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  1. Dear friends,

    I strike again! I know you think I can't see we're crammed in here enough! I assure you, that's not true.
    Welcome to the afterlife, we have cookies. Congratulations, if you're here you're either dead, dying, or for some reason you're talking to the dead.

    World of the Living: A group of living humans discover themselves to have the powers of mediums, the ability to speak to and interact with the dead. This is both helpful and dangerous as those who've passed have insight to things the living often overlook but they also may have ulterior motives for assisting these young psychics. The game for them is to attempt to seek help from hopefully benign spirits while avoiding the malicious ones in order to save the world of the living from yet another disaster. Our brave mediums must hold ceremonies and seances to coax the dead for information.

    World of the Dead: Our world is a reflection of the world of the living. We can see and touch each other as if we were solid. Just as our surroundings the living residents are also reflected here. We can only see phantom-like representations of them. Only those of who are particularly experienced in the afterlife can interact with the living without being invoked or summoned. Do as you please here but keep in mind that no matter where you are, dead or alive, murder is still a "no no". If you manage to kill a fellow ghost there is no afterlife for the dead so nothing is left of them, they cease to exist. This level of murder is the worst of crimes so proceed with caution because if I catch you (and only if I catch you :awesome:) I'll be coming for you.

    Your friend during and after life,
  2. __Characters and Character Sheets__

    Alive characters, here's you sheet reference...

    Alive (make sure to have the word "Alive" at the top of your CS)
    Species: (anything goes as long as its capable of speaking, anthros are allowed)
    Are you a medium?
    If so, how'd you find out?
    Simple History:
    What's your special power? (This needs to be a single super power that you use in order to help save lives from disasters caused by or warned by the dead)


    Dead characters, here ya go!

    Deceased (make sure to have the word "Deceased" at the top of your CS)
    How long have you been dead?
    At what age did you die?
    Are you a good ghost or a bad ghost?
    How did you die?
    Who were you before you died?

    _Accepted Characters_
    Alive: Silver Nightshade (Casuna)
    Oliver James Berg (boogified)
    Ichigo Catagirl (Alucard)
    Dead: Paul Allard (Zaira)
    Yer'on (Moogle-Girl)
    Levi Wood (Hiiro-Sama)
    Cotton Tail (Dackson)
    Arabelle Hall (AbbieNoel
    Other: Grim/Death (Dackson)
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  3. Other
    Name: Grim
    Age: ???
    Species: ???
    Gender: Probably male...probably
    Height: Somewhere around the same size as an adult man
    Weight: ???
    Are you good or bad? Neither
    History: It's safe to assume that Grim is in charge of the afterlife. He's capable of killing anything. Grim's a bit of a sarcastic jerk at times but his mouthy personality seems to keep people from screaming as much. Grim is pretty friendly and will not hide from people who want to meet him; but heed this warning, "Don't tempt fate." He's been around for a while so there's very little he hasn't already seen. Just letting you know of course, in case you were thinking about "cheating Death".
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  4. Deceased
    Name: Paul Allard
    How long have you been dead? Not even a day. He'll die as soon as the IC starts.
    At what age did you die? 22
    Species: human, when he was still alive.
    Height: 184 cm
    Are you a good ghost or a bad ghost? Good one, but still can't control himself, specially if he's angry, and he may hurt people without wanting to.
    How did you die? Car accident.
    Who were you before you died? Paul used to be the typical young man that enjoys excesses of partying, sex and alcohol. He spent his whole life being a jerk and karma did its thing while he was drunk driving. He crashed against a van and, luckily, he was the only one who ended with death. Important events are said to change people's life and personalities, and dying was the one that changed him, making him realize that he spent his whole life the wrong way. Anyways, it is already late to do something about it.
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  5. I'd like to play a bad spirit who isn't humanoid, more like a semi-large avian...thing. Would that be okay?
  6. This entirely my fault but could you add a quick appearance? I didn't already have that part in the CS form. Anyway, accepted!
    That's perfectly fine, it just needs to be able to speak somehow.
  7. Sure! A pic would be ok?
  8. Perfect, I actually prefer them. XD
  9. Awesome! do you prefer realistic ones or anime?
  10. Doesn't matter to me.
  11. Alive
    Name: Silver nightshade
    Age: 16
    Species: human
    Weight: 120lbs
    Height: 5'6
    Are you a medium? yes
    If so, how'd you find out? her twin died and she has been able to see him and other spirits after he died
    Simple History: Silver grew up in an orphanage where her twin was murder and she was going to give her life so that he could live things went south and she was kicked out onto the streets she was picked up by a mental institution and has been there ever since she was 7
    What's your special power? can control light
  12. I'd like to join. I'll post a C.S soon
  13. lol Jhuton I keep running into you in almost every single rp I join hahahahah
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  14. Sweet! :3


    Name: Yer'on ("yair-on")

    How long have you been dead? About two weeks now.

    At what age did you die? 10 years old.

    Species: Lesser demon.

    Height: He's about the size of a common house cat.

    Are you a good ghost or a bad ghost? Very, very bad.

    How did you die? Yer'on was chucked through a large stained-glass window by a greater demon after sneaking into his house and trying to steal his food. The glass shattered and sliced through Yer'on's feathered skin. The injuries weren't necessary fatal, but he didn't bother treating them, finding the bloodstained footprints he left behind to be far more worthy of his attention. He died of blood loss, cackling gleefully to himself as he made patterns on the ground until the very last moment.

    Who were you before you died? Yer'on was born from the especially-unholy union of a demoness and a Shade, a being that desires only destruction and corruption. He is considerably weaker than both of his parents, but has inherited the same taste for death as his father. Shades feed primarily on the energy of other beings' souls, however, and since Yer'on is physically unable to ingest that energy, he has to kill constantly to sate his urges. He enjoyed making twisted art projects from his deceased victims, but now that he's dead, that isn't so easy anymore and he misses it greatly.

    Appearance: Something of a mix between raven and bat, and about the size of a common house cat. His body, legs, and wings are those of a vampire bat, but with shimmering black feathers in place of fur. He has a large beak shaped like that of an eagle at the front of his dark plumage-covered head, complete with a predatory hook at the end. Inside his beak are rows of sharp, short teeth. His back feet are tipped with short talons, while his front feet have sharp claws. Dull red eyes.
  15. Accepted :)
  16. Accepted! :D
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  17. Pleasantries running into you again Jhuton ^_^
  18. Deceased

    Name: Levi Wood

    How long have you been dead? One year, to the day ( Sep 30th)

    At what age did you die? 23

    Species: Whatever monster I am now. (Human- ghost)

    Height: 6'5

    Are you a good ghost or a bad ghost? : Does it matter? I want to kill someone living.* Does that answer your question? (Bad)

    How did you die? Stabbed. ( Levi walked into his best friend and his fiancee; best friend flipped. It got physical. Levi ended up getting stabbed, in the process his eye also got gouged. Levi’s personality switched when he died; his only goal now is to murder both his friend and ex-fiancee, who ended up marrying his friend once Levi died.)

    Who were you before you died? A happy graduate about to marry my high school sweet heart.

    * I don’t fear the reaper!
    * Uh, yeah I will change it if he’s not allowed to aspire to kill someone living XD

    This rp better not be 18+ ><
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  19. I just edited my CS with a pic :)
  20. Thank you muchly!
    Very much accepted (you picked a cutie).
    To answer your questions:
    It's perfectly allowed to want to kill living people.
    I don't believe I clicked 18+, if I did, ignore it.
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