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Talkative Person Alert!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Serial Snuggler, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. Good Morning (or whenever time of the day it is currently when you read this)!

    I am Snu, a poor maiden who was long lost to the cruel sea of Roleplay Hiatus. I remember being on this site long ago, but it changed quite a bit from what I remember, so with that and me being 99.9 percent sure I had closed my account all those months (year?) ago, I decided to start afresh and go back to as much of the basics as I can manage to get back into this hobby I loved so much.

    I'm in my early twenties (actually, now that I think of it I'm halfway in my last year of being able to say that!) and am from a certain officially bilingual country in the northern part of the North American continent which I never once left despite my interest for distant countries. That lack of change of scenery and my lifelong tendency to daydream left me with a pronounced taste for plots full of the exotic and the fantastical.

    For now, the only thing you really need to know is that I like dynamic scenes, intricate character and relationships development and I am looking mostly for onexones at the moment despite still being open to group roleplays. The rest is in my resume, at least for the general stuff. :)

    Nice to meet you all, and I hope we'll be internet buddies soon!
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  2. Another Chatty Cathy! *hug*
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  3. *Bows* Greetings and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Just watch out for the asylum, there's some crazy people over there.
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