Tamashī no shima

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  1. The waves where crashing against the rocks as the sun started to go down, Ice blue eyes opened with in a cave stretching a large white tiger had nudged something on it side to wake it up "I'm up I'm up". A young girl that looked to be the age of 19 had stood up looking around grabbing a long pole with a sharp blade at its end "I guess its time to go get something to eat huh" She spoke to the tiger let out a slight sigh and nodded as the yong girl soon began to leave out the cave exploring the island that she called her home.

  2. That morning, Shen watched from his perch as the sun rose into the sky. On the island he called his home, the sun rise was always beautiful. His long hair blew back bring the pleasant scent of the ocean to his nose. Without much thought, Shen began humming to himself. His hand in front of his face as he wove magic into the air. The male jumped down from his perch, beginning his daily duty. Magic healed the sick plants and helped saplings take root and start growing properly. It is his job to keep all living things on his home alive and healthy, but he goes even further, making the forest surrounding the old temple dedicated to him, beautiful and lush. His forest and mountain take up much of the island, but he has never been able to go past the forests boarder... even though he would like to.

    His feet made no sound as he walked on, his ears twitching as he listened for all the sounds around him. Shen shivered as he changed into his fox form, running through the trees and bushes, hopping into the branches, moving from branch to branch. Looking and smelling for a certain other being.
  3. Miu was smiling as she raced through the lush jungle down to the beach feeling the sand. Walking closer to the shore she started pulling back her nets checking then and smiled at the site she saw. "There's extra... I wonder if he would like any today" she said gathering them up and began to walk back in to the jungle looking around "now where is that fox?" She asked her self softly.
  4. Just as she asked where he was, Shen jumped down next to her, not making any sound. He nudged her side a little, before hopping back, closer to the woods. His tails twitched slightly as he sat before her, his red eyes staring back at her. Shen looked at the white tiger for a moment before looking at Miu, trying to will his body to change into the form he could speak in. He wished she would go to the temple so he could speak with her properly. He decided to try again today, moving closer to Miu, nudging her gently before walking closer towards the mountains. He looked at her then at the moment, wanting her to follow him and trying to convey that. He hoped today she would follow him, finally.
  5. Miu looked beside her leg smiling as she looked at him and nodded "where is it that you want to show me today" she said as she softly began to sake steps behind him as she still holding the fish in her arms as she stept through the foot path.
  6. Shen was glad she was following him, but would she follow him all the way? He stayed a few steps ahead of her, the path getting thinner but even though the woods around them became thick and lush with life, the path remained.
  7. Miu was looking around smiling having not seen this part of the jungle it was more than vibrent "their pretty " she said as she stopped lookin up at the flowers in one tree before she turned back around caughting up with him.
Thread Status:
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