people packed close together was never wise for Matthis, but staying in a place that was dimly lit, where he could have a dark corner of the bar to himself, was usually all right. Matthis minded his own business and stayed away from the others and didn't say anything beyond telling his server what he needed. Usually he was left alone. It was just his own idiocy and sense of right that got him into trouble when a small group of men started harassing the few women in the establishment. He'd only meant to make a few comments that would deflate their confidence and give the women some relief.

    In retrospect, pointing out that the main harasser probably preferred men shouldn't have come out of his mouth without more thought behind it.

    Matthis had to leave his meal, sadly unpaid for, to dodge the barstool that got hurled his way. He burst out of the building with angry men, apparently in defense of each other, hot on his trail, and only his speed and quick thinking got him out of their reach in time. He had thought, after they were practically on the other side of the town from the pub, they would give up, but with each passing moment it seemed to Matthis that they only put forth more effort into finding him. Almost the second he thought he'd lost them, they had found him again and he was past the edge of town and into the more untamed wilds nearby. Still, they followed.

    It was easier to lose them in the trees, but Matthis was unfamiliar with the territory and beginning to grow exhausted as the evening turned into night, the forest falling into darkness. It took almost a full hour and a half before one of them caught him with an unexpected blow from behind a tree, dropping him to the ground and throwing in a few kicks for good measure. As he laid there moaning on the ground, Matthis listened to the man shouting for his companions, and for their loud footsteps coming closer. With a last bit of energy, while they were distracted in celebrating their capture, he crawled away from them and towards the sound of the river nearby.

    Before they could catch him and surely put a knife in his chest, he tumbled off a small outcropping and into the water.