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  1. I've noticed that most of the threads here are specifically for one topic, question, or statement, to hell with that, this be a thread for everyone to talk about any and everything, roleplaying to weed, cigarettes to dinner plans, even how much you hate your phone, anything goes here.
  2. Okay, since no one else has come in here, I'll pop in to complain because I need to vent.

    Is it just me, or is there an obnoxious amount of jerks lately? Everywhere I go I seem to attract them. I don't get it. I'm a nice girl, at least I try to be, so why is it that I attract so many jerks? I'll never figure it out, but if someone could give me some jerk repellent I will give you my first born!
  3. lmao aww, and its all good, everyone need to vent, adn they pick on you because your nice girl, most male thought process "oh she said hi, she must be easy, ill fuck her" and thats usually as far as the thought goes
  4. and then when you tell them no, they get all wtf i thought you were easy, ur a bitch cuz u wont suck my dick after 5 seconds of seeing me for the first time in ur life
  5. the best way to keeps annoying desparates away is to say you have herpes or a dick thats bigger than theirs lol, but careful some people are still down even after that lol
  6. because you are a nice girl*
  7. I wish it was that easy. I'm not talking about just guys, I'm talking about everyone. I held open the door for this little old lady today, and rather than say thank you, she elbowed me in the stomach and didn't even say sorry. And then to top it all off, I sat in a parking lot for twenty minutes with a dead car battery, and at least 20 people drove past me standing in front of my car with my hood up and just stared. Finally a cop was nice enough to give me a jump.
  8. And don't even get me started on internet people. Sometimes I wish someone would invent a button on every computer so you could press it and it would punch the person on the other side of the screen in the face....
  9. awww im sorry, i woulda stopped to jump ur car! lol, the other day these two girls were in the tacobell parking lot, me and friends were there we had just finished eating and we were just sitting around bullshitting until our friend met up with us, and the girls car had just stopped dead as they were driving, we spent about 20 minutes going everything in the car, tried jumping it twice, checked the oil, check the radiator fluid, checked everything, car was good, so finally i tell them to turn on just the battery instead of trying to start the car, we checked their gauges, they had no gas x.x, so i called my friend over and we pushed that car in the middle of a main road about ehhh, 3 blocks to the nearest gas station, paid 20$ for their gas, pumped it, and then left lol
  10. omg if they had a button like that i would have so many assault charges xD
  11. You and me both! I'd probably have a few murder charges from beating people to death by this point. XD
  12. oh id be in jail so fast xDDD
  13. Seriously though, I keep telling myself that things will get better, but after the day I had (Even though it just ended!) it's no wonder I'm not an alcoholic.
  14. i can promise you, things will get better, i bet you smiled alittle bit behind your computer screen when i said how many assault charges id have, maybe even laughed alittle, but that would be just awful, laughing and smiling? tis forbidden!! >_<
  15. Are you kidding? I was grinning like an idiot picturing one person in particular getting beaten half to death by his laptop. :bananaman:
  16. this is not appropriate for general chat, of you need to rant then we have a rant thread in the counseling forum at the top of our general chatting section. This forum is not the place for this kind of personal onexone discussion and should continue in a PM. Thank you.
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  17. Commence your everything talk;

    I'm beyond stoked and can't wit to see Malefacient in theaters o.o any movies coming out that any of you want to see?
  18. i honestly havent watched much tv lately so i dont really know, but the new captain america winter soldier looks sick, and im SO amped for fast and furious 7 its beyond ridiculous lol
  19. No! Godzilla! I honestly can't wait till that comes out. I haven't been this excited about a movie since....I can't even remember. =/
  20. i was never into godzilla movies very much, but i might see this one considering how far along special effects have come, it will probably be pretty epic
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