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  1. Once upon a time... (open)

    Once upon a time, ten years ago, there was a family. The mother was a woman named Wendy Dawn. She was cheerful and jolly for most of the time. During her whole life, she had been working as a volunteer in a shelter for poor children. Her presence was always a sign of people smiling and laughing. Along with her husband, she adopted many children from the shelters where she worked. They were her sons and daughters after all. Wendy never had any biological children, but the ones that she adopted were able to give her joy. While it lasted...

    The father was a man named Charlston Dawn. He wasn't like Wendy. Charlston was always the edgy one. Once, he had been like one of the children that Wendy would usually meet at the shelters once they arrived: wary, angry, uneducated. Growing up caused Charlston to lose a little bit of those traits, but they never really left. Whenever one of the kids dropped a vase on the house floor, he was the one yelling at them, threatening them, slapping their faces. But Wendy, she always managed to keep his anger under control. She made him a serene man eventually, until they finally became a big happy family.

    One day, the big family left for a pizzeria. They all ate well and had plenty of fun. On their way back, a man stopped them. He had a gun. The mother gave up her jewelry and the money, but the father was pissed. They were already so poor... He jumped over the robber, but then... Then it happened. A shot was fired and the bullet went through the neck of his wife. She died that night. And then nothing was ever the same again.

    Some of the children were already old, and so they left the house, ran away from it, because they knew what was coming. The younger ones... They suffered on the hands of the crazy father. He talked with himself sometimes, punched walls, until eventually, he started to beat up the kids. He did it until they were old enough to leave the house, traumatized by what they had been through. For the rest of his life, the father lived alone.

    And the children one scattered. Most of them spent years without seeing each other. The father forgot their existence. On the anniversary of his wife death, he drunk too much and went to the streets, searching for the man who killed Wendy. And he found the man. He was there, just outside the same pizzeria. Charlston ran to him, furious. The robber simply raised his gun and shot the father in the head.

    Once upon a time, the family was happy...

    You walk inside the law office. Your brothers and sisters come inside with you. It has been a long time you didn't see them. Ever since... "That" happened. It didn't matter now, you were managing to getting by after all. And a week in town with your adoptive siblings can't be harmful, right? You'll get to know how everybody's doing. It'll be nice. Staying in your mother's house might be tough after the things you have all been through, but hey, that'll be for the best. Over the lawyer's desk, there is a strange book with a red cover. It is slightly familiar to you.


    Now, to getting your share of the inheritance your father left you. The lawyer handed a sheet of paper for you to fill with information. He said he needs to know if you're you're really who you say you are.

    Name: (xxxxxxx Dawn)
    Brief History: (any diseases, have ever been in prison? Anything)
    Do you have any behaving issues?: (personality)
    Please provide picture from ID:

    IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tales-of-the-lost-ones-i-the-babadook.89623/
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  2. Luca (open)

    Lucas 'Luca' Dawn
    Brief History:
    Luca was born in Richmond Georgia, when was born to a drunken father and lost his mother to depression. When he was nine social service's came and took Lucas to an orphanage, he was abused by his father a lot. From there he went to house to house but nothing went well till he was finally adopted from a women and a man named Wendy and Charleston Dawn. At first he didn't like them but learned to care for his mother, but the boy still did different pranks to his younger brothers and sisters, always getting into pranks. He started drifting away from his family after Wendy's death.

    Lucas went into bad habits again and hung out with the wrong people. Lucas had robbed a store at twenty one with his friends, the friends got away but he was caught and arrested. A week later he got out of prison and met back with his friends, the five of them decided to rob another store. The heist went well accept a man took a photo of them. They went to find the man but Luca found it as a bad idea, but he followed them. One of his friends took out a knife when they were beating him up, but he stopped them but ended up getting stabbed in the stomach, the man ended up dying there and the friends ran away. Lucas was framed of killing him and was in prison for eight years.
    Do you have any behaving issues?:
    He is a trouble maker and get's into trouble a lot.

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  3. Name: Oliver Dawn

    Gender: Male
    Job: Full-time student (going to school for engineering)
    Brief History: Oliver never knew his birth parents. He was left in a dumpster when he was two weeks old, and would have died had he not been found by a hooker who heard cries. He was put into state custody, and went to a Catholic orphanage until he was six, when he was adopted by the Dawn family.

    There, he was happy, for the most part. He hated when Charlston would get angry with him, but it was rare, and he ended up with less slapped cheeks than most of his adopted brothers and sisters. When Wendy died, Marcus withdrew, feeling like he had lost a real mother. As Charlston became increasingly unstable, Oliver would hide in his room, and would do his best not to get in the way of Charlston.

    He contemplated running away, but was too scared of being by himself that he didn't. Instead, he studied and worked as hard as he could through high school. When he graduated, he received a full scholarship to Texas A&M, and left, not wanting to stay anywhere near Charlston.

    When he heard that Charlston died, he figured that he would go to the funeral and make sure his younger siblings were doing okay.
    Do you have any behaving issues?: Oliver has bad anxiety and is bipolar. He takes medication for both, and tends to be pretty normal, though when he is under a lot of stress he tends to have issues.
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  4. Both accepted
  5. Oh man, Marcus and Lucas. Just noticed that, I'll change my character's name right away xD Sorry, my bad.
  6. Wut? Why?
  7. Rhyming names makes it easy for mix ups. I'll end up mixing up the two or forgetting who is who...just for clarity's sake, I guess.
  8. Oh, yeah, it happens. Alrighty then
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  10. Yep. If it doesn't, we're starting sunday. Buuut, I'll get to invite some people first. Hope they'll join
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  12. This could be interesting. I will work on a character either tonight or tomorrow.
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  13. I should probably have a character posted by tomorrow night at the latest.
    I apologize for the wait; I'm kind of sick at the moment and have been even more scatterbrained than usual.
  14. Before I work on my character, I would like to know the time frame of events. How long has it been since Wendy died? How long were they a family before she died? Is there a age limit for the children? Did they only adopt a certain age range, or was there possibly a five year old and an 18 year old in the family when the murder happened?

    Another question, is it alright if my character was not born American (Or whatever nation this takes place in)?
  15. Firstly, any nation is alright, but the story takes place in Detroit. No, they didn't adopted same age kids, it was varied, so characters can range from 15-35 (it's been 10 years since Wendy died. 35 is the maximum because Turtler had already made a character with this age before I've updated the timeline on the story, so he was most likely like an older brother that wasn't really treated like a son, but a young man that the couple took out of the streets). They were a family for three years before she died.
  16. Thank you, with that sorted out, I can finish Kei:

    Kei Dawn



    Senior high student

    --Brief History--
    Kei's birth-mother died when he was four, leaving the young Japanese immigrant without any contactable family in the US or Japan; giving the city no choice but to rotate him through shelters and foster care. For months, he was obstinate, refusing to respond to any other name given to him and refusing to learn more than the basic English he had, causing home after home to reject him. That changed when the Dawns came into his life. He was treated the same as the other children in their care; shown patience, love and kindness, as well as a firm hand. He quickly learned English under Wendy's tutelage and prospered as a bright boy with insatiable curiosity. In the ten years following Wendy's death, however, Kei has reverted back to being stubborn and confrontational, brave enough to yell back at Charlston and attempt to protect his siblings from their deranged father. More than once, Kei has taken a hit for one of his brothers or sisters, and he preferred it that way. It fed his anger and kept what he considered his real family safer.

    Upon hearing of Charlston's death, Kei went numb. The nightmare was finally over, but he felt little relief. That man's death had not come fast enough, in his opinion, and the outrage of all the things they suffered did not die with him.

    --Do you have any behaving issues?--
    Kei obviously has anger issues, and has great difficulty talking about his feelings, oft times getting defensive and aggressive when prodded to do so. Due to the unstable support at home, as well as his rebellious nature, he has taken to stealing, smoking and drinking. He is also an insomniac.

    --Please provide picture from ID--
    Kei's hair falls to just below his shoulders.​
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  17. Accepted
  18. Excellent. I eagerly await the IC.
  19. Oh, and to everyone, IC will be up today!
  20. Name: Rosario Dawn

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Job: Dental assistant

    Brief History:
    Rosario was raised by her paternal grandmother, since her father passed and her mother disappeared, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She lived there until she turned seven, which was when her grandmother passed. With no other family to go to, it was only natural that she go into foster care. She bounced around for quite sometime, going from house to house. Sometimes they were kind, and other times they didn't treat her too favorably, but she somehow found her way into the Dawn household from there.
    She was always rather close to Wendy and would always refer to her as mom. She could never accept the fact that Wendy had passed on and would hide from the others in her bedroom closet, waiting for Wendy to open it. Of course, only Charleston would open it, drag her out, and beat her for being in there in the first place.
    When she was about seventeen, she moved out and started living with her current boyfriend, Cameron Bell, in a neighboring town, about an hour and a half away.

    Do you have any behaving issues?:
    Rosario has a calm and relaxed exterior, but suffers from extreme panic attacks and anxiety when put into small places or when cornered. She tries to be like Wendy at times, cheerful, jolly, and kind, but occasionally she comes off as smothering or awkward. It's speculated that she has bipolar disorder or manic depression.

    Please provide picture from ID:


    ((Might edit some bits later. Not totally 112% in love with her profile yet.))
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