Tales of the World ~~RADIANT MYTHOLOGY~~

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  1. The stars twinkled across the moonless sky, blinking ever so softly. Wind rustled the trees against the diamonds above. It seemed every forest, every town, every world shared the same midnight blue sky. His head rolled to the right to see bright blue eyes staring back at him. His heart lodged into his throat and he sat up, grass falling from his long hair. She was gone. No one was looking back at him. Yuri laughed cynically to himself, holding his body weight up by only his arms. The grass was cool under his palms.

    ’Estelle… Repede…’ He could never have imagined missing them so badly. This time, he was on his adventure alone. Before Estelle he never really minded it. He laughed thinking about the beginning when his attempts of getting rid of her failed. Whether he would ever see her again or not was a mystery. Or Flynn, Raven, or anyone for that matter…

    Allowing innocents to succumb to the destruction of evil wasn’t something he could turn his back on. He had to help, whether he liked it or not. His target was the twisted Devourer, but first things first, he would need to locate the ones created by the World Tree: the Defenders. They were key to challenging this madness as they were the few who channeled the last drop of mana in Terresia. The world wasn’t much different from his home world. Yuri Lowell had been summoned, by whom however, he did not know. All he remembered was a dream in which a voice was directing him and when he woke, he was in a new sphere. The first month had been difficult, he yearned to see his friends, especially Estelle and Repede. The only thing that kept him spirited was one night he dreamed of the voice again; it had sounded like Estelle, warm and assuring. It told him once he found the Defenders and defeated the Devourer, he could return home. It was the only thing he had to hold onto. Somehow, he was always getting thrown into the hero’s role.

    His stomach growled and he wrapped an arm around it, shaking his head, “Darn it.” That morning he’d used the last of his supplies, and after traveling and battling monsters all day his energy had been spent. He was only so many miles from the next town, from what he understood, and pondered wandering into to town. Not all the villages or towns or kingdoms were pleasant, however, especially if the Cult of Rebirth had built a temple there. They were on the hunt for people like him, Defenders, Descenders, and these killers had means of detecting anyone with mana.

    The pain dropped deeper and deeper and he swooned, sight growing overwhelmed with darkness. He swallowed hard against his dry throat, “Guess that settles it.” He stood only to almost face plant in the dirt and brass below. He managed to regain his balance with the help of a tree and cursed. He should not have gone that long without eating. Yuri closed his eyes and breathed in deep, nice and slow.

    “Okay,” he sighed, continuing on his feet. It was late, probably midnight or after and he doubted any vendors would be open, but he had to at least find an Inn—not that he had much gald.

    When he finally reached the village, all he could think about was wetting his throat and filling his stomach. The vendors were closed, but a small Inn appeared to be open. The Inn required 500 gald a night—and that was something he did not have on him.

    “Crap,” Yuri exited the building, stuffing the few gald he did have back into his pocket. The town was quiet, shrouded in dark blue. “Just how late is it any way?”
  2. "Its late. No one really cares about time here. Its just morning, afternoon, and night to most and the seasons to the farmers," Rin greeted the strange traveler, hauling a bucket of water back from the stream. It was heavy and he had to move slowly not to have it splosh all over but he was making his way. On the other hand, this traveler was a lot better dressed than anyone here and even wore a sword. No one in town actually took those around and few of the travelers did either. There wasn't really any need since the only time anyone needed weapons was for hunting. He had walked out of the inn, looking not so happy. It was probably because of the price gouging. The innkeeper had few visitors but understood pretty well that his inn was the only one for miles and miles, so far that he didn't even know where the nearest one was. There weren't exactly other options. It was that one or sleeping out under the stars.

    Rin dragged his bucket down the street and towards a road that led just outside where his family lived. They were a more elderly couple of simple farmers that had taken him in. They lived pretty meager lives but didn't have the greed to desire more and were pretty content with the life they had with lack of complication. He was raised up no different, part of the reason why he was dragging water back from the stream at this hour. During the day, the other villagers often got mad if he scared away the fish. They thought fetching their own water was ridiculous, buying it from the vendors instead who paid other kids pocket change to draw it for them. Unfortunately, that was too expensive and a waste of money but it wasn't that big of a deal, getting water when it wasn't busy.
  3. Yuri’s heart sped up when the sudden voice broke the dark silence of night. He turned, glancing in the direction of a boy carrying bucket—the town was so quiet, almost an eerie quiet, that he hoped it was filled with water. The pinch of adrenaline helped him not to fall over from fatigue or hunger. Without taking another look at the expensive Inn, he moved forward.

    “Hey, kid!”
    He trotted, catching up to the stranger, “There any other Inns or maybe taverns where I could get some food here?” The swordsman glanced down at the bucket. Wasn’t it rather late to be getting water. The stars above were still so intense against the Prussian sky, and with no moon, they shone even brighter than usual, taking the stage.

    There were few lanterns lit around the town. The place seemed to hold a serene ambiance about it. A place you could almost get too comfortable in. It wasn’t Yuri’s kind of setting at all. While he didn’t condone violence, he needed something with life and excitement. He could only imagine what Estelle would have to say about the village, and that pulled a soft laugh from his throat.
  4. "Ah, that's the only inn in town. The guy overcharges because we're so far out of the way that its either his inn or no inn. You could walk for at least a couple days in any direction and find nothing," Rin answered, lugging his bucket of water down the road, "There's a tavern just outside the West entrance where you can get some food but you can't stay there. if you'd like, you can come with me. We don't have much but we could probably spare you a simple meal and room for the night."

    It might have seemed strange for him to offer such a thing, considering his family's income but they had always taught generosity and helping those in need to be more important than stuff like gald and jewels. They lived on honest work, hard work. It was a wonder how he managed to stay so thin and weak throughout it all. Even his aging father was still stronger than him.
  5. Outside of a small town, in the middle of the night, a young man is seen sleeping outside. He sits at a tree and leans against it.
    This night, he has a strange dream. He floats in a stream, unable to move in it, but he doesn't try anyway. His eyes are closed, but his ears hear something.
    There are two voices. One is his own. The other one is somewhat inaudible for him.
    "**u're **v*, r****? **e o** w** **es **e p***r o* ch***."
    Nova. Is that my name? ... I can't remember.
    "i'* s**** *** ******g **u to wa** **. B** ***as*, **n* *e *ou* ***er.
    You expect too much. What if i am not Nova?
    The voice laughed a little before it spoke again.
    "***'re ******y **va ** m* e***."
    With a bright flash in his dream, he woke up.

    Nova opened his eyes and put a hand on his head.
    (It was that dream again.)
    He stood up and took a look around. He was near a small town that he could see from a hill. It would take some time to get there, but it's ether walking to the town or sleeping outside again. Usually this wouldn't be an issue, but his tent was broken.
    Nova took his bag, which had his supplies stored in it, and began to walk to that town.
  6. The offer had been more than generous and caught Yuri rather off guard, however, thinking back to his travels, he had come across many strangers who were genuinely kind. The man had been a solider for long enough to know how to look out for himself and stay on his toes so he didn’t hesitate long to respond.

    “Thanks, that’s pretty nice of you,” He glanced around, shoulders a bit slouched, “You sure I won’t be too much trouble?” If he could, he would happily cough up some gald, but his wallet was bone dry. The boy’s generosity reminded him of Estelle; she had always been so giving and kind towards others, strangers or not. He thought about how Estelle would also have offered to help carry the bucket in spite of her large, puffy pink gown. But before Yuri could, he noticed a figure ahead entering the quiet, dark town.

    “Do you get passerby’s often?” There was something in that night wind that send a chill crawling up Yuri’s spine, as if something were about to change…
  7. "We won't get too many but that's why the guy who owns the inn charges so much. And no way. You're welcome to stay for the night," Rin laughed, heading down the road. The other stranger was odd but didn't seem to strike him as someone who needed help. Completely oblivious to what may or may not be a danger to them all he trotted off to his house, lugging the bucket with him. It was a simple one, not a whole lot better than a hut of sorts but it was a house nonetheless. His parents greeted him, then noticed the guest that had come in tow.

    "Hi, Ma, Pa," Rin greeted, "This guy was wandering around town and needed a place to stay for a little so I invited him in."

    His mother smiled and fetched an extra set of dishes and silverware. They were metal, not ceramic and the utensils were all wood, the cheap sort that was meant to last half an age, not look good and dinner consisted of rice and an assortment of vegetables from the farm, no fancy meats or sauces, just the plainest stuff there was to be had but not one of them showed a peep of complaint or discontent.
  8. The home was pleasant and modest, something more of what the ex-solider was used to used, and it managed to pull a smile from him. He felt welcomed so immediately he almost forgot his guard. His instincts told him these people could be trusted, but after all he’d been through, he knew better than to relax too much. Yuri accepted the food, knowing without Repede there sniff it out, it was gamble. Sipping the water he could fill the coldness fill his stomach, so he was careful to eat slow, however, after the first bite, he found himself indulging. The food hit his stomach hard, but it was nice to have something in there. The acidic burning had grown very uncomfortable to say the least.

    “Thanks for the food,” He said leaning back in the seat, “It’s delicious.” He sized up the folks; they seemed kind enough. “I really don’t want to impose, so I’ll only be here for one night. Again, thank you.” The calm, down to earth atmosphere was nice. Yuri had never been fond of the pompous, “high class” scene.

    “I’m curious, do any of you know where I can find a town that worships… Martel?” It wasn’t much information, and he could only hope he got the name correct, but it was something. He’d heard rumors of a town that had awakened someone from the World Tree and eventually began to worship them. Whether it was true or not, he would soon find out.

    ((OOC: He is referring to the town where Miu lives. :3 It’s northeast if this current town))
  9. The night air played coolly across the grass, bending it softly so that it looked to be the side of some sleeping creature, each ripple a gently drawn breath. It was very late and the wind itself seemed to be tiring, for only a few hours ago it had been tugging roughly at Talli, causing her to dirft this way and that in the road until she almost walked off the path, and now it barly had enough energy to stir the corners of her cloak. Though her breath was steady and her steps even there was a tiredness in them. Her breath was like a sigh and her feet seemed to drag scuffing lines into the dirt with the tip of her shoes.
    "Three hours he said. Well he can take his three hours and shove it up his..." Her voice was distinctly annoyed and at the end of her sentence she lapsed in inaudable grumblings cursing the merchant she had encountered many miles back, and who had given her the off estimate of three hours until she reached a town. Nearly six hours later she was still walking away, not even sure if she was headed in the right dirrection or if she was heading farther into the wiklderness. That was one of the problems of relying on your other sentences in such a visually oriented world, you can't read a sign with your ears. Talli didn't even remeber the last time she had had to walk so much when not on a mission, She usually just went until she could no longer feel the sun's warmth and then stopped, but, at the promise of the next town being on three hours away she had decided to push herself into walking well after the sun had set.
    Finally pausing she concentrated hard, trying to catch any sounds that would indicate the presence of a town. At first she didn't hear anything, just the crickets chirping away and a few small creatures racing through the underbrush trying to reach the safety of their dens. But, then the sound of voices reached her ears. Though she could not make out exactly what they were saying she could catch parts and also got the general sense for what they were descussing. Turning to face the dirrection that the voices were coming from she lifted her staff and firmly struck it against the ground. Almost immdietly she started to get feed back from the wave, from small things like the uneven pattern to the road and the line of trees at her back, lining the edge of the road. As the wave moved away from her she was able to get a better idea of where she was, standing at the edge of a town rows of houses branching out in front of her, each attached to a modest plot of land. And there walking into one of the houses were the two guys that she had heard talking. Stepping with more confidence and energy now that she had a much better idea of where she was going and that prehaps a place to sleep was only a few steps away, Talli stepped off the main road and made her way towards the house that the two men had just entered. It wasn't that she was focused in on those two, it was just that this was pretty much the only house that seemed to have people awake inside. And she had found out before that people tended to be in better moods when you asked for something if you hadn't just woken them up.
    Walking straight up to the door she paused for a few moments, switching her staff into her left hand so that she could use her right hand to check that her mask was still in place. Really she had freaked out enough people, she would rather not make a bad first impression. Once sure that the only thing to be seen was the edges of her scars, that never fit fully under her mask, she took one more step forward and tapped firmly on the door with the top knot of her staff. Not wanting to appear to forward or anything she backed off a couple steps so that she was a fair distance from the door and waited for someone to answer.
  10. (Rin would point Yuri in the right direction if he knew but he hasn't a clue. Any place that worships Martel has a church and that church can act as equivalent to an inn which he hasn't a clue where the nearest one would be.)

    "You're welcome. We're always happy to help those who need it... but sorry but I don't know about anything like a town that worships a Martel. We don't really go too far from the town. Maybe the guy who runs the inn might know since he sometimes leaves to get supplies but he's not that helpful unless you're paying him," Rin apologized, shaking his head. He didn't venture all that far from their village but the others mostly didn't know much either, separated from the pulls of the outside world. He finished up his portion of the meal. It wasn't a ton, nor was it the most lavish in the world but it was food that they had worked hard to grow and it was the kind that people could appreciate best. Others took things for granted but it was hard to take for granted what you sowed, tended to, grew, and harvested. At the sound of a knock at the door, he pushed his chair back and got up. It was strange to have so many visitors in one day. Hardly anyone ever seemed to bother with them most of the time. He walked over to the door and opened it.

    "Can I help you?"
  11. A humble farmer’s life was an understatement; Rin and his parents were truly content, and that was something Yuri struggled to wrap his mind around. A life filled with hard work and simple benefits. Sounded nice if he had been the type to appreciate it. Something had always kept Yuri from settling down, a craving for adventure, perhaps. When Rin responded, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of apprehension. He bowed with his head, thanking them for the meal. Gournet food had never really been Yuri’s taste, so the simple meal was great, but he’d realized they didn’t have much. Before he could reply to the young boy, there was a knock at the door. Yuri offered to help Rin’s parents with the dishes and he decided he’d be offering to help them tomorrow with the farm. It was the least he could do.
    Once the dishes were clean, he wandered over to the door, curiously.
  12. Talli shyed a bit from the door as it was opened, flooding the still night with regular sounds of human life. It was also a comforting sound to her, never to loud, never to quiet, even in the dead of night when everyone was asleep she could hear their steady breathing just loud enough the break through the darknes that always seemed to surrond her just out of hearing distance.
    "Please, could you tell me what is the name of this village." She asked softly not directly facing the man in the door way but instead turning herself so that she appeared to be looking somewhere off to the right. Her traveling cloak hide much f her form, the only distinct shapes being her head and the hand that was holing her staff. While she wated for a reply she let herself focus in on each of the people prsent in he house. Three of them just appeared to be noraml farmers, or at least there was nothing unusual that caught Talli's attention as farasshe coud see but, considering the fact that they could be bright purple and she wouldn't notice it was not saying to much. The last man however was different, he carried himself differently and by the way he acted towards the other three people it was obvious that he was a guest anda stranger. There was also the fact that he was carrying a sword that perked her interest, not many out so far carried weapons, outside of hunting bows, and those who did usually had a story.
  13. "Ah... Its Shire. But if you're looking for us on a map, we might be too small to even be on it," Rin answered. This traveler seemed different from Yuri, more here for her own reasons than out of some kind of need. It was weird how they actually had visitors, two in one day. Usually, they'd come maybe once a year, sometimes less. She seemed really different too, making him a bit unsure of what she wanted. She seemed to have observed them briefly for reasons he couldn't understand but there were a lot of things he didn't understand. So he went with the simplest solution.

    "Would you like to come in?"