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  1. Tales of the World ~ Radiant Mythology ~


    The World Tree of Terresia is under assault by something known as the “Devourer”, a ruthless entity which seeks to consume Terresia of all mana—the energy that flows through the world. The “Devourer” supposedly takes the form of a man and is accompanied by a woman called the “Conjurer” and those who pose a danger to the world of Terresia. With the last of its power, the World Tree created a line of Defenders, fated with supreme powers designed to protect the mana of Terresia and stop the “Devourer”. The Defenders are awakened by a select few “Descenders” of previous worlds swallowed up by the Devourer who come to rectify their failure in hopes of protecting another.


    - Obey official Iwaku guidelines and rules. No god-modding, power playing or taking control of other player’s characters.
    - You can app any “Tales of” characters (up to 2) and/or create originals (only limit is you can’t app more than one Defender).
    - You must post at least twice a week.
    - You don’t need to have played EVERY “Tales of” game or even “Tales of the World” to join, as long as you know the character you are playing.
    - Staying in character: All the canon character’s history and lives portrayed in their original games is still accounted. However, just because two characters may have romantic feelings in their original game doesn’t mean they can’t grow to change in this rp. Well developed characters are part of the magic of roleplaying.
    - Your character app does have to be accepted before you can join the rp.
    - Have fun, plot, get creative! :3


    Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) - Nekomimist

    Character Classes

    Warrior – Skilled in melee attacks, from martial arts to weaponry. They can also wield heavy weapons, but lack magical abilities.
    STRENGTH – A (Excellent)
    MAGIC – E (None)
    SPEED – B (Great)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Thief – Great with quick attacks and stealing, but primarily a support fighter.
    STRENGTH – C (Okay)
    MAGIC – C (Okay)
    SPEED – A (Excellent)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Priest – Uses light magic and healing, unskilled in offensive attacks.
    STRENGTH – D (Poor)
    MAGIC – A (Excellent)
    SPEED – C (Okay)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Mage – Specializes in offensive magical attacks.
    STRENGTH – B (Great)
    MAGIC – A (Excellent)
    SPEED – D (Poor)
    DEFENSE – C (Okay)

    Swordsman – Can utilize any sword skills accompanied with Artes.
    STRENGTH – B (Great)
    MAGIC – B (Great)
    SPEED – C (Okay)
    DEFENSE – C (Poor)

    Fighter – Super strength specializing in using one’s fist or legs—anything of their body, really.
    STRENGTH – A (Excellent)
    MAGIC – E (None)
    SPEED – B (Great)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Ninja – Stealthy assassin who uses trickery and sneaky skills.
    STRENGTH – C (Okay)
    MAGIC – C (Okay)
    SPEED – A (Excellent)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Magic Knight – Talented in both physical attacks and Artes (magic). Doesn’t work well with heavy weapons.
    STRENGTH – B (Great)
    MAGIC – B (Great)
    SPEED – C (Okay)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Bishop – Skilled in offensive, defensive and healing Artes. Usually Bishops lack speed.
    STRENGTH – D (Poor)
    MAGIC – A (Excellent)
    SPEED – D (Poor)
    DEFENSE – A (Excellent)

    Marksmen – Talented with a bow and arrow, lightly skilled in Artes as well.
    STRENGTH – C (Okay)
    MAGIC – C (Okay)
    SPEED – A (Excellent)
    DEFENSE – C (Okay)

    Race List

    Human/Huma - Pretty self explanatory.

    Half-elf - A species skilled in magic. These talented Artes masters are often oppressed and scrutinized as their blood is seen as tainted.

    Elves - Well practiced in Artes but keep a good distance between their villages and the towns or cities of man.

    Gajuma - Beast men usually constructed of anthropomorphic traits. Their strength surpasses those of humans/huma.

    Half - Bred of both huma/humans and gajuma, they have a strong sense of Artes but ate incredibly frail and often die at very young ages. They sport minimal beast-like traits, such as horns, ears, tails, etc.

    Androids - These perfectly sculpted beings can only be created by Dwarves. They are usually created to host a powerful entity and lack emotion, but not justice. They seem to have their own moral compass.

    Dwarves - A short, stocky bunch who are masters in creating weapons, armor and so much more. They are close to extinct but hold hearts if gold.

    Amarcian - Only age old ruins express mystery of this intellectual race of ancient times. They are supremely talented in invention. (I’m only going to allow 2 of this race in the game) Taken: 0/2

    Spirits - Most spirits must be summoned, but there are a select few who can sustain on Terresia without the help of a Summoner. Spirits are the representative of a divine or greater being. (I’m only going to allow one of this race in the game) Taken 0/1


    Defender – Those created by the World Tree’s last ounce of mana. Their mission is to protect their home Terresia from the Devourer.

    Descender – Warriors from other worlds that may or may not have already been destroyed by the Devourer.

    Cultist of Rebirth – Those who have sworn loyalty to the Devourer, wishing all worlds to be merged.

    Lens Hunter – People who slay monsters for their Lens or Gald (money).

    Other – (Please specify)

    Character Sheet

    Tales of: (Destiny, Symphonia, Etc)
    Class: (canons are NA)

    Stats – You can only use one of each of: A (Excellent), B (Great), C (Okay), D (Poor) This will alter how your character is effected in the game >:]

    In Character Example:

    “Tales of” games you’ve played (if any): (to satisfy my curiosity XD )

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  2. Re: Tales of the World ~~RADIANT MYTHOLOGY~~

    I'll fix the banner soon! XD I don't know how it got so small!
  3. So are we going to tier characters in power early on (Example, obviously at the start of TOTA, Jade Curtiss is a hundred times stronger than the rest of the party and Kratos is stronger than the rest of the party at the start of TOS) or are we just sticking everyone about the same, leaving everyone about equal?
  4. I'm thinking only exceptional characters will be have stronger abilities, ones such as Jade, Kratos, Leon, Duke, etc. When those characters are apped, I'll expand on that info. :3
  5. Specifically I ask because there's no marking of tiering (which I'll do through the bio if you don't add one) but I plan to make a bottom tier (civilian class) character. Ie, weaker than any other basic starting character.
  6. That sounds good! :3 And, btw, it's cool if you want to make changes to the Character Sheet. <3
  7. I'll wait to see the first couple sheets so I can choose a character that fits.
  8. Alrighty! :3 I think so far it's only you, Lusterless Nova and myself. XD
  9. I think we can all multi so it should be fine but I'd still like to see how the defenders are so I can add a character that will complement them well.
  10. That sounds good! :3 I think I'll app a Defender myself! <3
  11. Name: Nova
    Tales of: ???
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Role: ???
    Personality: Nova is a loner, to put it bluntly. He is rarely seen with others for an extended period of time. He is usually soft-spoken, and only says what he needs to before a fight.
    At his best times he is just and protective. At his worst stubborn and Authoritarian.
    Although he trusts his own ears more then rumors he is a bit naive and will at least doubt rumors that he thinks are interesting.
    While he tends to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, he also tends to be a tad socially awkward, but he still somehow manages to help his friends.
    He may not have many but he cares much for his friends and tends to hide his own problems when he knows that they would be worried because of it.
    It takes time and trust for him to warm up to others, but once he does trust others he becomes a valuable ally and good friend.

    Nova grew up in a village that is hidden from civilization, and surrounded by a forest. He had a quiet life there and learned from his father how to use the Chaos force.
    At the age of 12 he learned how to use this power, but he had yet to learn how to fully master them. In order to do so he left his home, after making himself a own sword, and became a traveler at the age of 15.

    As he came back 1 year later, his village was under attack. He did not pay attention for a moment and fell on the ground. His head hit something hard and made him pass out. Thanks to this he survived, since he remained hidden in the nearby forest.
    When he woke up, everything was destroyed and the villagers were dead. He searched for the house he grew up in, but his worst fear were sadly confirmed. His parents lied there dead before him.
    He remained there for a few days to give the villagers a proper burial and collect any knowledge that was not destroyed. As he was done, he destroyed the remains of his old home to leave the past behind him.

    He is a traveler who seeks a meaning for his life. Whenever he has a chance, he takes some jobs to make some money. If that is not possible he camps outside and eats what nature has to offer.
    Being a traveler taught him many things. He knows how to survive in the hardest environments, cook with nothing but a pot, and how to identify poisonous plants.

    -A nearly indestructible sword that he uses for close combat. Despite being only a short sword, it weights 30Kilo
    -A Amethyst pendant. The only thing that was left from his home. It's very important to him.
    -His hand written Journal.


    -He good at math, physics and Chemistry, and knows a lot about supernatural powers. This makes him a good strategist and clever fighter. If the enemy has a weak spot, he will find it.
    -Instead of striking power, he relies on speed and defense. This is complimented by his own fighting style.
    -If separated from his sword, he will use chaos along with close combat skills.
    -He lacks regular striking power, but makes up for this with his chaos force.
    -Nova is highly acrobatic, agile, and an experienced athlete, capable of gracefully leaping over many obstacles that come in his way and performing various forms of nimble movements. He has as well radical reaction time to match his movements, being able to react to danger in a split second.
    -He also possesses, even by the standards of special humans, incredibly high physical durability and is capable of surviving things that would normally be fatal to others making him nearly indestructible. He can further enhance his Durability with his Chaos force to become nearly bulletproof.

    Stats – You can only use one of each of: A (Excellent), B (Great), C (Okay), D (Poor) This will alter how your character is effected in the game >:]

    Class Stats:
    MAGIC – B
    SPEED – A

    ((I'm not in the mood to make a rp example right now. I'll edit one in this post later if that's okay.))

    “Tales of” games you’ve played (if any): Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia-Dawn of the new World, Vesperia
  12. [MENTION[Lusterless Nova[/MENTION] Looks awesome!! Great character, I love his weapon! :3 No need for example! I'll post mine up soon! <3
  13. Can we get some details on your chaos force and how it falls into the Tales system?
  14. [MENTION=4265]Lusterless Nova[/MENTION] Oh! And as for his role, is he a Defender, Descender, Monster Hunter, etc? :3
  15. I'd just assume him either a wanderer or a vengeance character for the moment till he details it. So how many defenders are we going with total and what's the final cast size? (ideally)
  16. I already send Nekomimist my complete moveset. Don't worry, it will work out just fine.
    If his class is no problem i would like him to be a defender. It will be a interesting idea to work with.
  17. I'm adding stuff as I go but here's the start of it.

    Name: Rin Takahashi
    Tales of: N/A If I had to choose which he was most in line with, it'd be Tales of the World, specifically with a bit of the Aselian side.
    Age: 14
    Race: Human
    Class: Civilian (Strength D, Magic E, Speed C, and Defense E), then eventually a swordsman variant (Strength C, Magic C, Speed B, and Defense A)
    Role: Defender/descender depending on interpretation. He's sort of both.

    Weapons: Currently none. He will go through several different kinds of weapons before finally settling on a single handed sword.

    Other stuff: Rin doesn't really carry a bunch of stuff. He just has a whatever he's wearing, a small almost dull knife to use for whatever handy purpose, be it cutting a rope or peeling fruit, and a small silver amulet with triple overlapped triangles which he won't get till he leaves his village. He has no idea what it means and neither do his parents, only that he had it on arrival.
    Personality: Rin is in all senses a civilian. Things like the devourer and whatnot are completely unknown to him and even if they were, he'd be more likely to duck his head down and pray for their heroes to do something about it like any normal person would. Often pushed around as much as anyone really does in a village, Rin tends to keep his head down and just take his licks as they come. He's never learned to stand up for himself, seeing no way to manage it and no real point to it either since he lacks the strength to overturn others. This led to him becoming a bit of a loner. He got along pretty well with animals but stayed away from most people given the choice for no better reason than to make himself get shoved down less.

    Personality: Simple civilian. This cannot be stressed enough. Rin is typically a non-confrontationalist. He tries to go through life peacefully with as little conflict as possible, even if that means conceding and letting others push him around. While he wasn't specifically raised to be that way, he certainly was not raised up by a family with a big, strong father to help him if things went sour. If there's any sign of things possibly going in a direction where his family might come out on the bad end, he'll be extremely quick to back off and try to smooth things over. Being from the country of sorts, he enjoys simple, home made food, staple work, and a peaceful life. Things of the city are almost lost to him as are many of the temptations that plague the "normal people". Very self content with what he has, he rarely feels any sort of jealousy or greed. Anger is another borderline foreign emotion. He is aware that he is adopted but doesn't think anything of it, not seeing the importance of blood based relationships. Tending to see things in black and white, he isn't too openly opinionated but will take all of a couple seconds to decide his general stance on any given subject.

    History: Rin has no idea of his actual origins, only knowing of his civilian life after landing in Terresia. He is a defender from another timeline where a group of heroes actually managed to defend the World Tree for a time. They were ultimately defeated by the Devourer but before the world tree could be destroyed, it created a being to protect it. However, it did not have enough strength on its own and had to draw on the reserves of Mimir's Well. Before his formation and education could be completed, though, the armies of the Devourer broke through and he only lived because one of the heroes sent him back in time with the Eternal Sword in hopes that he would be able to combat the threat early on. Sadly, the hero's aim wasn't too good, landing him not next to the tree but in a remote village and not 20 years into the past but 10. Since he was incomplete, the idea had been to send him back in time well before the threat to give him time to learn and grow into a warrior capable of doing something. Due to these mistakes, when the devourer finally began to show itself, he was not 24 years old but 14 and not a trained warrior but a mere civilian with no idea what was about to happen. Upon arrival in the past, he was adopted by a caring and peaceful farmer and his family. Since he was so frail as a child, they raised him gently with less manual labor and encouraged him to study instead to become something better. Sadly, he never really excelled at anything in school, doing decently in all but exceptional at none. It could even be said that his only real talent was catching chickens for reasons that he never really understood. While he often failed, he never realized that his success came from his almost inhuman vision.

    Extra: Due to the influence of Mimir's Well, Rin's right eye holds several properties of the eye of Odin. It was originally put there as a last ditch effort to give him strength that no other defender would have. While lacking the future sight of the eye, he has occasional glimpses of random bits of knowledge from the World Tree. This ability was meant to be controllable, granting him immense knowledge and wisdom beyond the wildest dreams of the oldest elf but the process was incomplete. It cannot and will not ever happen. All it does now is give him mostly useless tidbits in great detail. For example, he might get a flash, telling him the price of an item from a shop halfway across the world. He also gets odd dreams, often nightmares of what was to come, things that would have happened in his original time though he had no knowledge of the details like who, how, and why. The knowledge was also meant to make him into a master swordsman with more experience (albeit not hands on) than even the seraphim from Symphonia. That also was lost in the mix as he currently has no idea how to even hold a sword correctly with his skills extending about as far as "You stick the sharp end into the other dude". Occasionally, he'll have glimpses of techniques he can't even use but they are few and far between. Plus, he has no idea that he'd ever have to use them so they can't even be accurately recalled. The only part of it that he got out with was an extremely powerful kinetic vision. This makes him able to spot even the slightest movements and react at lightning speed... in theory. The ability to see is more than present to the point that it actually hurts him to see out of his right eye for extended periods of time. That is why he usually has it covered with a patch. That is also partially due to the golden glow it gives off. However, just like with a lot of his other gifts, he lacks the framework to actually make use of it. Even with his superior vision, all that it currently accomplishes in a fight right now is making his enemy seem that much more threatening, leading him to run for it. His body cannot keep up with the demands and as such, he often trips while trying to run while his eye and mind are perceiving things at a superhuman pace.

    Stats – You can only use one of each of: A (Excellent), B (Great), C (Okay), D (Poor) This will alter how your character is effected in the game >:]
    ACCURACY: C (will become B)
    DEXTERITY: C (will become A)
    LUCK: D
    COOKING: D (will become C)

    Tech list: Rin currently has no techs. However, I'll provide the start of his tech tree as he goes through different weapons.

    In Character Example:

    “Tales of” games you’ve played (if any): TOS, TOP and TOTA, though I have some knowledge on a number of others.
  18. [MENTION=3231]Nevvy[/MENTION] Awesome character! >w< I absolutely love him! This is gonna be fun! One question though, is that Syaoran-kun?

    We'll get this party started as soon as I get my charas up! <33 Thanks for waiting!
  19. The character pic is of Kujo Shin from En Passant.

    Oh yeah. For general reference, Rin will never actually become what he was intended to become though he'll find out at a much later time about all of that. His odd final stat set is because he's basically going to become a counter swordsman, one who doesn't (or in this case can't) attack with brute strength and instead uses his one gift to defend and land a decisive strike, later to be accompanied by a small tech. Instead of launching stuff, the one's he'll ultimately end up using will mostly stick close to his sword or hand/foot. In the beginning, he'll be downright useless and will for the majority of the RP lag behind everyone else in terms of power considerably, being the skinny civilian he is.

    What kind of roles do you plan for the canons to play?
  20. Oh! I see! XD He tricked me!

    And very cool! :3 This'll be fun indeed!

    As for canons, they can really have any role. I'm not too particular. ;3

    And now my chara! I won't be making a character sheet for Yuri--as all his info is already on the net and I'm not trying to get my app approved. XD

    Name: Miu Belfire
    Tales of: None
    Age: 17
    Race: Half(Human/Sheep)
    Gender: Female
    Class: Priestess
    Role: Defender
    Appearance: She has long, layered ash blond hair, amber eyes and bronzed skin. From afar she looks rather childish, short, thin, and flat chested. Miu wears clothes she can really move in, for instance a short kimono with flat boots. She mostly wears black. Her horns and sheep ears are black.
    Personality: She pretends to be a kind and caring girl, but behind her warm smile, she only cares for herself. Anything she does she finds a way to make it benefit her.
    History: She was awoken early by village in need of a Priestess to heal their wounded. She was raised by the clergy and had diligently obeyed their demands until she was thirteen, when she began scheming to make her healing work for herself. She began telling the people of this village that is she was the incarnate of Martel Yggdrasill and would need high compensation, such as better quarters , fine food and gald.
    Extra: She harnesses two different kinds of weapons: one is a tome filled with spells, the other is the Holy Swordian, Valkyrie. Valkyrie has an androgynous voice.

    Class Stats
    STRENGTH – D (Poor)
    MAGIC – A (Excellent)
    SPEED – C (Okay)
    DEFENSE – B (Great)

    Basic Stats
    LUCK: A

    “Tales of” games you’ve played (if any): Destiny, Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Radiant Mythology, VS. (I also own but have not yet played: Rebirth, Legendia, Twin Brave, Symphonia 2, Destiny 2)