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  1. What's your current favorite comic books Iwaku. What is underrated and everyone needs to know about. What is worth the hype it's recieving?
  2. Everyone with more then two braincells and a interest for the occult, fantasy, urban fantasy and the supernatural should read Hellblazer

    300 issues. Spanning from early 90s to now. No confusing crossovers, proper fucking narrative, the world greatest writer contributing, art that sometimes get very messy and wierd (Looking at you early 2000's comic artists). There is imo, not a comic run as good as it. When it came to a close (Thanks to the idiots at DC wanting to integrate Constantine back into the main universe. see; new 52, the worst Idea DC ever had), I was legit pissed for a week.

    Hitman is a short brutal and funny story made by Ennis. It starts Hitman (Not the baldie from the games), whos only power is exray vision. He lives in the Irish quarters of Gotham, and his entire story line is him being a utter twat, but trying to climb out of the hellhole that is being poor in a criminal infested city. Just, an amazing story from beginning to the end.

    W3; Cyborg murder animals on the run, heartwrenching and gutpunching. I loved everyword of it.
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  3. Finished Transmetropolitan and the entire Hellboy comics a few months ago. Kinda dry since. It's hard to find complete works online.

    Next up is Judge Dredd and a pile of graphic novels though.

    Hoping to pick up more Junji Ito as well. Though guess he constitutes manga and not comics.
  4. Promethea is one I feel you would greatly enjoy.
  5. Recently I've read the marvel comic Civil War. Though must the comics I read these days are online....if you count those. If you want to read some of the few I have found online just let me know. (frankly I might link them later anyways)
  6. Injustice is slowly chalking up to be one of the best Elseworld stories of DC. It plays with all the DC set pieces and plays out way better than anyone expected. It's totally worth a read if you want to be engrossed in a story that is surprisingly well done for a video game tie in.
  7. Saga: Goddamn, but I'm a sucker for all things Brian K Vaughan, and his newest series is no exception to the rule. Space opera isn't something I normally go in for, but this is definitely an exception to the rule.

    Rat Queens: Probably the funniest comic book I've read in a while. Fantasy comedy starring the most badass (and banterous) party of lady heroes in comics.

  8. If you feel like Big Two, my dearest @Ochalla , then two recent books come to mind that you may enjoy.

    1) Hawkguy Hawkeye run from 2012. About 20~ books or so, with varying art. But it's the stories that matters. There are no AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! or anything. Just Clint Barton trying to live a life in a run-of-the-mill loft apartment, somewhere in NYC. He has a dog, and a side-kick/replacement that won't shut up, and there are Russian mobsters that just won't leave him alone. It's incredible.

    2) Superior Spider-Man, also starting in 2012, ended with hundreds-of-issues-long running Amazing Spider-Man with the death of Peter Parker. Otto Octavius, in his dying days, switches bodies with Peter in the final moments. Pete, unable to stop him or really have anyone believe him, dies inside of Otto's body. Otto, now in Pete's body, sets out to be the HERO he was always meant to be as... The SUPERIOR Spider-Man! 25 books long, and it is one of the best Spider-Man stories to come out in, dare I say, 20 years.

    More obscure Big Two stuff:

    1a) Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing. Do it, just do it. Morality, vengeance, trans-humanism, meta-physics... Just, woah. The Frankenstein parellel here destroys anything Banner/Hulk on their BEST days.

    2a) Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I think you may have read this (and this might be Vertigo, fuckit, can't remember), but some of the most beautiful artwork and storytelling out there. You follow Dream during adventures, mis-adventures, and in meeting his siblings The Endless, representing things in life such as, Oh, I don't know, DEATH.

    Non-obscure Big Two stuff that still is incredible:

    1b) The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. I think you might have heard of this. It's only one of the most important comic book stories in all of history. It is the apotheosis of all things grim and dark in the 80's, and changes the face of comics for the next decade (and resurged its popularity). Don't let "grim and dark" turn you away though. This is the beginning, this is what made it popular; this is where it was done right. An aging Batman decides to take up the mantle once again in a Gotham that is choking in blood and filth and crime... It's good. So good, I'm about to go read it again.

    2b) Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. A quick Google search can give you the exact numbers, but this is where the Matt we now know comes from. All of his stuff with Elektra, the struggle he has a Catholic with the over-load of Christian imagery, and as above, the dark and gritty. This is good stuff, and how that Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck screwed up, I have no idea. That new Daredevil show on Netflix, however...

    As an aside, I never read these but, I think you might like it:

    FABLES. As taken from the Wiki: "Fables was a comic book series published by DC Comics's Vertigo imprint beginning in 2002. The series deals with various people from fairy tales and folklore – referring to themselves as "Fables" – who have been forced out of their Homelands by "The Adversary" who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a clandestine community in New York City known as Fabletown. Fables who are unable to blend in with human society (such as monsters and anthropomorphic animals) live at "the Farm" in upstate New York."
  9. Oh yes. Saga is goddamn amazing.

    Swampthing is also where Constantine first debuted. Alan Moores creation as well.

    Sandman being obscure? Man. I feel old. Everyone and their mother had read it back in the day. Its Vertigo. But DC Owns Vertigo
  10. MIDNIGHTER.<3 I myself have been wanting to read some Midnighter lately. He likes to kick people's heads clean off their shoulders. That's simply a taste of how gory it gets, though.

    There are some fun Star Wars comics out there too, Ocha.

    Oh, and Scott Pilgrim. :D
  11. Niiicccee. Didn't know that about Constantine. (BTW, is it -teen or -tyne? I've heard both).

    Also, yeah, Sandman is considered more obscure. Comics people know it, but everyone else? Well, to be fair, Sandman stuff is getting bigger and bigger. I mean, that new Lucifer show is based in/around the Sandman universe, soooo...
  12. The NEW Marvel Star Wars comics are actually turning out to be really good. @_@ I need to get my hands on Kanan and Lando. Princess Leia should be out on TPB pretty soon!
  13. Is Lucifer still in production or is it out? I'm not a big TV person, but that... that is something I need. Because YES I am a Sandman fan. I need to get into the new series someday.

    Keep them coming. I want to know what Iwaku likes in their picture books!
  14. Last I checked, Lucifer was still going to happen. At least, we'll get to see the pilot come Jan. 2016!
  15. Sandman back in the 2000's when it came out was like, the one comic critics and people in general picked out that weren't comic people. It was how you introduced people to comics. It was nowhere close to obscure 10 years ago. It basicly cemented gaiman and launched his writing career like a goddamn rocket. Everyone in my school pretty much read it. Every gothkid, emo, scene, alt kid in general had read it. Its what got most people I know today, into comics. Its pretty much one of the most famous and critically acclaimed comicbook series written...

    also, it is -Tyne. Constantine points it out several times in the comics xD
  16. Do web comics count? I can't afford to buy comics, but if I could I would start with the ones I read online.
    Although I am sure some would be graphic novels. There is a difference between the two, but I am not really sure what it is.
  17. The Far Side has never stopped being my favorite.

    Bloom County is another I never stopped loving. I am one year older than Opus the Penguin.
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