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    The incense of cigar smoke and liquor permeated the run-down shack of a saloon. At the back of the rectangular building sat a makeshift wooden stage with stained, velvet curtains and gaudy fake gold cappings. Four girls in stockings, bustled skirts, and corsets that left little to the imagination pranced about on the stage kicking their legs high over the heads of the men who crowded around them. Just to the left of the stage sat an upright piano. On the honky-tone keys this evening was a spindly little man with a spattering of dark hair atop his head and a red face from taking to the bottle too much during the performance.

    A mahogany counter about nine bar stools long with a large mirror and cabinets full of bottles as a backdrop sat closer to the swinging doors of the saloon. Tables filled the rest of the empty space where men in cowboy hats and spurs conversed, drank, or bet on card games. At one table in particular, near the wall across from the bar, sat an auburn-haired woman with an audience of three or four men. Her dress was modest compared to the other wenches who worked in the saloon. A loose blouse settled just under her shoulders, showing off her smooth, unblemished skin and just enough of a line in the middle of her chest to suggest what might be hidden underneath. An under-bust corset hugged tightly to her waist and ended just above her hips where the thin fabric of her skirt took over and flowed down to her calves. Her feet were clad in supple leather boots, no spurs. In her hands she held a deck of cards, shuffled them, and skillfully dealt them out to each player with a flick of the wrist. She was the blackjack dealer.

    "I'm gonna win this time, just you watch!" one of them crooned.

    "Nah, you ain't got the smarts for it," another countered. "I'll bet Joe's the one who walks off with our money tonight."

    "I wish that'd be the case!" the one called Joe hooted. "But I ain't got the luck in me tonight."

    A mysterious smile flickered across the dealer's full lips as she flipped over the first card. By the time all the cards were laid out on the table, Joe was declared the winner. Cursing and back-slapping carried on between the men as the dealer scooped her cards into a pile and arranged them into a neat deck again. Lifting hazel eyes from her task, she briefly locked eyes with a man sitting a couple tables away by himself. From the looks of it, he'd been watching her for quite some time. Immediately, her gaze fell back to her shuffling.
  2. A short while later a particularly androgynous person entered the saloon. They were dressed like your average cowboy in a pale blue button up shirt, pants with chaps and boots with spurs and a gun securely in it's holster on either side of their hips, though no hat. Their short golden hair was on display, along with their smooth lightly tanned face and sparkling blue eyes. They walked up to the man that had been watching the dealer and even when they spoke it was hard to say for sure. The tone of their voice was a little low for a woman but higher than the average mans. "Howdy Noel."

    For the first time since the dealer had caught his attention Noel looked away to check out the person speaking to him. "Cass." He greeted with something resembling a friendly nod. "Our friend's almost here then?" He was a contrast to the slim person across from him. He was well muscled with a slightly scraggly beard and he wore

    "Mmhmm." Cass said casually, leaning against the table and following Noel's gaze as it returned to the dealer. They raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you play?"

    Noel blinked and gave her a look. "You know I'm no good at that sort of thing." He grinned then. "Why don't you?"

    An amused grin flashed over Cass's face. "You know if you'd let me teach you." They sighed dramatically then before the grin was back and they strolled over to the game, snagging another chair and pulling it up to the table before flopping down into it. "Deal me in." They said while flashing a winning smile around the table.
  3. "Certainly," the dealer replied. Her nimble fingers danced around the deck as she shuffled them one last time. "Another round, gents?" she casually asked the original card-players with a glance in their direction. "I'm out," Joe replied. He thumbed his bills and stuffed them in his pocket. "I got me a wife and kid to feed and my luck ain't gettin' any better tonight!" The other two took their seats again as Joe left the saloon, much to the dealer's relief. There was something about her observer and the gent? lady? who joined him that rubbed her the wrong way. But then, there were many people who visited the saloon who did that. It was the way of things out here away from true civilization. "Bets on the table, gents," the dealer called. "Minimum's a buck fifty tonight." She held the cards loosely between her fingers as she waited.

    As the last coin hit the table, she flicked her wrist and dealt two cards to each player. Her porcelain skin became even more so as her features settled into her expressionless "game face".
  4. Cass settled back in their chair as the dealing started, watching the dealer with a slightly unusual level of intensity. They might have been looking for something, but it was hard to say as Cass had an excellent poker face, among other things. "Buck fifty?" They murmured absently to themselves before pulling out their smaller coin-purse and tossing the minimum bet on the table casually, not taking their eyes off the dealer as she did her work.

    Cass glanced briefly down at their cards. Their expression didn't change as they gently ran one finger back and forth on top of their cards, seeming almost like a nervous tick. Cass was very intent though. They had a 12 sitting in front of them, not the most annoying thing to have but not their favorite either. "Hit me." They said finally, tapping their fingers.
  5. Lifting her eyes from her hand which held a three of clubs and a seven of hearts, the dealer placed her cards on the table-- the seven face up and the three face down. Her features remained impassive as she reached for the deck and dealt one more card to Cass, one to one of the other gents, and one to herself. Slowly she allowed her lips to spread in a smile as she flipped over a king.

    "Oh, I hate it when you smile like that, Vic," one of the gents complained and promptly surrendered his hand. "It always means I ain't got a chance."

    "I keep telling you to find another game, Travis," the dealer answered with an amused look. He blushed.

    "Aw, you know I wouldn't let any other lady take my money."

    Her eyes roved over the table. "Another card, anyone?"
  6. Cass's face didn't change as they were dealt an 8 of diamonds to go with her 5 of spades and the hidden 7 of spades. She moved her focus from the dealer briefly to raise an eyebrow at the other man, looking faintly amused and far from intimidated. "Such a cute little place." They murmured to themselves in amusement, almost sounding a bit regretful about something.

    Their eyes flickered back their cards before resuming their steady gaze on the dealer and now there were two smiling women at the table, though no one was quite sure of it yet. "By all means, let's see what everyone's got." She waved over a serving wench to get her some mead.

    At the other table, the usually impassive Noel looked rather amused. "It's always more fun when it's a cat fight." He said aloud to no one in particular.
  7. The dealer took her time revealing her cards, savouring the sweaty anticipation emanating from her regulars. Though she wasn't showcased on a stage, she had learned over the months of dealing that she had just as much of an audience as the saloon girls and her audience demanded just as much of a performance. She didn't mind, really. In fact, she rather enjoyed it. Kissing a slender finger, she stroked each card in her little "luck ritual." Someone was tied with her...she eyed the stranger. It had to be them. Well, well, she could live with a tie. First she flipped over the king, then the three.

    "Twenty," she said with satisfaction. Her eyes travelled over to the stranger again.
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