Tales of the Lost Ones I: The Babadook

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  1. Once upon a time (open)
    Once upon a time, ten years ago, there was a family. The mother was a woman named Wendy Dawn. She was cheerful and jolly for most of the time. During her whole life, she had been working as a volunteer in a shelter for poor children. Her presence was always a sign of people smiling and laughing. Along with her husband, she adopted many children from the shelters where she worked. They were her sons and daughters after all. Wendy never had any biological children, but the ones that she adopted were able to give her joy. While it lasted...

    The father was a man named Charlston Dawn. He wasn't like Wendy. Charlston was always the edgy one. Once, he had been like one of the children that Wendy would usually meet at the shelters once they arrived: wary, angry, uneducated. Growing up caused Charlston to lose a little bit of those traits, but they never really left. Whenever one of the kids dropped a vase on the house floor, he was the one yelling at them, threatening them, slapping their faces. But Wendy, she always managed to keep his anger under control. She made him a serene man eventually, until they finally became a big happy family.

    One day, the big family left for a pizzeria. They all ate well and had plenty of fun. On their way back, a man stopped them. He had a gun. The mother gave up her jewelry and the money, but the father was pissed. They were already so poor... He jumped over the robber, but then... Then it happened. A shot was fired and the bullet went through the neck of his wife. She died that night. And then nothing was ever the same again.

    Some of the children were already old, and so they left the house, ran away from it, because they knew what was coming. The younger ones... They suffered on the hands of the crazy father. He talked with himself sometimes, punched walls, until eventually, he started to beat up the kids. He did it until they were old enough to leave the house, traumatized by what they had been through. For the rest of his life, the father lived alone.

    And the children one scattered. Most of them spent years without seeing each other. The father forgot their existence. On the anniversary of his wife death, he drunk too much and went to the streets, searching for the man who killed Wendy. And he found the man. He was there, just outside the same pizzeria. Charlston ran to him, furious. The robber simply raised his gun and shot the father in the head.

    Once upon a time, the family was happy...

    You walk inside the law office. Your brothers and sisters come inside with you. It has been a long time you didn't see them. Ever since... "That" happened. It didn't matter now, you were managing to getting by after all. And a week in town with your adoptive siblings can't be harmful, right? You'll get to know how everybody's doing. It'll be nice. Staying in your mother's house might be tough after the things you have all been through, but hey, that'll be for the best. Over the lawyer's desk, there is a strange book with a red cover. It is slightly familiar to you.


    Now, to getting your share of the inheritance your father left you. The lawyer handed a sheet of paper for you to fill with information. He said he needs to know if you're you're really who you say you are.

    After you and your siblings finished all the info filling process, you hand your sheet of paper to the lawyer. He analyzed every single one carefully. It took quite some time. With a smile, he put them all down.

    "First of all, I am truly sorry about your loss. Charlston Dawn has been my client for years and... Well, he had his issues, but for some time, he had a good family too, and I believe you must feel sad that he had to go away now. As for the inheritance, he left many things for all of you, and that may be a surprise, but it was expected, sort of... *ahem* let's get to it. The reading of the will".

    'To my son Lucas, I leave Wendy's wedding ring... OUR wedding ring. I know that her death hit as all very hard, but if I remember well, I don't think Luca took many things to remember her when he went away' (( @Turtler ))

    'To my son Oliver, I leave my bookshelf. He was always a wise little one, a bookman, some could say. I never read many of this stuff anyway... I hope he enjoys it...' (( @EquinoxSol ))

    'To my son Kei, I leave my old shovel. It isn't much, but I believe it is a good gift. I've worked hard with it my entire life, and it was tough. Kei is just as tough, and I think he got what it takes to take the shovel ahead' (( @KageKaioh ))

    'To my daughter Rosario, I leave my fountain pen. Wendy used it all the time to write on her diaries, and I haven't had much use for it lately. Since Rosario was always close to Wendy, I think it's good that she gets one of her personal items.' (( @Uu-hime ))

    'To my daughter Alexia, I leave Wendy's diaries. She wrote on it for many hours during the three years when we were a family, and she loved to detail anything she did in it, any progress with the kids, anything at all. Reading it, I feel like I can talk with her again...' (( @Astraea ))

    'To my daughter Danny, I leave my crowbar. She was always a fiercy one, and a girl like her must always have protection. I think in many ways, she ended up like me, and I never wanted it to happen, but it did happened anyway. I apologize.' (( @Cwolf0615 ))

    The lawyer finished the read of the will, and looked at you and all the other siblings. He took the red book from the desk and offered it to any of you. "I found this at Charlston belongings, and it isn't really listed anywhere on the will, so I guess any of you can have it. Which of you want this pop-up book, the...", he turned the cover so he could see it again. "The Babadook? Must be something you mother usually read to you guys".
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  2. Lucas entered the building, seeing him as the oldest he had leaded everyone into the building. When he got in he stood at the door, he was surprised but honored to have his mothers ring, Luca grabbed the ring and put it into his jean pocket. When the man mentioned the book he didn't know what it was, so he didn't bother. "Who the hell want's that stupid thing" Luca rolled his eyes then took out his keys. "I gotta go home"
  3. Oliver had been in the middle of writing his term paper for his technical writing class when he received the call that the man he had always regarded as a father was dead. He had dropped practically everything to go back home, knowing that some of his younger adopted sisters and brothers might need the comfort.

    He had flown into Detroit that morning, and was exhausted as he went to the lawyer's office, as he had been on a plane since three in the morning. He had sat there, yawning and sipping from bitter black coffee as the others all arrived. Oliver tried to make small talk with them, but he hadn't seen any of his siblings since he was eighteen. It was obvious that things were awkward, and would probably stay that way until everyone could get to know each other again.

    Eventually, everyone showed up, and they were all told to fill out a sheet of paper with their personal information. Afterwards, the reading of the will commenced. And Oliver was glad for the bookshelf, surely. It had always been something of Wendy's he'd admired, something he had loved that reminded him of her when he still lived with Charlston. But Oliver had no way of getting it to Texas, and it was too big to mail. More likely than not, it would remain in the house he had been raised in, until the children could figure out what to do with the house.

    When the book was offered to any of them, Oliver spoke up. "I...I'll take it, I guess. After all, I've got the bookshelf now, right?" He shrugged, taking the book from the lawyer. Gazing down at the cover, he ran his fingers along the title. He didn't remember ever seeing this when he lived with Charlston, but he supposed that he must have overlooked it while burying his head in his studies in order to get as far away from Charlston as possible when he graduated.

    When Lucas said that he had to go, Oliver shook his head. "Luca, seriously? You're the oldest, at least stay for his funeral. We...we all need to chip in, 'cause...I don't think any one of us is well off enough to pay for it by ourselves. Besides, we need to decide what to do with the house..."
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  4. Danny was leaned up against the wall with arms crossed and eyes on the ground, a slight scowl on her face.
    She hadn't spoken a word the entire day, something which was quite rare for her as she usually had dozens of snarky comments to make. Today wasn't a usual day though. Her dad, if she could even call him that, was dead.

    In all honesty, she wasn't sure how she felt about it. There had been so many times she screamed at him that she wished he was dead, and so many times she had meant it. But now that it had actually happened, she felt sad, in a strange way. It wasn't that she missed him, certainly not, but... it almost felt that now that the last of her adoptive parents was dead that happy life she had had for a while was even more distant than before. Her memories of that big happy family were connected to him, though she wished they weren't.

    The reading of the will had just made the swirl of emotions she was feeling worse.
    'I think in many ways, she ended up like me'
    Those few words angered her more than she would have thought possible. Why did he have to write that? Was he trying to upset her even after he was dead? There couldn't be any actual truth to the statement, could there? She certainly hoped not. She had resented him for a long time now; not to mention the fact that she blamed him for mom's death.
    But she didn't want to think about that. Just the thought of... of that day made her shiver.

    She stood straight, curling her lip up into a sneer and then slammed her fist back against the wall in anger. "Figures..." She grumbled under her breath, more to herself than anyone else. "I ended up 'like him'. Ha... I always had to be the bad guy, didn't I?"
    She shook her slightly, causing her bangs to fall into her face, and stared at Oliver for a moment.
    It seemed strange to see them all again, her adoptive brothers and sisters. Most of them she hadn't seen in years.
    Not that it mattered to her, she had stopped thinking of them as family a long time ago.
    She had stopped thinking of everyone as family a long time ago.

    She took a step forward, and leaned over a bit, staring at the book.
    "The... Babadook?" She mumbled, raising a brow. "What the heck kind of book is that? It certainly don't look like one I've ever seen before. It's probably stupid, anyways. Have fun with the idiotic thing."
  5. It was unexpected. When she stepped out that house for the last time never thought she would come back. Alexia wasn’t willing to it, but her husband asked to, so she came – just a phone, a fell words and an airplane. She was afraid of airplanes, but it doesn’t matter. Flying was faster than driving and Simon had to use the car.

    The place, although, was by far making her more nervous than planes– it was fulfilled by memories. Good, painful memories. Almost couldn’t look into her siblings’ faces. At least not directly: just sidelong glances to see what they were doing. At the time than one took the lead and walked in she did the same, annoyingly synchronized.

    Alexia looked down, arms crossed over chest, while listening the law officer’s words. A smile was expected when the journals were given to her, so she smiled. The sibling would want her to appreciate them, so she opened one. They would want her to pay attention, so she closed. Simon wouldn’t like it; he was expecting money, so she would hide them. Everyone ends satisfied.

    Everyone but one. Upped her eyes to Oliver, smiling slightly, and tried to solve the problem:
    “Maybe we could sell the house. So we would have money to make a funeral.”
    Extremely unpractical? Sure. But in her mind it worked perfectly, all the time and troubles that a property sale brings ignored.
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  6. Rosario left her home rather early that morning after calling the dentist's office and telling them the situation. Cameron had already left for work at this time, so he probably wouldn't mind her leaving. In fact, he probably wouldn't know about the funeral at all. She rarely talked about her father with him, so he probably assumed he was dead already. His obliviousness was, in some ways, a blessing. Rosario would rather not relive those memories.

    After a short drive, Rosario found herself amongst the siblings she missed fondly, but hadn't seen due to the unfortunate events. She waved hello to all of them as she passed by, sometimes creating some small talk to see how they were. Though she tried her damnest to lift their spirits, it was apparent that she could not even lift her own.

    It wasn't the pain of losing the only father she ever had that she was feeling. She wasn't even remotely sad about his death. It was the pain of feeling disconnected to the people she saw as brothers and sisters—people she loved and felt deeply connected to once—was what saddened her.

    Once they were all gathered for the reading of his will, Rosario started to shake and her eyes nervously darted around the room. It was to small for her taste, but, after a few deep breaths, she felt a little better. But, not by much. She was only calmed once hearing that she had obtained Wendy's personal pen. It relieved her to know she'd have a part of Wendy with her again.

    And, then came the book. She shook her head after being asked if they were read it as a child. She remembered some of their childhood books, and that didn't look like any of them.

    Rosario nodded at Oliver's comments. "He's right. We should all stay. We... Are sort of family." She mumbled towards the end. She felt as if that would be attacked for saying such a statement, but it was true. They were all Dawns. Just because they weren't bound by blood doesn't mean they didn't have a bond. She looked at Alexia upon her selling the house proposal, then added "maybe we can visit it one last time, too".
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  7. "Regarding the house", the lawyer said, raising his voice tone so that everyone could hear him. "There's still a few issues with the house deed. The house was a mess and we had trouble looking for the papers. Even when we do find the papers, it's gonna take at least three days to set everything straight so that the house can be sold. As far as I know, Charlston paid the whole mortgage already, but I'm gonna need all the receipts, and that will take some time. I guess you guys wouldn't mind sticking around for a bit to settle the whole thing. After all, you are family", he said, leading a cup of coffee to his mouth.
  8. Oliver let out a sigh as they were told that they would need to look for the receipts and the deed to the house. And, for them to even get the house in a state to sell, it would need to be cleaned, top to bottom. Who knew what kind of mess their father had left them? Raking his fingers through his hair, he let out a heavy sigh, deciding that he better stay until everything was settled.

    He didn't have that much money, either, so he would have to stay in the house until it was sold. Letting out a heavy sigh, he raked his fingers through his hair, hoping that at the very least his bed was still there. "Right...well...we can divvy up the house and split whatever we get from the house...that sound good to everyone...?"
  9. Danny furrowed her brow, a look of annoyance crossing her face.
    Spending time with the family she hadn't seen in years wasn't really her idea of a good time, but it didn't seem like there were any other options.
    If it was up to her they'd just burn the place down, but that wasn't practical; not to mention that it was probably illegal.

    "Not really." She huffed, shoving her hands in her pockets. "But It doesn't seem like we really got any other choice; so... yeah, whatever."
  10. Kei hadn't moved from his spot on the floor, having fallen silent since the Lawyer read the will. The hood of a worn sweatshirt covered the boy's dark expression; eyes boring holes into the wooden flooring as music blared in his ears. A shovel. He lived through that hell for ten years and all he got was a shovel. To him, it clearly showed how little Charlston, the man he now refused to call father, had thought of him. Sure, everyone got strange parting gifts from the maniac, but he and Danny got the short straws. They were tools, objects to be forgotten about in some dusty shed until they break, and their usefulness was dried up. Is that how the man thought of his two youngest children?

    A bitter scowl crossed the Asian boy's features. Then there was the estate- the house he no longer wanted anything to do with. He could barely recall the warm memories once made within these walls, his mother's warm smile replaced with screaming and crying. His jaw clenched as he thought for the millionth time- why couldn't it have been Charlston that was shot that night?

    As a heavy song faded off, the muffled sound of his sibling's talk brought his gaze up from the floor. Slowly, he reached up to pull one earbud out to better listen to what they and the lawyer were speaking of. The mess... they had to try and find some important papers in it? He gave a soft, humorless huff. Charlston had regularly tore though the house, throwing things and "reorganizing" books a papers. They would be lucky if the documents were not destroyed.

    He looked to Oliver as he came up with what sounded like an easy solution to at least one of the problems. Sell the house and its contents, then split the money. It sounded reasonable enough, but that would take time. Where were they supposed to go until then? Kei did not want to stay here any longer than he had to, and ten years had been long enough already. Far too long.

    Rather than responding, however, he leaned his head back against the wall, watching and listening to his family while an aggressive song blasted into his other ear. He hardly felt like talking, he wanted to hit something- possibly them, for acting so calm and collected over all of this. Then again, Lucas, Oliver, Alexia and Rosario all left after just a few years. They never really saw Charlston at his worst... They had left him and Danny to suffer through it all whist they started new lives. And now he was supposed to spend days, possibly weeks with them as they scrounged for money for a funeral.

    "Why bother?" He said finally, not really talking to anyone. "Why bother fighting to pay for a funeral? Just let him rot on the side of a road. He doesn't deserve anything better."
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  11. Oliver looked to Kei as he said that their father didn't deserve anything better than being left to rot on the side of the road. "Look," he said, raking his fingers through his hair. "Dad was a horrible person...to all of us. But he didn't put us back in the system after Mom died. He made sure we had a house to live in and food to eat. And he had problems he didn't take care of...but it's not right for anyone to be treated badly after they die...We're giving him a funeral. That's final."

    With a nod, Oliver turned to the rest of his siblings and said, "If anyone needs a ride, I'm driving...I'll pick up some coffee for everyone on the way home." Then, Oliver, still carrying the book, left the lawyer's office. He walked out to his van, an old VW painted blue and white. Sitting in the passenger seat was a tanned man with inky black hair, who was tapping out beats onto the dashboard, looking like he was singing.

    Oliver got into the van, smiling over at his boyfriend. "You're such a little kid, Art..." He gave him a quick kiss before saying, "So, there's some papers we need to find at my dad's place...I dunno how long it'll take, but I can put you on a plane home so you don't miss too much work."

    "Yeah, sure," Art answered as he tied his shoulder-length hair into a loose bun. "Hope everything went okay...?"

    Oliver sighed before he answered. "Yeah, but everyone's kinda tense...Dad wasn't the bed of dads..." Raking his fingers through his hair, Oliver turned the key in the ignition and waited for any of his siblings, in case they needed a ride.
  12. Rosario watched as Oliver left, then she stood. "I can give anyone a ride, too." She looked around, then put one hand on her collar bone. "Just... In case." She mumbled, then cleared her throat. She fiddled with her keys in her pocket, thinking that no one would want to sit in the back of her old Accord. The insides were probably filthy, anyway. It wouldn't be the most ideal place for her siblings to sit.
    But, she offered, and that was all that mattered.
  13. As Luka stood with his brothers and sisters he was leaning on the wooden door, his arms crossed and he began tapping his feet on the floor. He let out a sigh when the lawyer said that he would be needing receipts and a deed to the house, shaking his head as he didn't think none of them should be doing this because of their past life. Lukas tried to keep his anger in by breathing in and out but that didn't help.

    "We don't owe him nothin' and you wanna clean his f'ing pigsty, you guys don't "

    Luka walked over to the front doors, since he knew he had to watch his family, they had no one especially since he was in prison for so long. Luka watched as everyone walked out the doors and followed the rest, he walked over to his Ford truck and got in then started the black pick-up. He then made his way to the house .
  14. Danny sighed slightly, sticking her hands in her pockets. None of this was turning out well. They were going to have to spend days sorting through the house; cleaning things up just to find some stupid papers. And for what? A stupid funeral? It was ridiculous. The man was dead, why were they even bothering? It's not like he could yell at them from beyond the grave. But she supposed there really was nothing to be done about it. It seemed Oliver was quite set on making sure the man had a proper funeral. He always had been a bit of a goody two-shoes; what with all that studying hard and getting a stupid scholarship. Danny had never understood it. School was useless, getting a job was useless, trying in general was useless. It was so much easier to just not care. After all, if you don't try you can never fail, right?

    She shook her head a bit, and walked towards the door, casting a quick glance at Kei. She wasn't sure she'd call them close, but she did like him better than the others. He hadn't just ran away like everyone else. Of course, that was mainly because he couldn't... but she liked to think that even if he had been older he would have stuck around. It was a comforting thought, even if it almost definitely wasn't true.
    "For what it's worth," She grumbled. "I agree with you wholeheartedly. All of this is stupid."
    She rolled her eyes and let out a small huff to make sure it was clear how annoyed she was, and then went to head outside.
  15. , yellow

    Carlos didn't expect to get anything from his "father" and he didn't. He just wanted to know if his dad was really, actually, without a doubt dead. He thought it was funny that his older siblings wanted to go to the house and do a funeral, but his younger siblings didn't. When they had a disagreement Carlos was always in the middle. He never wanted to be on either side. The older kids didn't know what Kei, Danny, and Carlos went through when they left; but Kei and Danny didn't know what Carlos went through more often then they did. He went over to Danny and Kei. "Maybe we should just get this over with, a few weeks in that house...won't be so bad besides "He" won't be there. Don't you just want to laugh in his dead face and show him how we made it and he didn't. Just think about ok." Carlos was trying to convince Danny and Kei but he couldn't even convince himself to stay. He just wanted to spit on his father's grave and laugh at his dead body. Carlos needed a ride to the house, not having a car but being dropped off by bus. He walked over to Oliver's van and got in the back. "Thanks bro." Carlos looked at the guy sitting in the shot gun seat next to Oliver. "Sup, I'm Carlos...Oliver's younger and handsomer brother." The only way to say calm for Carlos was to make jokes and act as if everything was alright. Under the surface Carlos was a mix of fear, anger, regret, bitterness, and hate.

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  16. Right, because the system was so much worse than being trapped with an abusive psychopath for ten years. The short teen barely remembered the system, but he knew he would have much preferred foster care or an orphanage than the hellhole that house had become. So why didn't he report it and get sent out? Sometimes he wondered, but he knew the answer. Fear, but not of what Carlston would do if he found out- it was the fear of what might happen to his siblings. What if not all of them got out? What if they ended up in worse situations (not that he really thought there were any)? It would have all been on him if one of them ended up in more misery, all because he made a phone call. He could never bare the thought of it, so he cowered from the idea, all the while fighting back against Carlston more bravely.

    Huffing, Kei glared angrily, watching as Oliver and the others started to head out before standing and shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. He was about to put his other earbud back in when Danny walked over. He managed a weak, bitter smile as she spoke. It did make him feel a bit better, as bad as it was. He always felt closer to Danny, more protective of her than anyone else. Perhaps it was because they were the closest in age and temperament, or maybe it was just because he needed someone to champion. Whatever it was, he was glad for it. It was horrible that the bond was created in the circumstances it was, but it was there, and he clung to it in a way. Man, that sounded pathetic.

    Scowling again as his thoughts swirled about, he started fishing around in his pocket for the few crumpled bills he had pilfered from some business man on the way to the lawyer's office. He was once again interrupted by Carlos, the other Dawn child that saw this horror story to its end. Though he had a point, Kei brushed him off, not even offering the small expression he had given Danny. Though there was a bond between the two boys, like there way between Danny and himself, it was nowhere near as strong on Kei's end. The way Carlos faked a smile and made bad jokes annoyed the volatile Asian- he hated the way the older boy pretended, covering it all up. He thought it was weakness. Carlos buckled, he gave into it all and accepted it while trying to make the rest of the world think nothing was wrong. There was so much that was wrong. So much it made Kei want to punch something until his knuckles were bloody.

    He remained silent as Carlos walked out, waiting half a minute before following. Once he was out of the stuffy office, he chased down Danny, pulling out the stolen money and quickly counting it. Once he had reached he, he fell into her pace and leaned in, speaking low. "Hey, I've got enough for two bus tickets. Wanna ditch them and get some beer?" Maybe the "adult" drink would make going back into that house and dealing with everything a bit easier. At the very least, it would sate Kei's need to lash out right now.
  17. Danny didn't really acknowledge Carlos, or what he had said, as she left the room. She knew she should probably say something in response, or at least give a nod of her head to let him know she had heard what he said, but she honestly just couldn't be bothered to. 'We should just get this over with', 'won't be so bad'. Both phrases annoyed her. Though she knew he meant well, it honestly just made her feel like a little kid being rebuked. She knew that 'dad' wouldn't be there, and she knew that it 'wouldn't be so bad', but that didn't change the fact that she couldn't stand the idea of it. Besides, she didn't need any words of comfort. What did he think she was, a baby? He wasn't even that much older, he had no room to act all high and mighty. The thought caused her to scowl slightly, and she kicked at the ground, wishing that she could just fast forward through time and be finished with this already.

    She glanced up at the sound of Kei's voice, grinning a bit when she caught sight of the money. "Oh god yes." She said in a hushed tone, pushing her hair out of her face. "If I don't get something to take the edge off I'm gonna take that stupid crowbar to one of their faces. They're driving me nuts."

    It was true. Just a few moments around her adoptive siblings and she already felt like killing them. She hoped that a drink would help her calm down a bit; since she wasn't sure she'd be able to go back home without breaking something or someone. She hadn't really had a plan to get back, anyways. She had caught a ride with a friend to get here, but had never arranged a ride to get back home. Of course, she could have just hopped in a car with one of her so-called family members, but just the thought had made her sick to her stomach. She had been planning on walking or hitchhiking back instead; but the idea of catching a bus and grabbing some beer with Kei was much more appealing.
  18. Hearing as everything was getting easily settled, the lawyer calmed down. It was good to see his client family getting together again, a little bit... United. After all the abuse they have gone through, they deserved this. The laughter. The little things that would make them chuckle and forget about the weird for a minute. "Huh... Don't forget you stuff, you know", he said, throwing the house key at any of them. "It's from you until we finish with the paperwork".

    "And since you're all hitting a bar, I highly recommend the Chicken Puddle. It's fun and light there, not exactly a family bar, but I wouldn't say family bars really exist. Anyways... You should go there. It's fun, the drinks are cheap, and everything looks great. Plus, the bartender is a really nice guy. Since we're finished here, I'll get going", the lawyer said, closing his briefcase. "I'll see you guys any of the upcoming days. Thank you all very much".

  19. Rosario picked up the house key, examining it. Yes, she remembered it being in Charleston's pocket once or twice. She thought of if she ever held it before. It felt foreign and cold. She looked back at the lawyer. "Ah, yes. Thank you." She said, stuffing it into her pockets. She started walking out to the parking lot, not making a sound excluding small inhales and exhales.
  20. Oliver smiled at Carlos as he got into his van. "Hey, Carlos..." As he started it, Carlos introduced himself to Art, who turned his head to look at him.

    "Oh, really? Oliver, why didn't you tell me you had such a handsome brother?" he asked, smiling brightly. "I'm Art, but I can be Arthur for you." He wiggled his eyebrows lasciviously before sitting forward again.

    "Ew, Art. He's, like, eighteen. That's barely legal."

    "It's still legal."

    Oliver rolled his eyes and said to Carlos, "Sorry my boyfriend's such a creep. He won't be staying long, so you don't have to worry..."

    After making sure no one else wanted a ride, Oliver drove out of the parking lot, and started heading towards his childhood house.
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