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  1. You wake up in a dimly lit area after drinking a strange concoction a guest brewed up at a party. You have no knowledge of where you are or how you ended up where you are. As you explore your surrondings, you realize you're not the only one there. Also, the room seems to be part of a Victorian mansion. A voice over a speaker says that you and the others were selected as part of a contest to see who would survive the longest in a haunted mansion. Whoever survives until dawn will be paid handsomely. Be wise, the spirits will try to make you one of their own, will you resist the temptation?

    • No godmodding, powerplaying, etc.
    • Make your character at least 14+ years old
    • Romance is ok, but keep it clean.
    • No finishing off another character without my or the player's consent.
    • All site rules still apply.
    • Enjoy!
    My Character Sheet
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    Cheyenne Williams

    Age: 21

    Personality: Very mild-mannered, optimist, very wise, and willing to help those in need.

    Bio: Cheyenne was born in a secluded area of town. Her mother taught her New Age ideals, including crystals, how to develop her how to develop her talents, mainly clairvoyance. After her father passed away in drunk driving accident her powers started to show more often.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Occupation: Medium and Owner of a metaphysical shop.
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  2. {I'm new to this site, so please forgive me if I don't reply correctly!}

    Name: Jason Schreave

    Age: 21

    Personality: compassionate, intelligent, hard-working, stubborn, and a bit of a loner

    Bio: Jason grew up in a large city. He began modeling when he was 14. The boy loved it from the start, and continued to model throughout his life. Modeling is now more than his hobby; it's his career.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Occupation: Model

    Face Claim: Eddie Redmayne
  3. @_waytooevil, that's ok, I've been here for about a year now, and I'm always open for people who want to learn mechanics of roleplaying.
  4. [​IMG]
    Clarrise (Clary) MacInson

    Age: 17

    Personality: She's a sideline observer who prefers to stay away from strangers, but becomes very outspoken when she's comfortable around you. She's also a little bit of a drama queen. Clary has a tendency to swear. A lot.

    Bio: Clary's mom died in childbirth, and soon after that her father became an alcoholic. She has had little to no family life, turning to drugs like marijuana and LSD to have fun. She is 5'3 and weighs 97 pounds (she dosen't eat much, other than junk food).

    Relationship Status: Single

    Occupation: High School Junior

    May I still join? C:
  5. Sure, I'll post the IC soon anyway, and Signups are still going to be open.
  6. Seems like you could use another character... mind if I pop in and suggest my character?


    Name: Carter "Curt" Agrona

    Age: 18

    Personality: He's mostly an introvert, although if he has something on his mind, he'll probably blurt it out, whether the situation calls for it or not. He thoroughly believes that his purpose in life is to die, and that he's not worthy of life, and he constantly brings this up... although when a situation comes up where he could die, he will panic and attempt to save himself.

    Bio: Curt was born into a family very far below the poverty line. He grew to cherish money like his best friends. When he found someone promising a decently paying job that would accept him at the young age of nine, he accepted it -- little did he know, he would be working in an illegal facility. Then, he was kidnapped. His employer stole him away, as she had done to many other poor children who all had to live in the facility. Since he and one girl he sort of liked ended up being given a gruesome task and she had died by falling into machinery, he was hit emotionally, believing that he deserved a similar fate.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Occupation: High school senior, works/worked in an animal shelter (read: pet mill) where his responsibility was to euthanize (read: decapitate) animals whose prospects of being adopted (read: sold) were too slim for hope.
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  7. Ok, Post in the IC when ready.
  8. [​IMG]

    Jaxon Parker | Mae Parker

    19 | 17

    Jaxon is usually a nice guy but minds his business most of the time. Being protective as he is, Jaxon would die to save Mae from harm. He can be really scary if you piss him off and will seriously hurt you if you've harmed Mae or made her cry. When he's not like that, Jaxon is a teaser which often makes others angry. But he finds it rather amusing | Mae is a nice girl, but blunt nonetheless. She doesn't like to sugar coat things and has even made others cry before. Even though she knows Jax will always be there for her, Mae doesn't depend on him and is very courageous

    When the siblings entered Elementary School, their mother got very ill. Because their father had divorced and left, they had to take be there for their mother. It turned out that their mother had lung cancer and it had spread to her back. Not long after she was hospitalized, their mother passed away and the siblings were sent away to their father. He was a very rich man so the siblings lived in a mansion. However, their father was almost never home, or got home really late. Things continued like this until Jaxon turned eighteen. He had been saving his money and was able to buy an apartment for them. After packing, they moved out and have been living there since. Jaxon is no longer in school, so he's either working or at home. Mae on the other hand, still goes to school and has her own part time job.

    Relationship Status:
    Single | Single

    Model | Actress and High School student
  10. Yup, and @XxDreamingxX , your character is approved, post when ready. :3
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Layla Vargas

    Age: 15 1/2

    Shy, creative as she is never seen without her sketchbook. Once she gets to know you, she is willing to talk a bit more.

    Born with a high sense of spiritual awareness, Layla has always had the gift to sense when ghosts are present. Do to her personality, she was always scared when a spirit came into contact with her, causing her to recede further back into her shell. When people saw her start to freak out at what they assumed was nothing, they would laugh at her for being a "scared little mouse". Her passion for art was started up when her grade school teacher saw her doodling on her paper without her knowledge. With this, she was able to let her feelings out through paints, pencils, oils, pastels and paper.

    Status: Single

    Occupation: High school sophomore student​
  12. Accepted, post when ready. :3
  13. I'll post after class. :3
  14. Alright, I am out. So do I just jump in?
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