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  1. this is for all you vertically challenged folk who are always saying how you wish you were tall

    5'10" isn't that tall overall, but it's a bit above average for ladies in my area, so I know a bit about tall problems!!

    • Pants and skirts are never long enough
    • Neither are shirts/sleeves
    • Because of the above, buying clothes you can't try on (eg; online) is often just not an option
    • Banging your knees on the seat ahead of you
    • Banging your knees on gloveboxes
    • Inadvisable to wear vertical stripes
    • Restricted height allowance for up-do's
    • Heels usually not the best choice
    • Always in back of photo groups, therefore only your face/shoulders is in the photo
    • Banging your knees on steering wheels
    • Scrunching up to fit in small cars
    • Hitting your head on car roofs
    • Hitting your head on doorways
    • Hitting your head on cupboards
    • People always ask you to reach stuff for them - even when a step stool is right there!
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  2. We have a hanging light in our kitchen that was CLEARLY hung by shortass people. >:[ because I'm always thwacking it. It's even worse for Gibs.
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  3. I'm 5'6. Only time I have tall problems is when I decide I'd still like a go in those kid cars at the mall/shopping centre.
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  4. "Oh it just rolled back there, hang on a second."


    "Oh dear god, this space is too tiny and narrow for me. What inhumane reasoning would make me 6'1". God dammit."
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  5. Destroying cities by accident because I'm really an 80 meter tall sea monster.
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  6. At least you rock at basketball. It's always the tall guys that got the advantage.

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  7. When I go to Primark or TK Maxx for cheap-ass clothes, I have the most horrendous time getting jeans. They seem to assume that everyone my height is either lanky as fuck (srsly how many guys are 6'1" and have a 26" waist?) or gigantors who are as wide as they are tall. There are never ever jeans for mid-range/slightly-overweight people, which is the main reason I own literally one pair of jeans. Ugh.

    Stretch marks, too. It sucks being a young dude with stretch marks. I used to grow in spurts rather than steadily, and it got crazy fast sometimes - at one point I grew an inch a month for 2.5 months. I ended up with some stretch marks on the sides of my stomach because my skin/tissue couldn't grow as fast as my bones or some shit. My brother has tendon issues for the same reason. I hate them and they suck and now it's time to get ice cream because I'm sad :(
  8. A lot of this can be mitigated by good spatial awareness

    that's right, i'm saying you be clumsy

  9. I greatly enjoy the fact he is wearing sneakers.
  10. Everyone makes you grab the stuff they're too short to reach (but somehow got it up there in the first place????).

    What's up with that?
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  11. My biggest tall issue. At six feet, I have a 36 inch inseam and a 10 1/2 inch pant rise, (I don't like wearing my waistline of my jeans on my pelvic.)
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  12. low set fridges man. The fridge at my parents' house is smaller than I'm used to and most of the stuff I want (water, soda, leftovers, cheese, lunchmeat) are on the bottom of the fridge. I nearly have to sit down to get at anything for any extended period of time. (for example I don't know what kinda cheese I want or do I want ham? do I want chicken? Do I just want to say fuck it and get some water?)
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  13. [​IMG]

    Ah, fuck. Somebody took my leftover chicken wings and didn't refill the juice jug. Fuckers.

    This is pretty much my life.
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